New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
GaianKnight wrote:-Hands out more carrots to everyone, then gets beat up by Ryo-chan for doing so- =xX=;;;

Anywho, thanks for the new welcomes, expect my brand of insanity around alot.

Oh, and should I treat Ai TM as an official OVA continuity? Or just a standalone. I noticed the AIC logo (first time in forever for that,) in the Ai credits, so I was wondering there.

I might need a refresher, but as far as Tenchi OVA vs entire franchise goes, I don't see why AIC producing would act as a condition on whether it was OVA continuity or not (they've been involved with most if not all movies and spin-offs).

Regardless, just from viewing experience alone I'd definitely put Ai in its own sandbox. It's very comedic (akin to Tenchi in Tokyo) and several scenes and motifs pay homage to Universe. Kajishima is also not directly involved, and anything related to Ryo-Ohki circa (approx.) post 1994 has always been his vision.

Good question, though!
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by Nobuyuki
GaianKnight wrote:Oh, and should I treat Ai TM as an official OVA continuity?


Or just a standalone.

Debatably yes.

P.S.- Hi! ;)
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by GaianKnight
#25696 At least now I know. =^^=

-Hands Nobuyuki a welcome carrot-