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by Dr3amSlay3r
Dagon123 wrote:Sent an E-mail slayer, I am interested, and yes, please feel free to stick around!

did you get the email? where you able to get the soundtracks? and i'll post all the albums that i got in this threat if its ok with you.
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by JGZinv
#10728 It's cool with me... :Tenchismile:
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by JGZinv
#14477 Figured I'd see what I could find. If you have any interest in these then
I'd copy them for your own or reupload em. But here's a few resources...

Groups: ... rtswith=T#

This guy has a lot of sheets, but he had to take them down. I imagine if you emailed him he can send you the lot of them. ... ayeka-bojo ... -tear-drop ... iano-theme ... y-eb-minor ... ---a-minor ... ekas-theme ... hika-theme ... eme---duet ... ayeka-bojo ... t-for-love ... niverse-op ... us-lullaby ... oko-e-itta ... amerarenai ... onely-moon ... -a-pioneer ... enchi+muyo

Another way of doing things would be to get midis and use something like a transcribing program to convert to sheet music. ... /~neelick/

and for good measure (oh the puns) here's I hear a Love Song with English subs translated.
Video from :

Might try here too, as a lot of musically inclined folks drift through as it's a big forum.

and the only Tab I could find...
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by Ballsmagee01
#14504 The majority are for piano but there are a few for guitar. The only song I can't find piano sheet music is the I hear a love song song. Also thank u very much jg for helping me :D
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by Thorn
#14512 These are awesome!!
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by Jabberwocky
#14520 I've always wanted to see "Night Fears" transcribed into sheet music. I think a lot could be done with it on the piano. Sadly, it's not a very popular Tenchi song so it doesn't get much attention.

Here's a streaming of it for those who have no idea what song I'm referring to:!/s/Night+Fears ... view?src=5
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by For Washuu
#23874 Okay, I just queued up OVA 1, 'cause screw life - I'mma watch Tenchi!
Aaannnddd.... The Frickin' Frick? This OP isn't right, what the - OH.

I had set the language to the Japanese dub, 'cause I'm not so familiar with it, and MY GOSH the whole OST is different! I mean, the OP is what I noticed first, and I was constantly switching the audio tracks (VLC Player, FTW), and... just... whaaaa?? I mean, they have LIVE drums on the Japanese version of it, the mix is waaay different, and... and... wow. I mean, just wow.

When the episode started the first soundtrack piece was, of course, "Nosy Tenchi", but the sound of it was so different! The plucky, staccato piano was, well... just piano, and etc and etc.

There's also a piano trill (of sorts) when Tenchi falls/slides down to Ryoko's chamber in the cave, which is absent (or *very* quiet in the English dub).

And more etc.

So, did anyone notice this stuff before? It's aaall over the place...
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by Nil Admirari
#23875 Yeah, I'd noticed a different soundtrack for the Japanese track and the dub. Similar songs but with extra trills and flourishes here and there at different points. The OVA1 OP was the one I most obviously noticed. The dub seemed to be compressed a little as well or at least a few decibels louder.

I'd actually seen a youtube up with the JP OP and someone claimed it was a "remix" that their friend did. Had to laugh.