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by ChaudSept
#29807 The following is a chunk of the novel Shin Tenchi Muyo! Jurai. This part is one of the few that didn't get to be summarize. It is when Asuza meets Kagato for the first time, the scene do not takes place in the Souja. They seem to be in a Cathedral on Jurai (not entirely sure).
I've translated every damn sentences. With flaws, because my japanese is not good. Feel free to review it if you can.. I've put some "***" when I have doubt on the meaning.
This is not a sum-up
Sorry for the grammar/typos that might be present.

My work with raw texts and translation!Y41TQYzS!0n8_E64sp ... gvUzoUvQGk

Kagato & Asuza

The one hitting the keyboard stood up. Light skin, long hair, narrow eyes, yellow pupils, he wears glasses, his clothes models after the great space assembly of science and intelligence “The Galaxy Academy”. This intellect was felt all the more so in this character’s self.

By any standard, he doesn’t look like a pirate. He bows reverently and says;

« Welcome to my cathedral, Asuza, crown prince of Jurai»

“I’m kind enough to meet you, yet I don’t know your name. Anwser !”

“It’s great honor indeed… My name is Kagato.”

Kagato. He surely said that. 750 years from now, he will fight against Masaki Tenchi, but now he just met the emperor/prince of Jurai.
Asuza, scanning the room, asks Kagato.

“However, this ship only serves under pirate occupation, right ?”

“I am only seeking knowledge. And knowledge can be delivered to only those with great capabilities. This beautiful Souja… It is definitely a treasure of knowledge…”

“Are you saying you’re not a pirate? Whatever your purpose, your methods are well known in the Galaxy to be nothing but piracy!”

“This is according to the law that you made. I follow my own rules.”

“You end up hurting other people!”

“Huff huff huff, It would be stupid to consider simple beings when looking for such endeavor. Do you even think?”

From the top of the platform, Kagato adjust his glasses and says:

“Law and power… For the first time together in this place. Although you will have to use power as well.”

“Here I come!!”

Asuza jumped while shouting.
It’s different from the time with the robotic guard**, now he holds the master key in his right hand. The blade of light grew from the handle.
Right before his eyes, the one named Kagato sensed the difference. Mistaking someone for someone else is the easiest way to loose. Asuza forged his experience and knowledge of martial art since he’s 10 years old on Jurai. Then, from his own instinct, he grabbed the sword of light.

But… Oh no! An invisible wall is generated in front of Kagato and protects him!

“What !?”

Astonishing. His Jurai's invincible's sword is unefficient!
Kagato's gaze shines mysteriously. His right arm swings.
Danger is felt from head to toe. Entrusting his body for the shock, Azusa steps away from Kagato.

« Well, a significiant power, isn’t it ? It is far beyond a regular body enhancement. Futhermore, while handling that much strength, a great equilibrium is needed.”

Asuza, not even listening, draws his two long swords** and cut Kagato’s right wirst.
However, after checking his arm, Kagato’s right hand quickly regenerate.

“You bastard, are you human?!”

“You misjudged the situation”

Even though Asuza was proud of his juraian superhuman strength, Kagato’s regeneration’s power overcome the damage inflicted! Now Kagato unleashes countless blasts of tremendous energy, like he wants to play with Asuza.
At each shock, Asuza felt as if his bones were creaking.

How… Why is Kagato so strong ?
It is because Kagato’s body uses in fact Ryoko’s prototype body. He freely uses Ryoko’s experimental prototype body created by Washu, aka the Best Scientist in the Galaxy! As Asuza felt it, he is no man.

The chief of the civil*** service rushed to wounded Asuza, going around him, advises with a concerned voice:

“It’s too dangerous, young man! Call Kirito-dono for back-up!!”

“Using the power of the ship against a man of flesh and blood, it’s not worthy of a Crown Prince.”

While bearing the pain, Asuza stood up.

The Royal Ship’s partner receiving the back-up, [does he become] a superhuman?… no, [he gains] a power equal to the ship’s. Aside from that, when Aeka fought Kagato, she constantly received a back-up from “Ryu-Oh”.**
Refusing the back-up means that Asuza wants to knock down Kagato by his own strength. The prince’s determination is almost materialized.

He stares intensely at Kagato, expressing a broadly grinning.

“Rejoice, chief of civil service. I feel like it’s time to exercise my knight-errantry.”

I won’t change my tactics. I’ll entrust the sword with everything I have, and kill Kagato with it!
In order to become Emperor of Jurai, I consider it an essential action.

It’s different. He didn’t plan on the presence of such a strong man.

“I see. When I was a child… just like it was with that old bat…”

Kagato draws near Asuza to confront him, he clutches his fist, summoning his sword.
Kagato’s quiet sword and Asuza’s physical strength entangled soundlessly. ***

A sound of roasted meat echoes faintly in the room.***

« A Jurai’s prince’s skills, that’s for sure »

As soon as Kagato said that, Asuza sits at ease.

There is a wound that carbonizes all the way from his right shoulder to the left side of his body, several time a great pain was felt, yet he wasn’t bleeding.

« Young prince! …»

«… AAaaaaaaaaahhhh! »

The official service’s leader’s voice shouts while drawing out : The ground is collapsing ! Asuza firmly graps the master key that doesn’t emit the blade of light anymore.
Crying out, he [Asuza] asked why he [Kagato] came to Jurai. He thought of his father and mother. He remembered Seto’s chuckle. He saw white hair floating through the night wind.
This beautiful profile between this hair…

At this instant, Asuza grips the Master Key that draws light again!!
A golden light flew down the cathedral.
Kagato is astonished.

“The space is distorted!? Fool! I can escape thanks to the pillar from Souja!!”**

« Young prince, quickly ! »

At the moment of diving into the path Kirito made, Asuza hesitates. However, if Kirito judged the situation too dangerous, it’s useless to overthink it.

« …It appears he is still immature. » (Who’s speaking ?)
A golden light wrapped Asuza and the official services and they all vanished at the same time. The ship made of trees appeared on the other side of the cathedral’s skylight. **
Kagato gazes at the ship.

“…A ship of Jurai. Is that all from this ship’doing!?”

Many light are shots from the ship of Kagato, the Souja, attacking Kirito who collects Asuza and the others. The size of the ship is 37:1 **, The Soja advantageous development was overwhelming. However, not even one attack could damage Kirito. Three wings of light develops in front of the Juraian ship, both material and mental attack and even the subspace attack were perfectly intercepted.
On the other side, on the bridge of Kirito, Asuza bearing the pain, holds the master key with both hands. The prince is linked with Kirito, he is about to counterattack.

« Huhu, he is truly a surprising fellow… » (Kagato talks)*

To be honest,it wasn’t that surprising that a common pirate said that, thought Asuza.***
However, his opponent is nonetheless than Washu’s assistant, the genius scientist form the Galaxy Academy. Also, he possesses Ryoko’s prototype body : No one realized that yet…
It’s only when Asuza starts his kight-errantry that he bumps into the only being capable of competing with the ship expected to be the strongest of Jurai. It was fate.

« But… » (Kagato)

The energy, that constantly protected the ship, concentrate in the center of the wings of light, and is shot. The beam breaks through the defense field of the Soja like it was thin skin, inflicting a direct hit. A 60 meters long sword of light pierced the Souja, causing an explosion.

« What’s that power? Is it the wing of light used by the ships of Jurai, famous in the galaxy, known as … the Light Hawk Wings? Indeed, this surely is powerful… »

Kagato drifts into the partially destroyed cathedral, he gazes at Kirito. There was a slight sign of surprise on his safe, even though no fear was seen.

« Myaaaaaaaah »

The sequel will arrive soon.
------------------------------------------ Part 2

Note :
"Official service" "Chief of official service" : I can't decide if they are a group, or if there is only one guy. They/he are/is probably some kind of security organisation on Jurai.
Sometime the sentence are quite ambigous, though I feel like I'm right, I can make errors.
The stuff about the back up and the prototype body : I'm 100% sure :O
I've added some note next to some dialogue because I'm not sure who is talking
The "Robotic guard" is surely an element that appears before in the novel
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by JGZinv
#29810 It's probably something like the Chief of Security or the Head of the Royal Guard, type thing.
Probably equatable to the leader of the palace guard in El Hazard.

This seems like it's 3/4th through the book, your best bet would be to back up and see if you
get an explanation earlier on. Japanese don't tend to repeat things once they are understood the first time.

Minor quibbles aside that's fairly readable, good work so far.
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by Ukinojo92
#29812 Easy to read

Just another possible way to say:

ChaudSept wrote: I can create a way thanks to the pillar of the Soja!”**

I can escape thanks to the pillar from Souja!
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by drillmaster
#29814 That was an awesome read. I've read before the fight so now I'm happy to know exactly what happened.

Kajishima really likes to spell out the obvious, doesn't he? He reminds us too often that Kagato's body is Ryoko's prototype body. We get it.

Thanks Chaud. You rule.
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by ChaudSept
#30345 I replaced your sentence Uki.
And about the committee chairman/security officer, well doubts are still present, JG huhu.

So I finished the chapter, I think the action is more interesting, unfortunaly I had more trouble translating. So this time you'll see that when I have doubt, I left the jap raw text just above.
No worries though, the english is good enough. Save grammar mistakes.

Also I'm giving away my word document. So anyone can improve it...!Y41TQYzS!0n8_E64spIINMXNyTLjCTi6xVjYD-wg3qgvUzoUvQGk

Feel free to comment on what actually happens, there some interesting declaration here.
- Misstranlation can happen fellows, I do this just for fun, I wanted to know how Ryoko was pictured in Shin Tenchi Muyo Jurai, that's all -

Part one------------------------------------------------------------------------

« Myaaaaaaaah »

A ship appeared as a cry resonates within their minds. The ship is made of a black crystal with 4 spikes-like figure, at the center there’s a core-block.

The name of this ship is Ryo-Ohki. The first generation, prior to its rebirth.

Asuza this time turned to be astonished.

It appears that Ryo-Ohki’s offensive ability is at equal power with Kirito. However, Ryo-Ohki seems to slightly surpass Kirito.

“What’s that power? Is it the same as the trees?!”

As Asuza’s surprised voice is heard, a telecommunication link is forced. Projected on the display, it may be a girl, hair stood on end, pupils carrying flames --- It was Ryoko. She licks her lips like she’s enjoy fighting, staring at Asuza. On the nap of her neck and on her wrists shine deep crimson jewel.

“Let’s do it right? I and Ryo-Ohki are your opponents!”

“A woman? No, You bastard must be a man!?”

« You won’t have to worry about that after you’re dead! I don’t care if that ship of Jurai is the strongest in the Galaxy, Ryo-Ohki and I will smash it up!!”

Ryoko then do a rude wink and cut the communication, [as soon as it happens] a violent attacks hit Kirito.

Kirito produces wings of light – 3 Light Hawk Wings, but the ship can be fully covered. The beam fired by Ryo-Ohki strikes the opening with a direct it. The defense of the Light Hawk Wings was not in time…… How unpleasant. That’s how it was in the eyes of Asuza and the chair’s committee.***

A part of Ryo-Ohki’s attack passed through the LHW and neutralized it.

Only one LHW is now present,[…] However the ship [Kirito] is damaged, and such power cannot be used if the ship is not of planetary class. *****

But this weapon is used by Ryo-Ohki.

The hull of Kirito that receives the direct hit starts vibrating. Jurai’s ships carry wood armor, this armor plays an absolute important part in the constitution of the LHW. Though of course, it was like a custom in the old days, trees was the symbole of Jurai’s invincibility.

Well in fact now, it’s destroyed by the black crytal ship.

« A slow response?! Shit! With such a wound… »

Young one, it won’t old the link. Here’s the evacuation!”

The security officer was worried about Asuza.**

“If that’s ship is done, I will go all out!!”

Kirito reaches its limit by concentrating the LHW.**

Ryo-Ohki starts spinning while releasing energy.

With terrible power, they strike against each other.

The two ship’s strength were antagonistic.

“Even this is useless!? Even though the link is imperfect, it’s first generation tree, I can assure it!!”

Perplex Asuza is awake by the committee’s chairman’s scream.**

« Prince ! The space…… is tearing apart!!”

« What!? »

The display projected the exterior [of the ship] ---- Right before their eyes, space was bending.
The little gap between the two power’s phases [physically speaking] gave birth to a formidable repulsion, causing a dimensional transition.

« Myaaa… MYAAAA… »

With the same terrific energy Ryo-Ohki screamed.

This phenomenon spreads out at light speed and swallow up the Sôja too.

« Ryo-Ohki and the ship are equal to each other. Yet, although they are instable, it’s impossible to beat it [Ryo-Ohki] if it has the power of the gems.

On the bridge, Kagato’s body starts to shiver.

Moving is not enough.***** This phenomenon’s surplus of energy will cause a great impact, even 300000 light years aways.

The three ships fall down into the space crack.

The transistion**** was about to be done, at that very moment!

Kagato saw a shadow in the universe.

Blue long hair, that’s split in two in its back. A woman with two –tattoed- circular pattern on her forehead. Like a transparent spiritual body floating in the void of space.

« Who are you ? BAstard… »

Amazingly surprised, Kagato muttered as he heard Ryoko’s mumur.

« …Tsunami… »

Ryoko knew her… no.. She knew that « thing » Tsunami. ****
Wings of light grew from Tsunami’s body.

Tsunami… the creator of Jurai’s trees. Her body generated 10 LHW, and the dimensional distortion Kirito and Ryoko did was wrapped up.

The cosmos shine in white.

Kagato watches Tsunami’s appearance from the Soja’s cathedral, Asuza was watching too from Kirito’s bridge. However, that woman… No, there is another woman, currently changing form…

« Asuza… an, Asuza-chan… »

The woman, whose hair is longer than her body and whiter than her skin, smiles at Asuza. Her smile is shaded by a little of sadness, ** as if they didn’t see each other for a long time.**

By no means will they meet again.

« … Kirito »

Asuza calls her name with a sad expression.

« Asuza-chan »

[Dialogue inside people’s head ?]
I want to be held in this beautiful voice eternally.
I can protect you if we meet right now. I can protect you.
This reality isn’t true anymore.

A boorish hoarse voice calls back Asuza from his mind to reality.

“Are you okay, Prince ?! »

« … »

The chairman’s committee stares at him silently.

This short time was a reality Asuza fought.

Space was their battlefield, the three ships Kirito, Sôja, and Ryô-Ôhki had been caught in the dimensional distortion, but the phenomenon vanished. Unbelievably, the surplus of energy caused by Kirito’s LHW and Ryo-Ohki’s gems was also gone.

The only thing left in this sector is the energy absorbed by Tsunami.

Tsunami stares at one point in the universe. Though there might have been something she looked for, she eventually closed her eyes, then fused with the cosmos to vanish.

The founder of the trees of Jurai, the tree of origin can use up to 10 LHW ---- Tsunami [her name is], the second daughter of Asuza, Sasami, will meet a tragic fate and be assimilated with her in 50 years. Moreover, Tsunami will help Tenchi when he’ll lost half of his body during the battle with Kagato, 700 years later.
As a scientist who aims at a completion of dimensions union theory, Kagato took advantage of these events and he shows interest about the ships of Jurai, the Royal Trees. Servant Ryoko is ordered to seize the strongest ship of Jurai, Tsunami. And the repair and remodeling of the seriously damaged Soja started.
The link between Ryo-Ohki and Ryoko’s jewels was incomplete, Asuza’s ship Kirito, and his son born in 10 years, Yosho’s first generation ship, the fight with Funaho will greatly reduce the longevity of the original model. Futhermore, in 700 years, the fight between Ryoko and Ayeka will completely silent Ryo-Ohki, allowing him to reborn. She then evolves into the second generation Ryo-Ohki. [Little Ryo’s bio much ?]

Asuza fought Kagato for only three hours.
Though, this short encounter will fundamentally change history.

At that exact moment, history changed.


The chapter after this is called "Seto" which I won't touch. The possible and only stuff I will maybe translate in this novel is the part where Asuza meets Masaki, aka the first emperor's sister.

I hope my work help understand how the novel is written, plot is one thing, but description is another. And for all I know, a sum-up doesn't do well with descriptions.

PS : 8 pages, 2845 words wth2
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by Nobuyuki
The chapter after this is called "Seto" which I won't touch.

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by Ukinojo92
Nobuyuki wrote:
The chapter after this is called "Seto" which I won't touch.


Every has a reason, these lines are tricky to translate.

ChaudSept wrote:I replaced your sentence Uki.

Anything to help

ChaudSept wrote:“Young one, it won’t old the link. Here’s the evacuation!”

it won't hold the link.

for "young one", could the synonym: little one, be used
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by ChaudSept
Ukinojo92 wrote:Nobuyuki wrote:
The chapter after this is called "Seto" which I won't touch.


Every has a reason, these lines are tricky to translate.

Mainly because this part of the book has been well described in the sum-up, there are also actual translated dialogue.

Ukinojo92 wrote:for "young one", could the synonym: little one, be used

He says "若" which here seems to be an appelation for "child" when said child is a son of someone with a high social standing..

So "little one" is a little too disrespectful I think. He's talking to the son of the empereur after all.
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by Ukinojo92
ChaudSept wrote:He says "若" which here seems to be an appelation for "child" when said child is a son of someone with a high social standing..So "little one" is a little too disrespectful I think. He's talking to the son of the empereur after all.

I looked up "若" on google translate, the definition was young. However, when I looked up master in English to Japanese, "若" popped up, along with the synonym lord.

So might be using "young master" or "young lord" would be a better wording, but a son of a emperor or king is called a prince.

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by ChaudSept
Ukinojo92 wrote: when I looked up master in English to Japanese, "若" popped up, along with the synonym lord.

And can't find it wth2

I'm not sure about young master or young lord. But what is true is : The guy is basically calling Asuza "Boy!" but more politely.

Ukinojo92 wrote:but a son of a emperor or king is called a prince.

This idea is great. It makes the most sense to us, just "Prince! Hurry up!". I like it. But we did quite a lot of localization. Nowhere in this dialogue he is actually called a prince, but here in the context I think it's fine.