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by SnowQueen
#23815 mmhmm1 lol My El-Hazard list would look something like that...

1. Shayla-Shayla
2. Shayla-Shayla
3. Shayla-Shayla
4. Shayla-Shayla
5. Shayla-Shayla
8. Ifurita
9. Mr. Fujisawa/ Miz
10. Shayla-Shayla
by Neoghoster Akira
#25877 Here goes the list:

1-Kiyone (Mihoshi Partner)
2-Tsunami (Separated from Sasami)
5-Mirei (No need for Ghosts)


16-Nagi Bounty Hunter

Tenchi should choose? Ryoko.
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by Shounenbat
#28659 Favorite Character
Don't know. I like all of them a lot!

Favorite Episodes of the OAV
The Kagato episodes, for sure. We get to see a number of things, such as the first hint that Mihoshi was a force to be reckoned with at some point. Aeka and Ryoko both react to Tenchi's death in a way that I thought fitting for both of them, and suddenly Sasami becomes a huge enigma. Washu is introduced alongside Kagato, who is a pretty good villain and ties in nicely with introduction of Tsunami as well. All in all, it was a very good two-parter.

I also like The Night Before the Carnival. Slice of life with foreshadowing, so what's not to love. The characters are all performing well and the whole thing makes me split my side. Even the nurse Washu scene with should, for all intents and purposes, have majorly turned me off.

Sasami and Tsunami goes up there as a favorite as well. I think it was supposed to settle the questions that the Kagato episodes brought up, but I was still pretty confused about the nature of their relationship. I think I'm just dumb, though, since other people don't seem too concerned about it.

Anyway, it shows Aeka being very big-sisterly towards Sasami, which is something we don't see all that often. I remember when a friend and I were trying to get another friend into the show, we had to explain that the two of them were related because, as my friend put it, "I just can't see them as siblings. They don't look or act anything alike, and they don't even interact as siblings do!"

Finally, Here Comes Jurai. I love Lady Misaki and Funaho. I wish we'd see a whole lot more of them. I remember loving the Okuda manga with them in it.

Chapters/Scenes that Made Me Tear Up:

The obvious one being Ryoko's "death" in TU, followed by the group breaking up. I was glad for the ultimately happy ending, though.

Achika's death in TMiL was another tear jerker. It was like Tenchi's mom was suddenly a real person, and Noboyuki was a much more relatable character instead of just "the father" in the show. I loved watching the pair of them, and Achika's ultimate fate was pretty darn awful.

On that note, I was devastated in TMiL2's manga, Eternal Memory, when

we find out that Sasami will ultimately share Achika's fate for using her power to open the gateway to Haruna;s world. When Sasami's hypothetical child explains that she has no memories of her mother, it's pretty darn sad. Sasami explains that she may or may not decide to have children in the future, but that she realizes that she's burnt herself out.
The tears would literally not stop.

I suppose an honorary mention would be the Sasami "death" flashback in Sasami and Tsunami. It wouldn't have affected me, I don't think, except I saw the edited version of the episode first. Toonami cut out the massive amounts of blood, so when I saw it uncut I was pretty shocked. Somehow it seemed wrong to watch a badly hemorrhaging 3(?) year-old dying on a rock.
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by mitsuki lover
#29552 I think my favorite scene in Here Comes Jurai was the mother/son one between Yosho and
Funaho.Remember when he admits he can't fool his own mother and it's then we learn the entire
'old man' disguise was just that a disguise.