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by JGZinv
#34161 So for the few that manage to make it here.....

(the forum link redirects to the Adieu post, so you can only get here by the direct link
and I've been told by Dagon the board will be locked with only certain people having access)

It's been a good run for this particular board. We did a lot more productive things than any Tenchi forum
prior to this. There was all the translation projects, Ah My Goddess, the doujins, the novel, the manga, there was
the translation of AI. We had a heap of podcasts and convention trips. We broke the news often faster than anyone, and
got linked on ANN a number of times. We tried to start several projects to fix OVA3. The were the interviews with Petrea
and Matt. Collectively I think we gathered a huge amount of the goods, like the art books, managa, novels, and media.
So it was a good run.

It's with a heavy heart we part ways at this fork in the road, but perhaps we'll connect again.
At DualFans we would say, "once a DualFan always a DualFan, you'll find your way back again."
TenchiForum believed in the "carnival coming back around again, even if it took many years."
With that, we'll look forward to next time friends.

I'd encourage anyone left to reply with how they can be reached, if you so desire.

jgzinv (on Facebook and many other sites)
The TenchiForum Discord, for as long as it may remain active.

I plan to continue working on the Tenchi translations, including GXP novels, Paradise War, Dual! materials, the Tenchi Gokuraku games, and doujins as time allows. Lately it hasn't, as I'm trying to deal with family health issues, running a large anime group, and starting an anime con in the Ohio valley region. But sometime. I also have a substantial number of posts from here saved, minus the fanfic, fan art, and chit chat sections.
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by SnowQueen
#34162 This really sad.... I've been on this forum since I was 14 years old...its heartbreaking to see it go. Even if we didn't talk about Tenchi much or even at all it was still nice to have a safe place to talk with other anime fans. I understand though that there isn't much of a point running a Tenchiforum when there is no passion left for the series. This place was always a light for me.Being bullied and harassed for liking anime was/is tough on me but I always felt better logging on here. I finally found a place i could trust. Everyone was always very nice and I'm really going to miss you if anyone wants contact me (I promise I won't talk about Love Live all the time lol) I don't really have any social media accounts but this is what I do have-


And from there I can email you from there my SchoolIdolTomadachi account and Love Live School Idol Festival ID on JP and EN server. (Sorry don't really want those public even if just for a short time)

Also might be getting on to other sites for now email is the only way to really contact me. Sorry about that. Im very picky/nervous about websites....which says a lot this one. ^^

Thanks for putting up me (especially those who put up with my Love Live phase) I hope we can all talk again someday. ^^

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by Nobuyuki
#34164 The shutdown might have been inevitable, but a heads-up would have been more polite. Just saiyan. ;)

As it is, it's been fun. If you happen across a Tenchi forum, I'm probably already there. :)

None of that new-fangled "social media" for me though.

Love and Peace to all of you, until next time.

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by Ukinojo92
#34171 All things end sometime. It's been a good run, this site is the first to make me social and take intiative in things. I will probably go to another tenchi forum site to keep going, if anyone happens to find me give a shout and say your tenchiforum name.
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by luthercross
#34175 Well I know I didn't do much here or was online much but you guys where great. I really hope I get to see you all again, and well About that discord I didn't know there was one and I will be making one now just incase anyone wants it too join link in the end of this but with that said where can i get the discord link at?

Anyway I hope i get to talk to you all again sometime

email: [ yes i know i'm old]
skype: kuorukun