Ai Tenchi Muyo! – 46-50 Super Cut ENG SUB release!


Please note: This is not the final week! When we began subbing episodes, it was believed that all episodes, recounts included, were a part of the 50 episode order. However, recaps do not count as numbered episodes. There are still two whole weeks of Ai Tenchi Muyo left to go! 


Yuki’s making some significant progress in her campaign against the lovable Student Council President Momo. She’s a natural politician! The Student Council catches on and suspects foul play. Yuki makes an explosive escape, setting into motion the final part of her plan to overtake the votes. While Hana and Momo sort through the Science Club’s toys provided by Washu, news breaks out of a white-hot scandal between… Momo and Tenchi?! Ukan’s less than pleased with Tenchi’s subordination. Momo takes the stage beside her savvy opponent to own up to the rumors that weren’t even true, but her confession comes just as  some unexpected visitors arrive! The final two weeks of Ai Tenchi Muyo are ahead, enjoy the Super Cut!

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