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by mitsuki lover
#30436 Finally saw the dub for Inuyasha:The Final Act.I have to say that it took a few minutes to readjust to
hearing the English dub after watching the Japanese for so long.Kelly Sheridan,Kirby Morrow and
Richard Ian Cox sounded like their normal selves and Kira Torey as the newcomer did a good job as
Kagome picking off where Moneca Stori left off.
I'm also glad that Ms Torey didn't try too hard to play her like she was doing a Moneca Stori imitation
but rather trying to make the role her own.
To be honest it took a while to recognize Morrow and Sheridan's voices but Cox' was recognizable off the bat.
Ok so I'm biased since it is my second favorite anime. iloveit1

Next week the sub for Girls Und Panzer.
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by mitsuki lover
#30513 I saw the sub of episode 4 of Girls Und Panzer on Monday for two main reasons:
1.the Oorai girls doing the goosefish dance after the battle with St.Gloriana is so fun to watch(and
note that it comes down to only a nano-second in firing the cannon that makes the difference between which school's Shan-do team does the goosefish dance.)

2.The awesomeness of Darjeeling! soawesome1
My favorite character not on the Oorai team and not a member of Anglerfish.(Mako and Hana are my two favorites on that team.)

Next Monday with a bit of dread I approach the dub of Wedding Peach I wanna watch one of the ones with Potamos in it.
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by mitsuki lover
#30573 WEDDING PEACH dub on Monday wasn't as bad as I expected,though the girls were rather OTT when it came to their Transformations and Attacks. I also half expected Larissa Woolcott to shout out:
"Hail Ilpalazzo!" at times since she also played Excel from ep.14-26 of EXCEL SAGA.
Other than not not much to complain about,though I still would stick to the Japanese version.

Next week: BLACK LAGOON subbed.
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by mitsuki lover
#30631 [i]Black Lagoon[/i] episode 21 on Monday. I think the only difference between watching the raws and the sub is when there's English being spoken by the characters the subs can be a bit
Then again even though Revy is supposed to be a native English speaker she does have an accent from living in Southeast Asia for so long.
Anyhows this was the one that showed Balalaika's background and also continued the final arc that centered around the poor ill fated Yukio(probably the most suitable match for Rock).

Next week the dub of Chobits which means Michelle Ruff as Chii. iloveit1
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by mitsuki lover
#30696 [i]Chobits[/i] was fun. It reminded me of why Michelle Ruff is one of my favorite VAs. I jokingly
think sometimes that she and Tanaka Rei are the same person since they have a tendency to play the same characters a lot.
The episode I watched was [i]Chii Finds[/i] episode 5. It's the one where Hideki finds the book:
The Town With Nobody and gives it to Chii.One of the positives about it is that Pioneer kept
Sumomo's name and didn't change it to Plum as in the manga.
Also Crispin Freeman's in this dub. So altogether not too bad (except maybe Yumi's voice sounded a bit too high).
Next on to the sub of everyone's fave underwater inkvader:[i]Squid Girl[/i] on next Monday.
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by mitsuki lover
#30762 Saw episode 11 of [b]Squid Girl[/b] on Monday. The part where they go on the hike to the top of the mountain and then Squiddy gets pissed when she learns they could've taken the tram instead
was hysterical!

And next the dub of another little known series around here called [b]El Hazard,The Alternative World[/b]. I wanna see the Hot Springs episode.
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by mitsuki lover
#30838 El HAzard: The Alternative World was average but fun. And yes indeedy I did watch the hot springs episode. A lot of the usual hot springs goings ons. Plus that idiot Jinnai finds himself back on El Hazard having to come face to face again with his 'bride'.
Overall great lot of eye candy and nonsense from the gang.

Next week the sub of Escaflowne.
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by mitsuki lover
#30901 Watched episode 23 of Escaflowne sub on Monday. This is the series I was watching when I began my journey into watching anime Raw and was the first one I watched Raw. The episode I selected was the one where Hitomi finally gets disgusted with all the fighting and wants to go home,and then vanishes in front of everyone.
It was great fun. And next week everyone's favorite Harvest Goddess dubbed in Spice And Wolf.
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by mitsuki lover
#30972 The Spice And Wolf dub was pretty fun and well done. I saw episode 00 aka The OVA, which is set between Season 1 and Season 2. Holo needs to work on her jealousy as her feelings for Lawrence
come out full throttle in the episode.

Next the sub of the Sakura Wars movie.
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by mitsuki lover
#31045 Sakura Wars:The Movie was enjoyable again and of course Yokyama Chisa, our beloved
Sasami as Sakura. soawesome1
The only annoying thing about it was when they had English dialogue with the subs. I wish there was a way of eliminating that part but keep the subs when it reverts back to Japanese.
Any way Maria's seiyuu did an excellent job with her English ( remember Maria's half-Russian, so
English isn't her native language) and showed her total badassery again. iloveit1 soawesome1

Next week being the week of Halloween I'm watching the dub of Blood-C:The Last Dark.