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by JGZinv
#21953 I uh... poured my 25K word essay on my origins into that "History of Tenchiverse Forums" thread, but
it's nice to see many people getting back into the fandom and finding a nice place to camp out.

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by Nil Admirari
#22027 It all started with a joke.

Or, well, my return to the show and its fandom anyway. Like many fans I had become enamored with Universe as it aired on Toonami in 2000. I loved the goofiness, the sci-fi aspect and the unique personalities of every lady in the household. I had a group of local friends whom all loved the series as well and we watched together. As the OVAs and Tokyo aired over here as well, I came to realize just how large the series was and took to lurking fansites and message boards but never posting. Around 2004-2005 I found myself too busy with schoolwork and my interests were taking me elsewhere and I left the fandom.

In the time between then and now however, Tenchi as a whole has remained a part of me. I would recall a piece of art, a powerful scene, a voice, a line of dialog. Often times I would envision a scene of my own creation when listening to music. Certain tunes will forever be associated with Tenchi and the crew, despite them having nothing to do with the show at all.

Last October I was throwing ideas around in another group for my book I was going to write in the following month. I spitballed a few, until at the apropos of (almost) nothing I decided to mess with them. For a while I upheld the joke that I was in fact writing a Ryoko x Kiyone lemon fanfiction and even pasted several (edited for readability) clips from various pieces over at TMFFA. It drove them crazy and I loved every minute of it.

I had not intended to get back into the series but a part of me kept saying I should rewatch some episodes instead of just torturing the others with bad fanfiction. Once my free time cleared up upon completion of my novel that month, I sat down with Universe and chained through it. I was in love again. It was all coming back to me, from the scenes and lines to some memories of the good old days with the local fandom crew. I'm so glad I gave in to my inner self that pushed towards hitting the Play button.

And to think, I have low-grade smut fiction to thank. kiyonesmile1
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by shadowsfall0
#22032 I have to say my rediscovering was more or less bound to happen at a certain point, it was just a matter of when.

About two years ago I finally got back around to rediscovering the shows from the old Toonami days. I found the assortment that I remembered most of all and then branched off for a while until a name kept coming up. Tenchi Muyo. I honestly had no idea what the hell it was(never remembered the name) and I had a friend of mine who was rather shallowly into it recommend it to me. I watched the first OVA opening and the nostalgic floodgates opened and torrents of fond memories filled my mind.

I had always had in the back of my mind the theme to the first OVA opening, I just never knew where it was from. I'd hum that melody constantly throughout the several years before even rediscovering my old Toonami shows and never know where it came from, but it felt familiar. I always remembered something about a blue spiky-haired female character, too.

The main things I remembered were the first OVA and Universe. I was quoting a few lines before they would show up in the first episode upon not having watched it in YEARS. When I got to Kagato and his pipe organ piece, I was humming along with it and remembered it completely.

I don't think I ever watched OVA 2 when it was on toonami, but Universe I remembered when I got around to it. It always confused me when I was young that the story start over.

Tl;dr I found it towards the latter half of 2012 during the end of my Toonami nostalgia trip and have since been a huge fan of it and it will always be a part of who I am.
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by Kiyami
#22039 Rediscover? I knew it was there, I just walked away from it for a few years. I was a big fan 2000-2005ish, then I fell out with Tenchi and all of anime really for the next two years. It was sad. I gave away 80% of my collection. The Tenchi films, Mihoshi special, some of the manga... gave them away for free to a friend that I no longer see. However, I kept my OVA DVDs, brought them to college and one of my friends was interested in watching it so we did, and I loved it all over again... and there were cool Tenchi fans like Kiyoka who pulled me back into Anime, and I joined a forum that wasn't this one but is no longer around before finding this one. Now I have tons more Tenchi stuff than I ever did, take part in podcasts, go to conventions and Mod at the greatest forum ever.


The fandom missed me and my muffins.


Here I am Mittens, there I was Kiyami/Mihokiyo/Minsam/Mihoshicasey. Been around since the AIC Forums, RIP.
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by SnowQueen
#22040 Well I never really had to "rediscover" Tenchi. I never got to watch it on Toonami sadly and I didn't discover it until I was a early teenager and I found the manga at the library (it was Sasami Stories ^_^) but that was the only manga they had and so I searched it up not knowing if it was a show or not but I found it on YouTube and sure enough I got hooked on it and the first episode or episodes I watched was the OVA episodes 5 and 6 (my favorite episodes evar in anything anime) and I held Tenchi Muyo! close to my heart since and for 7 years my love for it never slipped away.
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by tachi-nii
#25403 re-discover? well it had popped into my mind several times after not seeing it for so long. but I've gotten truly attached to it again when I had gotten in a tenchi role play group, just last year.
by opiemuyo
#25636 I discovered Tench Muyo! when it came on after Sailor Moon on Toonami, and really enjoyed the show. Later on my spouse and children moved away to my spouses country, where we thought were going to live when I got our things settled. During this time away from my spouse and children, I discovered that I had no hobbies to occupy my time whatsoever, and a friend who knew I enjoyed Tenchi encouraged me to rent the videos from a local comic book shop (we are talking VHS here, young ones) and this started a severe anime addiction.
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by chucklocker
#25637 Welcome to the forum, Opie! Toonami is what brought so many of us into the fold, and I'm glad to see you've found your way back!
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by Ukinojo92
#26642 My earliest memory of Tenchi was waiting through Sailor Moon when it was on Toonami in 2000 or something. It was one of the show full of girls that seem awesome being from space and living in one house with a guy. Then it faded it from me and then after a decade when surfing youtube, I caught a glimpse of a clip of Ryoko and then it sort of started creep back in to me. I started finding all that I could of the OVA's, series, manga, and movies and got back in and now waiting for more.
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by segaman4
#26647 Well I watched it on toonami in 2000-2001 and I liked it. Then after it was cancelled I forgot all about it because dbz was a part of my life. Then in 2010 I had the urge to look at it again and I found it on YouTube and became a fan ever since