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by mitsuki lover
#30463 As I am writing this the fires in north central part of the state are still burning.
So far this week three firefighters have lost their lives fighting the flames.
It's a grim reminder that nature can be a literal bitch.
The sad thing is that many of those who are affected by this summer's fires were victims of last year's fire storm as well.
With the drought it makes fighting the fire even harder for those out on the line,since there isn't
as much water.
All most of us can do now is pray for rain and cooler weather to help the fire fighters.

Even though it's far from where I live,we have still gotten hazy cloudy days here because of the
smoke drifting over from the west.Wednesday night we even got a few flakes of ash.
The smoke makes the sun look reddish.

So please continue to pray for those fighting the fires,the people who live in the communities that
are affected and most of all that we would get some much needed rain to help out.