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by mitsuki lover
#29718 The Golden State finally won their first NBA Title since 1975 and I decided to take a look back at
1975 and see what was what back then:

Inflation was at 9.2
Gas 44 cents
new car cost $4,250
new house cost $39,300
average income $14,100
Franco died
Margaret Thatcher became first woman leader of Britian's Conservative Party
Saigon Fell ending the Vietnam War
IRA bombed the Hilton in London's Park Lane
unemployment in U.S. 9.2 per cent
Suez Canal reopened after 6 Day War
King Faisal of Saudi Arabia assassinated
Jimmy Hoffa disappears
Bill Gates and Paul Allen develop a BASIC program for ALTAIR
TransAlaska Pipeline started
Muhammed Ali beats Joe Fraser in the 'Thrilla In Manila'
Films included:
The Towering Inferno
Murder On The Orient Express
Young Frankenstein
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Tv included:
Starsky And Hutch
[b]Welcome Back,Kotter

Happy Days
Candid Camera
Fawlty Towers
When Things Were Rotten
Songs included:
Love Will Keep Us Together by The Captain And Tennille
Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell
My Eyes Adore Youby Frankie Valli
Laughter In The Rain by Neil Sedaka
Thank God I'm A Country Boy by John Denver
(Hey Won't You Play)Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
by B.J.Thomas
Theme From The Rockford Files by Mike Post
At Seventeen by Janis Ian