New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
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by Yosho24
#21894 I owe my rediscovering of Tenchi Muyo to one person. Petrea Burchard. My first encounter with tenchi came in the year 2000, when i was just 10 years old. I was a big fan of DBZ at the time and would go home from school and watch it on toonami everyday after i finished with my homework. One particular day I came home and set about my daily routine. I finished my homework early that day and flipped over to cartoon network and I remember it was the final episode of tenchi universe, and i just remember hearing ryokos beautiful voice and thats what stuck with me for all these years. It was about 8 months ago when i was thinking to myself..."what was that show that used to be on toonami?" I didnt remember the name of it i just remembered Ryoko, so a quick google search for ryoko reignited my nostalgia. It was her voice that I remembered after all these years, so i started watching the show from the beginning. I started with universe and i fell absolutely in love with the characters and the show itself. Now as an adult I can proudly say that although im not the biggest anime fan in the world, I am a huge Tenchi Muyo fan and i owe it all to you Ms. Burchard...We're all here for our love and appreciation of this amazing series, please share your story! :D
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by julia
#21895 Aw :D

My "great rediscovering" happened a couple years after I saw it on Toonami xD I saw it originally on there like many others, but one day I was at the library... I had to be like, 9 or 10 perhaps? I got it on VHS tape at the library and was like OH YEAH THIS IS THAT SHOW I LIKE WHERE ALL THE GIRLS LIKE THE ONE GUY xD but it had been a little while since I had seen it (not that long, though, since I was still p young xD). and then it just always stuck with me and I never took any big breaks from it after that *^^*
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by Nobuyuki
#21902 "Rediscover" is the wrong word for me ;) .
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by chucklocker
Nobuyuki wrote:"Rediscover" is the wrong word for me ;) .

Indeed, you are one of the Great Old Ones from the Before Times :lol:

Anyway, my story is very similar to those already given above. I watched Tenchi when it first came on Toonami in 2000. I was very lucky, actually, that it premiered on TV that year, because that was the year my parents finally got satellite to follow the election, and before we just had local TV. Anyhow, Tenchi rapidly became my favorite show throughout my early and middle elementary school years. Unfortunately, I dropped out of anime watching around 2003-4 when they started taking all my favorites off Toonami, and I all but forgot about Tenchi. It got so bad that literally the ONLY things I could remember is that my favorite character had a spaceship that turned into a cat thing, and that in the last episode they cut the bad guy's ship in half (Kagato, OVA episode 6). Through the years I was always haunted by the lingering memories of that great show of my childhood, but I never got around to actually seeking it out.

Flash forward to Thanksgiving weekend in 2011. I was in the middle of a semester abroad in Glasgow, Scotland, and I was feeling quite homesick and nostalgic. I was once again bothered by the nagging tug on my memory and FINALLY decided to throw the only two things I could remember about the show into google and see what I came up with. Five minutes later I found myself watching the first episode of Tenchi Universe on this forum's old YT channel. It was an extraordinary moment in my life! It was like the floodgates in my mind had suddenly opened! Within the first few seconds of watching that opening I remembered every little detail of the show that had stubbornly defied my memory for almost a decade. Over the next few weeks and months I devoured every single piece of Tenchi material I could find on the internet, until finally, desperate for more and enticed by warmth and energy of this forum I finally joined up here and it's been a whirlwind of discovery and excitement ever since!

Well, as they say down here: That's my story and I'm sticking to it! The Tenchi franchise and I have had a wild ride so far, and I hope it continues for a long time to come!
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by Crazed
#21923 My rediscovery of Tenchi happened once again through Toonami. Like most people I grew up watching it as a kid (I was only eight or nine when I first saw it.) I'd go home from school, do some homework, and then go straight to the TV to watch Toonami. Once Toonami was on it's downhill slide I quit watching it and anime all togehter, for the most part. Fast forward to 2012, Toonami gets revived, and one of the shows they end up airing is GXP. I had almost no recollection of Tenchi at that time; which is why the name "Tenchi Muyo" right before GXP didn't ring any bells. I watched GXP every night until it got to episode 17 when
Seina goes to Tenchi's house
and as soon as I saw Ryoko I said to myself "That character looks REALLY familiar, but I don't remember her sounding like that." (And yes she was my first anime crush also, lol.) I wound up searching for Tenchi on Youtube and ended up rewatching all of OVA's 1 & 2, Universe, Tokyo, and I actually saw all three of the movies for the first time at that point. After watching all of that I had the biggest nostalgia trip of my life soawesome1 Then I watched OVA 3 for the first time, and let's just say I was left very confused once I finished watching it. I frantically searched the internet for more material to try and help me better understand OVA 3. I ended up finding this place and decided to join, and am I ever so glad that I did! I have met truly awesome people whom I now call my friends. The rest, as they say, is history.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#21938 I've shared my tale many times here, so I won't hog the mic too long. Same song and dance for many, Toonami originally, dropped it (why?!), found it again via teh internetz.

I'll just list some people I have to thank for my return:

TLF, cyberdarkwolf, Akawoa, ryokofan21, everyone involved with early Tenchi casts (including first youtube presence at TrippFM), and to save time pretty much everyone involved with this forum (special thanks to a number in particular, "older" and "newer" I think you know who you are). Thank you all!

p.s. good thread idea, I like to hear others' accounts and I'm sure there are those who wish to share.
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by Yosho24
wwwwhhhhoooo wrote:p.s. good thread idea, I like to hear others' accounts and I'm sure there are those who wish to share.

Thanks Who, I was really surprised that this wasn't a thread already. I love to hear about how others joined the fandom. From my experience, Tenchi fans form a very close-knit community and its interesting to hear the stories of others who share the same passion. Tenchi has the best fans!
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by Ryoko_sp
#21940 Hi everyone! I want to share my Tenchi experiencie with you.
Well, I'm from South America and TM! was dubbed in spanish in my country, something I'm really proud of :D

I watched Tench for the first time when I was like 10 years-old but when I trully felt in love with the series was when I was fourteen. I'm not a big anime fan but I absolutly love TM!

(this is like my second post here, I'm really shy when it comes to posting but I love the forum!!!)
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
Yosho24 wrote:Tenchi has the best fans!

I like this. Yes. 8-)

Thank you as well, Ryoko_sp (post as often or rarely as you like). What a coincidence that I was just discussing with some others here that I'm very interested in hearing more about the Spanish dub for Tenchi, and specifically which series aired in Spanish-speaking countries and what it was like watching it (if ever you want to say more, please do, but you don't have to, of course).

tl;dr: Me gusta a estudiar español, y me encanta Tenchi, por eso Tenchi en español es muy interesante a mi.
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by Yosho24
#21943 Don't be shy, you're among friends here :D You're from Chile huh? I'm Puerto Rican, I remember watching spanish dubs of voltron on telemundo when i was a little kid and having my older cousins translate for me