El-Hazard, Dual, Photon, Pretty Sammy, GXP, WoG and other fringe series not starring the main cast.
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by Nobuyuki
Nobuyuki wrote:
Nobuyuki wrote:War on Geminar ~ English Dub episodes 1 - 2 TV-MA, are scheduled for 03/05/13 (EVS members)

Date changed to 04/16/13. :(

Episode 1 paid stream up now.

Ep. 1 free stream out May 3rd.
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by Nobuyuki
#18291 Complete English dub now available on FUNi's Elite service.
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by mitsuki lover
#18324 Well War on Geminar wasn't there when I got to B & N.They still had Inuyasha:The Final Act though but
I decided I rather save the money and order it from Rightstuf.
The fact is the only Tenchi related anime they had was Universe which I already have.
Oh well...at least I got Sasami Wars:The Complete series! bth_kiyone3
Er...I mean Sakura Wars!! :lol: