New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
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by Xenraii
#25883 Hiya! I was introduced to this site by a friend (Shadowsfall0), and decided to delve into the deep world that is Tenchiforum. I am an avid reader, gamer, watcher and sleeper. I spend a good part of my days going to college and dying slowly in the style of Post-Evangelion. To show a current track of the anime I watch, I am mid-series in Samurai Champloo and Rah-Xephon, and just finished season 2 of Wakfu. My musical tastes range from jazz, classical, progressive rock and metal, among others unnamed that I currently can't recall.
If it was not inferred yet, I am indeed of the chick variety-- no pun intended, unless you can think of one better than I can. >.>
I am not too deep into Tenchi quite yet, but have come to learn the ways of the light hawk wings.
I look forward to being apart of the Tenchi-fandom!

Also, I have Mumble software, so I can join in any Mumble chats if anyone would like!
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by Nil Admirari
#25884 A friend of shadows' is a friend of ours! Glad to have you aboard, get ready for a crazy ride through quite a lot of content in this fine series we love. Welcome to Tenchiforum, Xenraii! kiyonesmile1 Coffee (or tea, if it is your thing) and muffins are available in the lobby.

I can send you the mumble info, though I don't know how much longer we'll be in there at this hour.
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by Dagon123
#25886 Indeed, a friend of Shadow's is a friend of ours (I had wondered as such with the RahXephon avatar)

Enjoy your stay and welcome to the forum!
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by chucklocker
#25889 Welcome to the forum, X! Make yourself at home, and I look forward to chatting with you! :)
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by mitsuki lover
#25900 Oh!And to boot an avvie of my favorite character from RahXephon my 12th favorite anime of all time! soawesome1
Welcome.Funny thing is I have the first volume of the ADV release and am restarting it on Saturday.Long Live The
Mu!Long Live Qoun! soawesome1 soawesome1 soawesome1 soawesome1
Anyways...yeah,Tenchi,RahXephon and Star Wars sans Jar Jar "Please Die!" Binks!