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by Ukinojo92
#31420 It got space in the newspaper, don't know what it says probably not a whole lot like the site

*EDIT* Image source
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by Ukinojo92
mitsuki lover wrote:Is that a pic of the cast?

Yeah, I think that might be Inoue at the end, I don't know

A link to a tweet with a link to a blog from a person I think attended the event
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by Ukinojo92
#32146 Sorry for bump

【11.28天地無用!魎皇鬼 第四期制作発表メモ】

[11.28 Tenchi Muyo! 魎皇 demon fourth stage production announcement memo]
The event key visuals only screen projection of excerpts from outstanding Kajishima Mr. doujinshi too late
Only the current fourth phase of the plot has been presented from Mr. Kajishima. The final production decision is author side. Creator side Speaking Kajishima Mr. and "story on the need"'ll do it
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by JGZinv
#32149 Better known as I'm making it up as I go along and I have no clue what I'm doing. aka "need to know basis".
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by Ukinojo92
mitsuki lover wrote::lol:

aka 'I-Need-The-Money-So-I'm-Flying-By-The-Seat-Of-My-Pants'!

He has money from gxp books and doujins, he just doesn't have a plan for making anime, which is the entire problem with him.