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by ookamilord
#32330 ( warning a little lengthy and i think i might have side tract a bit) for starters if anyone wants to move or delete feel free i have been way to busy to care about this stuff anymore. so lets get started with the update stuffs. i have been working on improving my vids by trial and error in the hopes that i find a style i like and a means not to get caught by YouTube spam bots but like everything else its a work in progress. i have been uploading my vids on Facebook because YouTube bots attack my work well before anyone is awake to even watch it. the average time i upload is around 3-5 am. i have not had the ability to use my new mic because A) my old one's plug is falling apart. B) the new mic is a combo plug which is used for tablets and cell phones and the newer computers and in order for it to work i need a female, male, male splitter to attach it to my USB sound adapter. i have lots of show notes and that's mostly from the 60's and from some recent shows. in the mean time i have made some game play vids of wolf team which is a first person shooter mixed with werewolves. i plan to do more until my part comes in but im running out of ideas for games that i can play on pc. outside of that YouTube's bots just love messing with me. the first time i uploaded a vid i did not set up any monetization got hit with claims followed their steps it worked for about in hour then got hit with claims man i hat bots. i wouldn't mind working with people if they didn't rely on bots for everything. so i have also been writing rough drafts on a fair use policy that cant be abused and each time i get 1 step forward i have to take 2 steps back.

now that my vid making nightmare is out of the way i have also been working on my eternal bonds project so far i need to write about teen romance and its extremely hard because i was never outgoing like my characters are and i usually write from experiences that i have had. so any decent reference material would help on that and dont say twilight. currently my main female is flirting with my main male and im trying to set the mood up with the classic "oh no their going to have their first kiss but a third party interrupts them and they come to their senses bla bla bla". outside of the project i have been busy with taking care of my grandfather who took a spill down a flight of stair and had to get staples on his head and that's not really good when he is a insulin diabetic and has problems with neuroprothey ( i can say it but spelling no go) and to make sure it doesn't happen again we are old man proofing the house any way we can because he is very stubborn and doesn't want to admit that he needs help. my only free moments are when the siblings are home to make my load easier because at this moment i am self teaching myself computers simply because the wonderful state of IL does not have its state budget up so until that happens no state money will be going to public collage. public schools are having a really hard time but hey at least the books are cheap at the local goodwill. i know some of you might be asking why don't i just move to a state like Indiana for collage well the answer the that is i don't want to be to far away from my grandfather until he passes on which according to the doc he might live for another 2 years if he is lucky and i want to make the time i have with him the greatest so that way he can pass on to the after life without worrying to much about the should and the could. outside of that trying to decide on which of the 4 intro/outro songs to play for my vids. also been busy with my soon to be 2 year old husky blue healer mix. if only the galaxy police was real then i could go to or from whatever place im at in a matter of minutes. i guess that's all i have to really say unless someone wants to ask for more details then i will be more than glad to answer. this is for the new faces that might come across this post. i am a very easy going person and if you have a problem with me in any way or have something you just want to get off your chest but don't know who to talk to my door is always open i might not always be on here but i am on YouTube and Facebook. just pm and i will lend anyone an ear. oh side note kaiser asked me a very interesting question about what my channel stands for and I'm going to go ahead and share my answer.

my channel is going to be used primarily as a channel that will help others out by means of charity. by that i mean of course i will take some of the profit but very little. i will take what i need to help get better equipment to better my vids. my general aim is to reduce poverty in my country a step at a time. when i start to bring in money which at the moment im not with only 3 subscribers at the moment and that is fair considering all of the technical problems i have been facing but that has changed a little with the hammy down gaming computer i got from a cousin of mine. i know that their are a lot of people that are going to say " oh you dont care about starving kids out in Africa or (insert location here) to be honest i do but at the same time i don't. im more worried about the starving families who live in our own country more because majority of my best friends were starving kids who were thrown out of their home or decided to leave their abusive parents because their parents lost their jobs and became a monster in so many ways. my family and i gave them food shelter and everything that we had at the time and we weren't doing much better. sorry for the mini rant/explanation. basically my channel with a few exceptions is a channel that was originally a hobby that is going to be eventually turned into a charity in itself. their is nothing wrong about making a living off of YouTube but i just want a little more funds just in case i have to start over from scratch again. wth2