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by For Washuu
Nil Admirari wrote:I'd actually seen a youtube up with the JP OP and someone claimed it was a "remix" that their friend did. Had to laugh.

Owch. That right there is why Washuu never lets me use the photon cannons or high-speed vehicles.

Also, though I think you noted it somewhat: The song-songs are exactly the same, save for the lead singer. (I think.)
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by Dagon123
#23877 I know the "english" version had a more "flat" sound to it, I've heard a remix or too claiming to be a "remastered version", the only other versions I know of are the official remix which was on the first Ryo-Ohki OST (which the Tenchicast uses as it's intro and outro) and the japanese soundtrack arrangement which is virtually the same as the english version just better sounding.
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by For Washuu
#23881 It's the OST version - the English Dub version, but uncut... yet sans intro bit. (IIRC)
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by Disco Steve
#25709 I need help identifying a specific track. It's a softer remix of Ryoko No Te-Me. I've heard it throughout the different series, I think, but most recently I heard it playing during the first episode of Magical Girl Pretty Sammy when Ayeka is first introduced. I'm hoping it's not an unreleased track, because it is awesome and hyper-nostalgic for me. Any Tenchi masters know it? Tenchismile
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by JGZinv
#25734 While I have quite a few tracks, I don't really listen to the Sammy side of things much.
I'm trying to nail down who it was that was from the old community and had an international
based website... I want to say .br or .kr and had a lot of Tenchi CDs. That or grooveshark might
be your best resource.

Edit - of course after I post I find it...

Down near the bottom, Multimedia > Músicas

Also as far as just a listing goes :
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by ChaudSept
#27641 It's time to unearth this thread, because I have a gift to the music community !
On internet you can find a lot of songs detailed under the form : Lyrics + chords. Useful for anyone who can read neither sheet nor tab. I'm a person who like to learn a couple of chords and sings my favorite music !
It's easy to find cruel angel thesis for example, but Tenchi's music.. gosh nope it's not easy. I help myself with some midi file i found on the thread (gladly) , but surprise for "Up Walk in Galaxy" everything was wrong.

So i worked on the ending theme of Tenchi Universe, now if you have a guitar, a piano or a ukulele, you can sing this amazing song. In japanese of course.

Up Walk in the Galaxy
If you want to be 100% right (like doing a karaoke, playing along with music) you need a capo at 4.

Am G Am G
Am G F Em
Am G Am


__Tsuribori de misairu tobashitero
___Hera buna wa ----- kakaranai
___Kono shiroi yubi saki yogoshitemo
___Neriesa o ----- marumenakya
G.....Am Dm C Am (riff)
dame ne

Koi wa chikaraja minoranai
Tsuraku munashii ---- mono ne

Bara yori -- kirei de tsuyoi -- watashi ga
Koi ni -- nayamu nan - te --- niawanai
---------- C........G..........Dm.....G.....Am
Dakedomo shi - ttawa koi wa -- mijime ne
---------- .F.......Em....Am......Dm...G.....Am
Tsumeni hi o tomoshi - te - anata -- matsu wa

(Transistion toward the Princess of Jurai)
F Em F Em
G Fm G Fm Em

Ayeka (Same chords)

Nomi tori ga saru yori umakereba
Bosu zaru ga horeta no ni
Toshi o toru kurai ga tori enaru
Uchuu demo ikazugoke ni naru
Sonna anata ni ano kata ga
Horeru hazu wa nai no yo

Kitakaku yukashii watakushi dake o
Zutto ano okata wa matteita
Ikutose sugitemo futari no ai wa
Kabuto ga nino you ni kawara nai wa
(Chords of the intro)
(repeat chords of chorus)
END : Am G Am

Video from :
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by For Washuu
ChaudSept wrote:Up Walk in the Galaxy

aanndd... saved. That makes it so much simpler to cover. If my studio gets put back together as quickly as I hope it will, I'll see about testing out these chords in a cover. (gotta learn the ropes somehow, and covers are *the* way)

Many thanks!
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by ChaudSept
For Washuu wrote:aanndd... saved. That makes it so much simpler to cover. If my studio gets put back together as quickly as I hope it will, I'll see about testing out these chords in a cover. (gotta learn the ropes somehow, and covers are *the* way)
Many thanks!

Yay you welcome! I have few other songs in the way to transcript, one is from Ai !


I find some interesting infos to put in here ! Do you know Shadow of the Colossus ? Absolutely awesome game, my most favorite along side with Okami. Its OST, fully orchestral, is to me one of the best soundtrack of all time. It is well known with that theme, but please listen to this one and that one and we'll talk about music WANT1 .

Anywho, I find out that Kow Otani, the composer, also produced the soundtrack for Tenchi Muyo! Daughter of Darkness. Imagine my state of mind when I find out that my favorite game music composer created the OST of one of my favorite anime's movie dawohki1 .

It's weird to say that now, but I particularly like Midsummer's Eve for its music. As for example I love more the Ending theme than Alchemy Of Love.

Hard to find any links in the soundtrack between the game and the movie : Different purpose, different context, different atmosphere. Yet, allow me to present you some songs that did tickle my musician sense.

From SotC
Prayer -
Video from :

Memories -
Video from :

With the movie
Jealousy -
Video from :

Silence -
Video from :

Mystery -
Video from :

Quite debatable, I'm hearing kinda what I want to hear...

EDIT : He also took care of Outlaw Star... One more reason for me to watch it.