El-Hazard, Dual, Photon, Pretty Sammy, GXP, WoG and other fringe series not starring the main cast.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
Ukinojo92 wrote:
Nobuyuki wrote:She lost there, too.

But she did fight her, twice. What did Nanami do to help?

She saw the Blue People!!! The evil, invisible blue people!

... uh oh, here come the orderlies with my specially fitted jacket....
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by JGZinv
#28956 She sold sandwiches... kept up troop morale. Tried to once take over the bugrom empire.
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by Ukinojo92
wwwwhhhhoooo wrote: I said u GOTSTA luv Miz.

Nice and friendly then she gets angry and wrecks the area and laugh sometimes while she does it
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#29803 Saw this while lurking for Black Heaven pics the other day, and it reminded me not only do I need to re-watch it just because it's been a while, but also to verify this actually took place!

I remember this scene (this pic is fleeting), so spoiler alert: I'm pretty sure it did!

Anybody look familiar?

And guess who was one of the major creative forces behind Black Heaven? Another spoiler alert: Hiroki Hayashi.


Incidentally (since some may notice a lil' something else) the Trigun nods throughout the series are also quite fun.