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by mitsuki lover
#32100 I can't see Kara and Cat's oldest son right now as a thing. Maybe later on if Adam becomes more of a regular.

There certainly seems to be someone, whether Maxwell Lord or someone else, in the background
manipulating everything.

Finally caught up with the pilot for Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday. I vote for the actor
that plays Rip Hunter to be the next incarnation of the Doctor! iloveit1 soawesome1
Either Hawkgirl or White Canary could be his companion.
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by mitsuki lover
#32116 Ha! So the mysterious anti-Supergirl was actually Bizarro Supergirl aka Bizarro Girl.
And now after Alex and the DEO kidnapped Lord I wonder what they're going to do.
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by mitsuki lover
#32133 And now they're going to be doing a Supergirl/ Flash crossover at the end of March.
Apparently Barry will race over to National City.

Personally I'm still wanting a DC/Marvel live action tv crossover.
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by Almael
#32135 Cat naming "Bizarro" is so unimaginative compared to the other namings. At least the writers should have named her "Bizarria".
Of course Lord will be freed or escape. He must have some strange bedfellows.

I doubt DC/Marvel will happen anytime soon as long as they stay successful separated.
At most we might see the Justice League or parts of it from time to time.
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by mitsuki lover
#32178 I so want a Flash/Agents of SHIELD crossover just to see the craziness that would happen if we ever got Cicso and Fitz and Simmons together in the same lab! :lol:

So...Non got a Black Mercy plant to attack Kara and we get to see her life if Krypton hadn't
exploded. Weird seeing Kal-El actually younger than his cousin because we forget she's the older
but he spent all those decades on Earth growing up while she was stuck in that No-Man's Land
in space.

Lord actually helped out in this episode (although reluctantly). And now two things:

1.What will happen when Kara finds out Hank lied about killing her aunt?
2.What is the end game that they were planning?

Also next month Barry shows up!
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by Almael
#32194 I expected to see Aliens mass infection but the telepathic parasite "black mercy" is just like from some Star Trek Voyager episode. And why's no one shrinking back when it moves away from Kara?
And if you haven't noticed Kal-El has same hair color as Kara meaning he's blond!
The rogue Kryptonians plan their ops like normal human despite having super powers like superman. With god like powers but they need a computer virus to take over satellites. I would have simply exchange parts of the satellites directly and no one would be able to counter that. No need to wait for solar flares etc. And why's every Krytonian (council guards) in her dream wearing the family's symbol?

1. Astra's death was good but why does she have to stab her and not slash her (just wound her). If Imho Kara finds out she will be sad but nothing will change. Kara wasn't there and as Hank said Alex is still the big sister/hero.
2. Some weird script writer idea that doesn't make sense...
I don't expect Non to live for long. He probably gets killed just when he's about to triumph by some new super villain or hero or else. There's going to be new cast members!
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by mitsuki lover
#32203 Yeah, that's a good question about why everyone of the guards and Council members are wearing the symbol for the House of El.
Perhaps it could be because the House of El is so powerful that they wear it out of fear and respect.
I think so far Non is the only major Kryptonian we met that doesn't belong to the House of El.
(I mean that has a regular or recurring role.)
Another idea is that because everyone is so used to seeing the S symbol they didn't bother with trying to come up with any others. Meaning the producers are cheap.

And what happened to all the non-Kryptonians in Non and Astra's little army? Are they all locked up at the DEO now?

Yeah, it's weird that Kal-El would have blonde hair when we are used to seeing him with black.
Then again we have yet to see the actor who played Clark in the opener return to see if the grown up version has black or blonde hair. And since The Flash is coming next month why not
have Supes himself show up one of these days. After all Kara is his Older cousin and he
shows interesting in helping her out; so why not have him show up?
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by Almael
#32276 I think it's a bit more like less caring rather than just being cheap. As far as real cost goes it's only a difference of paying license for a design. But those from the Reeves movies are long past copyright's 20 years. *shrugs*

mitsuki lover wrote:And what happened to all the non-Kryptonians in Non and Astra's little army? Are they all locked up at the DEO now?

The DEO is actually the prison ship that crashed. It's said most escaped so only those caught are at the DEO. I presume the majority are under Kryptonian rule. They just didn't get screen time yet. :P

I don't think we will ever see supes in a regular episode unless it's some special. I bet he's blond in his human disguise.
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by mitsuki lover
#32294 I must have missed the part when it came out that the DEO HQ was Fort Ross.
Well Supergirl has been traditionally blonde, even the Linda Danvers version had a blonde wig
to cover her normal brunette hair.

Poor Jo'nn I wonder how he feels having to shapeshift into Kara or Supergirl when need arises.
OTOH in the Death And Life Of Superman the Matrix Supergirl when she still had her shapeshifting ability had to do the same to cover for Clark when Superman was 'killed'.
(She lost them when she merged with Linda and was only able to morph back and force from
Supergirl to Linda from then on until they were separated.)

And AFAIG with the whole 52 thing. As they explain it at the DC Comics website it all has to do with the 52 comics they came out with a few years back during the entire reboot.
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by Almael
#32315 Well, I'm not so into the newer ones, although, I have glanced at some. Mostly those significant ones.

It appears the Kryptonians have a sun god Ra or [Ræul]?
Now, Kara got demoted and replaced by Siobhan. This could give us some amusing cat fights.
Cat: "Oh, the burden of Power!"