Hiroshi Negishi takes to twitter, “Inoue made plans for an in Love 3”


With Ai Tenchi Muyo‘s finale airing today, Director Hiroshi Negishi (Tenchi Universe/in Love/in Love 2) spent considerable time interacting with Japanese fans via Twitter. On top of thanking fans for watching the first Tenchi project he’s worked on for 15 years, he let a few small interesting tidbits out. Fans will most likely be interested in his tweet relating to a particular Tenchi project that almost began back in 2009:

“About 5 years ago, Inoue (Hiroaki Inoue, one of the main producers on the Tenchi series) had begun to make plans for a (Tenchi) in Love 3. Later on, Miura (Toru Miura, president of AIC) proposed a plan for a Tenchi series consisting of 100 episodes that were 90 seconds long. This was eventually changed to the 5 minute episode framework.

It was absurd to even think about reviving “Tenchi Muyo!” in the first place. And I was determined to undertake the project.”

On speaking with AIC President Miura:

“President Miura, now that Ai Tenchi is over, could you introduce me to Kajishima? I have yet to meet him ever since I started work on the TV show back in 1995.”

When further questioned on his thoughts about Kajishima, and if he found the man mysterious, he responded:

“I don’t know, since we haven’t met before. Though I do think he is very talented.”

He’d also mentioned that his favorite episode from the Tenchi OVA was “Hello Baby!” from OVA2.


It’s quite interesting to get a little bit of background info from what’s been going on with Tenchi as a series. When he was asked about the possibility of coming back for another show, OVA or Movie, Negishi simply remarked, “It all depends on the reaction (to Ai).”

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