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by JGZinv
#30448 Just a note that I'd trust the WWJDIC a lot more than what Google dredges up.
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by Ukinojo92
ChaudSept wrote:
Ukinojo92 wrote:
when I looked up master in English to Japanese, "若" popped up, along with the synonym lord.
And can't find it I'm not sure about young master or young lord.

this is where I found it under kanji , just to clarify.
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by JGZinv
#30452 ... 1MKJ%BC%E3
low number;
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by Ukinojo92
#30473 I said young master because when I saw: 若 = waka, I seen it in another light novel translation.

Highschool dxd novel 13 on Baka-Tsuki
Editor Note 13

I know the translation this grounded as Young One and the note is someone else's interpretation of another text. I just like to say the context is sort of the same way, someone young having respect of others in a higher position being called a young master.
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by Ukinojo92
#31609 Sorry for the bump


the only few things I got is: official steward, Overseer, retainer maybe, attendee

in Chinese it might be: appointed council, or secretary council
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by JGZinv
#31612 Context?
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by Ukinojo92
#31613 Original Sentence

Filtered sentence:

Google translation:
It is a small terminal ball Guardian unit Tsukasatsukamatsu committee of your basis weight auditors.

It is a small terminal ball Guardian unit Head Steward in charge.

note: im using head steward in translation till a better translation of the name is found
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by Almael
#31616 After a bit of thinking on 司仕委
仕委 appears to be more toward serving (as in providing service) than steward (as in a retainer), so my proposal is "attendant" or "butler" even.
From the Seikai project I have this as an example for future reference
侍従長 Grand Chamberlain
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by Ukinojo92
#31673 Sometimes Kajishima uses the Chinese meaning in some Kanji
In Chinese it roughly translates to: Official appointed Secretary