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by susano
#31439 The What If doujin does give us a hint that someof Tenchi's daughters will be married to some of Seina's sons. Seina is going to have a few daughters. Tenchi will have sons. One of Tenchi's sons is likely going to be the male protagonist of the probable spinoff which I came to call TENCHI MUYO: THE NEXT GENERATION. TM: TNG will focus on Tenchi's oldest son and his own harem. Right now, I am waiting for OVA 4.

The only things which I do want for OVA include

1- Tenchi being a ronin.
2- Mihoshi being more like her mother Mitoto, not like her Universe counterpart.
3- The name of the nearest town.
4. Funaho's and Misaki's visit to Earth.
5. The main villian being a member of the Airai.

I do hope that OVA 4 is not like OVA 3. OVA 3 does have its own good points, but it seem to be a series meant for 12 episodes plus two specials. OVA 4 can be a sequel to TM: RYO-OHKI. I do want 12 or 13 episodes for the series. 12 or episodes are sufficent to include an episode which focus on Funaho's and Misaki's visit to Earth.

The Tenchi franchise is still going to survive. The best which I can hope for OVA 4 is the series to be like War on Geminar.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
Nobuyuki wrote:Haters gonna' hate.

ChaudSept wrote:^ Just like they did for Ai.

Not the same haters though.

Yeah, ain't gonna' go droppin' names, but...ain't that somethin'?

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:



wwwwhhhhoooo wrote:I hope it's good...I mean, I don't have hope that it will be good (ah-haha...a-haaa...ahhh...ehh...sigh) but I hope somehow, someway, it's good.

hashtag not sayin' just sayin'

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

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by ChaudSept
#31449 Oh well, I have enough perspective to know who's the worst in all those situations.

Hater is just a sarcastic way to call us, Ai Tenchi's likers and Doujins's dislikers.

I still have hopes too, but I'm naive, not like you all, you damn worn out old fellows.

I should have said : Not the same type of haters huhuhuhuhu
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by Ukinojo92
mitsuki lover wrote:We're spoiled from the first two OVAs and Universe is all.
Seriously why can't we have a series more like the Okuda manga?

Because that's the way it is most of the time, that or some legal issue or technicality that prevents it from happening
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by JGZinv
#31474 Because to the Japanese mindset, I'd venture a guess that the Okuda manga is about as hard to get there as it is here.
Compare that to how GXP has been getting novels every year for what 5 or 6 now?

Plus there's the thing that non-OVA Tenchi doesn't qualify as canon, so people get a giant burr up their bums.
If you're wondering where I'm pulling that from, it's the comments on Ai as it came out.
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by Dagon123
JGZinv wrote:Plus there's the thing that non-OVA Tenchi doesn't qualify as canon, so people get a giant burr up their bums.
If you're wondering where I'm pulling that from, it's the comments on Ai as it came out.

For "hardcore" Tenchi fans yea, but Ai was also made with the intent of getting out to the modern Otaku as well, and if the holy land twitter is anything to go by, the show did VERY well, Yuki and Rui are probably just as popular as any of the other girls at this point.

The perception of "the Japanese like" has always been a flawed narrative.

A small group of hardcore "Canon" fans don't float a franchise, they're always the ones that are the most vocal, lets do some math.

126,919,659 is the number of people in Japan

But we'll be nice and lower that number to JUST the number of people in Tokyo which is 13,185,502.

Now lets cut that in half, again, just because, which is 6,592,751

And hell, lets cut that down by 4, for the people who might be interested in Anime and Manga, but only casually

so 1,648,187.75

Kajishima generally makes anywhere from 200 to 600 doujins.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the idea that "Well the Japanese know and we don't" has never held any water. Yea there are novels, but again, those novels aren't "Tokyo Best Sellers" and I doubt even a fraction of the people who might watch the show will even bother to get them, but that's just conjecture at this point, what this whole fandom was founded on.

OVA4 was only greenlit because Ai did well, period, Negishi said himself that Miura did not have faith that Tenchi could even go again, not even in 90 second intervals, he wouldn't greenlit an expensive direct to DVD/BD series "because the fans want it".

It's not that that is what the Japanese fans want, it's that that is all the Japanese fans (and by proxy the world) are going to get.
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by JGZinv
#31477 I purposely removed doujins from the equation because as you pointed out, they are few in number, they are not published or distributed in any large organized fashion. However with all of the novels over the years, we've seen those in great quantity, they have a mainstream publisher, and they would be meant to be found and bought. Tenchi certainly has had one of the largest book presences out there compared to just about anything else short of modern shonen. On a side note, even the Paradise War novels got picked up through digital distribution, even if by reviews, they weren't all that good.

You could also have pointed out, that the reason we know so little about the older Hasegawa novels and so on, is because they were largely released in a pre-social media environment, much less it would have been cumbersome to even do much with those novels in an online format in the mid to late 90's. So going by your logic, it's not that the material was better or worse than say the GXP novels, it is that we're in a very different technological era where we can track things better and quite simply that content is ancient by today's standards, even if the US market never got it.

Whether it was warranted or not, Ai still ruffled feathers Dagon, on both sides of the pond. The dynamic changed. Purposefully, yes. If you rewind time back to when we were at the AICBBS, the whole cycle of events is comparable to when OVA 3 and GXP came out then. Ai (aka the non OVA preferred choice) wasn't as expected by a chunk of the fandom, and for them it failed. Now it's back to the OVA timeline to disappoint some segment or people group. If the fandom as a whole, were more educated on what's actually been happening, instead of picking up from the Toonami era, it might have offset some expectations and not caused such a knee jerk reaction at each interval. But it's not as though we haven't tried to be that sign at the fork in the road.

From an outside perspective, you could almost say the Tenchi franchise is a rather amusing game of tennis, except each pass of the ball takes about 7-10 years.