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by Oyasumi
#6 This thread is for Sasami love ONLY. You can say why you love her, talk about her scenes in the anime, post pictures of her, ect. This thread is not for criticism, debates, or bashing. If you start causing trouble in this thread, you will be banned. First offense will get you a month long ban, second offense will result in a permanent ban.
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by Ryoko's Stepdad
#864 Ah, little Sasami. Everyones favorite chef before it was cool to be one on TV. Sasami is probably the most outwardly mature of the bunch, usually being the one who didn't destroy something or blindly try to get Tenchi's affection. Sasami is just a nice girl who loves Tenchi for who he is and doesn't mind taking care of the group, almost like the mother of the group, despite being the youngest. Funny how she seemed to be more mature than her sister, but things change with age and hopefully we'll see if her love towards Tenchi will grow stronger.

Her culinary prowess is her main draw, and if I could find a pin with her on it I'd wear it to work every day. To give me the power and skill she possesses as a wizard of the kitchen.

Here is a pic from 2011 and an old ass picture of me at my first ever ACen in 2008. Holy crap was I fat!
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by jujufanatix83
#4147 I love Sasami... her laughs and her cries lol makes me laugh and cry haha....

This was Screen shotted on the Tenchi Movie 2 Daughter of Darkness (Mayuka and Tenchi)
Sasami looks so cute on that scene lol I have it as a loggin screen haha, it makes me smile everytime I turn on computer = )
This scene is when Tenchi is introducing Mayuka to the family and then Mayuka called tenchi "Daddy" and everyone in shocked! lol
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by Nobuyuki
#4507 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~

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by Kiyoka
#4520 Awwwaa that Sasami's cosplayer is so cute!

A pretty Sammy one would be even cuter and I'd so hug if I ever saw one @.@
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by Kiyami
#4541 I remember there being one Sasami cosplayer at Otakon, but I'm really shy and couldn't get myself to ask to take her picture. x.x Happens a lot. T'is why most of my convention photographs aren't of cosplays unless they're from the masquerade. Same thing with the random Tenchi in Tokyo Kiyone I saw at a convention a few years back. Ah well.

Though I am more Miho/Kiyo, Washu and Ryoko oriented, I don't mind Sasami. One of the most sane characters in the OVA, though so "young". And... someone has to cook for them.
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by mitsuki lover
#10972 Ah!Yes,the girl who would one day grow up to protect Tokyo as Shinguji Sakura in Sakura Wars! :lol:
Seriously I would love to see someone do a pic of Sasami with Sakura my two favorite Yokoyama Chisa
roles. :smile:

Also I'm thinking I really need to re-read my Tenchi manga now. :lol: