New? Come introduce yourself here! :D
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by VyseLegendaire
#28745 Im a major anime geek who has obsessed over the stuff since the late 1980s when I was a toddler .

I like to post long and rambling, pseudo-intellectual/philosophical posts elucidating the umbrances of this oft-misunderstood medium.

Expect the worst. gendo1 badass1
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by chucklocker
#28747 Welcome aboard, Vyse! Do your worst! :P
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by Dagon123
#28749 Welcome to the board Vyse!

Enjoy your stay! Tenchismile
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by mitsuki lover
#28750 Aloha, and welcome.
I happen to be one of those fans whose eyes glaze over when people start overanalyzing everything,
so don't be too surprised if I only skim some of your longer and technical posts. It's not an insult, it's just that I am not a tech geek.
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by Nil Admirari
#28774 Never thought I'd see an Air Pirate around these parts, let alone Vyse of the Blue Rogues~

Welcome aboard the good ship TenchiForum kiyonesmile1
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#28955 Anime geek? Rambling? Yeah, yeah you should do fine here. badass1 Welcome!