New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
by opiemuyo
#25638 I really feel fortunate to find this forum, I have been a Tenchi fan from VHS days, and I am really excited that I have this place for to meet fellow Tenchi fans!
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by Crazed
#25640 Glad to have you aboard! You picked just the right time too, what with the new series going on right now. Have fun and enjoy your stay!
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by Nil Admirari
#25641 VHS days, huh? Back when it cost an arm and a leg for an episode or two a tape, and finding them was rare as hell. Always cool to meet someone who got in at the ground floor for Tenchi fandom. Welcome to Tenchiforum and enjoy your stay, coffee and muffins will be available shortly! kiyonesmile1
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by Dagon123
#25642 Welcome to the forum!

Enjoy your stay!
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by chucklocker
#25643 Hello again, and welcome! I'm very glad that you discovered us, and I hope you always enjoy your time here! Feel free to chat with us whenever you want :D