New Character Bios for Ai Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Muyo Love! revealed!

Earlier today, the official Ai Tenchi Muyo/Tenchi Muyo Love! website was updated with 6 new characters and some basic information on the series. The plot synopsis, as translated by Crazed:


Tenchi is the teacher for these high school girls!?

Once again, Washu has caused one of the worlds largest predicaments!

In order to save the world from danger Tenchi must discreetly disguise himself as a student teacher at the all girls love high school.

Naturally, Tenchi getting this new job will cause him a lot of problems….


And, of course, the characters themselves (As translated by Nil Admirari):



Kurihara Ukan

“Sophomore turf!” Teacher.

She has the duty of becoming a guide to Tenchi, having been a teacher before him. She uses a whip to coach the students.


Fuka Yuki

Science club director.

Quick-tempered and unyielding. 

She aims to seek the treasure circulating around the Junai academy. She thinks of herself as a rival……to the student council.

Fueyama Touri

Clerk of the Student Council. Responsible for the brains.

Her wisdom overflows. In any situation she can preserve her sanity, retains her coolness and doesn’t panic. Her school record is very good, for a first year student.

Aoi Rui

Science club member. A shy, timid girl.

With a rather large body, her hunger is unusual.

She has some unsavory ties with her childhood friend, Fuka.

Saryu Hana

Student Council Treasurer. Responsible for leadership. Plenty of sex appeal.

Contrary to her fickle appearance, she is trained in Aikido.

Keeps a broad outlook, easily grasps the situation and can get a good read on the matters at hand.


Student council auditor. Responsible for fighting power.

A rather chivalrous spirit with ambition, she’s mainly just courageous. She loves Momo. Anyone who gets close to Momo is an enemy to her.


These characters are theorized to be analogs for characters from the tale of Momotarō. More information to come!

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