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by mitsuki lover
#24280 So today I got to thinking about how much actual time takes place in some of our favorite anime.For instance
despite 167 regular episodes, 4 movies and a 26 episode follow up series (The Final Act) the entirety of
Inuyasha appears to take place during the course of a single school calendar year.And maybe not even that
So I was wondering if any of ye geeky people have figured out how much actual time takes place during the length
of Dual.It has to be at least a year since it takes Kazuki a month to catch up with MS every time that
they travel between worlds.So we have a month between the end of episode 1 and beginning of episode 2.
Then there's another month after Ayuko sends them back to their home and a second month when Dr. Sanada
sends them back to the Parallel world again.So with all of Kazuki's wanderings around we have at least 4 months.
Then the question is how long do Kazuki and MS stay in the Parallel world before Ayuko sends them back and how
long are they home before MS' dad sends them into the Parallel world again?
In fact when you add it all together how many months is it actually?
I'm still guessing around a year and am not counting the prologue which takes place 22 years prior.
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by JGZinv
#24304 Back when DualFans had the original forum we had a birthday thread where I calculated the
whole series out.... off the top of my head I don't remember it was fairly short, like 4 to 8 months.
I had it down to pretty much the specific days.

Kazuki's clock in the first ep opening would give a starting point, and the files at the EDF are time stamped.
There's also a month of time lag twice in the show.

I could figure it out again...
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by mitsuki lover
#24331 Thanks Zinv,I knew the whole thing was time compressed but couldn't think how long in real time it actually took,
but I thought a year or less would make most sense since there's no hint that MS or Kazuki were promoted a grade in school or MS graduated.This is the main reason for mine thinking it had to be around a year at max.