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by Ukinojo92
fang2 wrote:When the Chousin were over the dimensions, how many universes were in each of the 22 dimensions?

okay, are you referencing OVA 3 or talking about the entire franchise in general? Because OVA 3 isn't really explained well and you need to really need to look at it closely to guess at things. If it's the franchise in general, then it's a little complicated because it's different sometimes, like: OVA continuity, Universe Continuity, novel, manga, Ai Continuity, and each have different people in charge of it.
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by JGZinv
#29569 That's a bit impossible to answer, you're talking about all of space, in dimensions through the third and beyond, and we don't even know how many total universes are in our own 3rd dimension.

Now if you're referring to the alternate realities that make up the OVA, and it's connected spin offs, we can get a fair view of that. But those are just alternate (living next door) dimensions all in the 3rd dimensional space.
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by JGZinv
#29584 I think you're already going in circles there, clearly this conversation has been had there.
Antvasima is also a person who's been in the Tenchi community for many years as well.
I wouldn't trust any wiki, or any group of people dedicated to debating fictional character power battles endlessly.
It's quite pointless.

Keep in mind that we're talking about Tokimi's group of beings that manage the multi dimensional space.

3D would mean 3 Dimensions. 4D 4 dimensions, and so on. Not that 3D manages 1 dimension.
They stack, so a 22D manages 22 dimensions, not 1 dimension. 22D manages 21D, 21D manages 20D, and so on down the chain of employment.

The way I look at things is like a layer cake.

Each layer of the cake is composed of one "reality" in which for all those beings in that layer, that is all of existence to them. That is their world, universe, galaxy, and so on. In this space, you can have pocket dimensions or essentially folds/wormholes that create a connection between points, or create containers outside of regular space.
Think of Washu, her lab is 3 dimensional in nature, but she can create connection points to other locations via doorway, and her lab isn't physically in the same space as the house broom closet. It's it's own pocket zone.

Now, back to the cake.

All that above is contained in a single layer of cake. Now you have another layer of cake above and below "layer 0". In each of the layers beside layer 0, something changes. Maybe someone saves something in layer - 1 and they throw it away in layer + 1. This is a difference. Like the butterfly effect, each and every change builds on it self creating a infinite number of differences and changes.

Now consider that for every change, and every resulting change, and so on, there is another layer of cake.

This is how alternate reality spin offs, like Dual, like Photon, like Geminar, are all handled. We're seeing the characters either travel between the layers, or we're seeing a similar but unique layer that is not the original.

The Chousin, and by extension kami-Tenchi, are not in the cake, they are not of a layer. They created the cake. They are outside the cake entirely, and cannot be defined by the cake layers, except when they choose to have an avatar (Washu's form, Sasami, Chibi Tokimi, Tenchi) that is bound in that dimensional space unique to that layer in the cake. Their real body, or whatever you could call it as a form, has never been accurately shown, as we couldn't even perceive it.

So when Tenchi unleashes his kami power, because he's tapped into it, but has no concept of how to control it (after all he's a 3 dimensional avatar) - it essentially is like setting off a grenade in your layer cake. The barriers are blown apart and everything's a messy blend.
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by Ukinojo92
#29586 I think this thread could do with a re-name, because it's actually confusing of what you're think you are going to talk about and what you're really talking about. The current name is "How many universes are there in the Tenchi Muyo verse" sounds like you're talking about Tenchi Muyo in it's entirety, not just OVA 3.