El-Hazard, Dual, Photon, Pretty Sammy, GXP, WoG and other fringe series not starring the main cast.
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by JGZinv
Ukinojo92 wrote:I can't really see conquering the world when they're fighting for just sections of cities at a time. And the EDF I think always defended while RaRa attack which never made sense to me. I mean, they have mechs too, why not go on counter strike and reclaim territory and for some reason they couldn't, it felt like a one sided war. The protecting of scientific discoveries from being fought over is admirable, but no one will know that unless you say it and not use them to conquer cities and blow parts of them up.

They are battling for chunks of territory at a time, not just cities. Check Sanada's map in the ep where he's trying to decide on what to do when the kids come in late at night.

You're forgetting why the EDF was always on the back foot, sheer power and tech level. The EDF had only 3 earth made knock offs of the robot tech, developed from an incomplete copy of the core unit data Sanada stole from one of the crash sites. Compared to Rara who had all original mecha in various sizes and designs, with a huge number of them.
In comes Kazuki who's boosting his power a couple hundred percent in Hartzenen, and even more offensive in Zinv, and suddenly they shifted the balance of power and started winning regularly. Before that every battle was tooth and nail.
That's why when Kazuki went back to his world, the EDF was totally overthrown and forced to escape in the warship.
It didn't help that the UN gave up on the EDF and embraced Rara, so they lost any official sponsorship to continue the war.
You can see the EDF made progress in the section where Kazuki and D are defeating robots one after the other. Ken comes on later when Kazuki is with the Rara's and says they've been pushed back to where they were 3 months prior.

In addition, the EDF was made of of scholars and untrained personnel. Only one guy, Officer Shibata, had actual combat experience. Yayoi took over as a robot instructor after she couldn't be a pilot anymore. Though the Rara Army wasn't much better, it's cited that they got most of their grunts from want-ads. EDF pilots besides Mitsuki, Yayoi, and D weren't much to speak of - the one that filled in for Kazuki while he was at Rara HQ was a total flop and was crying to mommy.

Ukinojo92 wrote:Akane's backing was I guess to win for the peace from Rara's conquest. Akane is all about rules and probably felt all the tech should have been under the UN's control. Easy to forget the women behind the leaders.

Akane was the Inspector liaison between the EDF and UN as a sanctioned private army under Article 39 of the UN charter. Basically stating that in times of distress, the Military Council can appoint a recommendation to the UN to restore peace. In this case that the EDF be given resources, land, and authority to fight the aggressor Rara Army on behalf of the world.
Akane is there to keep Commander Sanada in check, report back to the UN. Which is how Ayuko got the UN report on Kazuki in a roundabout way. Akane, going by her comments during the Kazuko incident, also didn't personally approve of Rara. Saying he was an ugly old coot that shouldn't be the representative of the human race.

The questionable thing, is why did Akane stick around at the EDF after it was abandoned by the UN? Instead of being branded as traitors, she should have jumped ship. Could be that it was part of the deal that everyone involved with the EDF was targeted... but we don't know that. Could be she stuck around due to some sense of attachment, but that's conjecture.

It's also worth noting that the Ken's EDF full title is Earth Defense Force Far East HQ. So there may have been other EDF bases that got wiped out before it got to the Japan branch. We simply aren't given more info there.
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by Ukinojo92
#27652 Is there translated Dual novels? If there's a site to look them up or download, is it safe and how much is there?
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by JGZinv
#27661 There are no novels, sadly.

There's a fair bit of manga, there's the US fan guide, the Japanese Data File (guide), two doujinshi, insert
booklets with the LD's and DVDs, and some digital notes, but that's pretty much it besides the series itself.
Other supporting information can be gleaned from GXP and the OVA timelines, as well as references in Geminar.
There was supposed to be a CD-ROM as well, but it got sent to the trash heaps after production. Never made it to
Japanese stores.

But that's mostly it besides the series itself. The rest is just trinkets, figures, posters, stuff.

The reason I know as much as I do was along with MitsukiLover we're some of the last active members from the DualFans
board back from 2003. I spent a lot of time and money importing stuff trying to dig for answers, but various
circumstances led to the demise of the community, though fans are still out there.
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by Ukinojo92
#27662 sadface1
The show had potential of a spinoff or second season
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by JGZinv
#27663 I'd encourage you to read Spaghetti or Curry by COhugh at the dualfans link (fanfic section).
Depending on your Mitsuki alignment, might find it fitting. But it was sequel worthy at the time.

There was quite a bit of fanfiction back in the day, not all of it is gathered there.

One of my favorites (plot wise) was this one, https://www.fanfiction.net/s/253901/1/E ... ight-Place

Sequel wise, Kajishima evidently didn't think highly of Dual, his "original vision" was closer to Geminar.
So I wouldn't hold your breath. It's George Lucas syndrome...
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by Ukinojo92
#27672 Re-Mastered episodes if they want to sell them.
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by JGZinv
#27673 Amazon has the individuals used it looks like, combined for not more than about $40.

eBay, - nope.

All of Craigslist - nope

Sadly it's not one of those things where you can import the JP version as they still have 2-3 box sets floating
around since the Rondo Robe collections were mass produced.

I really seriously doubt anyone would remaster Dual. Funi would be the most likely, but I don't think the spin offs
have been that profitable for them. Can you imagine the horror of Funi re-dubbing the show? It'd be way way different
considering how much of it was ad-libbed by the US VAs.

Sully Sullivan was the con manager and a big Tenchi fan that had all the LDs. She didn't even know Dual existed.
So I doubt their Tenchi brand manager at Funi is any better. We never could get in direct contact, though we tried several times.
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by Ukinojo92
mitsuki lover wrote:Noizimi and Discotek would be the best chance of getting Dual back again. I doubt Funi would be much interested.

I think Noizimi is the one, they did El Hazard Wanderers, they could do Dual Re-mastered release