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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#23071 Since I've noticed some recent activity here, I'd like to say real quick to everyone that of course any desire to contribute will be appreciated, and we'll do our best to find a good outlet for your particular skills, but if you'd like a great first step to take for not only practicing and honing your own skills for other potential projects but also demonstrating your ability to follow through on a commitment, for anyone serious I'd recommend Tenchicast Transcript Writer.

I was the first to start on this work, got a few episodes completed, but as of now with the recent overhaul we don't have up yet the podcast/transcript section for you all to see what you'd be doing, but it's fairly simple: the transcript of a cast is simply the cast in written form. You listen to the cast and write down verbatim what is said by whom. Though most folks out there will be able to listen to the cast themselves, there is a chance someone hearing impaired might want to know what it is we're talking about and what exactly was said. Or, maybe someone just wants clarification on what was said, or wants to reference a point made without listening to the whole cast again, etc.

It's not exactly glamorous work, but like I said it'd be a good starting point for anyone who seriously wants to help in an area on the forum that is understaffed and also might not want to be in the limelight, so to speak, right away (or ever, it's certainly not a requirement). Good way to hone your typing abilities and increase your wpm as well! I won't lie, it's downright tedious after a while, but it would definitely show you have an ear for detail and can see a project through til completion (on that note, it's not like you'd be stuck doing all the casts, or even a certain number, you could do only one or do more, whatever you feel like).
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by For Washuu
#23391 I have seriously considered it...