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by wwwwhhhhoooo
ChaudSept wrote:@ WhhhOOooOo

Falling out of love with that ?
And this ?
What about that one ?

Moshi moshi

Your departure isn't in the Light Hawk Script gendo1 .

Thanks for the chuckle, Chaud. ^^ v

Alas, sadly it's precisely because I love Tenchi (or, rather, what it once was) that I gotta' pull back for a while (or, indefinitely, I don't know). I've "put in my time" so to speak for some five years, and though I don't regret it and have had some amazing times, it's also at times been a source of unnecessary headaches and heartbreak.

A part of me--of all of us--would love to keep translating these works, and perhaps someday we (or, heaven forbid, some others help out or pick up the torch) can return to them and they'll get their due; but as it stands now, the burden of an entire franchise has long been on the shoulders of only a few hardworking, dedicated souls.

Normally a fandom could endure such trials...but when your only reward is seeing your favorite series bastardized beyond recognition (not to mention unintelligible criticism from people who denounce while simultaneously draw from your research, the fruit of your labors, in lieu of actually doing their own legwork), well...there comes a point when as a human with finite time on this earth you just end up asking yourself "what's actually the point?"

I'll put up with such grievances to a point for a good cause, but looking ahead I see it may in the end be a lost cause for Tenchi Muyo!: it seeks to be just another run-of-the-mill fetishistic harem romp for the purpose of squeezing a few nickels and dimes out of patronizing otaku, created by an anachronistic male chauvinist for anachronistic male chauvinists. The funny thing is, that's what this franchise has been since 2002, and I was just too optimistic to, as The Beatles once said, "let it be."

Anyone who ever really cared about it on the production side--the people who poured their souls into it--left long ago, and it seems even Negishi has realized that it's a sinking ship that no amount of hard work or wishful thinking can restore. At least we'll have Ai Tenchi Muyo! for the history books, because despite its minor changes brought on by modernity, it will prove in the end to be a blip in the long, mangled timeline of this franchise as a last holdout ember of a great flame that once burned very, very bright....

I think my favorite part of aforementioned link is as follows:

Entertainment companies, justifiably, don’t worry when the message boards fill up with declarations of, “I’ll never watch this again!” It’s the slow fade that kills them. As long as you’re mad, you’re still interested. I don’t know anyone who has broken off from a series they love because they’re mad. They break off when they’re tired of paying attention to it.

OVA 3, we were mad. OVA 4? We won't even be around to be mad. There was a mass exodus in the early '00s, and that was after a 'surprise attack' out of left field that no one (oh, I'm sorry, those of us who weren't one of the scores of persons who bought exclusive doujins) saw coming. But in 2015, it won't be a mass exodus because hardly anyone is left, and it won't be a 'surprise attack' this time because that little trick can only work once. We can see it coming.

And the MINUTE the quality of the material doesn't live up to the already overstimulated expectations of the unsuspecting casual fandom at large, combined with the internet-fostered overly cynical nature of the average viewer these days, that'll be the end of it: viewers accustomed to instant gratification won't want to wait around for months (again, OVA's in 2015? Hilarious!) to see another addition of mediocrity. The fat lady will sing, and Tenchi Muyo! will finally be put to rest: it will truly be dead and buried, something that it has desperately needed for far too long (as much as it pains me tremendously to say it).

Enjoy that "slow fade" AIC! All in all, it was a pretty good run for a while.

I'm moving on, and as I've already said previously albeit more eloquently, it's now become a simple "yes" or "no" question, one that you cannot ignore while still calling yourself a fan: you're either for Tenchi Masaki fucking the beloved mascot, or you're not. I choose the latter, and if you do too, some friendly advice from your friendly neighborhood Who: pack up the remaining good memories you have left and move on.

But the carnival always comes back to you, my friends...Kajishima won't live forever.
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by JGZinv
#29780 Whhoo my friend, I think yourself and as I am aware, the other die hards here, need to pull up a chair to
the bar and hear my council a moment.

Y'all feel dammed and abandoned, much less that there's no future for Tenchi. To some extent, and your point of view, that may be the case. But I'd encourage you to awaken to a larger truth. One that I've come to, having passed through several fandoms that died, some more than others.

That being that in the scheme of things concerning Japan, we didn't matter to begin with.
If you believed otherwise, you were eating a lie of our own design. That lie is called entitlement.

When you get involved in anything, you bleed for it, you stick your neck out for it, you'd think it's right that your
voice have some impact on the outcome, or at least be accepted and understood.

The problem though is that we aren't Japanese, and even native Japanese, have very little input on the outcome of how Tenchi turns out. The power has always lied with AIC and the publishers. The power has been with Kajishima, and his cohorts in industry. You all know this already, but you've been seeing with tinted lenses up until now, when you've been smacked in the face hard with how powerless we are. It's hard to stomach.

Tenchi is not ours. That's the bottom line. To bring up the oft used comparison with Star Wars, we all thought the fandom won a huge victory when it was forked over (at a price) to Disney. But Star Wars isn't ours still, its Disney's and largely the people in charge of it there as well. Whether their vision for it matches up with the vocal majority, has yet to be seen, but it's the same situation. We can rant rave, get depressed, hate others, hate ourselves, feel loss, lose money, time, friends, and more - but it doesn't change that we're not in charge.

The assholes out there, and we know their names, have had to feel the same way you are now when AI came out, and it didn't match their preconceived notions of how Tenchi would look. This has happened before with GXP and OVA 3, much less Universe and Dual. In spite of it, they're still around, vocal as ever. I'd venture to say it's because they just enjoy having something to pick at, and ultimately anything can be picked at. Even a lawnmower can chew up more than grass.
But, why are we letting people that have, and will always be asshats, disturb our way of life and interests?

I've been preaching this since ChibiPaw, and Ai's failure was known, and I really truly beg you all to listen. You're more important than this. You're able to be above all this.

Love what you love for the sake of love itself, not because you expect something from it or it doesn't go your way.

What Tenchi OVA 4 or whatever asinine direction Kajishima takes it, is on his head. Maybe it'll devalue it so much some other company will pick it up from AIC's corpse. We don't know and frankly we shouldn't care! Don't get so invested that you're killing yourself and your relationships over it. The future is an open ticket. Anything can happen.

Here's the good news, and by now you want some right...?

There's a community of people with similar interests, who like similar things, that think you're a pretty cool person, and
we want to talk. No one said you have to agree all the time, or be here all the time. That's fine.

Value your relationships, not the subject matter. Interests come, go, and change with the seasons, but those I've had the pleasure of meeting and doing life with remain a little part of me forever. This is one reason I want to get another convention gathering together. I enjoy talking with the TenchiCast crew.

In sports like basketball or baseball, you know we don't talk years later a lot about the greats as a series, or sets. We talk about the players. Babe Ruth... Magic Johnson... etc. How about here? Is it the same without the star players?

I'd encourage everyone afflicted by this "fed up" bug, to take a step back and look at why you posted at TenchiForum.
Was it because of a name? Was it because we have the most pictures or most files. Was it because we are the most Universe or OVA centric...? or was it because we built the best damn community of people the English speaking world had to date? It's like Cheers... where everyone knows your name..

I'll tell you something. I didn't learn this till after I lost the Dual community over the course of many years. I fought tooth and nail, I wore myself to the bone, I spent all my money, I went to the conventions searching, I tried everything in my power (during the midst of the most horrible time in my life) to desperately shore up a wall that had already fallen before I even got involved. I was blinded by my self inflicted delusion that I was at fault, and that with more content, with more everything, surely the golden age would return if I held the torch up long enough.

It doesn't work that way. It never works that way. Communities are built, run, and function because people are there. The quality of those people make the difference. What is accomplished in those communities is due to the strength and character of their people.

Kajishima has no power here, unless you let him influence your mind and mouth (er.. fingers). It's all about how you choose to be affected or not affected. The power... is.. yours! (Captain Planet reference for you youngins).

This is getting long in the tooth, so I'll leave it at this. I love you guys (totally in a non homo way, considering recent events) so if you have to leave, don't let it be under these angry pretenses. If you can separate yourselves from this symbiotic pattern of self inflicting wounds of the fandom.... and just step back and enjoy what parts of it you do like, then I think you'll find the world is a bigger place with more freedom. You can approach any anime, or series, and take it for what it is, rather than what you expect of it. You don't have to be chained down. I personally believe = anime is meant to be fun, and a way to experience new things we can't see in live action or film.

So the carnival is still going on. It's a place called tenchiforumsign .
There's still people happy to see you when you show up to the festival, to play a few games and eat some stall food.

Signed JGZ
-Your friend, hoping to knock a little sense into y'all. :wink:
(and yeah, I had Love Song ga Kikoeru on repeat when I wrote the letter, screw OVA 3 :P )
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by Nobuyuki
JGZinv wrote:Love what you love for the sake of love itself, not because you expect something from it or it doesn't go your way.
anime is meant to be fun

^ These.

The rest of your advice is good, too, Z-man. Image
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by Ukinojo92
#29785 Tenchi content comes in, opinions put out, the one thing that is constant, Tenchi after all these years is almost impossible to forget. There is going to be a content whether finally translated novels and doujins, or new Tenchi series, no can is going to forget. Negishi didn't, and he made an alternate ending to In Love, the city of Takahashi didn't and we got Ai, we didn't and we're still talking about it. We are going to get new stuff and talk about or not, but we are here and doing what we are doing when we first got here.

A hope is that something like crowd funded project like Ai was ( I thnk), happens again and we get to talk about it change the pace again.
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by chucklocker
#29786 You had to throw in a reference to my favorite sitcom... dawohki1

I've never stopped loving this community, and I never will. My absence, which has been as much due to my own personal circumstances as my... distaste for the state of affairs across the Pacific, has been hard felt on my end. It is not my desire or intention to leave anyone twisting in the wind, and I will do my best to engage more wherever and whenever I can.

What I have stopped loving, however, is Tenchi Muyo!™ the franchise, and that's a big problem. You are absolutely right in saying that nobody outside of AIC "owns" the franchise, and that the non-Japanese fanbase is the last thing on their minds. Where you're wrong (in my opinion, of course) is in saying that my disappointment comes from a false sense of "entitlement." It isn't entitlement to expect the best from content providers. The minute you cease expecting and demanding the best, it becomes a license for mediocrity. I never expected, even in the best of circumstances, that any new Tenchi would live up to the best of what came before. There's simply too much time past and too many expectations to ever do it justice. What I did expect was for the producers to deliver the best quality content possible given the limits of resources, talent, and interest. Ai Tenchi Muyo! delivered on both counts, while AIC's latest direction fails both miserably.

I look back on my time in this fandom as one big game of Texas Hold 'Em. The "chips" were my time, energy, and love, and I went "all in" with every bet. For a while there it looked like we were on a streak that would never end, and the payoff was better than anything else. Sooner or later though, all streaks must come to an end, and one day the dealer turned over the last card and there was nothing there for me. The game goes on for some, but I've got no "chips" left to play with. I could linger around the table, feigning interest in a game in which I no longer have any stake, or I can move on over to the bar with the fine liquor and the flashy showgirls. Okay, the metaphor may have gotten away from me a little towards the end badass1

Everything else aside, at the end of the day you are absolutely right about the only thing that actually matters. It was never about that poker game for me, but the fantastic friends I met at the table (Okay, I swear I'm done now :P). I don't want to lose those relationships or that community. I may be done with Tenchi Muyo!™, but not with TenchiForum. That much is easy, the hard part is the when and how of it all. I simply can't be as active as I once was, both for the reasons I described above and the unavoidable restraints of beginning a career. Even in my distance I will never be far away though. I will always respond to PMs. My Steam info is public knowledge and I always talk back on there. For my closer friends Facebook and even texting and calling is always a welcome option. Last but not least, I doubt I'll ever stop actively following my precious threads, as I've put far too much effort into those sweet babies to let them go to waste 8-) As for being around and engaging on the forum, I can't promise much but I'll do what I can here and there. This franchise never deserved such good people as you, nor any of the other wonderful comrades we've had over the years, and for them alone this place is worth sticking around for.
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by JGZinv
#29787 Maybe you can get KM in a few years for gross misconduct Chuck... badass1

I do get where you're coming from.

Hopefully in 10 years we'll all be able to kick back and laugh.
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by susano
#31876 I have written this reply after the announcement of OVA 4 being made. When it comes to the future, I want to see a sequel to the series TM: WAR ON GEMINAR, and another sequel which I call TENCHI MUYO: THE NEXT GENERATION. TM: TNG's male protagonist is Tenchi's and Ayeka's oldest son Kazuki Masaki. Kazuki was named after his maternal grandfather's father.

kain2-1 Tenchismile