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by Ukinojo92
#28702 That's a lot of doujins and novels, are you going to scan them or sell them?
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by For Washuu
#28959 Mmkay... got a bit of an odd one here:
LaserDiscs. American releases of... most of OVA 1 and 2 as well as the Mihoshi Special. (I'm missing a disc. Two?)

OVA 1 is actually the Japanese release with a translated version of the back printed out and glued(?) to the back, over the original Japanese. (even though the LD itself is dubbed English. huh.)

OVA 2 and the special are English-only printings, no cover-paper.
Ep. 12, 13, 13.5, an on-disc picture album, and interviews with the seiyu/VA's are all in a two-disc gatefold that opens up revealing a niiice print of the Choushin. Also, Chisa Yokohama starts her interview in English before switching to Japanese, which is pretty cool!

Here's another kicker: each volume comes with some large (maybe 11"x11") sheets in them, an original Japanese and an English translation. They have early sketches, explanations, Q&A, and/or a weird Amagasaki Muyo 4-panel series. (No, I'm serious - it's there!)

So... yeah. I'm guessing this info should be routed to someone overseeing the archive? I'd toss up some pictures, but my bedtime was.. a while ago...
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by ChaudSept
#29925 With my happiness, the thread flood is coming. gendo1


3 VHS : OVA1, French dubbed, 2 episodes each.
DVD Collector : OVA1 + Night before the Carnival + OVA2 - French Subbed and Dubbed // + Artbook with personal detail of the character and the seiyuus. Blood type of Ai Orikasa : B wth2

You can also see a few printed stuff... so called novels. I'm proud of them, so they'll get detailed pictures.

Tenchi Muyō! in Love - Hiroshi Negishi
Tenchi Muyō! in Love 2 aka Tenchi Forever - Hiroshi Negishi
Shin Tenchi Muyō! aka Tenchi in Tokyo - Sekijima Mayori

Shin Tenchi Muyō! Ryo Ohki : Jurai - Yōshō - Washu aka True Tenchi Novel trilogy - Kajishima Masaki

Tenchi Muyō! Ryo Ohki - Complete set aka Hasegawa's 13 novels - Hasegawa Naoko

Mahō Shōjo Pretty Sammy - Complete set aka Magical Project S or Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Yousuke Kuroda
And Sayōnara is written on the last one =(

+ I get some raw advertising paper.

Aaaand let's add that.
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by Nobuyuki
#34122 For good or ill, there's going to be a Blu-Ray release of OVA 3 in Japan:

At least there'd be ready-made material for any eventual English-language release, even though it's just an upscale of Standard Definition video.