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by wwwwhhhhoooo
SnowQueen wrote:Here's a fun idea! Which Tenchi member would be who in the El-Hazard universe? mmhmm1


I think the "snooty princesses" cancel each other out :wink:

"Lord god-Emperor" Jinnai has no equal! But the closest Tenchi-verse comparison I can think of personality-wise, on the surface (I'll get you main character! cuz I'm so jelly!"), I'd say Seiryo? (May Katsuhiko forgive my insolence.)

Shayla Shayla...firey personality, has a crush on main character...come on, it's gotta be Ryoko.

Nanami's tough to peg: she's got the "plain, girl-next-door" appeal of Sakuya, the fun-loving attitude of Sasami, the bashful "what makes you say we're dating?!" demeanor of Ayeka, and like Kiyone she has a level of professional pride which causes her to lament whenever she's gotta "do what she's gotta' do" to earn a buck (but she doesn't just give up).

I'll save the rest and/or additional interpretations for others. *passes mic
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by Nil Admirari
#25313 There's plenty which can have dual parallels easily drawn between them. Makoto and Tenchi, Shayla and Ryoko (same with Ifurita and Ryoko, to a degree) are the most obvious. Nanami being a hybrid of Ayeka's quick-temperedness and Kiyone's career-driven aspirations (hadn't thought about Sasami in there - though she's lacking in representation so we'll give it to her) is an interesting combo. One can also easily draw the similarities between Afura and Kiyone, including their penchant for headbands.

Miz is pretty much pureblood Ayeka. From her obsession with having an authoritative tone, her vanity in regards to her looks and age, right down to her ability to jump from damsel in distress straight to kicking the person's ass who dare threatens her man.

Ifurita's OVA form is very easily a zombified Ryoko in terms of connections, but her The Wanderers persona is almost exactly that of Mihoshi's. She causes destruction in her wake. On accident mostly, even if her orders from Jinnai are to do exactly that. She can barely remember what she did moments ago and has to keep a notebook with the lessons that Jinnai taught her on her person at all times. Only, it seems she writes down the wrong parts of the lesson in class.

Rune Venus is pretty equal to Tsunami in the OVA, being a very caring and worried motherly figure who overwatches the entire drama unfold. No goddess magic though.

Londs & Dr. Schtalubaugh can be seen as counterparts to Azaka and Kamidake. Knowledgeable guardians of the royal palace, with about as stiff a sense of humor as a plank of wood.

The ones that are less obvious are pretty entertaining to try and match up. Fujisawa doesn't have a direct connection to any one character in the Tenchiverse. When I look at him, I see a bit of Washu's goofiness (in the nerdy way she does), Ryoko's 'hit first, ask later' attitude when in a dangerous situation, as well as some of Ayeka's skill for diplomacy whenever he's acting as an official representative for his students... assuming he hasn't had a drink. Alielle, well, I don't have a clue. She's physically the closest to Sasami but in personality she's pretty much the furthest from.
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by mitsuki lover
#25334 I agree that Makoto and Shayla Shayla are the two most obvious.The others are a bit harder.I would say though that in a way Nanami is more like Sanada Mitsuki than any of the girls in Tenchi.Though it might be because I'm a bit prejudiced in that area.
At least she reminds me more of Sanada Mitsuki.I think it's the way that both girls express(or fail to express
their feelings).Aeka is more open in how she expresses how she feels.

Now speaking of Shayla Shayla and Ryoko,I wonder who would win in a fight between those two.That would be
one soawesome1 fight to watch!
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by SnowQueen
#25343 I got beat to the punch again. blush1 But no matter!

I agree with everyone's opinions so far and I agree very strongly on Nil's insight so much so that I'm only going to touch up on a couple of characters.

I have to say though that Jinnai kind of gives me a Kagato but also a Z vibe a little bit. Mostly because he's so power hungry and downright insane when it comes to someone (Makoto) getting in their way that they do anything to do what they have to get what they want.

Queen Diva certainly gives me a Tokimi feel. Seem's very powerful and mighty with a somewhat calm attitude and also has other's do her dirty work.

I think Princess Fatora in the OVA anyway has all of Ayeka's...not so great traits mixed into one person I can't really say about the other series because I haven't seen Wander's and I saw Alternative World so long ago my memory is hazy on almost everything about it.
Anyway that's a few on my thought's.
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#25652 While I'm taking pictures anyway...

...here's the recent special Blu-ray release of OVA1! I hope you're not all too jelly. ^^

Reverse of inner cover. Daaaww!

The six episodes are spread out generously on two Blu-ray discs (because we all know a single BD could hold all of EH and then some) and four CD's are included as well. To date I've not yet explored these CD's, as apart from my immobile desktop computer I don't possess a CD player that I'd trust to not scratch these babies (I'll PS3 it one of these days).

In summary, I can't remember at the moment exactly how much I dropped for this set--namely because I'd rather not remember!--but for me it was money well spent. El-Hazard is a gem, and it's only appropriate that a rare Blu-ray release of an otherwise OOP work serve as the means by which I treat it as such.
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by chucklocker
#25655 All of my jealousy. ALL of it. sakuyafinger1

Lol, but seriously, it's so awesome that someone on here has this set! It looks simply stunning (that reverse liner art!!!!!). I'm seriously considering getting this set myself, but I have a powerful need to eat for the next month... Anyway, thanks for the pics, Who!
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
mitsuki lover wrote:I concur.Do you ever reverse the covers on your DVD/BD collection wwwwhhhooo?

Never bothered to before, but since every inch of this particular cover is gorgeous I might have to start.