New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
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by GaianKnight
#25664 *Hands Ryo-ohki a carrot* ...thanks for the intro Ryo-chan. -Sounds of a carrot being sawed into.-

Anywho, my name is Scot, I live in Montana, and... yup, I'm an addicted, old fan of Tenchi Muyo. First saw it on Toonami on CN when it aired there, and later begot the proper Dvd sets, over time. Was once a moderator on a site called Cabbit Patch, if anyone here remembers that place, and I'm a fan fic writer over at, with some Tenchi and OMG! based stories there. I found this place, after watching YouTube videos of Ai Tenchi Muyo, after I went through the War on Geminar ones, (twice, the last episode, three times.) Did that after a semi-binge on old Tenchi Muyo Dvds, watched as 'study material', for the fan fiction I'm rewriting now, as of this post.

Thought I'd join, as an ancient Tenchi fan, the first I ever remember seeing it, was on TV somewhere, on WGN I believe of all channels, one late night, and the CN stuff when I lived over in Helena, MT for awhile.

I'm a family man, a former USAF vet, and played far too many MMOs to be healthy. Just turned 41 last October 5th, and have a simple paper delivery job, since a job is a stinkin job, in this economy.

So... nice to meet ye all, whom come and say hello. =^^=
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by Dagon123
#25665 Ah yes, the Cabbit Patch! It's been awhile since I've heard that name!

Welcome to the forum GaianKnight! There are quite a few older fans from various Tenchi sites over the years here, you'll feel right at home.

Enjoy your stay!
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by GaianKnight
#25666 Oh good. -plops down some cabbit pillows around, from the ancient days.-

I used to RP there FAR too dang much there, playing all the Tenchi Muyo characters (too dang much,) with the whole Dark Jurai war stuff-thang-stuffandthang deal... anywho, tis good to be here. I'll be sure to pop in here alot, as long as my current Tenchi addiction lasts. (Like the sixth or seventh time around, with it all. The new stuff just feeds it, like it wasn't healthy for me or something. MEWANTMORE!! ...oops, sorry. That burped out. =^^=
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by chucklocker
#25667 Welcome to the forum! I'm always especially happy when older fans find their way back into the fold. I think you'll fit in well here, as we have many excellent fanfic writers and "vintage" Tenchi fans! :) Anyway, feel free to make yourself at home here, and I look forward to seeing you around the boards!
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by GaianKnight
#25668 Boo! I mean, yay!! =^^=
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by mitsuki lover
#25669 Welcome and thanks for your service.I have a brother-in-law up in Alaska who is also retired USAF.

Yes,it's nice to see older fans not only of Tenchi but of anime in general show up.It's nice to see that it's not just a young'uns hobby. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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by Nil Admirari
#25672 Now that's what I call vintage fandom!

Glad to have another fan aboard, and especially a fanfic writer. We've got quite the talent already, it's exciting to see more join up! Welcome to Tenchiforum, GaianKnight! kiyonesmile1 Coffee and muffins will be fresh out of the kitchen in a bit.
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by Crazed
#25677 Welcome to the forum, GaianKnight! Always nice to see older fans return (especially with the new series that's airing right now). Have fun and enjoy your stay! Tenchismile
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
GaianKnight wrote:The new stuff just feeds it, like it wasn't healthy for me or something. MEWANTMORE!! ...oops, sorry. That burped out. =^^=

If Tenchi is unhealthful, then welcome to the infirmary cuz we're all crazy fans here!

Welcome! From one mod to another, it's an honor to have you here. & many thanks for the pillows! Just what we needed around here!

GaianKnight wrote:and have a simple paper delivery job, since a job is a stinkin job, in this economy.

soawesome1 IKR? I hear ya.
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by GaianKnight
#25685 -Hands out more carrots to everyone, then gets beat up by Ryo-chan for doing so- =xX=;;;

Anywho, thanks for the new welcomes, expect my brand of insanity around alot.

Oh, and should I treat Ai TM as an official OVA continuity? Or just a standalone. I noticed the AIC logo (first time in forever for that,) in the Ai credits, so I was wondering there.