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by mitsuki lover
#28197 I feel a bit like having gone full circle here almost,but starting next month I've decided to make
Monday nights Dub/Sub night.The rest of the week (Tues.-Sun.) I will continue watching my anime
in raw Japanese.
The decision came after watching the dub outtakes and in the studio extras for Princess Tutu.
For starters I plan on watching those series that I've only watched raw or subbed.In the first case
it will depend on whether it's hybrid or sub only.In case of the former then I'll probably try the dub.
In a sub only I'll keep the sub on.
It should be fun. iloveit1
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by mitsuki lover
#28226 Reasons why I plan on doing this:

1. I don't want to get burn out on the Raws and figure this is one good way of avoiding it.

2. I don't want to turn into a Language Snob.

3. If I really think what matters is enjoying and having fun watching Anime and language or language format doesn't matter I should practice what I preach.

4. It gives me a chance to compare the original Japanese with the English version.

5. I think it's just time that watch some of these shows dubbed to just give me a new perspective.

For April I have planned to watch the following:
Diebuster (subbed)
Full Metal Panic:The Second Raid (dubbed)
Moonphase (dubbed)
Madlax (dubbed)

I am especially eager to compare the Japanese and English versions of my favorite loli Vampire,
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by mitsuki lover
#28358 My main plan then is to continue to watch what I have scheduled raw and then when I re-watch
on an episode on a Monday to do it either subbed or dubbed.The only time I plan on watching more than one episode would be if it's a)short episodes with only 15 or less minutes or b) only 2-3 episodes
For example when I get to re-watch Dragon Half subbed I plan on watching the entire thing.

One series I am eager to re-watch dubbed now is Inuyasha:The Final Act to see what the new
Kagome sounds like.
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by mitsuki lover
#29014 Monday I re-watched Full Metal Panic:TSR dubbed. I now wish I had watched one that had more Tessa in it so I had a better chance of actually judging Hilary Haag in the role. Christ Paton as
Sousuke was well...Chris Paton. Alison Keith's Melissa was passable except she seems to keep
mispronouncing Sousuke and Kaname's names,or else it was her accent.
Overall not bad.
Next Moonphase dub and we shall see my reaction to our favorite loli vampire.
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by mitsuki lover
#29076 Moonphase:Elfriede was pretty badass,though she's that in any language. Monica Rial I thought was a bit overly bratty as Hazuki though.Not as subtle as in the original Japanese version.
Though she did have a couple of great lines,especially addressing Kouhei:
"Did all the blood suddenly climb up to your brain and choke it to death?" after he wonders if
Elfriede wouldn't mind modeling for him.And:
"This is underwear!" when he gets overly curious about the packages that Hiromi has sent over
for her.
Next week the dub of Madlax.
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by mitsuki lover
#29154 I give the dub of Madlax a B not too bad but could be better.

Luci Christian's Margaret Burton sounded a bit too young and Nancy Novotny sounded a bit petulant
as Madlax,though she did get some great lines including: "It's ok..I'm back to my old self now." before
going up against Enfant.
Mike Kleinhenz' Friday Monday was solid enough for the time he was on screen,though Vic Mignona sounded like he was phoning it in as Carrossa Doon.
Kira Vincent-Davis did a good job as Eleonore Baker as did Cynthia Martinez as Laetitia;though I think the best job in the dub was done by Kelly Manison as Vanessa Rene.She certainly hit the mark and is the main reason I give it a B.
I was hoping to watch an episode with Lt. Limelda in it but unfortunately this wasn't one so I couldn't tell how good or bad a job Christine Auten did.
Next: the dub of Devil Lady
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by mitsuki lover
#29278 Devil Lady for the era in which it was dubbed wasn't too bad actually. I really enjoyed it,though like Madlax I happened to select an episode that didn't have one of the main characters in it.In this case it was Lan Asuka.Too bad as I would have been interested in a comparison
between her VA and her seiyuu.
OTOH,I thought that the VA who did Jun did a wonderful job of it. Just the right amount of gentleness
to capture her overall character.Kazumi's VA also did a pretty good job.
Next week I go back to the subs with:Ghost Sweeper Mikami.
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by mitsuki lover
#29357 I chose episode 7 to watch the sub of Ghost Sweeper Mikami because of it's the one that introduces Dr.Chaos and Maria plus more of our favorite ditzy Ghost Sweeper Meiko and her
menagerie of shikikami pets. Also it's one of the few times you'll ever see a ghost so scared she
faints! (Poor Okinu!)

What I like about Maria is she is such a literal android.For example when Dr.Chaos tells her not to let
Tadao go, he forgets about the body swap and she literally won't let him go once he's in Tadao's body until he tells her who he is! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Next week the dub of Geneshaft
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by mitsuki lover
#29431 Geneshaft wasn't like the previous ones I watched dub since I had already seen the entire
series on the late and lamented Anime Unleashed on the late and lamented Techtv.Still it did give
me a bit of a shock to hear Mary Elizabeth McGlynn's voice coming out of Sophia after being so used to her playing the Major on Ghost In the Shell.
Love Amanda Winn Lee as Mika.She gives her the right balance of naive innocence and spunk.
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by mitsuki lover
#29496 Cutie Honey subbed on Monday.This was a sub only series.The first time around Raw was fun enough but the second time helped to clear things up.Especially why Sister Jill was after that picture.
It was also one of the sadder episodes since it comes after the destruction of St.Chapel's and the death of Natusko.

Next week we do something Revolutionary :lol: , the dub of Utena. I hope to watch the episode where Utena and Anthy switch bodies.