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by susano
#31208 Since there is the news of OVA 4 being made, most of my ideals for OVA 4 are going to be limited to fanfiction, Still, I am curious over what will be in the new series. I have written a list of what I am expecting in the new series. Only the number of episodes and the arcs which I want will not happen.

- The number of episodes to be fourteen.
- Two arcs
- Tenchi becoming a ronin.
- Some of Tenchi's feelings for Ryoko and Ayeka are becoming intimate.
- The series's main villian being a member of the Airai,
- Tenchi meeting Mihoshi's father General Nakita Kuramitsu.
- The reasons for Nakita's visit to Earth are to meet Tenchi, and to formally inform Tenchi that the Kuramitsu Family Council has agreed to allowing him to become Mihoshi's fiance.
- Funaho and Misaki making their plan visit to Earth. Both have some news which will suprised Katsuhito, Ayeka, and Sasami.
- The name of the town near the Masaki Shrine and Residence finally being given.
- Azusa allowing Tenchi to become Ayeka's and Sasami's fiance under some specific conditions.
- One of Azusa's conditions for Tenchi is naming Ayeka's and his first son after Azusa's father Kazuki.

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by susano
#33899 OVA 4 is finally being release. It is going to have a total of four episodes. I do wished that OVA 4 had the typical six episodes and the special one. The special could have focus on Tenchi focusing on the past before a special day in his life. The special day can either be Tenchi's wedding or the birth of one of his first children.

I am starting to wish that there is a spinoff of the Tenchi Muyo Series which is sort of a reboot. I will call the series TENCHI MUYO: ANOTHER UNIVERSE or TM:AM. TM:AU starts out with Tenchi going to school on the first day of a new school year. Tenchi will entering high school at the age of 15. Tenchi has two female best friends. The name of his best friends are Ryoko and Hotaru. Hotaru is one of Tenchi's cousins. Ryoko is the only daughter of Washu Habuki. Washu Habuki is one of the galaxy's greatest scientists. Her reasons for being on Earth are rather different from WAshu from the OVA series. Oddly TM:AU"S Washu has a lot more in common with the Chousin Washu.

TM:AU will include Kiyone and Miihsohi. Kiyone is a Gallaxy Police officer who was born on Earth. Her parents and her family are Terrans. Terrans are people who are either born on Earth, or descended from a Terran who was an immigrant.

Mihoshi is a member of the Kuramitsu Family. She is not totally like her Universe and Ryo-Ohki counterparts. Strangely often as a result of her behavior and lifestyle, Mihoshi will seem to be an airhead. Mihoshi has a carefree view of life. As a Galay Police Officer, Mihoshi is very good at her job. Often, some people will mistaken Mihoshi to be like her Universe's and Ryo-Ohki counterparts. She will often act as an airhead as an act of deception.

Kiyone and Mihsohi have been assigned to be two of the bodyguards of Jurai's Princess Ayeka Masaki Jurai. Ayeka Maski Jurai is one of the girls who is betrothed to Tenchi. Kiyone finds her duties as one of Ayeka's bodyguards hard to accept since she will have to become a high school student. Mihoshi will become a physical ed. teacher at the high school where Tenchi, Hotaru, Ayeka, and Ryoko are attending.

For Sasami, she comes to Earth with her sister Ayeka. Sasami is working for Washu on a simple study of Japanese Elementry's schools. Sasami will treat Tenchi as a big brother. There is a chance that Sasami will develop strong feelings for Tenchi. Ayeka is coming to Earth to help Washu in a study of high school life in Japan. Ayeka does have strong feelings for Tenchi. She will become Ryoko's rival for Tenchi's affections.

TENCHI MUYO: ANOTHER UNIVERSE is one of my fanfiction ideals. Its primary plot focus around Contact. The type of contact is going to be a result of an accident. Oddly in the first chapters, Tenchi finds himself in the situation which causes Earth to learn of the Galactic Union much earlier than expected. Kiyone, Ryoko and Ayeka likley find themselves becoming locadols. Locadols are local idols. Oddy, the three find themselves becoming national known idols.

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