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by chucklocker
#19635 Neon Genesis Evangelion. One can't go for very long in anime fandom without coming across a reference to it, and one certainly can't watch very many modern anime that don't bear its influence. Eva is without a doubt one of the most controversial, most discussed, and most hyped franchises of the last twenty years, and now it has its very own thread on Tenchiforum! There are as many different opinions and theories regarding this series as there are people who have seen it, and this is the place for you to share yours. The title of this thread, while awesomely pun-tastic, is not an exaggeration in this regard, as all opinions related to Eva are welcome here, so long as they are well developed and politely delivered. So whether you think its all overrated neo-freudian hogwash, or the most intricate and meaningful anime ever made, this is the place to come and talk, share, and learn about this unquestionably important anime.

Some ground rules: For the benefit of those who haven't seen or read all Eva material PLEASE use spoiler warnings whenever significant plot points are being discussed. Please make sure all posts are relevant to either the current discussion or the general purpose of this thread. Finally, no running away, no going berserk, and no starting third impact! :lol:
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by chucklocker
#19636 I'll go first.

Its hard to believe that I only watched Eva for the first time a little over half a year ago, as it has become such a dominant feature in my existence as an anime fan. When it comes to anime, my preference has always been for shows/movies that are thought provoking, unique, and of great historical importance, and boy oh boy does Eva fit the bill to a tee! I love the seemingly endless layers of complexity in the characters and mythology of the series, but what really makes the franchise stand out in my mind are the subtle (and not so subtle :lol: ) ways in which it turns the attention back on the audience. It's so easy to lose yourself in peeling back and analyzing the many layers of the show, only to discover afterwards that somewhere along the line it became yourself you were analyzing! That is the beauty of Eva, and its why I have come to regard it so highly.

As for the characters, I felt that each and every one was amazingly constructed and subsequently deconstructed throughout the series, but my favorite will always be Asuka. She's bold, brash, and self-confidant to the point of annoyance (as many will no doubt make a point of, lol)..... or is she? Asuka's appeal for me really comes from the secret struggle that she fights to keep inside of her. She desperately wants to be loved by others, so she holds herself to an impossibly high standard, with ultimately damaging consequences psychologically. I see a lot of myself in her, and perhaps that's why I enjoy her character so much, although I like to think that I'm a bit more developed in my approach to other people lol.

Anyway, that's enough for me right now, but you can be sure I'm not done yet! Let's hear from you now. What are your thoughts on Eva?
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by Dagon123
chucklocker wrote:Anyway, that's enough for me right now, but you can be sure I'm not done yet! Let's hear from you now. What are your thoughts on Eva?

I first heard about Eva through Webrings WAY back in the day, among the many other classics that were all the rage. It wasn't until early November in 2011 that I finally sat down and watched it, and much like chuck, it has become one of the staples in my existence as a fan of anime.

There is just a surreal feeling you get (or at least I get) when I watch a series and I know it's going to be amazing. From the moment Eva started it was great, the direction is about as perfect as it gets next to a Miyazaki film. The most important thing that Eva did, and it's lasting legacy, is the characters that told the story.

I have always been a firm proponent that the plot, the story, and even the setting really don't have to be original, the most important thing is the characters telling that story, because obviously, they have more time on screen than anything else, they are what gets you emotionally involved, and this is what Eva absolutely knocks out of the park.

There was (and still much to this day) nothing like it. Many people say it's "Overrated" or don't understand the appeal, and we take it for granted because its been out for almost 20 years, but that is the important thing right there, Neon Genesis Evangelion came out in 1995 up through 1997 with the release of "End of Evangelion". What else in 1995 can even hold a candle to it? For that matter, what else came out in the years post End of Eva that can really stand with it? Cowboy Bebop may have been voted by some "The greatest anime ever made" but I truly believe that honor is Evangelion's, it's no longer just an animated production, it's getting up to the point where it's almost a national treasure.
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by Nobuyuki
#19666 The following copypasta has been brought to you from the age of dinosaurs (with applicable updates)

I like Eva.
It was the first series I bought on DVD. Back in the days I was a true n00b and paid full retail price for all 8 discs. I bought the Paul Champagne metal artbox to put them in. I bought both movies. I collected and watched all the "Platinum" editions. I was happy when the Rebuild movies were originally announced and happier still as they've been released. Then there's the spin-off manga and my VOX tin.
And I haven't regretted any of it. Well... maybe Campus Apocalypse. :wink:

That said, I still get more enjoyment out of watching Tylor, Dual!, GTO and Nadesico for the umpteenth time each. Mainly because they're not as heavy-handed about expressing their main themes as Eva is, so they're a lot more fun to just drop in the player, sit back and rewatch.
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by shadowsfall0
#19675 In watching Eva and the movie, and even up to 1.0 I must say it has become a definite influential show and milestone in anime that I have reached.

For one, The End of EVA has left me close to having psychosis .-.

Secondly, I tend to watch animes for their rich mythos and character development and the constant ties within the show and this show pretty much hit a high note on every single note that can be hit.

It is definitely in one of my all time favorite series after having watched it, if not in my top three. I have yet to watch 2.0 and 3.0 but...soon/eventually I shall.
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by mitsuki lover
#19684 I think one of the more controversial issues with EVA has been the entire pseudo-religious symbolism of the
series.This is really a red herring has it makes people who concentrate on it miss what it is about.To me it's
about coming of age and doing what the right thing is even when you want to run away and hide.
This is what Shinji continually struggles with.

That said,I really enjoy the series and the rebuild movies so far;OTOH,I probably will never watch
EOE because the cover art on the DVD was way too surreal for me.Death And Rebirth,I don't know,from what I have read it's rather meh.But then I haven't seen it just recall what I have read.

Favorite character:I like Misato because when you learn her backstory you can understand why she's
so f***ked up.Then again you have to admire someone who keeps a penguin around the house!
Though I have to say the character I'm most like is either Rei or Ritsuko's mom Naoko. :lol:
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by Crazed
#19892 I thought it was very good. Left us on a cliffhanger though. I guess we'll have to wait and see the third movie on Toonami now, whenever that happens...
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by Nobuyuki
#19896 What struck me on this n-th re-watching was- while 1.11 was like an alternate-angle replay, 2.22 (which had some awesome set-pieces) was more like a highlight reel than a narrative.

Still had a good time.
And Kick-Heart after made me laugh, so mission accomplished. :wink: