New Free-to-Play Tenchi Muyo! game, “Tenchi Muyo: Bride Ryōran”



Tenchi Muyo: Bride Ryōran” (or, “Tenchi Muyo: Abundance of Brides”) is a new, free to play web browser game created for Japanese entertainment site The game features a cast of girls ranging from the OVA and GXPseries of Tenchi Muyo!, while featuring artwork from Universe and in Tokyo as well.

The game is currently unavailable, but is taking pre-registration for users who wish to be alerted when the game goes live in mid January. The game seems to be constructed around a series of minigames with the eventual goal of ending with a marriage. The game currently throws up a warning to US based fans saying that the game is unavailable in their region, so those of us who wish to play may have to use some tricks in order to check it out when it launches.


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