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by Dagon123
#2 So these rules are pretty straight-forward, I think.

First up are the most serious offenses that will earn you an automatic permanent ban:

1. No spamming. Spam is usually done by spambots anyway, so if I see a user spamming, they're out of here.

2. Trolling. Trolling is deliberately posting inflammatory things in the hopes of disrupting the board. We won't stand for that kind of behavior.

3. Making more than one account. If you have family members or friends who use your computer, please let us know when they join up. I know it's inconvenient but you and your friend/sibling/whoever will be helping to keep the board a pleasant place for you to chat. :) The only reason to make more than one account for yourself is to agree with yourself and make your opinion seem more popular. I consider this a type of trolling.

These will earn you a temporary ban of 1 month for the first offense, a permanent ban for the second offense.

4. No flaming other posters. People will have different opinions than you, but that's no reason to flame them.

5. No character bashing. You may give constructive criticism of all the characters, and you may say things like "I don't like this character because..." But posting things like "I think this character is actually a man pretending to be a woman!" is a no-no. All that leads to is upset feelings and fights -- this also goes for thread titles.

6. The fan threads are to be for positive remarks about the characters ONLY. If you want to say something negative about the character, use the criticism thread.

7. No racist, sexist or otherwise bigoted behavior.

8. Don't send harassing PMs to other members. If you're receiving abusive PMs from another user, please take a print screen of the PM and send it to a mod. (If you don't know how to print screen, let me know and I'll help you out.)

Minor offenses - these will get you a warning. (You can see your warning level under your username.) You can get up to three warnings - after that, you'll get a temp ban of one week. If the problem persists it may lead to more temp bans and eventually a full ban:

9. No promotion of other boards - this will not get you a warning the first time, but if you deliberately re-post the links either through posts or signatures, you will be warned. If you're on a site that would like to affiliate with us, that would be great. :D See this topic for affiliation details:

10. No porn posted directly on the site. If you want to post an adult picture, post a link to it with a warning.

11. Double posting is okay, but posting over and over deliberately in one thread with the motivation to drive up the post count of that thread is against the rules. However, in certain threads -- where updating original posts/info is required -- you may edit your original post. Double posting in forum games is okay (as long as it's allowed within the game rules, of course. :P )

12. Cursing every once in a while is okay, but no excessive cursing please. Check your post - if every other word is a curse word, you should probably edit your post before submitting it!

*NOTE* These rules also apply to the chat/shoutbox.

And most importantly, if you're having trouble with something, be it another user or understanding a rule or anything else, don't hesitate to contact an admin or a mod. If you're having an issue please don't feel like you need to take the law into your own hands. We're here to help you!

Link to a list of admins:

Link to a list of mods: