El-Hazard, Dual, Photon, Pretty Sammy, GXP, WoG and other fringe series not starring the main cast.
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by chucklocker
wwwwhhhhoooo wrote:Yukine Mare

W00t! More Yukine love! She was my favorite of the girls... chuplz I think they did an admirable job with her casting, although I think she may be just a bit too whispery. I totally agree with Kenshi, but I think the best casting was by far Wahanly! Props to J. Michael Tatum as well for an excellent Ulyte.
by tenchi82fan
#19813 Here are some ironic casting, but the voices of Lashara and Maria, are the same actresses that voices Happy (Tia Ballard) and Charles / Carla (Jed Sexton) from Fairy Tail. Hmm I never watch the Fairy Tail dub the same way again.
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by Dagon123
#20569 Wasn't sure where to post this, but Tia Ballard, voice of Maria Nanadan from WoG will be at Ohayocon this year (Jan 2014)