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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#25938 Oh Lord..... Kiyofacepalm1

Real answer, though, is "yes" everything's okay, much of us staff were at Chibi Pa Convention this weekend (pics & vids soon to follow), so subbing will resume this week.

BTW, in case anyone's wondering...Ai is starting to get reeeeally good. badass1
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by Nil Admirari
WisperG wrote:
Lamango wrote:But...But what about episode 33-36? dawohki1

Don't freak out, they'll be catching up with the backlogged episodes this week.

Yup! We are working very hard right now to crank out episodes 33-36 as well as all of the video we shot at Chibi Pa. Sorry for the messed up order, shouldn't be too much longer!