New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
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by ChaudSept
#27233 Hi everyone !

I just registered yesterday on this forum, after I found the TenchiCast on youtube, looking for answers about the Tenchi Multiverse !

I'm a french student living currently in the UK, and I'm a pro - OVA1.

I've discover Tenchi OVA 1 on VHS when I was like 9. 10 years later I (re)discover everything, like Ova 2,3 , Universe, Tokyo, the 3 movies, GXP...
I'm currently watching War on Geminar !

See y'all
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by Nil Admirari
#27234 The Tenchi Multiverse is quite the complex thing indeed! Hopefully we can help you find the answers you're looking for. Welcome to Tenchiforum, ChaudSept! kiyonesmile1
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by ChaudSept
#27242 Hi all ! Thank you !

I have seen neither Dual nor El Hazard, but I read that Dual was like spin-off/parallel universe with different (but similar) character of Tenchi Muyo is that it ? A lot of common things with GXP I believe.

About El Hazard, well I don't know jack, is it good ?

By the way I might need some help, I don't really know where i can find the Doujins of Kajishima, is there a topic about it ?
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by SnowQueen
#27243 Hello and Welcome!

ChaudSept wrote:About El Hazard, well I don't know jack, is it good ?

El-Hazard is just fantastic! Certainty a must watch. mmhmm1
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#27250 Welcome! Thank you for introducing yourself.

We have made every effort to make information about Tenchi accessible. If you're looking for Kajishima's doujins and a coinciding thread, depends on which one you want to look at!

You should find most of them (definitely the more recent ones) in this general area here:

Topic titles should help guide you, there's generally one for a particular work; just a matter of navigating between relevant threads and other non-related topics and/or opinionated threads.

If you have questions, post here and/or in a related thread at any time, or send one of the staff a pm.

(Another tip: if you're having a hard time finding something here, or just want another source to search for, e-hentai is where you'll find a lot of Kajishima's work because they're 'of that nature' shall we say.)

P. S. El-Hazard is most definitely worth your time, recommend starting with the OVA.
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by ChaudSept
#27261 Thank you wwwwhhhhoooo !

Well yeah I see there's a lot of things about the Doujinson the forum, like the Comiket and all ! But oh my god I yet don't understand everything.

I get what the -IF- serie is, but what about Tenchi Ban ? I saw a lot of that on e-hentaï !

Are Kajishima's Doujins very short ? Or the thing I see on the forum are only extracts ?

Well I will definitely look into El Hazard ; But first I might read the Shin Tenchi Novels !
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#27263 The "Bans" refer more or less to a series by Kajishima, and are the continuation after the OVA. Certain ones are named to reflect which storyline they're focused on (ex. Tenchi bans are for main cast, GXP for the GP, Sekishi for Geminar).

Being doujins, they are very brief in nature, so you're seeing all there is to see even if it seems really short or nothing really happens (they're very slice of life, and as you're likely familiar with, are often more or less pornographic in nature, so it's just fan service).
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by ChaudSept
#27276 Now I know the names of every doujinshi I want to read, thank you !
It will be easier to find them.

But well, I'll just have to avoïd the porn, i don't want to see that kind of stuff with Tenchi.

Too bad Kajishima is into that, I mean he could write a full manga series if he wanted to.