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by Oyasumi
#3 This thread is for Ryoko love ONLY. You can say why you love her, talk about her scenes in the anime, post pictures of her, ect. This thread is not for criticism, debates, or bashing. If you start causing trouble in this thread, you will be banned. First offense will get you a month long ban, second offense will result in a permanent ban.

That being's my reason for loving Ryoko (copied from a post I made on another forum.)
"We just do!"

I just like her. I liked her from the moment I saw her on a wallpaper when I was 10, back in 1997. And then I saw her in the series and it turned from like to love. Her personality is one that I enjoy. In the OVA, I like how she's tough, but she still has a naiveness to her. Like when she didn't know what gas was, when she was easily tricked by Tenchi, and later when Sasami tricked her (and Ayeka) into believing the shoujo manga was a guide to winning someone over earth style. That's cute, to me. I like her interactions with Tenchi, and how she can be clingy. She's also a very funny character, she makes me laugh, especially her "mock hurt." Also, I like how she acts so tough and she is a good fighter, but she messes up a lot. "Another battle lost, that's the story of my life." I also enjoy her little mannerisms. How she floats, how she always likes being perched somewhere up high, her cat-like behaviors. She's very interesting to watch because she always seems to be moving. And of course, I feel she's very beautiful. One of the most beautiful anime characters that I've ever seen.

I'll stop rambling now, but to me, Ryoko is what makes me return to the Tenchi anime series and want to rewatch it. I like the other girls, yeah...but as much as I like them, I wouldn't have rewatched the series if it weren't for Ryoko. She's my favorite anime character of all time.

(I know I said "I like" and "also" a lot, but I couldn't see any way around it. XD Sorry if my writing seems a bit repetitive.)
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by ryokofan21
#78 Lets just say it had to be done,
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
ryokofan21 wrote:Lets just say it had to be done,

Ryokofan, I wish THAT was on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. Now THAT'S art! XD

Oyasumi, I think you very elegantly summed up many of the reasons I love Ryoko as well (tough act to follow lol) well here goes nothing...

*I apologize in advance, I will try to keep comments about Ryoko's smoking hot bod to a minimum, & have a legitimate, well-thought out expression of Ryoko's characteristics...

I love her personality; I'm a little sad to admit, but I've never come across anyone with a personality like hers--though I think at the same time it just shows how amazing Ryoko really is...she's not even 'one in a million'--there's only one Ryoko Hakubi in the entire universe!

She just has this perfect balance of toughness & tomboy-ishness yet at the same time can be very feminine, cute, & even downright adorable at times (& if no one minds me saying, damn sexy as well!). With some other girls I've had experience with (both fictional & in real life) clinginess can be downright offputting, but with Ryoko being so attached to Tenchi, it just makes me laugh every time I see it (& makes me wish aloud that I were in Tenchi's shoes at that moment). Not to be confused with unnecessary clinginess, what IS always attractive (yes, ladies, you may take notes) is her devotion for the guy she loves. She's crazy about Tenchi, & she doesn't care who knows it (especially Tenchi). With Ayeka (not bashing, just using as a comparison) she has the "shy girl" routine, but to me, a girl that's unashamed of who she is, how she feels, & doesn't give a damn who knows it is more attractive to me... in short, Ryoko doesn't play games--well, I'm sure she would love games, she has a very fun-loving, sometimes child-like personality (like oav) which is another reason I find her appealing: she's over 2,000 years old, but with the personality of a teenager; she's young at heart (& body, if you don't mind me saying...anyway, where was I...)--what I mean is, she doesn't play head games: she makes it clear to Tenchi from the beginning how she feels about him, & doesn't try to mess with his head in regards to her feelings for him. ALTHOUGH I did find it hilarious when she fibbed to Tenchi & everyone about Ryo Ohki's egg being her's and Tenchi's; Ryoko being a troublemaker--yet another reason I loved her in ANY of the Tenchi series--she's a bad girl. *Before I forget, fyi ladies lying about being pregnant in real life=NOT FUNNY! She's not a princess, not a dainty girl waiting to be rescued or waited on hand-and-foot: she's a space pirate! She's robbed banks, stolen ships, ran from the cops on high-speed chases across the universe! She's independent...yet as we hear toward the end of Tenchi Universe, when she states "I'm lonely..." when she is injured aboard Ryo-Ohki, she's her own woman, & a tough space pirate, but also looking for love across the vast emptiness of space. Even a tough girl like "the demon caller" needs someone special in her life--life lesson right there--& after she finds Tenchi, she never wants to leave his side. It's childishly adorable, yet admirable, attractive & yes, "mushy-gushy" at the same time. She's that about her too ^^ (how many times have I used "love" already? Don't count, probably too many lol)

I also love how even though she has all these super powers & abilities, & is super strong, she never wants to emmasculate Tenchi. She constantly demonstrates by her behavior towards him & others that she wants Tenchi to be her man, to stand up & fight for her when she needs him (& of course, vice-versa, she fights for him as well). Whenever she physically overpowers Tenchi, it's always subtle & cute, like she hugs him & doesn't let go, despite Tenchi's best efforts. She would never, like in front of Ayeka or the others, say or do something to try to demasculate or humiliate him. She wants him to become a man, & to be all he can be...yet again, showing her undying true love & devotion for Tenchi.

& of course, all her little quirks & mannerisms as described by Oyasumi so well--the way she floats & phases around Tenchi, the way she lounges around the support beams of the house, sleeping in & drinking sake, the way she is somewhat naive, the way she schemes to get what she wants, the way she could totally beat Ayeka at arm wrestling yet still give her a run for her money (in my opinion, beat her) in a swimming suit contest, the way she acts so melodramatic in front of Tenchi to piss off Ayeka (& gotta throw this in somewhere) the way she looks--she is HOT! Her hair (that color, what is that? Aqua green? Aqua blue? More green than blue? Blue than green?) Her eyes are gorgeous, perfect bod, I even like her ears, they look cute ^-^ (though with new artstyle in oav3, they looked a bit weirder, but still) & without a doubt, I just love how crazy she is about Tenchi!

So in short:

Her loyalty

Her independence

Her strength

Her feminimity

Her beauty

Her devotion

Her "bad girl" side

& I think most importantly: her non-existant fear to be who she is, to be emotionally "naked" to the world. (I used that weird analogy to try to tie in her personality with her behavior at the bathhouse: her nudity, I feel, was not just mere fan service. It was completely consistent with her personality. She is unashamed of who she is. In front of Tenchi, Ayeka, the whole damn world, with her attitude & behavior she is always saying 'this is me, take it or leave it'. Well, Ryoko, given everything I've mentioned above, after all these years I still say I will gladly take you just as you are...don't ever, ever EVER change!!! ^-^
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by ryokofan21
#258 Oh yeah I almost forgot,

I LOVE RYOKO! As explained from an old post from the Old Same Place.

She's perfect. It's her hair, her eyes, her personality, her voice, and generally the way she carries herself. Never before or since have i ever seen a character like her she is truly one in a million. She's charismatic, passionate, energetic, and she always knows what she wants and she's not afraid to say it or go get it. She's a fighter, a drunk, and a very stubborn and selfish woman. But she is also a very caring, loving, and kind woman when she shows it. She is without a doubt the most underappreciated and most loved character in the entire show. It all of these factors and so many more is what makes Ryoko so special. She is and always will be my most favorite woman in anime from the time I first saw her till the day I die. Long live Ryoko the Space Pirate.
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by Akawoa
#384 I've said it so many times, Ryoko is just pure win xD, too many reasons to describe anymore :lol:. I'll let the pictures do the talking for me ^_^.

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by Ryoko's Stepdad
#862 Ryoko is probably one of the few women who you can consider one of the major sex symbols of anime, and in fact probably far up there with likes of Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop fame. Everything about her screams "Drool over me" whether it's her personality, her looks, or the way she behaves. I'm fairly certain that most young male anime fans had thoughts about her, and many female fans would go lesbian for that as well.

She's gained her own following through the past decade or so for being the brash, sexy, tomboy most people know her to be. Fan sites probably numbered in the dozens in the early stages of the internet and some still survive. Hell we still acknowledge her greatness almost everyday via this thread, our screen names, avatars, sigs, and through the character battle each year. I'd say she's earned a spot in anime fame.

I cannott lie, she is a very sexy girl. Would be nice to have one like her some day. And the cosplayers?


I cannot lie...
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by Dagon123
#1137 Image