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by segaman4
#24297 “Hello there…!” the small girl said impishly waving a casual salute.
"Um, hello…? Ami replied a little puzzled by this turn of events.
"You've been in there who knows how long and your first words are ‘hello there’…?” Jerren scratched his head.
"I’ve been locked up in that prison for quite a while. You could be nicer to me, you know? Manners cost nothing.” The girl pouted.
“Look, little girl…” Jerren said walking over to her and patting her head, “We have bigger concerns than worrying about social niceties right now.”
Washus’ eyebrows twitched with each pat, and her smile locked tight.
"Why…I am little,” she said grinning, “Call me little Washu. What’s your name?”
She stretched her hand to Jerren in a friendly gesture. Ami raised her hand to warn Jerren something wasn’t right, and Washu spun around him in a playful twirl drawing his eye line and effectively cutting Ami from sight.
“My name is Jerren Ryo Gregory,” he said taking Washu’s hand. “But you can just call me…”
Washu then gripped his hand so hard that she almost crushed it.
“Ow...Uh, W…Wa...Washu…!” Jerren said as he tried to free his hand from her grip, “’! You c...can let go NOW!”
Washu let go of his hand, still grinning.
“That was for calling me ‘little girl’ and patting me on the head like I was some kind of pet! A little respect, huh?” She said giving him a cold stare, the smile never leaving her face.
“I am Professor Washu of the Royal Space Academy…the greatest scientific mind in the ENTIRE universe!”
Miniature Puppets of Washu that looked exactly like her popped into existence and stood on her shoulders.
"Yes! Washu is the best of the best, the greatest genius the universe has ever known!” The puppets said in unison before all three Washu’s laughed a little manically, unnerving Jerren and Ami.
"Hello Miss Washu…” Ami began.
“Please…call me ‘little Washuuu’!” Washu put a finger to each cheek in a cute pose.
“Er…little Washu, my name is Ami Anderson and I have to say it is a pleasure to meet a superior intellect such as yourself!”
"It’s a pleasure to meet you too Ami.” Washu offered Ami her hand, making Ami back away defensively. Washu grinned at the young woman’s caution. “I have to say I love the way you articulate. You have a flair for wordplay young lady…"
"Why thank you little Washu,” replied Ami, “I always try to brush up on my vocabulary and sentence structure so that…wait a second; a minute ago you mentioned the Royal Space Academy…is that the one on Todain?”
“What other Royal Space Academy is there?” Washu walked around the chamber looking at her surroundings in better detail.
“I researched Kagato before we came here, and the only person taken from Todain was a female student, about five thousand years ago.”
"I see!” Washu looked amused. “The researchers probably got their information from my…colleagues. They never were willing to admit to my brilliance. Saying a student was taken sounds like something they’d say. I have a question for you two now; what are you doing on this ship?”
"Well you see,” said Ami, “We’re on a mission, or quest if you like, to save the princess of Jurai from Kagato, who plans to kill her and destroy Jurai unless they hand over something called Tsunami.”
"I see,” replied Washu, “So my old student is up to no good again. Some people never learn…and you say he's attacking Jurai?”
"Yeah…!” Jerren said still holding his hand.
"I understand!” Washu looked more amused than concerned at the news. “But you look so ordinary, what can the two of you hope to do?" Washu fixed her attention on Jerren’s hand.
“You ARE strong, I’ll admit…every bone in your hand SHOULD have been crushed into powder…but your strength is nothing against Kagato…”
"Well, we do have this to help us…!” Jerren reached into his pocket and brought out the light hawk sword.
"Amazing…!” Washu who was kneeling in the rubble jumped to her feet in surprise, “The light hawk sword! The most powerful weapon in the Jurain Empire! But…you are not Jurain…are you?”
"I have no idea why it works…I'm just glad it does.” Jerren sighed.
"Very interesting…” Washu turned to Ami. “What about you, Ami? You are quite intelligent but otherwise, not particularly remarkable.”
"I have water based abilities that developed not too long ago. It's funny…I played a character called Sailor Mercury on Earth for a television show. I never knew why I was drawn to the role, but strangely I’m gaining my characters powers, here and now.”
"Mercury…Earth…Sailors? Ha, of course it’s obvious; you are an Earth born descendant of the Mercurian kingdom…a part of the Silver Crystal Imperium that faded into obscurity millennia ago. This ‘television show’ must be based on legends of the kingdom that must have somehow survived…and if you are developing water powers, then you are descended from a noble Mercurian line indeed. But…what could have activated your birthright? Such abilities in so diluted a line should have remained dormant...” Washu looked thoughtfully at Ami.
“Well, I did live on Mercury for a year…!” Ami thought out loud.
"Well, Well, this IS getting interesting, puzzles, conundrums and enigmas abound with the two of you!” Washu said with an even bigger grin.
"Now we have a question for you,” said Jerren pointing at her with the sword. “Where are we and how do we get out of here?”
Washu chuckled.
"You can’t!” She said smiling at him. “You see, this ship has two dimensional layers and you two are now in the reversed section. A top and a bottom layer, mirror opposites if you will, separated by an intersection which sadly, is only one way; the only way out I know of would be to destroy Kagato.”
" mean were stuck here...FOREVER…” yelled Jerren, “…unless that beast is destroyed? What kind of idiot would build a reverse world you couldn’t get out of? That is so stupid!"
"That…would be me!” replied Washu, grimacing, “It was I who built the magnificent Soja after all.”
"You mean…you built all this?” Ami gasped.
"Of course,” said Washu proudly, “everything you see here I made using my own two hands. I built other ships as well; I’m particularly proud of Ryo-Ohki. My greatest achievement however, is my, er…daughter, Ryoko!”
Jerren grabbed a nonplussed Washu by her jacket lifting her face to his.
"You’re the one who made that demon beast?” Jerren yelled, “What is wrong with you lady? She’s a monster!"
"So Ryoko is causing trouble as well,” Washu sighed, “probably Kagatos doing…that doesn’t surprise me at all. He always wanted to use Ryoko for her destructive power. I warned him that I would intervene if he tried anything, but he somehow managed to lock me up in that crystal.”
Ami yawned, the excitement and adrenalin of the last few hours finally taking their toll on the young woman as her body began to unwind. She stretched out to bring herself back into focus.
"Well according to my research, Kagato did attack Jurai some 700 years ago along with Ryoko. Their reign of terror only stopped when Yosho, a blood Prince of Jurai’s royal family engaged them in battle.”
"So this isn’t the first time he attempted this?” Washu’s voice appeared behind Ami making her jump. Jerren also jumped and looked at what he was holding. A Washu puppet leered at his shocked expression. “Ryoko helping him attack Jurai 700 years ago convinces me that he was spear heading his plans for universal domination…and he almost succeeded."

Just then something started beeping in Jerren’s pocket.
"What’s that sound?” Jerren patted his pockets finally pulling out the cube Mihoshi had given him almost a week ago. Washu grabbed it from his hand before he had a chance to look at it.
“HEY…!” Jerren protested.
"And what can this be?” Washu examined it. "Hmm, if I’m not mistaken, this is a GP storage cube.”
“What are you doing with a storage cube Jerren?" Ami turned to her friend.
"Oh yeah...I remember now,” Jerren said as he scratched his head, “A GP officer called Mihoshi gave it to me when I came here to fight Kagato the first time. She thought it might help rescue the princess. She was nice, and had the same colour skin as me…what are the odds, huh? I guess I forgot I had it…”
"So what you are saying is that a female officer gave it to you?” Ami demanded her face flushing with emotion. “Why, pray tell, would she do that?”
“To help rescue the Princess…!” Jerren reiterated, confused by Ami’s sudden tone.
Ami then turned her back on him, putting her hands on her hips.
"I see now…you love those tough, confident female types. I guess I’m no match for her professional demeanor and exotic beauty.” Ami’s imagination was running wild with imagined trysts between Jerren and the capable police agent.
Jerren burst out laughing, startling Ami.
“Mihoshi…y…you’re talking about Mihoshi?” Jerren said between guffaws. “Oh Ami, she’s a nice lady but you’d have to meet her to understand why that is so funny.”
Caught up in Jerrens mirth, Ami couldn’t help but giggle a little herself as her suspicions melted away. On the other side of them, Washu shivered and her stomach knotted at the mention of Mihoshi for a reason she could not determine.
"I promise you Ami,” Jerren stated, “I would never trade you for anyone else!”
Ami blushed at Jerren’s assertion.
"If you two are done having one of your "episodes' then I can now say that this cube is our ticket out of this place,” Washu held the cube above her head. “This cube can warp dimensions, all I have to do is find the right match and...”
She twisted the cube a final time and they warped out of the room and were back outside next to a huge door.
"We’re free!” Jerren crowed, “Were free from the mirror side, it’s a miracle!”
"Hardly! Here’s the door to Kagato’s control room,” said Washu. “I’m sure we can all hear the organ music. Darn, 5000 years and he hasn’t improved a bit…”
"Yeah that’s him all right.” Jerren confirmed.
"Well I guess this is it,” Ami nervously twitched her fingers, “the final battle for Jurai and the fate of the universe begins now.”

Jerren reached to push the door, but before his hand could touch it, the doors swung open. Startled, Jerren stepped back, looking around. Shrugging to Ami and Washu, he accepted the unspoken invitation, entering the chamber. His companions followed on his heels.
Kagato sat playing his organ, a dark creepy symphony reverberating around the chambers corners.
Ayeka huddled, still and small in her force field prison with a sad expression, evidence of the harrowing time spent as Kagato’s captive. She had given up all hope until she saw Jerren stride into the chamber.
"Jerren!” Ayeka exclaimed, joy lighting up her face “I cannot believe it, you are alive!”
Her glance flicked over Ami dismissing her as unimportant. Then Washu stepped forward.
"Who is that small lady? Could it be…?”
“KAGATO…!” Jerren boomed over the music, “I’M BACK AND THIS TIME I WILL FINISH WHAT I STARTED!"
Kagato’s hands froze over the keys, and he rose from his chair. Gliding down the small steps he turned his attention on Jerren, Ami and Washu.
"Well, I see that you have been spared destruction, boy.” Kagato smirked. “Ah, I see you brought friends with you this time, and if my eyes do not deceive me; Washu my old teacher, I thought perhaps you had died in your little prison.”
"You should know well enough by now that it is not so easy to get rid of me, Kagato.” Washu spoke easily but an underlying anger tinged her words, “Your plans stop here and now, if you give up I promise you that these two won't hurt you too badly.”
Kagato laughed at Washu.
"I see you have retained your sense of humor at least. But…I have had enough of this foolishness; I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with worthless children. Soon I will be ruling the entire universe...” Kagato made a small signal.
Ryoko materialized in front of Kagato in an aggressive battle stance. She turned to Jerren a toothy smile spread across her face.
"I see that my blast did not kill you,” Ryoko grinned, “No scars, burns…nothing! I will have to rectify that little over sight; you will not escape me again human!" Her yellow eyes found Ami’s.
"Heh, this is hardly the place to bring your little girlfriend for a romantic getaway…but at least you’ll die together…!” Ryoko summoned her energy sword to her hand and prepared to attack.
"Oh my poor, poor Ryoko,” Washu lamented. “I thought you were less pathetic than this…ah, but you were deprived of a mother’s wisdom to guide you, I suppose some of the blame must be mine.” She nodded to herself.
Ryoko pointed the tip of her blade at Washu’s head.
"What was that, you pint sized piece of garbage!” Ryoko snarled.
"What, you didn't hear me?” Washu shrugged her shoulders, “Deaf to boot, boy I really messed up when I made you…PATHETIC!” Ryoko disappeared then reappeared with her blade at Washu’s throat. Jerren moved towards them, hilt in hand, but Washu signaled him to back away.
"Say that one more time,” Ryoko whispered in her ear, “and find out what happens to that little neck of yours!”
"You know when I made you; free will was one of the extras I threw in just for the heck of it. Thinking and making your own decisions. Ah, an ambitious experiment, but I can see that you are just a tool bent to Kagato’s will, obeying his every command without a thought of your own. It saddens me to be honest.”
Washu raised her hand in front of Ryoko’s face. Uncurling her fingers, three small gems glittered in the light. Ryoko could not take her eyes off them.
"Are they…what I think they are?” Her voice was hoarse with emotion.
"That’s right Ryoko; your power gems that you lost so long ago. Fortunately, they very recently came back into my possession.” Washu smiled looking at the light hawk sword in Jerren’s hand, three gems the lesser. “The only reason you haven’t turned on Kagato yet is because you lacked your gems to overpower him. Here…they are yours!”
Ryoko hesitated but only for a second. Snatching the gems from Washu’s outstretched hand; she absorbed them into her skin.
"I am complete again…” Ryoko crowed, “Yes, I can feel the full extent of my power flowing within my body!" Turning her attention to Kagato, Ryoko flung Washu away into Jerren’s waiting embrace as he plucked her from midair, and pointed her sword in her old masters direction.
"I’m no longer your whipping girl, Kagato! Now I’m the one giving the orders around here.”
Kagato laughed; the sound echoing from the walls and making it seem like the sound came from everywhere. Ryoko slashed at the air in annoyance.
“Foolish girl, I will always be your master…!" Suddenly with no transition, he had Ryoko’s head in his grasp. “However…in light of recent transgressions, your services are no longer required!”
Kagato drained the power kept in her body as she screamed and writhed in pain. The energy discharge forced the three helpless witnesses to keep their distance. The three gems, so recently returned to Washu’s daughter, were unceremoniously ripped from her body, embedding themselves into Kagato’s wrists, and after she was completely drained he tossed her body to the ground as if he were discarding rubbish.
Jerren and Ami prepared themselves to fight Kagato as the battle for Jurai and the entire universe now rested in their hands.

"Are you ready for this Ami?" Jerren activated the light hawk sword.
"I am…!” Ami took her vest off, folded it and gave it to Washu who sat cradling her unconscious daughter in her arms.
"I don't know what good it will do keeping your vest safe...” Jerren looked on mildly perplexed.
“Hey, it’s my favourite vest! Now then, let’s put this freak in his proper place once and for all!"
“Kick his butt!” Washu cheered.
"Right…!" Ami took a balanced stance beside her friend, winking at the diminutive scientist.
Without exchanging any words, the duo charged at their enemy.
With a wave of his hand Kagato generated a giant, green energy wave that crackled though the air, hurtling in their direction.
"Watch out!” Jerren blocked the wave with a shield of energy from his sword. Ami stumbled to halt her charge, just barely throwing a bubble field in the path of the energy wave. Waves of pressure beat at their combined fields. Laughing in gleeful malice, Kagato sent a powerful wave of energy like a blast against his enemies’ shields.
"I…its getting stronger…!” Jerrens’ leg buckled and he fell to his knee. "At this rate our barriers won’t hold, we have to….”
Their force fields collapsed and they were sent flying, bouncing painfully along the ground before hitting the wall with a terrific thud.
"Man, this guy is even tougher than before!” said Jerren shaking his head to clear the ringing in his ears.
"All that power he drained from Ryoko along with those gems has made him virtually unstoppable,” replied Ami, “but we can't give up now!”
"Lie still children and I promise to make your end a swift one!” Kagato pointed at them and crystalline missiles shot from the walls burning a clear trail straight towards the fallen comrades. Jerren and Ami groggily stumbled to their feet and held their ground.
Jerren slashed several of the missiles, their pieces falling to either side of him as harmless rubble while Ami gathered her energy, releasing a wave of shining spheres towards the leftover projectiles.
“MERCURY AQUA MIST!" Ami shouted as the bubbles slammed into the missiles, exploding on impact. Everyone present shielded their face as a barrage of debris flew in all directions. Kagato raised an eyebrow at the human girl.
"Why did you shout out the name of your attack?” Jerren readied himself for Kagatos next move.
"Um, I guess old habits are hard to break…” Ami gathered her energy.
"Oh right, you did that on the show…makes sense,” nodded Jerren, “let’s put those attacks to good use and throw everything we’ve got at him.”
Jerren leapt forward leveling a mighty slash at Kagato’s head. Kagato countered with a hastily formed energy sword, barely deflecting Jerren’s attack. As they engaged in a vicious saber duel, Ami looked on and held back waiting for an opening to unleash her own attack. However as the battle progressed it quickly became clear that the human had the upper hand and Kagato was surprised to find himself on the defensive.
"How are you doing this human?” Kagato flew through the air as he tried to keep pace with his opponents’ wild attack, “You never displayed such ability in our last battle.”
“That was five day ago and things change fast,” replied Jerren grinning, “What’s the matter old man, can’t keep up anymore?”
Kagato frowned at Jerren’s glib jibes. “Perhaps I should even things out then..."
Kagato flicked his wrist towards Ryoko who was still lying unconscious in Washus’ arms. She jerked free from her mother’s grasp, pulled into the air like a marionette that had just had its strings plucked; her eyes shining a bright blood red, she screamed a guttural primal sound, more bestial than sentient, her mind submerged beneath Kagato’s will.
Kagato placed his fingers on his wrist, piercing into his flesh and removed a dripping blood spattered gem. With a flick the gem disappeared. Ryoko screamed again, this time in exultation, a bright red glow pulsing from her left wrist.
“Now let us see how you handle this, you pitiable fools…”
With his new found super strength, Jerren flipped around and sprang directly at the floating Kagato punching him hard in the stomach and sending him flying into his organ, demolishing it and burying him beneath the rubble. Ryoko shot multiple energy blasts at Jerren but the light hawk wings formed around him, blocking them all. Ami then ran in front of Jerren, spinning gracefully, bubbles shot from her hands cascading at Ryoko. Snarling she dodged them and teleported from sight.
"Watch out Jerren, she’s being controlled by Kagato,” said Ami watching every corner of the room, ribbons of water vapor twirling her body, “She has been reduced to a beast like state, I don’t think she is even conscious.”
"Ah, I see…” replied Jerren constantly shifting his battle stance to keep an eye on every moving shadow, “With the glowing red eyes and screeching like a bat, I thought maybe she was finally warming up to us, but ‘controlled’ sounds...AMI!”
Ryoko reappeared above Ami and fell towards her with an over head strike aimed at splitting the girl in two. Jerren sprang between them engaging her blade with his own.
"Don't tell me you forgot about me already?” Jerren blocked Ryoko’s multiple blows, “We’re not done yet…!”
Ryoko’s blows went wider with each strike and her next attack missed completely. Seeing an opening Ami shot thin strands of vapor that entwined Ryokos’ limbs, immobilizing her.
"Jerren, aim for her left arm…” shouted Ami pointing at the glow beneath her skin, “That’s where the gem is. Take it out and the shock might free her from Kagatos influence!”
"Got it…” Jerren flipped his wrist and took a more controlled slashing posture, “Get the gem!"
He then sliced her left wrist above the glow, the blade passing through her flesh as though it were made of no substance at all. The hand and gem expanded and then contracted into nothingness. Ryoko screamed shrilly at the loss of her power and slumped unconscious in the embrace of Ami’s tendrils. Ami lowered her unresponsive body softly back into Washu’s waiting arms.
"Well that takes care of one problem,” said Jerren panting, “now for the other one.”

From under the rubble of his once grand musical organ, Kagato reemerged and flew into midair, sending debris flying in all directions. His temper roused, he turned his attention on Jerren.
In icy fury, Kagato raised his hand; green energy coalesced forming a blast of powerful force. Jerren did not wait for the attack, running inhumanly fast, he jumped into the air ready to attack his enemy once again. Kagato fired his blast but Jerren deflected it with a simple flick with the light hawk sword. Distracted, Kagato did not see Ami shoot glowing spheres from her hands, hitting him directly, but throwing him out of Jerrens’ reach.
"A direct hit…!" Ami smiled.
Kagato teleported behind her and grabbed her neck, choking the human woman.
"AMI…!” Jerren cried out, scrambling towards them.
"I wonder what you would look like as a statue girl. Let’s find out?””
Spreading from her neck, her body began to turn to stone.
"J…Je…Jerr…en!” she croaked in desperation, her body becoming less responsive with each passing second. Jerren charged into Kagato stabbing him in the neck. Kagato staggered away, dropping Ami. Jerren dropped his sword clasping Ami close to him.
"Are you ok, Ami?” Jerren asked softly. Ami’s body began return to its original state.
"Yes...Yes I am!” replied Ami rubbing her sore throat, “My goodness, that was a close call…”
Just then Kagato strode behind Jerren, casting his shadow over them.
"Jerren, WATCH OUT!” Ami shouted as Kagato grabbed him by the head.
"I have had enough of you boy,” Kagato squeezed Jerren’s head, “This time you will die by my hands!” Kagato sent volts of electricity coruscating though his body and Jerren screamed in agony. His body flailed uselessly in his enemies iron grip.
Ami scooped the light hawk sword into her hand, fumbling with the hilt as her body still wasn’t fully recovered from the petrifaction it went through a moment ago. Activating it, a powerful shock doubled the young woman over. Reaching out she grabbed Kagato’s robes and the painful shock passed into his body, surprising him, and Jerren fell free from his hold. Furious, Kagato recovered himself and grabbed them both by their necks, holding their bodies free from the ground their struggles to no avail as his grip was too tight.
"This time I will…” He growled, but before he could say another word, the light hawk sword spun off the ground through the air, activating and stabbing him through the chest.
“W…what…?” Kagato stumbled back, a burning feeling spreading through his body.
His body gave an inadvertent spasm releasing Jerren and Ami as his body began to fall apart, like sand blown by the wind.
"Well…done, humans,” a grimace of pain replaced his smile if only for a second. “You've won…!”
Calm settled his features as he completely disappeared into dust.
"You did it, you defeated Kagato!” Washu exclaimed punching the air in triumph.
"We did…?” replied Jerren, stunned.
“We defeated the most wanted criminal in the entire galaxy and saved the whole universe!” Ami hugged Jerren laughing softly.

To be continued.....
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by segaman4
#24560 “Fascinating…” Washu said under her breath as the two humans celebrated their victory, “Could these children be the ones prophesied over 150,000 years ago?”
The force field holding Ayeka flickered and disappeared. The Princess fell sprightly to the floor where she ran to Jerren and threw herself into his arms. Jerren held her awkwardly, not sure what to make of it, or how he should react to the sudden intimacy.
"Oh thank you Jerren…thank you, thank you!” Ayeka exclaimed, tears welling at the corner of her eyes, a grateful smile beaming up at the face of her rescuer. “I cannot thank you enough for rescuing me!”
"Um…that’s alright Miss Ayeka, but I don't deserve all the credit, my friend Ami helped…” Jerren indicated Ami who stood off to the side blushing at the emotional display of the Princess. Ayeka turned to Ami her demeanor turning cold.
"Oh...of course…” Ayeka presented a stiff formal bow to Ami. “On behalf of myself and the people of Jurai I thank you for your service to the Empire.” Ayeka sounded detacched, speaking by rote rather than with any emotional sincerity.
"It's an honor to meet you Princess Ayeka!” Ami said politely, bowing to Ayeka.
Ayeka looked at her with a frown.
"Yes, yes...” waved Ayeka dismissively, “I…”
The ground heaved unsteadily under their feet and the room started to shake sending everyone stumbling to hold their balance.
“What’s going on?” Jerren shouted as he fell to his knees. The others had not fared any better and had lost their footing, sprawling on the ground.
"The ship is starting to collapse in on itself!” Ami’s voice cracked in fear, “We need to escape!"
"But how, the ship we came here in was destroyed!” Jerren pointed out.
"We can take my ship,” answered Washu, “Ryo-Ohki is a loyal ship, all I need to do is call and she will come.”
"RYO-OHKI! I SUMMON YOU!” Washu shouted.
An explosion threw everyone to the floor again.
“That wasn’t the ship…someone is firing at us…” Ami forced herself to her feet.

Outside, the Royal Imperial Navy of the Jurian fleet surrounded the crippled Soja.
“Kagato, you poor distracted fool…” Azuza laughed, “You…are…MINE! All ships: Fire on the Soja, NOW!”
A barrage of laser fire engulfed the mammoth ship.
A vessel on par with Soja suddenly appeared between the fleet and the damaged ship. The mysterious new ship had sharp diamond like edges protruding from a red cylindrical sphere in the center. The ships stopped their deadly cavalcade.
“Who is that?” Misaki cried in surprise.
“It doesn’t matter…KEEP FIRING!”
The new participant in the unfolding space drama took the brief respite of fire to fly close to the Soja. But as the lasers burst the space around the ship, it spun wildly before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.
A few seconds later the Soja exploded.
Azuza laughed in triumph at the demise of his old enemies’ flagship.
“And what of Ayeka?” Misaki asked her husband.
Azuza’s victory dance froze mid celebration at his wife’s words.
“Oh…!” He croaked.

"Why did Soja blow up like that?” Jerren asked curiously, “It was blowing up even before those other ships started shooting.”
"Kagato died,” replied Washu, “So the ship went with him since they were bound together. I told you about that before, you really should pay attention, you know…”
"Oh, I see! Well at least we’re safe now. Ryo-Ohki teleported us off the Soja in the nick of time.” Jerren patted the ships wall. A sound like a proud meow reverberated throughout the corridors of the ship.
“What was that?” Ayeka shivered.
“Oh, just Ryo-Ohki saying you’re welcome.” Washu grinned at the Princess, who flinched.
“So little Washu, um, where are we going?” Ami asked the diminutive scientist.
“Well, I thought I’d drop you three back on Jurai…” Washu looked at some monitors. “Unfortunately we have to take the long way around because of that fleet, but don’t worry; I’ll get you home safe and sound.” Washu grinned. Turning away, she strode over to Ryoko who was suspended in a clear tube of fluid. Gingerly she reached up and placed her hand on the glass, before turning her attention back to the ships monitors.
Jerren found a seat and slumped into it. Ami walked up and sat beside him placing her head on his shoulder in weariness and Jerren covered her hand with his own.
Ayeka watched the comrades with eyes slit in anger, before huffing and leaving the room, head held high.

An hour later Ryo-Ohki landed on Jurai, her cloaking system hiding their approach from the sensors set around the Planet, Azuza and Misaki’s castle a mere stone’s throw from their location with no-one the wiser. Slowly they disembarked the ship with the exception of Washu who waited on the gang plank.
"So is she going to, you ok?” Ami asked concerned, her last sight of Ryoko still unconscious with her missing left hand a stark reminder of the harrowing battle mere hours before.
“She'll be fine,” replied washu “She just needs rest.”
"But, what about her hand…?” Jerren held up his hand and wiggled his fingers.
"It’s healing right now.” Washu brought up a screen showing Ryoko in her tank.
"Oh my, it IS healing!” Ami watched the limb regenerate in front of her eyes. The stump grew digits that formed her left hand and in moments was completely restored to its original state. Jerren, Ami, and Ayeka gasped at the sudden restoration.
"So this creature has the ability to regenerate; that is new,” said Ayeka shrewdly, “But where are you taking her? You do know there is a 300 million credit bounty on her head?”
"Yes, I know, but she is my…daughter.” Washu rolled the unfamiliar word around her mouth. “We’ll go somewhere she can heal in peace. I'll see you guys again when the time is right, till then, take care.” The ship then shut its doors and blurred and was gone.

Meanwhile inside the castle, Azuza and Misaki were drinking saki out of blue crystal cups and making fun of Jerren and Ami, their sorrow at their daughter’s apparent demise had gotten them started on a truly legendary bender.
"Hey M…Misaki, who…who am I…?” Azuza said unevenly as he stumbled out from his chair: “Riches and power, now that’s some motivation right there…!” Azuza gave a semblance of being excited, waving his hands in the air before doubling over in laughter and falling to his knees.
Misaki laughed so hard that she fell from her chair, pulling herself back into her seat with difficulty.
"That is the boy…9631!" Misaki giggled as she got up as unsteadily as her husband had and did an impression of Ami.
"Don't underestimate us, for we make a lethal combination!” Misaki struggled to keep a straight face.
"You are 0254!” laughed Azuza.
"Got it in one,” replied Misaki her grin fading, “I wonder if they suffered much.”
"Maybe…” Azuza thought before solemnly declaring, “Well they did provide an excellent, if brief diversion..."
Just then Ayeka burst through the door and ran into her parents arms.
“Mommy…Daddy! I am home, Jerren saved me from Kagato!"
"I helped…” Ami grumbled at the Princesses continued slights.
Azuza and Misaki spat out there saki in disbelief as those they believed dead walked boldly into the room.
"T…they made it,” Misaki spluttered in shock, “But…but how?"
Azuza stared at his cup blearily in suspicion and set it aside.
A woman with a pale complexion, long black hair and emerald eyes, strode purposefully into the room. Her robe was an elegant Japanese design in pale rose and lily shades. A cape adorned her shoulders framing a regal figure. Her name was Funaho Misaki Jurai.
"My goodness what a meeting,” said Funaho, “I never thought I would be so happy to see the back of the Tenju estate…"
“Aunt Funaho…!” Ayeka ran to the woman and hugged her tightly, eyes wet with tears.
"What is wrong my niece?” Funaho held Ayeka tenderly, “Did something happen while I was away?”
"Yes,” replied Ayeka, “I was at the mercy of S-class criminal Kagato for six days!”
"Kagato you say?” Funaho expressed her concern, “Did he hurt you in any way?”
"No…but he did manage to get some information regarding Tsunami. It is alright though because my bodyguard Jerren rescued me and killed him.”
"I helped beat him too!” Ami snapped shortly. Ayeka stared icily at Ami but nodded curtly.
"You mean these two…humans? My goodness, they ARE human…they defeated Kagato? How interesting…” Funaho addressed the pair, “Who are you?”
Ami walked over to Funaho and introduced herself.
"Hello, my name is Ami Mizuno Anderson from Earth; please may I learn your name?”
"I am Lady Funaho Misaki Jurai and I am first lady to the misaki house.You said you were from Earth?”
Ami nodded.
"Along with that young man over there…?” Funaho looked at Jerren.
Jerren then introduced himself.
"Lady Funaho,” Jerren bowed, “My name is Jerren brandon Gregory. It is an honour to meet you.”
"Pray tell, how did the two of you end up here on Jurai?” Lady Funaho walked gracefully to the throne dais, unclasping her cape and laying it over the throne before seating herself next to her husband who suddenly tried to sit taller. Misaki self-consciously attempted the same. Ayeka demurely sat herself at her aunt’s feet.
"Well, you see,” Jerren began, “We came to this planet as slaves and exiles along with the other people from Mercury. I'm Princess Ayeka’s slave, although, um, I got a promotion to bodyguard, I guess, and Ami is a seamstress for the royal family.”
"Ah I see!” Funaho clapped in understanding, “Captured on Mercury you were outside the protection of Earths slave restriction zone. Hmm, But defeating an S-rank criminal like Kagato? That is something I would very much like to hear about.”
"Well…I did have this...” Jerren pulled out the master key sword.
Silence hung in the room thick and heavy.
"Y...You can wield the Light Hawk sword?” Funaho’s composure broke for a second in shock. The three nobles shot looks to each other that could not be misread. Azuza and Misaki sobered up measurably. Ayeka nodded, smiling at Jerren.
"But this boy is not even Jurain let alone a member of the royal family!” Azuza stated.
"It is impossible!” said Misaki, deep in thought. “How can the sword respond to him if he is not a part of our lineage? Did we miss something?”
"Hey I'm as stumped as you are,” Jerren offered, “but like I keep saying I'm just glad it works. It impaled Kagato a second before he would have snapped our necks. We owe this sword our lives several times over.”
Ami thought better of revealing her powers to the Emperor and Empresses. Her powers might grant her a secret advantage that might come in handy at an opportune moment.
“Oh, that reminds me, since we have returned Princess Ayeka safe and sound and Kagato is dead, we can now get the rewards you promised us, right?”
"Rewards…what rewards?” Funaho now concerned, turned to her husband, “What is the girl talking about?"
Azuza and Misaki slumped into their seats and drank more saki.
"I have no idea,” replied Misaki into her cup, “She must be imagining things…”
"Oh stop playing around,” Ami chuckled, thinking that Misaki was being coy. “You know what you promised us. Making us wealthy nobles in your kingdom..."
"With vast political power and influence AND control over your royal guards and military,” Jerren chimed in to Misaki’s dismay, “Don't forget that!"
Funaho turned her head to regard Azuza and Misaki with an icy expression making the two nobles shrink even further into their seats.
"Did you actually promise all of this and while I was away at an important meeting?” Azuza and Misaki turned their faces away for a second and took another sip of their saki.
"I assure you we have no idea what they are talking about,” Azuza blustered. “I would guess that the battle with Kagato must have damaged their minds or something.”
"Stop playing dumb,” snapped Ami, getting serious, “You gave us your word that you would reward us if, and only if, we stopped Kagato from attacking Jurai; if we returned the Princess safely. So why are you denying it now?"
Funaho turned her attention back to Azuza and Misaki with an even colder look.
"Well…answer her question!” Funaho ordered crisply, “Did you promise…or not?”
Misaki unable to look at her sisters’ face any longer threw her cup away and admitted the truth.
"Alright, it was a flat out lie! We thought they were so over their heads that we said we would give them whatever they wanted. We never expected them to come back, well, ALIVE!”
"Well they ARE back,” said Funaho gesturing at the indignant humans, “Kagato is dead and both they, along with Ayeka are alive! So the Misaki household is honour bound to make good on what you promised them.” Funaho slapped her face into her palm in disbelief.
"I am so disgusted at you two! You know that since I rule the Misaki house, decisions and promises must be run by me before they are even uttered. What will the other houses think when we make these humans nobles of the Misaki house. You know their bias towards the human race, or have you conveniently forgotten MY heritage?”
“We are sorry sister,” Misaki wailed in guilt and shame, “We were just having fun that is all. Please forgive us?”
"I am not the one you need to beg forgiveness from sister,” Funaho rose from her seat and walked over to her sister putting her hand on Misaki’s cheek, “because I am taking this matter to Lady Seto!”
"L...LADY SETO!” Azuza and Misaki said in unison, “NOT HER!”
Azuza and Misaki's faces turned pale and sweat started to pour down their faces.
Ayeka rose to her feet and walked over to Jerren’s side.
"That is definitely a bad idea!” said Azuza holding his head in worry, “Seto is the last person we want to go to about something as controversial as this. The last time someone got on her bad side she sent that person out an airlock without a spacesuit!
"The last time I got into trouble, I was grounded for a year by my mother…in her royal prison!” Misaki chewed her finger nails.
"Who is Lady Seto?” Jerren whispered to Ayeka curiously.
"I’ve heard that person’s name before,” said Ami, “but only once…from Princess Sasami.”
"Lady Seto is my grandmother,” answered Ayeka watching her parents bicker. “Lady Seto Kamiki Jurai is head of the Kamiki house here on Jurai. She is a very powerful and influential political figure, well…behind the scenes that is, the power behind the throne if you will.”
"So you’re saying she is even more powerful than the Emperor and Empress?” Ami asked.
"Of course you silly little girl,” sniped Ayeka, “She crowned my parents and gave them their positions here. Pay attention girl, my goodness!”
"You didn’t have to say it like that.” Ami pouted at Ayeka’s tone.
"She also has a special nickname,” continued Ayeka, “and it is well known around the galaxy. She is called the devil princess of Jurai.”
"The DEVIL PRINCESS OF JURAI…!” Jerren and Ami said in unison. Azuza and Misaki both paused their pleading with Lady Funaho to look at the three whispering youngsters. After a moment they returned to groveling in front of Funaho.
"Why does your grandmother have such a demonic and cruel nickname like ‘the devil princess of jurai’?” Ami lowered her voice again.
"For two reasons,” replied Ayeka, “So pay attention. She is called the devil princess of Jurai because she loves to meddle in people’s lives, arranging marriages for political motivations… or sometimes, just for fun.
"She does sound like quite the meddler...but that hardly seems like reason enough to…" Jerren leaned forward.
"She also has a nasty temper,” Ayeka cut in, “So don't do anything to get on her bad side or you will end up...well, you do NOT want to know how you will end up!"
"Whoa! Well, if we do meet her sometime in the future, we'll definitely try not to get on her bad side.” Jerren promised.
Meanwhile, Misaki was holding on to Funaho’s foot as she tried to walk out of the room.
"Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase sister,” Misaki wailed as she held tight to her sister’s leg, “Please don't tell mother, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!”
Funaho shook her sister off her foot.
“Get yourselves ready. We leave within the hour!” Funaho left the room and shut the huge doors with a slight touch. Misaki and Azuza contemplated Lady Seto’s reaction to the news Funaho planned to unveil and grew pale at the thought.
"So do we get our rewards or not?” Jerren walked towards the shivering Emperor. Azuza pulled himself together.
"Not yet! Right now you are coming with us to the Mikagami.”
“The Mikagami?” asked Ami, “Is that a ship?”
"Yes, it is Lady Seto’s ship!” answered Ayeka, “It is a very powerful ship that has the ability to freeze all enemies in their tracks using the Genocide dance, an attack of unfathomable power. I will leave it to your imagination as to its after effects.”
"Oh my!” replied Ami a bit shocked, “That sounds frightening!”
Jerren and Ami sat in silence during the flight on Azuza’s ship; the Kiroto. Staring out a viewport, Jerren and Ami were completely unprepared by the appearance of the Mikagami. The ship was ring shaped, with another ring spinning inside of it. A harsh contrast of yellow and steel blue exemplified the utilitarian harshness of the military flagship of the Jurian fleet.

"OH my goodness!” Ami blurted, “The size of it, it''s...I can't even to begin to describe my feelings about it!
"It’s larger than Ayekas’ ship…!” Jerren commented. “And it’s even wider than the Soja!"
Ayeka scoffed in disgust, walking past the two humans as the Kiroto docked with the Mikagami.
“Again it is the size that impresses,” Ayeka muttered rolling her eyes, “Humans!”
The group disembarked and walked up floating steps that somehow positioned themselves perfectly underfoot. When they reached the uppermost platform a lady with a cloth veil covering her face and wearing the uniform of a servile functionary waited patiently for them.
"Mistress Seto has been expecting you…” the woman bowed respectfully. “Please follow me.” Without waiting for assent, the woman walked steadily up another set of floating steps. Following after the retreating servant the group was led into a large empty chamber. Once the last person entered, the room sealed itself and a flash of light enveloped the party.
Blinking smartly, Jerren and Ami looked in wonder as the insides of the Mikagami were revealed. A landscape of trees and frolicking animals dotted a landscape larger than the ship’s hull could possibly have contained. The sky was bright blue as the sun shone its warm rays over the land.
"It's just like Ayeka’s ship!” said Jerren, “Her ship had the exact same thing inside with all the nature and stuff.”
"This is...unbelievable…and truly fascinating,” Ami gawked at the ship, running her fingers over the living wood that formed the walls, “To fit an entire systemic ecosystem inside a spaceship…”
"Is what?” Ayeka snapped, “Say what you want to say without stuttering like some brain addled primate.”
"It defies the convention of third dimensional space; your race must be extremely advanced technologically to put even the fundamentals of such a mathematical theorem into practical application.”
"…And that surprises you?” Ayeka smarmily waved, “The citizens of Jurai are an intelligent and sophisticated people…unlike you primitive humans!”
Amy bridled at the Princesses words, but held her tongue.
The woman led them up through the wooded area into an alcove that led into a vast hallway of the ships main interior where three people waited while a fourth was speaking.
Funaho stooped beside an elegant and stern woman whispering quietly in her ear. As the party entered she stood formally and moved to stand slightly behind the commanding central figure.

A woman with pale skin and purple hair stood on the left near Funaho. Immaculately dressed and presented, her name was Minaho Masaki Jurai, first daughter of Prince Yosho and Lady Seto’s most trusted intelligence officer.
The man on the right had brown hair kept tightly kempt in a pony tail. He wore a rich if casual outfit as befit a noble, comfortable of his position in the presence of the unofficial leader of the Jurain Empire. His name was Harada and not much was known of him.
The lady in the middle was sitting in an incredibly ornate red velvet chair with what looked like gold fixtures, waving a small fan at an inscrutable face framed by lime green hair. With her pale skin wrapped in an impeccable pink and white Kimono, it would have been easy to underestimate the reclining woman, until you noticed her flashing violet eyes that bespoke steel earned through uncountable trials, eyes that missed nothing. Her name was Seto Kamiki Jurai.

"My lady, your guests have arrived!” Minaho stated more for the guests benefit than Lady Seto’s, in order to let them know they now had the Lady Sovereigns full attention. Seto rose from her chair and turned her gaze on them.
"Ah good, welcome all of you, welcome to my Mikagami!” Seto gestured signifying the ship. Jerren and Ami stayed at the back of the group as the formal greetings began, but once Lady Seto locked her eyes on them her gaze never wavered as she smiled.
"And these must be the two heroes that I have heard so much about,” she said as she waved her fan slowly, “Come closer so that I may better inspect the ones who saved my granddaughter.”
Jerren and Ami suddenly found a clear line between the throne and themselves. Gulping the pair buried their nervousness and walked steadily towards the imposing dais. Walking forward, Ami took the chance to study the woman that caused so much fear in the rulers of the Empire. When Seto unflinchingly returned her gaze Ami flushed and looked down.
"Whoa,” Jerren exclaimed quietly as he looked on Lady Seto’s features, “For someone who’s supposed to be a grandmother she sure is beautiful!”
Ami sent icy daggers from her eyes, making Jerren feel an itch in the small of his back.
"Uh, not as beautiful as you, Ami,” Jerren hastily rectified, “Naturally…!”
“She is beautiful in the way a viper is hypnotic to its prey, keep that in mind. This woman has a death grip on the politics of entire planets in a vast Intergalactic Empire...” Ami then bowed her head before Seto.
"Greetings Lady Seto, I am Ami Mizuno Anderson and it is a pleasure to meet someone of your high royal station, your majesty!” Ami said in a respectful manner.
"The pleasure is all mine,” Seto replied, “You may raise your head young lady.” Ami looked up.
"I have heard that you are a seamstress for the Misaki house, and with the high praise from my granddaughter Sasami…I am led to believe a designer of most exquisite taste as well.” Lady Seto folded her fan tapping it on her palm, “I must say I would not mind trying some of your ensembles myself.”
"Your majesty I would be honored,” Ami blushed, “I would love to personally design something for you.”
Lady Seto turned to Jerren.
“And what is your name young man?”
Jerren bowed and introduced himself.
"Hello, uh, your majesty, my name is Jerren!”
"Well it is nice to meet you Jerren,” Seto smiled, “Lady Funaho has informed me that you wield the light hawk sword. Regardless of any other factor, that is indeed, a most impressive feat.”
“Um, th…thank you Lady Seto.” Jerren stammered rubbing his neck. “I have it right here if you want it…uh, no-one seemed to want to take it back.”
Jerren took out the sword and activated it, waving a few arcs before deactivating it and holding the hilt towards Lady Seto. Hesitantly she reached out and tenderly touched the contours of the hilt.
"Well, well, a demonstration before my very eyes,” Seto said astonished, “And so humble to so willingly offer up the most coveted weapon in the Empire. I heard that with the help of this sword, you and Ami vanquished Kagato; a truly formidable villain…keep it Jerren, I am sure you will need it again."
Lady Seto pushed the hilt back into Jerren’s hand.
"Thank you, your majesty, we owe our gratitude to this sword, it has saved our lives many times...”
“And, I suspect, it will again…” Lady Seto said.
“If it’s not too forward I do have one question concerning you though Lady Seto.”
"A question about me…? My, how flattering,” Lady Seto nodded, “what is it you wish to know?”
"Well...If you’re Ayeka’s grandmother, then how is it you look like you’re in your late twenties?”
"Oh my age,” replied seto, “well if you must know, I am a little over 5000 years old, does that help?"
"Oh well, that’s not...wait, what...over 5000?”
"Did she just say that she was over 5000?” Ami recoiled.
"Why does that surprise you…?” Ayeka chuckled walking casually past the flabbergasted pair. “I cannot help but laugh at the expressions on your faces. But…I think I see why you are surprised; we do not age the same way you humans do, our life spans can extend for centuries, even millenniums, unlike a human who only lives for about 100 years.”
"I am sorry for interrupting my lady, but we did come here to talk about the matter at hand regarding everyone here...”
"No apologies necessary, Lady Funaho,” replied Seto waved her hand, “I was so entertained I almost forgot myself. Please proceed…”
"Yes my lady,” Funaho walked forward. “Well as I told you before, this young man and woman saved Jurai from Kagato.”
"So I heard,” Lady Seto waved her fan, “The holy council of Jurai told me five days ago about my granddaughter’s abduction at the hands of that madman. I was preparing a battle fleet strong enough to stop him but another fleet of space pirates chose that moment to wreak havoc in sector 3157-k. I could not resist...having a ‘word’ with them.”
"Of course my lady,” Funaho pulled her lips back into a cold smile, “Kagato probably planned it that way.”
"Yes I know,” Seto shrugged, “I detest pirates more than anything, a well known fact that a monster like Kagato would be a fool not to take advantage of…but please continue...” Funaho bowed her head in compliance.
"Well as I was saying, this boy and girl saved Jurai and Princess Ayeka’s life in the process. The problem lies in what Azuza and Misaki promised them if they came back victorious. They promised political power as nobles in the Misaki house, authority over the royal guards and militia as well as vast riches, all apparently meant as a cruel jest, but sanctioned as an official verbal contract by the recording made in the local surveillance archive.”
"Oh really...?” Minaho nodded in affirmation and Seto turned her attention to both Azuza and Misaki with an unpleasant look on her face.
The pair turned their faces away from Lady Seto, shying away from her piercing gaze.
“I have only one thing to say about this fiasco,” Seto raised herself from her throne, “Give these two heroes what you promised them. kiyonesmile1

Stunned silence washed over the hall after Lady Seto’s proclamation.
"Was I unclear?” Lady Seto fanned herself, “You will give these two what was promised them. They saved our people from destruction and on top of that they also saved my granddaughter, so we are indebted to them."
“Yes Milady!” Lord Azuza sighed in defeat.
"Yes Mother!” Misaki grumbled, bowing her head.
“You mean we get our reward? AWESOME…!” Jerren leaned forward as Ami looked on wide eyed over his shoulder. Turning, Jerren swept Ami into a hug and swung her around as they both laughed happily. Lady Seto coughed and raised her hand slapping her fan to gain the enthusiastic celebrants attention.
"A moment if you please while I clarify, before you may claim your prize you must do two things to qualify.”
"What things?" Ami’s expression sobered as Jerren lowered her gently to the ground.
"Oh, nothing particularly arduous, in fact you will probably find it more…tedious than anything. After all, you are to be nobles in the Jurian court, so it only stands to reason that you learn the rules and etiquette of the game you are choosing to play. Would I be correct in assuming you know little to nothing of our culture and politics?”
Jerren and Ami looked at each other before nodding.
“If you are going to be political figures you must know how and when to act in Jurai’s interest. It would also be beneficial to learn something of our history as well…and Azuza will be more than happy to teach you the finer points of Jurian nobility."
"WHAT…?” Azuza stiffened, “Lady Seto, you cannot be serious! I am the Emperor…!”
"I am most serious,” replied Seto, “As of this moment I strip the title of Emperor from you, temporarily, and reassign you as tutor to our newest noble assets. I want you to give this matter your full attention Lord Azuza!”
"W...what is the meaning of this?” Azuza paled at Lady Seto’s words, “You demote me to a simple errand boy?"
Lady Seto held Azuza’s eyes with a steely gaze. Azuza flinched, sweating profusely.
“Do you feel I am being unfair to you Lord Azuza?” Lady Seto asked smiling softly.
"Y...yes m...I mean no Milady…!” Azuza mumbled. Misaki chuckled.
"What is so amusing daughter?” Seto turned to Misaki who shot up straight as though struck by lightning, “You are also stripped of your title temporarily. Lady Funaho will rule the Empire until further notice.”
"What…But WHY?” Misaki protested.
"Your involvement in this fiasco has caused me to seriously question your judgment; do not push this matter further lest you make it a permanent demotion…daughter!”
"W...WHAT? B...But that is NOT FAIR Mother!” Misaki cried.
"Not fair? Was it “not fair” when you gave these humans false promises and sent them on a suicide mission? Do not debate to me what is and is not fair. I am being most lenient with you, child!” Misaki looked away from her mother’s demanding gaze.
“You will train them in our battle style so that they may defend the Empire; I leave their martial training in your hands!”
“Y…you want me to train them in Jurian martial arts. But those are closely guarded techniques that…”
“…You will now train our newest nobles in the use of. Do I make myself clear?”
“B…but Mother…” Misaki whined.
"Stop complaining!” Lady Seto chided, “Simply include them in your daughters training regimen. With no royal responsibilities you have plenty of time to bring their abilities up to speed…”
Ayeka smiled at the pronouncement looking at Jerren, and then frowned when she realized it also included Ami.
"Y…yes Mother!” Misaki slumped, pouting. Lady Seto turned her attention back to Jerren and Ami.
"In about a year you should be sufficiently prepared to receive your reward. Are these terms acceptable to you?” Lady Seto gestured for them to speak their minds.
"A full year of training both physical and mental,” Ami rubbed her chin, “Well I do love to learn new things so this might be an interesting experience.”
"Yeah, we get to learn Jurian martial arts. That sounds so cool!” Jerren pumped his fist as Ami shook her head.
"Then you are all dismissed,” Lady Seto waved her fan, “You may leave now.”

In a flash the group teleported away leaving only Seto and her two adjutants alone in the room. Minaho and Harada turned to Lady Seto.
"My Lady, are you sure that giving those two humans such power is really a good idea?" Minaho asked chewing her lip.
"Why do you ask?" Lady Seto rose from her throne and walked to a wall which shimmered and became transparent showing Azuza’s ship floating in the void, slowly accelerating away from her vessel. Raising her hand she closed her fingers around the ship giving the illusion of holding it in her grasp. In the span of seconds it was gone leaving only the stars.
Harada walked to Seto’s side as she lowered her hand.
"Well for one thing, they beat Kagato. He may have been a madman but you cannot deny he was powerful. A full armada might not have been enough to stop him…”
“Yes and that is why I held our position until I could determine the best place and time to attack, even if it had meant Jurai’s and my granddaughters extinction.” Seto stared into space. “A reputation can be quite useful in obscuring certain truths from those who do not need to know them…”
“…and that boy can wield the light hawk sword; the most troubling development of all…”
Minaho nodded at Harada’s assessment.
“…A human who can use Jurai’s most powerful weapon? Not to mention the girl’s ability to control and manipulate water like a Mercurian scout. Though I noticed she chose not share her little secret. She was like a closed book compared to her companion.”
“Ah, yes. She is shrewd, that one…but naive. Keep a close eye on her Minaho, she could prove dangerous if not controlled properly.” Lady Seto smiled.
“So it raises some concerns. What if they are the ones foretold in the...prophecy?” Harada almost whispered.
"I well know of the prophecy,” said Seto turning away from the view as it shimmered back into a solid wall, “How Jurai will one day be destroyed by people from the ancient kingdom, but it does not have to happen.”
"Milady, what do you mean?” Minaho placed her fingers on her lips.
"If we can successfully assimilate them into Jurain society, then in time they will see us as their benefactors rather than as their oppressors.”
"But what if that fails?” Harada asked.”In trying to out-maneuver the prophecy, what if we are fulfilling it?"
"If all else fails we have a guardian who watches over us. Tsunami will stop them if they prove to be a true threat.”
Lady Seto walked towards the door followed by her aides.
“In the meantime we have much work to do…!”
The door snapped shut behind them.

End of arc 1!
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by drillmaster
#29516 This was a very exciting read. It was an interesting spin on preestablished Tenchi cannon but I have to ask, what prompted you to characterize the Juraians the way you did? It is so different that it is fascinating to explore them as seemingly arrogant rulers. Azusa less so, but to see Misaki cackle at the prospects of a slave's death is so...unsettling.

I was wondering why Funaho was seemingly nonexistent in the story. I was pleased to see her at the last part call Misaki and Azusa out on their behavior.

Regardless, outside of some minor spelling and gramatical errors, it was very well done. I shall now begin Act II to see where you progress the story.
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by segaman4
#29527 Thank you. Very much for the review and im glad you loved it!. I wanted to put a spin on jurai since i heard they were benevolent so hey why not play on that idea. And also i got the idea from the book of daniel in the bible when he was taken to babolyon after the seige of jeruselum. It intriged me and i wanted to use that idea for jurai.and plus a sialormoon x tenchi crossover would be fun and also because ami mizuno is my favorite. Charicter!.
Now how did you think i did the main charicters of the tenchi cast a give me your honest opinion sine this is my first time at this.
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by drillmaster
#29530 I can now pick up on the Jericho reference. Did not notice that. Very subtle. As for the Tenchi characters, I already mentioned how disconcerting Azusa and Misaki were, but it fit the story. By acting that way, it forced Funaho to act out of character as well by acting angrily at the two. But, again, it worked within the context of the story.
Ayeka was odd initially as her attitude toward slavery was very harsh, but she obviously turned around. It all goes back to your interpretation of Jurai. However, her most "Ayeka" moment was when Kagato called her an old maid. That was perfect.
Discounting her lack of concern about slavery, Sasami was in character. Mihoshi, Kiyone, and Washu were probably the truest to the established cannon (and Universe for Kiyone). Ryoko was confusing as I assumed she would be in the cave since Yosho is missing, but the Master Key is still on Jurai...a good explanation for all of these things could be that Yosho fell in battle when Ryoko initially attacked, thus causing the hearts of the Juraians to harden and force an expansion of their kingdom.
But all in all, the characters are in line with how they would be in this situation in this world having undergone these experiences. Tenchismile
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by segaman4
#29535 Thank you i always want them to be accurate in there interpatation!. Now how about the main charicters jerren my oc and ami mizuno from sailormoon? And finally lady seto?
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by drillmaster
#29536 Well I can't speak about Sailor Moon, since I don't know how the characters act at all, nor can I really judge Seto outside of her small appearances in OVA 3 (which seem in line with what you wrote) but Jerren is a good standard archetypal hero. Right now we don't know why he can do what he does, which I assume you will flesh out as time goes on, but if I were to critique anything I felt he trusted Ayeka too fast, especially with his views on Jurai. One second he was hating Jurai, the next second he had a sense of loyalty and duty. I get visions of The Pirates of Penzance, which played up that trait in the character of Frederick, or the slave of duty. It doesn't change anything about the story, but I'd hope in time his origins and character got to be a bit more fleshed out in act 2.
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by segaman4
#29540 thanks for your opinion. I guess I was trying to make jerren get used to ayeka but I guessed I rushed it.he will be fleshed out though because ayeka is the mizuno.ext antagonist of arc two. she will have a so called rivalry with ami. and speaking of antagonists how did you think I did kagato?