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by ookamilord
#27274 its been a while since i last came on here. well im needing help on finding subs on kimba the white lion and its sequel series Jungle Emperor: Onward, Leo or leo the lion. ever since i started to watch tezuka's work with the black and white astro boy I've been on a binge when i get a chance. im watching currently the new adventures of kimba the white lion so i can draw a decent comparison to the original and the remake. the only problem i have with the original is the crappy dubb on both the original and the sequel. if yall know a site i can watch or download the sub of these classics please provide a link. and we are having some problems getting astro boy finished for his history bit on my youtube account its mostly has to do with schedule conflicts lol. when im free my co host isnt when he is free im not talk about bad luck. outside of me watching this gem i may need help with finding subs on all the classics because i dont know about most of yall out there but its hard for me to get thru some bad dub especially when they get people and kids who can voice act to portray a character. so to save on posts i would like to reuse this one to help me get out when i need help finding subs.