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by NinjaboyMMGN
#21808 So this is just a possible theory still needs a little more research to figure out if it could be possible or not.

Anyway, the piece of Ryo-Ohki that Kenshi has. I think that it has the possibility to Bring him back to the Main Universe / take others to where he is.

I say this as I remembered how Ryoko said something along the line of "Even if Ryo-Ohki is destory she can repair herself" Now this theory weights on the hope that even a single piece (Such as the one Kenshi has) can allow her to regenerate. So I was thinking that the main cast could use the piece Kenshi has to allow communication directly with Ryo-Ohki and allow them to keep track of him. This could also mean that it can as I said above bring the others to Kenshi or Kenshi to them.

The other small theory I had was that this piece of Ryo-Ohki would allow her to interact with Kenshi and give him aid in a tight situation if need...

Not all this is full proof. It just some random thinking I had while watch the episode of Geminar where they reveal the "pendant" that was a piece of Ryo-Ohki's ship.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#21825 I'm going completely off memory from my FUNi viewing of Geminar this past summer, but I'm very drawn to this theory. Now, someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but even factoring in the latest doujin content w/ translation work done (note to self: more brownie points for Crazed), much of Kenshi's trip to (and from?) Geminar remains ambiguous.

He was sent by the Chousin/one of the Chousin: well, okay, how? (if it were only a short while ago we would be totally in the dark here, but as the latest Kajishima content seems to suggest, he's apparently hooked up to a device/teleporter of some kind; one would think the goddesses could have alternatively waved their hands and *poof* he's on Geminar).

Is he in direct contact with his family during his stay? Based on the anime, we can safely assume "no" but again, as per Kajishima's illustrations, it does appear as though his family is watching his adventures and cheering him on as he goes (whether this is done half-jokingly or not is anyone's guess).

Is Ryo-Ohki assisting Kenshi in any way, directly or indirectly, during this time? I wouldn't imagine so, at least not in any way Kenshi could be aware of, but I am reminded of one interesting factoid courtesy of our own ForWashuu:


Going along his observations and accompanying theory, even this "piece" of Ryo-Ohki on Kenshi's pendant seems to contain some semblance of her presence, as demonstrated by the koros' reaction to it (seems evident to me a subtle affirmation of Ryo-Ohki's presence detectable on some level). More subtle than direct aid, but it's something.

Jumping back to the top, if Washu's device or Tokimi's direct actions got Kenshi to Geminar, how does he get transported back home (if at all)? Granted, Rea got there somehow, but the anime didn't provide much in the way of details. Sticking with our theory for theory's sake, can Ryo-Ohki construct herself if she's been fragmented? I'm not sure, but thinking back to episode 7 of Tenchi OVA, it would seem that via her crystal form, multiple copies of herself is a non-issue. Could one of these "fragments" of Ryo-Ohki become a spacecraft or vessel to transport Kenshi--and likely his harem (?)--to Earth? I cannot say, but it does make for good, harmless speculation.
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by NinjaboyMMGN
#22488 I was just re-reading this post. An something sparked in my head. As in the latest works from Kajishima, what is Kenshi is still in the original universe... BUT!!!! His Astrol self is in Geminar.... It kinda makes sense as from Kaji's works it kinda looked like a sleeping pod... I could be wrong though.
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by WisperG
#22501 Whats this about astral selves? Are you saying he already had a spare body on Geminar? An interesting theory, but there's no evidence to support that as far as I know.
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by NinjaboyMMGN
WisperG wrote:Whats this about astral selves? Are you saying he already had a spare body on Geminar? An interesting theory, but there's no evidence to support that as far as I know.

In Kaji-sensei's latest works it looks like Washu hooked Kenchi up to a machine that would have him asleep. So I was thinking his real body might be in the main universe while his astral self is in Geminar
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by Nobuyuki
#22618 Nice idea, but nah, he got wholly zapped to Geminar much the same way his mother wound up in Earth.
That was the whole point of training him, after all. ;)