Ai Tenchi Muyo! Episode 16 – Arrival from Heaven ENG Sub release!


Back in the feudal timeline, Mihoshi’s attempts to apprehend Ryoko cause quite a rumble in the mountains! After Ryoko roasts Mihoshi’s weaponized armor, a rift opens in the sky and swallows them whole. Hana, Touri and Hachiko take  it all in stride, ignoring the horrific freak accident that just occurred above them to offer Momo protection on her journey. Traveling further into the forest, burnt trees twist upwards into the sky, marking the crash site of Momo’s ship. But… where is the ship? And what’s happened to Beni? She’s not looking so hot! Find out more at the links below:

Nyaa (Torrent) (Torrent) (Direct Download) (Streaming)

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