New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
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by littlewashu45
#27519 Hello there everyone nice to you meet you all. I been a fan of Tenchi Muyo since I was 7 years old. I'm 22 years old and still a huge fan. Tenchi Muyo is one of my beloved anime series of all time. I hope I have a great time here. :D mmhmm1 iloveit1 Tenchismile kiyonesmile1
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by Dagon123
#27531 Welcome to the forum! Tenchismile

Enjoy your stay.
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by chucklocker
#27532 Nice to meet you! I too am 22 and was exposed to Tenchi when I was relatively young! I'm glad that you were able to keep with it all these years! I hope you have a great time here, and feel free to post or chat whenever you want! :)
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by mitsuki lover
#27543 Welcome LittleWashu45.

*Sigh* Oh to be 22 again! :lol:
Of course we wouldn't be having this conversation since when I was 22 there was no such thing as the internet! :lol:

Hmmm....7....glad to see you stuck with it then,it's always hard to stick with something when you begin that young.