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by JGZinv
#31388 That's from Noike's wedding doujinshi, I forget if it's before or after they raped her in the bath.

Edit -

After, the "preparing for marriage bath" was from Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru Tenchi Ban 7.12

This particular image was from the big 4 doujin that came with IF, which did nothing more than the same image
without the center text. Which was literally said as coming soon, after recounting OVA 1-3.

The tweet doesn't say anything too useful either.
Tenchi Muyo!
[the fourth production start of Tenchi Muyo!Ryo-Ohki!]
It is the 23rd-year this year!
The Tenchi Muyo!R yo-Ohki series that has begun to change at last!
It is the beginning of festival!

In other news, Ai's book/manga? version is going on sale in the first week of December according to a tweet.
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by Ukinojo92
#31389 so really vague answer and no new info
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by JGZinv
#31392 Oh I dunno, it heavily implies that he got what he wanted. Noike as wife numero uno.

I kinda feel like breaking out the marshmallows and chocolate as watching Kajishima burn his empire all to hell
is going to be interesting. iloveit1
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by Ukinojo92
JGZinv wrote:I kinda feel like breaking out the marshmallows and chocolate as watching Kajishima burn his empire all to hell is going to be interesting.

I'll bring the graham crackers

the only hope is that he actually does gives a decent story this time and not focus solely on fanservice
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by JGZinv
#31399 Uki, nothing against you whatsoever, but the mere thought of that being even capable for Kajishima after
my time being exposed to the fandom makes me want to burst out laughing like Mark Hamill's Joker.

Keep up the faith though, maybe something will happen.
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by mitsuki lover
#31401 Was it Heath Ledger's Joker who famously asked: "Why so serious?" I think that image would go well with Zinv's last post.

Anyway I can imagine Kajishima looking like that as he torches the hopes of Tenchifans
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by Ukinojo92
mitsuki lover wrote:Anyway I can imagine Kajishima looking like that as he torches the hopes of Tenchifans worldwide.

Well, if all goes wrong at least we have the Ai novels and manga, that something to forward to. But in my opinion this is a test for Kajishima, whether he can make a OVA series without it failing or being terrible. Because it took awhile for OVA 4 to hit production, so if this can't get high sales and positive feedback, then there probably is no way he can make another Tenchi in anime ever again.
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by JGZinv
#31418 Internationally it will flop, because no one follows the doujins and no one wants it to end with Noike, or a marry all orgy.
I'd actually be slightly surprised if Funi does pick it up, because they are well aware of the backlash OVA 3 got, plus there's the Petrea issue, which is far far lower on their list of concerns vs. sales. Harem anime have been in a decline and are at an all time low in popularity anyway. The only exception being Nisekoi, and I'd hold that due to it's manga roots and visual presentation being a mix of Love Hina meets the Monogatari series.

What's going to matter is how it is received in Japan. Which while not a city stopping event, there did appear to be some turn out for the thing in Takahashi. Over there people have access to the doujin info much more easily, and a lot of the old guard that shipped one girl or the other has moved on. Canonical continuations are more equivalent to god speaking from on high over there, where as Ai got a lot of backlash on both sides of the ocean. Take a look at twitter using any of the tenchi hashtags, the vast majority of people are dying for OVA 4 because of misconception that it's going to go they way they want and they will see Tenchi get with Ayeka or Ryoko, and see space battles again. Except that doesn't exist anymore, the story isn't consistently more of OVA 1 and 2.

The question is just how much can Kajishima piss off everyone, and Tenchi survive on it's name alone, because it isn't itself anymore. If they are starting with the wedding of Noike, it's likely we'll see the typical reintroduction with the cast doing a lot of nothing, Seto or someone showing up out of the blue, ending with a teaser pic of everyone in royal dress. 2 will be the wedding. But where does it go from there? The little side stories from the minor doujins? Does it cover Rea and the Geminar reveal about Kenshi's origin? Is he going to time skip to when Sasami is a teen and Tenchi's boning Noike (Omake)? Or really time skip and go straight to IF with Noike's first kid? Even further when the collection of kids is in school?

The problem again, is where in any of that, is a antagonist? There's no enemy, there's no fight, there's the lazy and uneventful days of carrot fields and deciding which space chick to bone every day. The same is said of Tenchi's son, and Seina's son, and so on and so on.

If he can't pull off more than that with OVA 4, then yes the OVA series is dead. It needs an enemy, it frankly needs Star Wars injected back into it stat. We need a unknown enemy to drop out of orbit, blast the household, poison Noike and her die in Tenchi's arms at the pulpit, and kick off a hunt. We need someone to hit Jurai in the meantime and give them a real bloody nose. We need queen Misaki to be captured and 3 episodes of her being converted into the evil counteractor, designed to go after Tsunami. We need Tenchi's battles to be hard and uphill, and Mihoshi to take a hit for the team, leading into a explanation of what the deal is with her bow and broken brain.

We need a hero and his epic companions, not a boring ass harem daycare simulation.
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by susano
#31419 When it comes to OVA 4, I want the series to be a sequel to the Ryo-Ohki OVA series. The series will have to start sometime after GXP. I want Tenchi to become a ronin. One of the reasons why Tenchi became a ronin is that an incident had occurred on the day of the national university entrance exams. Tenchi is starting to show some intimate feelings for Ayeka and Ryoko while still treating them as sisters most of the time.

I am starting to think that Takahashi City Japan wants to be the city where the Masaki Shrine and Tenchi's place are located. During the nineties, Talahashi was a town. When I see Google's Takahashi Map and Google Earth, there are some places in the city where the Masaki Shrine and Tenchi's place can be located.

If OVA 4 is a sequel to the Ryo-Ohki OVA series, some questions can answer. I don't want to see Mihoshi to be a lot like her Universe counterpart. Strangely, there is going to be a planned visit to Earth by Funaho and Misaki. I want Funaho and Misaki to surprise Ayeka, Sasami, and Katsuhito.