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by drillmaster
#24786 I must admit, I have never once written fanfiction. It is completley new ground for me. However, I wish to write a novel and have deemed myself a bit rusty in regards to writing characters. As such, I deceided as a writing exercise to write a long fanfiction combining two things I have always thought could mesh well: Tenchi and Harry Potter. As these have characters I enjoy and would probably utilize variations of in my own works, I figured if I can find their voices I can be able to create my own.

I have looked online and there are a few Harry Potter/ Tenchi crossovers. It seems that the common trait is to bring Harry in as an adoptive person for the family or to train him as a student. Those kind of seem hokey to me as Harry is always the focus with the others in the background. With my story, I plan on bringing the group to Hogwarts to do their own investigations. I'm not sure how many people actually read fanfiction but I would like to have any criticism that you might find with my writing and/ or how well I capture the essence and voice of the characters. Be warned, my goal is to have several long formed chapters. Initially the focus will be on Dumbledore setting things up but the focus in the end will be on Tenchi and the Gang.


Chapter One: No Need for Exposition

Albus Dumbledore was worried. His phoenix, Fawkes, had not stopped crying in pain for the past several hours. While typically a phoenix’s tears would be a good thing, as they possessed healing properties, this was no cause for celebration. The last time she had acted this way was eleven years ago; more specifically the night James and Lilly Potter died in Godric’s Hollow. As such, Dumbledore did not know what to make of his magical familiar.

“Fawkes, my old friend, what could possibly be disturbing you so? Could it be the stone? We both know that Hagrid will be fetching it from Gringotts within a few days. Or could it be our lack of response from young Harry? I daresay Hagrid will get attend to that task as well,” the wizened wizard soothed.

Fawkes suddenly few out of the headmaster’s office, beckoning her master to follow. The old man understood immediately. As no person could apparate on the grounds of the school, Fawkes wanted to lead the man to Hogsmead, the town next to the castle, so she could bring the pair to the location that was giving her so much worry.


Once the pair had apparated, Dumbledore immediately took note of the surroundings. He could see mountains and freshly laid snow. However, the snow troubled Dumbledore. It was the middle of July and, if he was not mistaken, he was on an island in Japan. In addition, the snow gave off a vile feeling. It was unnatural. Fawkes’ uneasiness told him that his suspicions were proven right. \

Could it be Voldemort?

No, he told himself silently. Voldemort’s soul was last seen in Albania, if the rumors surrounding the dark woods were true. No this had to be something else.

Suddenly, Fawkes gave a shriek and the earth shook. Dumbledore braced himself and saw a most peculiar sight: a spiked object rising up into space. It was unlike anything that Dumbledore had ever seen. It resembled no such beast ever found in any texts he had ever written. Dumbledore naturally assumed that this was the threat that his familiar was fearful about. However Fawkes merely motioned upwards to the sky. It appeared that there was more going on here than meet the eye.

So Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore waited.


When the spiked shuttle returned a day later, Dumbledore looked to his familiar. She had seemed much calmer in the past few hours, which had caused him some confusion. Now that the craft had settled back down, Dumbledore resolved to make his way toward the landing sight. It appeared to be a Muggle shrine of some kind. He allowed himself a brisk pace to this area as to further enjoy the scenery while Fawkes patrolled the skies. He knew that he did not have much time before Hagrid completed his task in London, but this seemed like an opportunity to either gain a potential ally or to nip a problem in the bud. One thing of importance he noted was the quickness in which the fresh snow had vanished.

In front of the entrance to the main house were two thick logs. Dumbledore looked amused to see them, as he had always enjoyed Muggle décor. However, this did not appear to be either Muggle or magic. It was a rarity for something to surprise the famous wizard but he relished these opportunities with great interest. He knocked on the gate and suddenly the logs swung forward, revealing Japanese writing and a single orb of light.

“Greetings distinguished guest,” the first log said.

“Is there something we could do for you on this fine day?” the second chimed in. Dumbledore, familiar with various magical objects, was not as confused as any Muggle might.

“Good morning to you as well noble guardians of the house, if I assume your post here correctly. I was curious if I could ask for an audience with the head of the household. My name is Albus Dumbledore and I have traveled a long way,” he courteously responded.

Suddenly a small girl with blue hair came wandering through the woods carrying several bags full of what appeared to be groceries. She did not see the visitor to the house and bumped into him. She almost tripped and tossed the bag back. Dumbledore used some wordless magic to keep everything from flying about.

“Oh I am so sorry Grandfather! I did not…oh you are not Tenchi’s grandfather! How rude of me, my name is Sasami! How do you do?” she cheerfully asked. The girl did not appear to be older than nine and Dumbledore did not fail to notice the odd marking on her head. He wondered to himself if the emblem was of some significance or if it were covering a scar. This brought back to his mind that he would be meeting the son of James and Lilly in the coming weeks.

“Oh dear me, I am sorry to have been in your way Miss Sasami. My name is Albus Dumbledore and I was hoping to speak to the head of the house. I merely have some questions that I hope could be answered,” Albus spoke with great care.

Sasami cheerfully brought the stranger back to the main house. Albus attempted to peer into her mind using Oculumency but discovered that he was unable to. This shocked the headmaster but he kept it to himself. It was as if there was a second person shielding her thoughts.

Sasami offered her guest a spot on the couch and went to search for any if her housemates. Albus looked around the room. It seemed Muggle enough, though untypical to any British citizen. However, a door slammed open and from the door came out another small girl who was holding some kind of mechanical device that Dumbledore had never encountered before. This girl, unlike Sasami, had spikey pink hair and was staring intently at him.

“Interesting, so you are the source of that energy! I thought with all the developments of yesterday that I had found one potential guinea pig but lo and behold here you are! So spill it old man! Who are you? What are you doing here? What was that influx of energy you displayed before? I, Washu, the greatest scientific genius in the universe need to know!” the small girl, whose name appeared to be Washu, demanded. Albus was surprised at this development but he acted as calmly as he does whenever Cornelius Fudge confronts him about topics he knows nothing about.

At once, other people piled in the room led by Sasami. First was a young man no older than nineteen with black hair; following him was another teenage looking girl with similar spikey hair to Washu but in a pale teal color; roughly around the same age was a purple haired woman in an ornate dress; rounding out the women was a slightly older woman with blonde hair and an older gentleman in a white robe. Despite being outnumbered, Albus remained calm. Fawkes remained outside the house, guarding it on the off chance anything should happen.

“Miss Washu, what are you doing to our guest?! Sasami said that he is here to see Grandpa!” the young man pleaded. He turned to Albus and bowed, which Dumbledore recalled was a sign of respect. Dumbledore returned it.

“Thank you for inviting me in. I must admit I was not expecting a large group such as you here. Allow me to introduce myself to you all. My name is Albus Dumbledore from Britain,” he began. Suddenly, Sasami ran into the kitchen.

“Gracious, I did not know you traveled that far! Please forgive me for not getting you something to eat! ” the young girl bowed and ran, seemingly at the same time.

“Well that’s all well and good gramps but why the hell are you out here to Japan?” the teal haired woman asked. The purple haired woman hit her on the back of her head.

“Manners Ryoko! That is no way to speak to a guest of Lord Tenchi’s grandfather!” she scolded.

“Hey Ayeka, what gives you the right to hit me?! I’ll show you how to speak to…” the woman known as Ryoko started before she was cut off by the head of the house.

“ I deeply apologize for the behavior of my house guests. They are weary from a night of traveling. My name is Masaki Katsuhito, head of the Shinto Shrine. The young man is my grandson Masaki Tenchi. The blonde haired woman is named Mihoshi and I believe you have gathered the names of the other houseguests. However blunt she might have been, I am curious as well. Why would a gentleman come all the way from England to Japan?” the man known as Katsuhito asked.

“And be sure to answer my questions as well! This is no ordinary man, he has some kind of power that I am unfamiliar with. Color me interested old man,” Washu chimed in.

“Very well, as it seems that you all have me at somewhat of a disadvantage. Judging by that spiked flying vehicle, I can see that you are not typical Muggles but I can see that there is more to you all than meets the eye,” Dumbledore sighed calmly.

At once the residents of the house began to freak out. They were not expecting anyone on this planet to have seen Ryo-Ohki, the space ship that Dumbledore had seen. Washu started pushing buttons in the air and out of nowhere a second device appeared. In a second Ryoko grabbed the older man by his cloak.

“How do you know about Ryo-Ohki you old fart?! Start talking before I burn off your clothes!” Ryoko threatened. Dumbledore merely chuckled and used some wordless magic to cast a shield charm between the two of them.

“Fasinating! It’s that unidentified energy source! Nothing was visible so it can’t be Light Hawk Wings or Jurain shields! What did you just do?” the energetic Washu asked while still gripping her device.

Albus sat down on the couch and contemplated on how to go about discussing this. “I once again must apologize for my shield charm Ms. Ryoko, however I did not wish for you to lose control of yourself, thus forcing me to do things that I might find unpleasant. As I stated before my name is Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.”

Mihoshi jumped up excitedly. “Witches and wizards! You mean that you are a witch! You fly on a broomstick and brew potions! Wow, I can’t believe it!” She seemed rather excited until Ayeka pulled her back down.

“Mihoshi, he is clearly a gentleman. That means he would be a wizard. However, aren’t witches and wizards folklore on this planet?” she asked. Dumbledore noted the usage of the word “planet” but chose not to address it yet.

“Ah, folklore; It is truly a wonderful thing. You must understand Lady Ayeka that all folklore has some basis in truth. There are indeed witches and wizards all over the world, including here in Japan. This is why I have come to this shrine. You see my phoenix…” he began when Mihoshi began to squeal with excitement again before Washu covered her mouth with tape, hinging on every word that he said. “It’s all right, Ms. Mihoshi, I can understand and appreciate the enthusiasm. Now where was I?” the old man bemused.

“The phoenix!” Sasami said as she came in with tea and treats. Dumbledore shot her a big smile and bowed.

“Thank you Miss Sasami for both reminding me of my place and for such nice hospitality. It is rare to find people so honest and so young. Now, my phoenix Fawkes was acting strangely yesterday. It was not unlike when she would act up when the greatest Dark Wizard of our age, Tom Riddle, was still in power.”

Ryoko chuckled. “Tom Riddle? Your great ‘Dark Wizard’ was named Tom Riddle? What a pansy.”

Ayeka took the moment to mutter under her breath “It sounds more threatening than Ryoko.” Ryoko took that opportunity to shoot her a death glare.

“Now, now ladies. I can understand how this all must sound to you, but I must stress that this man was ruthless and was a mass murder unlike any that was known to our kind. As for his name, he too shared a dislike for it and rechristened himself as Lord Voldemort,” Dumbledore explained.

Washu slammed her hand on the table. “While I am indeed very interested with this history lesson about a subculture of Earthlings that has remained undocumented in the tombs of the Galactic Academy, I must ask how does this relate to us?”

Dumbledore looked her right in the eye. “Very well, I will be blunt. What took place here within the past forty eight hours shook my magical familiar to its core. When we apparated, or teleported if you will, to the area in which the energy was emanating, it appeared the evil source had vanished into space. The only clue we had to go on was the unnatural snow that lingered on the ground. It was then that we saw your…Ryo-Ohki was it? I was here to investigate to make sure that this was not Lord Voldemort trying to return. Rather, I seem to find myself in a house full of people that are, forgive the saying, ‘out of this world.’”

Suddenly, Washu grabbed her second device and placed it on Dumbledore’s head. He merely chuckled.

“Miss Washu, what are you doing?!” Tenchi cried. Washu responded with a serious look.

“Lord Tenchi, though we have only just met, I know from Ryoko that humans are not prepared to know of us, let alone magicians. This device can erase his memories of knowing us and we can continue to live here in peace. I am sorry Professor Dumbledore, but I hope you understand,” the young looking woman told him. Again the old man chuckled.

“It appears as if we both had the same idea. You see, I also know how to erase one’s memories using a powerful Memory Charm. My phoenix would be able to assist me in picking up the shambled pieces of my mind. However, you have proven my suspicions correct. There was indeed something evil here and it came from the stars. You have my word that your secret shall be safe with me. If you wish for me to make an unbreakable vow I shall. If you help me out with this task, I would be very willing to assist you all with any and all questions you may have about magic.”

Washu hesitated and was about to open her mouth when Katsuhito decided to join in the conversation. "I do not see any reason why there needs to be any confrontation here. Had Professor Dumbledore here come with hostile intentions, I am sure Azaka and Kamidake would have sensed it, or Ryo-Ohki. No, I believe we are both about to share secrets with each other that both parties would find hard to believe. As we now know about magic's existence, I can clearly say that he is not an ordinary Earthling. As someone who has roamed this planet for 700 years, I think I would know. Now Professor Dumbledore, I do not see the need for any vows as such, but allow us to stress the secrecy that surrounds the events of last night," the wizened warrior told the wizard.

Dumbledore nodded. "My good sir, I wouldn't have it any other way. I value the trust you place in me and I have good faith that you will uphold my secrets as well. I suppose I should ask the big question: what caused that surge of evil energy? What caused that unnatural snow?"

There was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Finally Washu regained her composure, took the device off of Albus' head and put a hand to her chin, contemplating her next words.

"Well Professor, such a lovely title by the way, as you have guessed, most of us are not from this planet. I myself am over twenty thousand years old. Aren't I just the cutest thing you have ever seen?" she added in without warning. Dumbledore nodded, in awe of the fact that she was even older than he was and yet retained her youthful appearance.

"Good boy! You see, I used to teach at the Galactic Academy and I had a special pupil named Kagato. Kagato was a ruthless man who kidnapped me and brainwashed my daughter into a killing machine. Kagato used her to destroy countless priceless artifacts and they both became the most notorious space pirates in the galaxy.

"One such mission that Kagato sent her on was to the planet of Jurai. You see he was after Tsunami, a first generation spaceship that contains the power of Jurai itself. Only one man was able to confront my uncontrollable daughter: Yosho, the crown prince of the planet. He pursued her and her spaceship to Earth. Yosho then sealed her power into a sword, the Master Key," she explained to the wizard.

"Fascinating my dear. I must admit I can empathize with you. Tom Riddle was once my student too before he went down another path. But it seems as if there is more to say. Tell me more of how the rest of you factor into this. I would also hope that your daughter was recovered safe and sound," Dumbledore added empathetically.

Washu grinned. "Well I think her bust size could have been better, but how do you feel you turned out Ryoko?" She looked to Ryoko who gave her the finger. Dumbledore was shocked. He had not expected this development.

"My word, so you two...I see. Well, what happened to the prince, Yosho? Am I to assume it is you, Lord Katsuhito?" the old man asked. Katsuhito motioned that he would be taking over the story from here. Washu obliged and grabbed one of Sasami's treats.

"Your assumption is indeed correct. My ship, Funaho, took root in the Earth outside this shrine, and as such I could not return to my home planet. I started my own family here, eventually culminating with my grandson Tenchi. Tenchi here has only just discovered his own heritage just recently once he released Ryoko from the Masaki shrine. Upon her resurrection, several events happened at once. My half-sisters, Ayeka and Sasami, picked up the signal and raced toward here, not knowing who I was but searching me out. However, Kagato also managed to receive the signal and made his way toward Earth. That just leaves one. You see, Mihoshi here is a Galaxy Police Officer and picked up Kagato's trail. This led to all the girls here converging under one roof," he explained.

Dumbledore nodded, putting the pieces together in his head. "I see, this explains how all of you met, except you Professor Washu. How did you manage to escape?" He looked to her but she was in the middle of downing a drink of tea. Ayeka noted the look and took it upon herself to continue.

"Well that barbarian arrived on Earth yesterday and demanded Sasami and myself to come to his ship to reveal the secrets of Tsunami, our most holiest of trees. However, Yosho here saved us before he took that monster woman," Ayeka paused to insult Ryoko. "To his ship. We left in Ryo-Ohki, who I just realized we have not introduced. How rude of us. The ship you saw yesterday was actually the cabbit on Sasami's shoulders." If Dumbledore had any reason to doubt the small animal on the young girl's shoulder was a spaceship, he did not show it nor question it. As such, the princess continued. "However, it was not enough and Kagato managed to gravely injure Lord Tenchi. The three of us who remained stormed the ship to avenge him. We may be good but he was better, and it showed," Ayeka added bitterly. Tenchi put a hand on her shoulder to calm her. Ayeka looked as if Christmas had come early.

"Oh thank you Lord Tenchi! Only you could...ARKKK!" Ayeka began as she was pushed aside by Ryoko.

"What the PRINCESS here was saying was that we got our asses kicked. But thankfully the blonde ditz over there managed to find and free Washu, but it wasn't enough. Suddenly out of the blue Tenchi, my hero, came to save me! He killed Kagato just for little old me. Right Tenchi?" the space pirate nudged. Tenchi tried to get out of her vice grip but it seemed helpless.

Dumbledore chuckled at the situation. "Ah, to be in love. Wait...half-sisters? Wouldn't that make...I think I shall drop that particular matter. But what about you young man? Don't you have anything to contribute to this tale of intrigue, love and horror?"

"Yes Tenchi, tell him how much you love me more than Ayeka," Ryoko purred.

"You wicked demon, you know Tenchi and I are destined to be together! He has royal Jurain blood in his veins! That makes him mine!"

Mihoshi got up and tried to calm down the girls. Dumbledore stood witness to the events unfolding around him and took a sip of the best tea he had ever drunk. Eventually, the girls took their quarrel outside, leaving Tenchi, his grandfather, Dumbledore, and Sasami to talk alone.

"So Tenchi, I do wish for the story to continue but I must pry. How do you handle this? You seem like a humble person; surely this is all a bit much for you", Dumbledore asked the sighing man.

"Well, to be honest I've grown quite used to it. It has been awhile since my mother died and this is truly the first time since she died that I've had any female influence in my life. I do wish that they would grow up some times but I'm starting to accept that as part of the charm of my life now," he replied after thinking for a moment. Dumbledore beamed in response.

"Quite an acceptable answer! Now, tell me about how you survived your attack," he asked quietly.

Washu merely sipped her tea, but responded for Tenchi. "We don't know yet...but I know we will, right my little guinea pig?" she asked earnestly. Tenchi laughed hesitantly but did not respond to the question.

"Well the truth is that nobody knows. All I know is that the spirit of Tsunami unlocked some kind of inner power and I used it to kill Kagato. I'm...still coming to terms with taking a life, regardless of how evil it might have been," Tenchi said looking away.

Dumbledore regarded the young man. He wished to peer in his thoughts but decided against it as it would be an invasion of the trust he had showed him. He put his arm on Tenchi's shoulder. "Mr. Masaki, to take a life is never justified. We both know this much to be true. However, I would say that you should take comfort in that you are responding the right way to such an act. You will learn to live with it and to forgive yourself in time, but it will never truly go away. In the end, be grateful to have such a rich and vibrant family. Many witches and wizard that I know have lost their's in the First Wizarding War with Tom Riddle. Take comfort with what you have," he smiled. Tenchi could not help but find comfort in his words.

Sasami, who up until this point had been quiet, decided to ask the guest her own question. “So you can do magic? What types of tricks can you do?!” she asked excitedly. Again, Dumbledore could not help himself but to chuckle.

“You see Sasami, true wizarding magic is not mere tricks and illusions. We can manipulate the world if we wanted, however magic is not intended for that purpose. That is why we have such wizards as Voldemort and his Death Eaters. However, there truly is wonder that can be found in magic. I think I can show you one safely,” the headmaster of Hogwarts decided. He reached into his sleeve and pulled out a stick. He pointed it at one of the desserts that Sasami prepared.

“Accio tea cake,” he said. On command, the tea cake flew from the plate on the table to Dumbledore’s hand. Sasami looked amazed and Washu began to write down notes.

“Fascinating! Looking through a database of Earth’s known languages it appears that your spoken magic is derived from the Latin language! The real question is if that stick of yours is an amplifier of your natural magic or if it is merely a conduit…oh the possibilities! I must learn more!” the young scientist declared.

Tenchi scratched the back of his head. “You mentioned Death Eaters Professor. What are Death Eaters?”

A large explosion came from outside. Dumbledore was the only one to look. He looked at the carnage unfolding outside and surmised this was a common occurrence for this household. He decided to return to his tea and explain what he could.

“The Death Eaters are dark wizards who dedicated their lives to following Lord Voldemort. However, it pains me to say that not all of them were caught when he fell eleven years ago. Only a few are in our prison; the rest live normal lives claiming to have been bewitched by the Dark Lord to do his bidding.”

The Masaki residents listened with extreme interest. Dumbledore began to explain to them several things, such as his group dedicated to stopping Voldemort known as the Order of the Phoenix as well as describing his school, Hogwarts. This went on for a good portion of the day. In time, the girls reappeared inside, their quarrel concluded. Mihoshi went to watch a Muggle cartoon in the other room and Sasami excused herself to prepare dinner.

Ryoko took the opportunity to ask a lingering question she had on her mind. “Well old man, we’ve learned a lot from you, which is all well and good, but I still don’t get how Voldemort and Kagato link up. Both of them are dead now, right? What harm could they possibly be?” she asked while drinking a saucer of sake that she had produced seemingly from nowhere.

Dumbledore regarded her question with seriousness. “Ms. Ryoko, it is time we make one thing very clear: Voldemort is not dead. Broken, yes; but not dead. I have been tiptoeing the issue but it is as good of a time as any to relinquish this information. Eleven years ago, Voldemort attacked a house in Godric’s Hollow and killed two members of the Order of the Phoenix, James and Lilly Potter. He tried to kill their infant son, but something happened. His curse rebounded off of him, shedding him of his mortal body. I do not know how this happened but I have not stopped searching for answers. Young Harry, who was sent away from our world to live with his aunt and uncle, has no idea of his identity. In the coming days, he will be told everything and I fear that this will cause the forces of evil to converge in our world.

“I fear that the presence of Kagato at this time was no mere coincidence. I believe that it was a sign. I fear that if the Death Eaters were to reconstruct a body for Voldemort, the same could be said for Kagato. Your Light Hawk Wings are an unknown factor in this situation as was Harry’s ability to live. So simply Ms. Ryoko, I have come to ask for your aid if the situation warranted it,” Albus Dumbledore concluded.

Washu shook her index finger. “Now, now Dumbledore, we can’t be going around exposing our secrets out in the open. It would throw things off balance. While I’m sure I can speak for the rest of us by saying we sympathize, you have to understand that we have our own issues to deal with.”

Dumbledore nodded. “I understand. It is indeed our battle to fight should the time arise. However, I would like to keep in contact with you especially Professor. I am willing to help you document and explore the mysteries of our magic, but I do ask a two folded price. The first is simple; should our interests cross at any time, I would like to be able to call on you all for help.”

Washu considered it. “Well I guess that makes sense, and the offer to gather more data is very appealing indeed, but what is your second request?”

“I merely ask that if in your studies you can manage to find a way to detect anything you can on Lord Voldemort that you would share it with me. I am not asking you to go out of your way, for that would be selfish of me. However, it would be nice to have the greatest scientific genius in the universe in my back pocket, wouldn’t you agree young Washu?” Dumbledore added.

Washu grinned like a school girl. “I like you Professor! You know how to make a girl feel so good! All right Professor, you got yourself a deal! I’m sure we will have so many things to tell each other!”

“You know you only agreed to him because he called you young, right ‘Ma?’” Ryoko told her.

“Flattery will get you anywhere Ryoko dear. You should learn that,” the pink haired genius shot back.

Sasami came out and prepared a big meal for the house guests and the resident wizard. It was a peaceful meal but by the end of it, Albus Dumbledore bid his farewells and left the Masaki house. He had to be ready to meet Hagrid when he returned with the stone. Before he left, he gave Washu a two way mirror that he kept on his person in case of emergencies. This would allow the pair to communicate on Hogwarts grounds.

As Albus met up with Fawkes, he realized that he now had both a sense of dread and a calming sensation conflicting inside him all at once. This house had shown him that there was more to life than even what he expected. He was unsure how to take the news of aliens and demons, but he knew that if the time was right, it would be valuable to have them on the side of light. He looked to his familiar and apparated back to Hogsmade, ready to begin another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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by drillmaster
#24819 Chapter Two: No Need for Meetings

It had been four years since the death of Kagato. In that time life had gotten progressively more interesting for both the Masaki household and for the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter had rejoined the wizarding world and, as Dumbledore expected, Voldemort made his first move in eleven years to try to regain power. Thankfully Harry persevered thanks to the power of his mother’s love. Meanwhile, Tenchi and his menagerie had their own set of adventures spanning from dealing with a swordsman named Yakage and stopping a royal tree named Bizen from destroying the galaxy with a power known as the Black Hawk Wings. Throughout all of this, Washu and Dumbledore managed to communicate semi regularly, discussing their respected worlds. Both managed to understand each other quite well.

However, Dumbledore was not in any place to talk to his colleague from the stars. Thought the school year ended but a week ago, he had been hard at work. The previous year had seen the death of one of his students and with it the rise of Lord Voldemort. Now that he had returned, Dumbledore had to reorganize the Order of the Phoenix to challenge the rising ranks of the Death Eaters. Dumbledore had further issues dealing with the Minister of Magic, who staunchly denied the Dark Lord’s return. This had made Dumbledore’s life very hectic.

Between going to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix and the Ministry, Dumbledore found it hard to spend any time at the school he so loved. Today was different. Albus managed to return to Hogwart’s hallowed halls and checked in on one of his teachers who lived on the castle grounds. Sybil Trewlany was the resident Divination teacher and someone of great significance to the headmaster. Though Dumbledore had no love for the subject matter, Trewlany was the woman responsible for predicting both the initial fall of Voldemort and his rise. As such, he could not afford for anyone to get to her.

“Sybil, how are you doing today? I trust you are holding up well. I come bringing you a fresh bottle of Madame Rosemerta’s finest sherry,” the headmaster said cheerfully.

Trewlany took the sherry and thanked her superior. “I am fine Headmaster. I must admit the orbs have been predicting a lot of grim things lately. I fear for us all.”

She offered some to Albus, who politely declined. “That is why I am here Sybil. I was curious if you had any actual information about what has been going on out there.” This was partially a lie. Dumbledore always tried to make her feel welcome but he did not hold such faith in her abilities.

“I see nothing except death and danger! I cannot be certain for whom my predictions are meant for but I do not pity them!” she said with such theatricality.

With that Dumbledore got up to leave, wishing Professor Trewlany the best. However, as he was leaving, Dumbledore turned around to see a sight he had only seen once before. Professor Trewlany had spaced out, dropping the sherry, and Dumbledore rushed over to her. He knew that she was about to deliver a true prophecy.

“From within the void of space the Dark Lord will discover a secret ally. He will help him regain his true form and with it learn the secrets of the stars. However the darkness can be stopped by the light of the chosen wings. If space and earth can merge in secret, it can stop this sinister plot by using the hidden powers of both sides. If they should fail, the darkness shall spread and all hope will be lost,” she bellowed.

Dumbledore knew at once that the time had come to call up Washu on her offer. He ran out of the room, leaving a very confused Divination professor wondering where the headmaster went and why her new sherry was on the floor. He decided to let two members of his staff know where he was going. When he got to his office he summoned the two teachers he trusted the most.

In no time at all, an older woman and a younger man entered the office. The man possessed slimy black hair and a rather pronounced hook nose. The older woman showed her age but yet managed to keep herself spry. These were Professors Severus Snape and Professor Minerva McGonagall, the Potions Master and Transfiguration teacher respectively.

“You wished to see us Headmaster?” Snape asked the professor.

“Indeed Severus, I believe our situation is dire. I must let both of you know that I will be out of the country for a period of time. I must ask you Severus to see if you can find out any of Voldemort’s plans regarding any potential allies. We both know he is after the prophecy that is in the Department of Mysteries. However, I think that Voldemort might be attempting to tamper with powers that he knows not,” Dumbledore regarded the man.

He then turned to Professor McGonagall. “Minerva, you must divert any and all efforts the Order has to find me. Prepare them for the arrival of Harry. I fear that he will try to do something rash given that we have cut all contact with him for the past week. What I ask of both of you is of the upmost seriousness.”

Professor Snape looked at the professor. “Headmaster, far be it from me to question your leadership but what has gotten you so worried? The Dark Lord may be stirring but you seem like there is something you are withholding from us.”

“Severus, I am sure Albus has his reasons for not sharing everything with us for the given moment. We will know in time. Am I wrong Professor Dumbledore?” Minerva McGonagall interjected.

“Indeed Minerva, I ask that both of you give me time to sort out this predicament. With luck we might get some help from an outside source,” the headmaster said cryptically. With that he led Fawkes out of the room and left his two most trusted teachers alone to contemplate this unexpected turn of events.


Dumbledore and Fawkes returned to the land of the Rising Sun in no time at all. The land seemed much more peaceful than the last time they set foot in the unnatural snow all those years ago. The pair walked toward the Masaki shrine and within no time discovered a woman who had teal hair. Albus Dumbledore knew exactly who it was, despite it being so long.

“Good afternoon Ms. Ryoko! It has been a long time,” Albus said with a bow. However, Albus was taken back. This woman looked exactly like Ryoko but had yellow stripes under her eyes. Could Ryoko have gotten injured in battle?

“Oh hello there! I’m sorry but you have me confused with somebody else! My name is Minagi, space pirate extroidinare! I’m here visiting my friends, who I guess you know since you know about Ryoko! What’s your name and the name of your friend?” the woman named Minagi asked innocently.

Dumbledore smiled and assumed that this was another of Washu’s children. “Forgive my ignorance. My name is Albus Dumbledore. This is my phoenix Fawkes. I was hoping to see Lord Yosho and Professor Washu if they are home.”

Minagi nodded and led the pair into the Masaki house. He was greeted by what appeared to be a singing contest of some kind. Albus remembered that this was a Muggle hobby called karaoke. Perhaps this was something that he could bring to Hogwarts to bring some light into what was bound to be a dark year.

After Mihoshi finished singing her song, the house guests applauded.

“Aww you guys, thanks for such big applause!” she said while blushing.

Ryoko threw her sake bottle at her. “You nitwit, we were applauding that your grating singing was over! I mean it was better than Ayeka’s shrill voice but still!” she laughed.

Washu nudged her daughter. “You do know that Mihoshi scored higher than both of you right?”

Sensing another awe inspiring fight was about to happen, Albus decided to make himself and Minagi known. “Ah it is good to see you all in such high spirits. Hello again my friends,” he said courteously.

The group was surprised to see the wizard after all this time. Albus was quickly reintroduced to everybody in the group as well as the group to Fawkes. Sasami went to prepare more tea for Albus as the old man sat down.

“So what brings you back here Mr. Dumbledore sir?” Mihoshi asked. Dumbledore looked to each and every member of the group and then bowed his head in sadness.

“I wish it were for a happy occasion Ms. Mihoshi, but I am afraid our situation is dire. Lord Voldemort has returned. He finally managed to produce a full body after his mishap with the Stone four years ago. We in the Wizarding World are now at war. I fear for our world so,” the old man whispered.

Tenchi, who was sitting closest to Albus placed an arm on his shoulder to try to comfort him. “That is terrible Professor! How did he do it? What can we do to help?”

“Tut tut Tenchi, Albus here knows that we can’t interfere with any wizarding situations that don’t already involve us in some capacity. So cut to the chase old boy, what’s really going on here?” Washu cut in. Albus produced a liquid like substance and put it into a portable bowl that he pulled out of his coat.

“This is called a Pensive my friends. A witch or wizard has the abilities to view their own memories in here. What I have here is a memory from only a few hours ago. My Divination teacher made a prophecy concerning both of our worlds and I feel it is in your best interest to hear it,” he explained.

Dumbledore poured the liquid into the Pensive and let the group listen to the contents of the prophecy. When they finished, he let them take in everything all at once.

“So…what did we just do?” Mihoshi asked.

Ayeka sighed. “Oh Miss Mihoshi, don’t you understand. What the exalted professor of magic is telling us is that Kagato has the chance to come back to life and plague the galaxy in darkness unless Tenchi uses the Light Hawk Wings!”

“Not necessarily Princess. Didn’t this old guy say that the guy who killed Voldie in the first place possessed some kind of hidden power too? I’m guessing that the two powers together can kill em,” Ryoko interjected. Dumbledore nodded.

“Now you see my grave situation. I am at a loss for what to do. I am aware that Voldemort has several additional plans being attempted at the moment but I am unsure when and how Kagato will become a factor. So this is why I have come to you,” Dumbledore explained at last.

Katsuhito, who had been listening on the sides, thought for a moment. “Why doesn’t Tenchi and the girls go to your school for the year? This way they can be near the action, learn a bit about the wizarding world, and can offer their own assistance in the matter.”

Suddenly several voices yelled out at once.

“Wait Grandpa we can’t go to wizarding school! We can’t do magic!”

“Hey old man don’t you dare tell us what to do!”

“How can we even blend in to such a place?”

“I didn’t know wizards go to school! Does that mean I’ll be a witch?”

Dumbledore waited for the commotion to die down. He regarded Katsuhito and spoke freely. “I think your idea has merit, but it would be complicated. The ministry will most assuredly be interfering at Hogwarts and the minister doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with me anymore. However, this could work if we passed you off as exchange students from Japan. If Fudge were to think that this would be a good idea to show the outside world that nothing of danger was occurring, he would allow this merely to spite me, which would work in our favor. You would all need to be sorted into houses, but this would be a good way to get a good understanding of any leads we might find.”

Washu thought about it while the girls argued about not potentially living with Tenchi. “It is a long shot. But, how can most of us pass as students? I can see myself and Sasami, but Tenchi and the rest would have issues blending in.”

Dumbledore smiled. “Well, I think the only people of the group that would have trouble fitting in would be Mihoshi and Yosho. The rest of you can pass as Seventh Years. It could add to the story of international studies.”

Katsuhito coughed. “Well I can help you with one issue there. This was never my fight to begin with. I am tired and have my duties to the shrine. However, looking through Washu’s notes I do have an idea as how to bring Mihoshi to the school.”

Dumbledore listened to his plan and nodded. “Yes, that could work. I could ask Professor Burbage to take a paid year off. It might be for the best anyway, given the circumstances.”

By now the ladies, and poor Tenchi, finished their hysterics. Sasami looked to the older gentlemen. “So Grandfather, what was your plan? What can we do to help Professor Dumbledore?”

Washu gave an uncertain look to the group. “Do you really think she could pull something like this off? She isn’t exactly the most graceful butterfly in the world…”

Albus smiled. “My dear, we could use some of that charm at Hogwarts this year. What better way to fight fear and control than with raw chaos!”

Washu shrugged. “Well here’s how it is gonna be: we are going undercover to Hogwarts this year! Lord Tenchi, Ayeka, Sasami, Ryoko, and myself will all be posing as students. Minagi, keep us updated on anything you might find while flying around with Hinase. On the off chance something of note is going on you can let us know. It might be best to contact Misaki and Funaho on Jurai and let them in the loop.”

Mihoshi looked around. “But what about me Miss Washu? What would you like me to do?”

“Oh we have a special job just for you Mihoshi…so don’t mess it up!” Washu said cryptically.
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#24820 Chapter Three: No Need for Teachers

"Thank you Professor Umbridge for that telling speech! We at Hogwarts are sure to come and value everything that you bring to our school," Albus Dumbledore announced in the Great Hall of Hogwarts on the first day of school. He was addressing the school's newest teacher, a toad faced woman who wore a pink dress.

"Weren't you paying attention to what she said?" a student named Hermione Granger whispered to her friends Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter at the Gryffindor table. "It means that the Ministry is interfering at Hogwarts."

Professor Dumbledore cleared his throat. "Now I have a thrilling announcement to conclude before we all tuck in! As you well know, Hogwarts is not the only magical school in the world. We are in for a rare treat. The headmaster of the newly founded Jurain Academy in Japan, Professor Katsuhito, has contacted Cornelius Fudge, our Prime Minister, to allow several of his students to experience life in our very peaceful England. For one term we will experience a fresh change of culture from the Land of the Rising Sun. And do not fear, their English is spot on! Mr. Filch, please fetch all of our new guests."

At once the elderly caretaker led in five new students and one blonde young woman. The students of Hogwarts started buzzing about. While in the previous year they had guests for the Tri-Wizard tournament, they had never had transfer students before.

"All right listen up, remember to keep the fake wands on you at all times. It should distort time and space enough to fool at least the students," Washu muttered to the group as they walked up.

"Lord Tenchi don't I just look so wonderful in my school uniform? Doesn't it just accentuate my beauty?" Ayeka asked a clearly uneasy Tenchi.

"It isn't that hard to accentuate what isn't there princess," Ryoko laughed. If looks could kill, Ayeka would have massacred Ryoko on the spot.

Dumbledore motioned for the Great Hall to be silent. "Now before I read aloud the names of these brave students so they can experience a proper sorting, I would like to introduce our newest professor. This lovely lady is Professor Mihoshi Kuramitsu. She will be filling in as our Muggle Studies teacher while Professor Charity Burbage is on a retreat of her own. We all look forward to seeing what Miss Kuramitsu can bring to our happy school!"

The school erupted in applause for the now blushing teacher. She walked up to take her place at the table next to Professor Dolores Umbridge. Mihoshi went to shake her colleagues hand and Umbridge could not hide the contempt in her face if she wanted to.

"Now for our new students, I tell you this. You will be sorted into one of four houses here at Hogwarts School. You may end up in Gryffindor, where the brave dwell. You may be a loyal Hufflepuff. You may be a knowledgeable Ravenclaw, or even an ambitious Slytherin. Treat your house like your family. Now, let us bring out the Sorting Hat one more time. Professor McGonagall, if you do the honors," the headmaster motioned toward the elderly witch.

"When I call your name, please sit down and when the Sorting Hat chooses your house, please sit at your appropriate table. Jurai, Ayeka!" she called out.

The purple haired princess gracefully waltzed to where she was directed. The hat was placed on her head and suddenly a voice spoke out in her ear.

"Ah the noble Princess of Planet Jurai. Do not fear my dear, the Sorting Hat may know all but it never reveals its secrets. Now where to place you. Ah I see you ambitions to be with the young Crown Prince and to defeat your rival Ryoko. I must put you in SLYTHERIN!" he called out.

A sea of green wearing individuals started clapping, as was Professor Snape. Ayeka daintily chose a seat beside a younger blonde haired boy.

"Jurai, Sasami!"

The young princess skipped up to the stool and bowed at the professor, which was returned with a smile.

"Ah the sister! And it seems like you are embedded with the soul of Tsunami as well! Now I can't place you with your sister since I do not see you as the ambitious type. No I think you are better suited in GRYFFINDOR!" he bellowed.

This time the sea of red clapped. Sasami shot off a disappointed look at Ayeka and found a seat next to a young red headed girl in her year.

"Hakubi, Ryoko!"

It took everything in Ryoko's power not to teleport up there, so she strutted up the walk like she owned the place. The hat was not on her head long when it announced that she was also a Slytherin. Ayeka and Ryoko looked at one another.

"So it appears we are living together Demon," Ayeka said briskly.

"Indeed we are Princess. As long as Tenchi gets into Slytherin I'll be happy," Ryoko sighed.

Ayeka chuckled. "Well of course he'll be in Slytherin! He and I are truly compatible!"

"Hakubi, Washu!"

The young looking spiky haired genius sat down on the bench.

"Well the mother of the demon, and the oldest person that I have ever had the chance to sort!"

"Well I'd kinda like those memories not looked into or repeated, not even to Dumbledore. There is a lot in there I don't even want to know about. But I must know how do you work? What kind of charm was used on you?" Washu thought eagerly.

"A magical one. You can read all about it with your fellow classmates in RAVENCLAW!"

Washu went to join her class. Washu couldn't help but notice Mihoshi cheering with pom-poms when she was sorted. The toad faced woman next to her looked like she was going to rip off her head.

"Masaki, Tenchi!"

The lone male of the group walked up to the hat. The professor put it on top of his head and again the voice spoke.

"My, my. There are a lot of choices for you. Your loyalty is to be commended and your bravery is just as high. Yet you appear to lack the ambition of your housemates and the thirst for knowledge of Ms. Hakubi."

Tenchi thought for a moment. "Could you please put me in the same house as Harry Potter? It is probably the best way for me to get to know him so we can save everybody when the time is right."

The hat seemed to make a mental bow. "All you needed do was ask. Mr. Masaki, I will place you in GRYFFINDOR!"

The sea of red resumed their applause. Meanwhile Ryoko and Ayeka booed and ran up to Professor McGonagall.

"Hey, we want to be where Lord Tenchi is! There must have been a mistake on the hat's part!" Ayeka cried.

"I'm sorry girls; those are the rules of our country. You will still have plenty of time to see your friend during your down time. Now run back and make friends with your housemates," Minerva told the pair.

As they walked back, Ryoko muttered "Old hag," and received a nasty look from Professor McGonagall.

At the Gryffindor table, Hermione Granger was interrogating Tenchi about his life in Japan while Ron Weasley and Dean Thomas asked about Quidditch. During all of this, Tenchi made it a point to introduce himself to Harry. Sasami also made friends with the young Ginny Weasley and Colin Creevey, both of whom would be in her year. Washu was talking up a storm with a young blonde haired girl who had radish earrings, learning all kinds of new things that Professor Dumbledore never told her. Finally, Mihoshi was laughing with Professor Filius Flitwick as Professor Umbridge looked like she wanted nothing to do with her.

Dumbledore smiled to himself, this may prove to have been a great idea after all.
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#24850 The first chapter to focus mainly on the Tenchi characters. Finally! Tenchismile

Chapter Four: No Need for Dormitories!

Tenchi and Sasami made their way into Gryffindor dormitories led by Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, who were appointed prefects of the house. Dumbledore had managed to find extra space to fit beds for both Jurains and both discovered a new set of red and gold clothes for their "dress robes." Tenchi sighed and sat down in a chair in the break room. This was all proving to be too much to handle for one day. Sasami cheerfully joined him on the couch, Ryo-Ohki in her arms.

"Isn't this so amazing Tenchi? We are at an actual school of witches and wizards! It's like something out of a fairy tale!" Sasami cheered.

Ryo-Ohki agreed. “Meow!”

Seeing Sasami so happy put the young Crown Prince's mind at ease. He always considered her the heart of the family so it was lucky he ended up in the same house as her. If he had ended up in the same house as any of the other girls, it would be a catastrophe.

"It sure is something Sasami. I have to say, it's a bit much to process, but if I can handle you girls what are a bunch of teenagers, right?" he laughed.

Suddenly, two identical red haired teenagers walked up to the Japanese students. They reached out their hands to introduce themselves.

"Good evening Mr. Masaki and Ms. Jurai, we think that it time to meet the two most infamous Gryffindor's around," said the first twin.

"Well unless you count dear Harry Potter, oh twin of mine. Regardless, I'm sure our two new Gryffindors will hear of our exploits in no time at all," the second countered.

The first twin introduced himself as Fred Weasley and his twin as George Weasley. These were the third and fourth Weasley that Masaki duo had met.

Sasami was mystified. "Wow so you are Ginny's brothers? That must be nice to all be in one house! I got split up with my sister when she got put in Slytherin."

Fred turned to George. "Oh dear Fred, that's right."

George turned to Fred. "My dear George what ever shall we do? Her sister has gone to the dark side she has."

Tenchi was thrown off. "Wait, the dark side? What do you mean?"

"Oh is it like that Earth...err Muggle movie that Mihoshi watches with Father and Grandfather? The one with the laser swords like the Master Key and the two robot guardians?" Sasami asked, confused by Fred and George's terminology.

"Well let's put it like this, there has never been a witch or wizard that has gone bad that wasn't in Slytherin, right old boy?" George asked his twin.

His twin nodded. "That is true, old chum. I'd worry about your sister, I would."

"Oh would you two just sod off! They don't know you are joking!" came the voice of the Gryffindor prefect Hermione. "Sorry about them Sasami, you'll get used to their humor eventually."

"You'll be bosom buddies with us in no time!" one of the twins said, interrupting the brunette witch.

"As I was saying, there are plenty of reasons why she would be in Slytherin. But I was hoping to catch you both before some kind of commotion breaks out. How are you both holding up here? As the prefect it is my duty to make sure all first years are well acclimated to the school, and I guess both of you can be seen as first years depending on your point of view," Hermione pointed out.

“Well thank you Hermione! I think we are doing okay so far. Your school is just so different than what we are used to,” Tenchi told the witch. Hermione eyed him curiously.

“I was curious about that Tenchi. What are you all used to? I have never heard of Jurian Academy before today and I was surprised to hear of a new magical school. Are you related to the headmaster there Sasami?”

Sasami shifted uncomfortably. She hadn’t expected to get called out on this so soon. However, Washu had written out a backstory just in case people started asking questions.

“Well we have only opened four years ago so we are really low key right now! As for the headmaster, I’m distantly related to him but nothing like his sister or anything,” Sasami laughed, hoping that this would be enough.

It was then that Hermione noticed Sasami’s small pet. “Is that native to Japan? I’ve never seen one of those before in any of the books in the library. What it is?”

Fred looked at Ryo-Ohki. “Well it looks like a rabbit.”

“No, no brother of mine, she looks like a weird cat,” George pointed out.

Tenchi sighed. “Actually Ryo-Ohki here is kinda both. We’ve always just called her a cabbit.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “Fascinating; are there any more documented cases of ‘cabbits’ in Japan?”

Thankfully, the conversation was interrupted by a shout from the other side of the dormitory. The quintet of Gryffindors moved to where the action was. It appeared that Harry Potter was getting yelled at by another boy.

“I almost didn’t come back this year because of you Potter! The Daily Prophet is saying lots of things about you and what you have been saying about You-Know-Who,” Seamus Finnigan was arguing.

Tenchi was confused. “What is going on? Who is You-Know-Who?” he asked Hermione.

“He is talking about the Dark Lord. I’m not sure if you have studied him at your school,” she replied.

“Oh, you mean Voldemort! I heard from Professor Dumbledore that he was back!” Sasami mentioned. The room stopped and looked at her.

“The Daily Prophet is saying that Harry and Dumbledore have gone daft! For somebody who has never even set foot in Britain, how do you know so much about You-Know-Who?!” Seamus vented.

Ron stepped in at this point. “Hey mate, don’t yell at her. This is her first day. Calm down and walk away.”

Harry stared his housemates in the face. “No, let him say his piece Ron. Let him call me a liar like everyone else in the wizarding world. I don’t care what you or your mother thinks about me, I know what is right and what happened to Cedric Diggory!”

"Don't say a thing about my mum Potter!" Seamus retorted.

Tenchi stood in the middle of the two teens. "Hey guys, why don't we calm down? It's the first day back to school; we all know it can get tense right? Eh?" he tried to interject. Tenchi sighed on the inside, knowing he was out of his element, but he needed to get on Harry's good side somehow.

Seamus shot the two of them a look and walked away, grumbling something to a boy named Dean Thomas, who tried in his own way to calm him down.

The common room slowly dispersed, leaving the Japanese visitors, the Weasleys, Harry, Hermione, and another boy alone. Harry looked to Sasami and extended a hand.

"Thanks...for sticking up for me in there. And you...Tenchi was it? Thank you," Harry said, winding down from the tense moment.

Sasami cheerfully grabbed the wizard’s hand. "No problem silly! What are friends for?"

Harry was taken aback by the abruptness of this declaration of friendship, and yet somehow felt soothed by it. Any lingering anger was quelled almost instantly.

Harry smiled. "Friends."

Ginny raised an eyebrow at the scene. "Didn't you two just meet?"

Harry shrugged. "Yeah, madness I know. I dunno why but it feels sincere."

Hermione looked like she was going to say something but decided against it. Tenchi assumed that she would share her suspicions with her friends later on. 'This girl was smart. Washu would have a field day probing her mind.' The thought of that made Tenchi shudder.

The other boy who was with them also extended his hand. "Blimey, I never introduced myself. Name's Neville Longbottom! How do you blokes like Hogwarts so far? Any different from Jurai?"

Tenchi laughed a nervous laugh. " see..." he started before getting cut off by Sasami.

"It's great so far! But we really haven't seen much of the castle. Jurai has more of a forest feel than here!" she cut in, appreciating her own little in joke.

The Hogwarts students tried to imagine what exactly a forest feel meant. Oh brother, Tenchi thought to himself. I hope the other girls are doing better than this.
"Are we really going to do this crap for a year?" Ryoko pouted to Ayeka once they were acclimated in the Slytherin dungeons.

Ayeka looked just as dejected. "I am a princess; how am I supposed to stay in a DUNGEON of all places! For a year! Without Lord Tenchi! Instead I'm stuck with the monster woman in a school of teenagers!"

The space pirate hit her in the arm. "Like it or not Princess, we are stuck in this together. I’d walk through the walls and find Tenchi myself if there weren’t so many people around. Ugh…there is only one thing we can do.”

“And what exactly do you propose we do to make this an enjoyable experience, Miss Ryoko?” Ayeka curiously asked.

“Wanna drink sake to get through this nonsense?" She produced a bottle of sake out of nowhere.

The princess of Planet Jurai shifted around, hoping none of the Slytherins were looking. "Ryoko, you can't just drink around children! They aren't of age yet! Besides we are supposed to blend in! If Lord Tenchi..." she started.

"Live a little Ayeka! What Tenchi doesn't know won't hurt him! Come on, you know you want to!"

Ryoko gave the bottle to Ayeka. She stared at it. On one hand it was not becoming for a princess to behave in such a brutish manner in front of minors. On the other hand, her beloved Lord Tenchi seemed so far away. Sake would take the edge off....

Within fifteen minutes the pair of women managed to kill off the entire bottle. By this point, various students gathered around to watch the sluggish women argue and bicker.

Draco Malfoy pushed aside several of his housemates to see what the commotion was. "Move aside first years! Greengrass, what the devil is going on here?"

Motioning toward the center of the crowd, the Slytherin girl could hardly express words. "See for yourself Draco."

Draco was floored by what he saw. The two foreigners that Draco was ready to write off were in the middle of fighting each other. Somehow the purple haired girl Accioed a plethora of what appeared to be floating logs. The teal haired one pulled out her wand and sparks began to surround her.

"I will not allow you to insult me in such a way Ryoko!" the drunken Princess cried, clearly not realizing the crowd of people.

Ryoko growled at her. "It's the truth little miss prissy pants. You can't hold your liquor at all! Aww, did I strike a nerve? Is the baby gonna run all the way back to Jurai to get comfort from mommy and daddy?" she mocked.

Ayeka looked shocked. "How dare you, you vile creature! You are only comfortable saying that because you fit right at home here!"

The girls locked eyes with each other. The Slytherins held their breath; this sort of excitement typically didn't start until a week into the year.

A first year tugged on Malfoy's robe. "Shouldn't you be stopping that Mr. Prefect?" he asked.

Malfoy hit him away. "Are you stupid First Year? If anyone thinks of stopping this I will hex them all the way to St. Mungo's myself!"

Suddenly without warning, Ryoko made a move. She reached her arm out...and pulled out another bottle of sake. Ayeka made an excited sound and vanished her logs. Ryoko handed the princess a saucer and the pair started drinking together.

The Slytherins could not make heads or tails of what they just saw. "Hey, foreigners! What the hell do you think you are doing? Aren't you going to fight?" Blaise Zambini asked from the middle of the crowd.

The two women just laughed. "Ah we just had some stress to take out on each other; what with Tenchi not being here," Ryoko said after she took a swig.

Ayeka, who was drinking from her saucer, started crying. "Oh Lord Tenchi, why aren't you in Slytherin with us?! I'll never forgive that Sorting Hat for interfering in a perfect chance to prove our destined love!"

Sensing a commotion in the common room, Severus Snape managed to make his way through the crowd to the supposedly underage witches. His lips started to twitch when he saw two of his students drinking what was clearly not butterbeer.

"You two, stay. The rest of you, get to your beds and stay there. Prefects, stay as well. Now...move," the Potions Master ordered. The students fled the common room leaving only the two girls, Draco Malfoy, and a girl named Pansy Parkinson.

"Miss Hakubi and Miss Jurai, might I ask what it is that you are doing?" the professor asked.

Ryoko handed him a bottle. "Hey Professor...well I don't actually know your name yet but have a drink! Straight from Jurai: Shinzo sake!"

The Potions Master took the bottle and took a whiff. It was clear that this drink of unknown origin had some alcoholic properties in it.

"Let me make one thing clear to both of you, if you were not of my house I would have you expelled. I do not know what the rules were from your old school but as long as you are in my house you will be expected to follow my rules. Mr. Malfoy, Miss Parkinson you will alert me if these two have any more trouble...blending in. Are we clear?" Snape asked the quartet.

The two prefects nodded. Ryoko and Ayeka looked at each other. It seemed that the two realized that they had potentially crossed a line. Not wanting Tenchi to get mad at them, they agreed, despite handing over a bottle of the rarest and finest sake in the galaxy.

Snape smiled. "Very good. Now I would like the two of you to come to my office first thing in the morning so we can discuss your schedules. Don't force my hand again. I will be confiscating this drink and will alert Mr. Filch to be on the lookout for it. Good night," he said.

He turned around and went to leave the dungeon. Suddenly, he glanced back at his newest students. "Oh, welcome to Slytherin."

As soon as Snape left, Malfoy turned to the girls. "Say, do you have any more of that stuff? Father has yet to let me into his good stock; consider me interested. If you help me out, as a prefect I can help you out. What do you say Hakubi?"

Ryoko thought about it. Suddenly she produced another bottle of regular sake from subspace and gave it to the boy. "Here, have a party. I'm heading to bed. Come along now Princess; let's find our room."

As the two left the excited prefects to their new drink, Ayeka nudged Ryoko. "Say Ryoko, why would you give up one of your sakes to those kids? You know that isn't a good idea," she slurred.

Ryoko laughed. "It's called a bribe! Better to get them on our side than piss em off later. Besides, it wasn’t any of our good stock. I have a feeling we are gonna need until this mess is over. Ugh let's hit the sack, I feel a hangover coming on," she yawned.

Ayeka nodded, thinking to herself how good it would be to see Ryoko with a hangover in the morning. Of course, she drunkenly forgot that Ryoko never gets hangovers so her happy thoughts were in vain.
"So let me get this straight Luna, the creature is known to have an exploding horn and looks something like this?" Washu asked the blonde haired girl whom she befriended earlier. She pulled out a sketch pad and drew an animal.

After looking at the drawing for a minute, Luna dreamily nodded. "Yes, you seem to have gotten the likeness of the Crumple-Horned Snorkack rather nicely. Do you draw often?"

Washu gave a quick nod, trying her best to hide her utter surprise at this girl. She had been talking to her all night and considered her the most important person in Hogwarts at the present moment.

'It seems impossible, but each of these descriptions matches a beast not native to this planet. The Snorkack she describes is identical to a Ryuten Wood Shaver! How can this be?' the pink haired mad scientist pondered.

"I like to draw when I can. I have a lot of free time, you know? Not many Ravenclaws believe what I have to say, but I know they will come around to it eventually. I blame warckspurts," Luna continued.

As she was talking, two other Ravenclaws walked by and stared at the conversation these two were having.

"Warckspurts? Again Loony?" the first boy taunted.

The second boy patted Washu on the back. "Looney Lovegood here likes to make up stories. You'll get used to them in time. Welcome to Ravenclaw by the way. Names Kevin Entwhistle, he's Michael Corner."

Washu gave them a sharp look. "Charmed you two; now if you would excuse me LUNA and I are having a lovely conversation about things you wouldn't understand."

Michael Corner looked offended. "You believe this rubbish? What nonsense could you both be possible be talking about?"

"Ah you seem to forget. The time has come, young Ravenclaw, to speak of many things!" Washu smiled.

Luna joined in. "Like shoes and ships and sealing wax?"

Washu was caught off guard at her understanding the human reference that she had slipped in. "Of cabbages and kings, my dear."

The two Ravenclaw boys backed away slowly, muttering things under their breath about the pair. Washu mentally put those two on her list of people who would have to have get some good old fashioned revenge.

Luna looked pleased. "Thank you for that. Don't worry about them, they are harmless. They just don't understand like you and me. I especially loved the Walrus and the Carpenter reference. It fit quite nicely, don't you think?"

The world's scientific genius was curious. "So how did you know that? I was under the assumption most witches don't read non magical litterature."

The blonde haired girl nodded. "Very true, but I'm not like most witches. I'm just Luna Lovegood. Well I think that excitement got me all worn out. I think I'll head to bed now. Toodles! Dum da dum, of cabbages and kings!" she hummed to herself as she walked along.

Washu could not believe just how interesting this girl was. She did not seem to have a care in the world and seemed more in tune with reality than any other person she had encountered on this planet. If only she could get her to come back to her lab...

'The lab! Crap, I have work to do!' she thought to herself.

She walked passed her fellow Ravenclaws and found a special closet reserved for her. If the other Ravenclaws found it odd that she would be sleeping in a closet, they did not mention it. However Washu went straight to work. It was imperative to link up this room to her subspace laboratory as soon as possible.

Not that it was an issue for the universe's greatest scientific genius mind you.
Mihoshi was sad.

There was simply no other way to describe it. She was directed to her office by Professor Dumbledore himself, and was left to decorate it in any way that she pleased. She pulled out her control cube and started twisting it. After a few mishaps, mainly involving her wardrobe, she finally found what she was looking for.

The Galaxy Police detective set up all her books in a nice pile, hoping it wouldn't collapse. Mihoshi hummed to herself as she put up various posters of her favorite heroes and fictional characters.

As she was working with her control cube, she somehow or another managed to produce a metallic object into the room. It was round and it appeared to have eyes.

"Mihoshi, what are you doing? How did you separate my main body from the ship?" the robot object asked.

Mihoshi squueled with delight. "Oh Yukinojo, it's you! I'm so happy that you are here! Now you can watch me be a teacher!"

Yukinojo was startled. "A teacher Mihoshi?! You are a detective in the Galaxy Police, how can you be both a teacher and an officer?!"

The blonde haired teacher laughed. "Silly, don't worry! I only teach one class. If an emergency happens, I'll just have Washu make a tunnel to the ship and we can blast off!"

"But what if there are students watching! We can't have an intergalactic uproar on our hands!" he worried.

However, Mihoshi just playfully continued setting up the room.

Suddenly, she ran out of the room. Yukinojo was confused, but as the being who has worked with Mihoshi the longest, he was accustomed to such behavior.

"Gotta go! Gotta go! Gotta go!" Mihoshi cried to herself, looking for a bathroom. She ran down the hallway, not having any idea of how to navigate the castle.

She ran by various ghosts and talking paintings. She was both very scared and confused by them all so she just ran even faster, going through the ghost of a man who had his head nearly knocked off somehow.

"My word, it is as if she has never encountered a ghost before!" Nearly Headless Nick mused to himself.

Finally, Mihoshi found a door that seemed to be the answer of her prayers. She opened it and was met with a pink room full of kitten memorabilia. All at once the cats started yelling. From behind another door, a woman stirred with her wand at the ready!

"Who dares barge into my office in this house of the night without even knocking?!" Dolores Umbridge cried. Suddenly, she was enveloped in a hug.

"Oh it’s you kind teacher! You told everyone at the speech this morning that you would be everyone's friend! I'm so happy!" Mihoshi exclaimed.

Umbridge managed to pry Mihoshi off of her and could not believe how another person managed to enter her office. She would have to make sure that Filch secured the wards of the castle better and would be writing to Cornelius at once.

'Oh wait,' she thought to herself. 'These people are here at Cornelius' request! I can't go behind his back like this. This means I will have to...bide my time...'

"Oh, right? I am happy to see you so...pleased at this time of night, but may I ask why you are in my office?" she asked with the fakest smile she had ever produced.

Mihoshi started jumping around looking at the kitten collection she possessed. "Oh these are so pretty! I love them so much! They remind me of Ryo-Ohki! I miss her too and it has only been a few hours! Oh how am I going to...oh I have to go! That's right, I was hoping this would be the bathroom! Where can I go?!" she pleaded.

Dolores' eyebrow twitched. If this was not all for the purpose of showing the world that the Ministry was doing a good job at keeping the peace, she would have this idiot fired right here.

"Hem hem! Down the hall, turn right. And please dear, next time knock. Now please leave, I have my beauty rest to attend to!" Umbridge bluntly said, using her want to open the door.

Mihoshi ran out and slammed the door, causing several of the plates and saucers adorning the classroom to fall and smash. Dolores could barely control her fury.
Professor Snape tested the drink that he confiscated from the two Japanese girls. He would be speaking to the Headmaster in the morning to inquire as to how they managed to sneak this into the school without detection.

No tests yielded any negative results other than what he already knew: this was some kind of muggle drink. Again, a rather peculiar thing to have in a wizarding school, but he chalked it up to Japanese culture.

Curious about it and confident that he had enough antidotes around him save him in case this turned out to be a rare poison, he took a sip.

An hour later the bottle was gone and Professor Snape was drunkenly crying over a silver doe that he produced to keep him company for the night.

Truly Hogwarts would never be the same.
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by drillmaster
#24935 Chapter Five: No Need for Muggle Studies

"I am telling you both there is something off about those two," Hermione Granger was telling her two best friends in the common room the next morning.

Harry shrugged. "I don't see what the fuss is about Hermione. New schools open all of the time in the Muggle world; why can't there be a new magical school?"

"I agree Hermione; I think you are just being mental. Besides, Harry's usually the one who gets the bad vibes from people. Shouldn't that be enough to trust them, at least for now?" Ron added.

Hermione looked flustered. "All right Ronald, if you would like to see further proof as to why I am suspicious, look outside the window and tell me what you see."

The young witch directed them to an open window where Neville was staring out of.

"He's been at it all morning since I woke up. It's kinda cool to watch, don't you think?" Neville told his friends. The other boys peered out the window, searching for what their housemates were talking about.

The pair found a small shape which was moving rather fast. It appeared to be Tenchi Masaki, jumping on a series of stones that were placed around the field near Hagrid's house. He was jumping from stone to stone while waving around a giant stick. It looked like Sasami was with him.

"Wicked, he's like one of those ninjas my dad was describing to me; what with the wooden sword thing!" Ron said excitedly.

Hermione was not pleased. "Ronald, ninjas are assassins in Japan! There is absolutely no reason why a student should be learning swordplay or practicing it!"

Harry shot her a look. "Really? What if a sword was the only thing that could kill Voldemort? What if that training really came in handy?"

"Besides, don't you think Dumbledore would check to see if the people Fudge were bringing in were on the level?" Neville chimed in.

Both comments took the young witch off guard. "Well I hadn't considered...regardless, I'm still going to keep my eye on that lot. And as for you Neville, what about Umbridge? It seemed like Dumbledore didn't have much of a choice with her."

Ron shrugged. "Maybe she won't be so bad. After all she's a teacher right? Aren't teachers supposed to be good at stuff?"

"Ronald Weasley, have you forgotten about how half of our teachers in Defense Against the Dark Arts all worked for...You Know Who?" Hermione responded.

Ron's cheeks turned a shade of bright pink. It was at that moment when Minerva McGonagall entered the common room.

"Weasley, you seem rather excited today. What has got you so flustered?" the Deputy Headmistress asked.

"Well..uh..Tenchi...uh" Ron stuttered, pointing outside.

Minerva peered out the window. "Ah I see you have noticed Mr. Masaki's morning rituals. Professor Dumbledore allowed it as a way for him to feel right at home here."

"Dumbledore knows about that? But..." Hermione started when she was cut off by Professor McGonagall.

"Do not worry Granger, you will get used to their customs soon enough, as they will ours. In fact, I came to see the three of you gentlemen about such things. Given the circumstances of your summer Harry, Professor Dumbledore believes that you deserve to have a small break, if you would. As such, for this term you will be taking Professor Kuramitsu's Muggle Studies class. Weasley, Longbottom, I suggest you do the same given your own Divination results, " she added on the end.

Harry gave her a quizzical look. "Professor Dumbledore said that? But why didn't he tell me himself? Why does he want us to do that?"

The professor shrugged. "I do not question the headmaster Mr. Potter. If he asks me to do something, I will do it. As for Weasley and Longbottom, well I think Albus would like to have a few people be in the new professor's class to make her feel welcome. I would invite you Miss Granger, but I think your class schedule is far too full."

"Bloody brilliant! Fred and George take that class. We get to have a class with them!" Ron exclaimed.

"Don't you think they will take the opportunity to prank you any chance they get?" Neville whispered, causing the grin on Ron's face to disappear.

"You all best get a move on, your first class starts within the next hour. Look sharp you lot, and see you all in Transfiguration," the wizened witch remarked as she left the tower.

The quartet looked at each other; they were not quite sure what to make of this development. Once the three boys took Professor Mihoshi Kuramitsu's class, it was doubtful they ever would.


Harry, Neville, and Ron slugged to the room where Muggle Studies was being taught. They had just finished their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Umbridge and it was terrible. They were not allowed to use magic, learn defensive spells, and worse of all Harry was given a week of detentions for saying Voldemort was alive.

"Is this how every person is going to be this year?" Harry vented to his friends once they left Hermione to her Ancient Runes class.

Ron shrugged. "Mate, you know that everything will work out fine. Don't let Umbridge get to you. That old toad will get what's coming to her in the end, you'll see."

"I wonder if she was ever a Death Eater..." Harry muttered to himself.

"Blimey Harry, you can't just go saying that! What if she was around and heard you? She'd keep you in detention for the year!" Neville protested.

"At this rate, she'll do anything to make that a reality," Harry sighed just as the trio made it their destination and walked in the door.

The classroom was not filled with many people. There were the aforementioned Weasley twins, their friend Lee Jordan, Ernie MacMillan from Hufflepuff, Hannah Abbot who was from the same house, Dean Thomas, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and the three non Gryffindor exchange students.

The Weasley twins were the first to notice the new arrivals. "Look, Ickle Ron has taken a class with us!" Fred cried.

George was taken back. "Holy hornytoads, they said it couldn't be done!"

"All four Weasleys under one classroom!" Lee Jordan joined in, clearly taking lessons from his best friends.

"Ugh, would you all please keep it down a bit, my head is pounding," the purple haired girl from Slytherin moaned. She did not look well at all.

The teal haired girl laughed at her. "Hey everyone, look at Ayeka! She couldn't handle her own after just one night! Ha!"

The purple haired girl stood up. "That was not very nice Miss Ryoko! How dare you treat me so shamefully in front of our peers?!" she scoffed.

Ryoko chuckled again. "Oh Princess I don't know what's more priceless: you waking up this morning or that Snape guy during our meeting. I doubt he's ever had a hangover before. We got him good, eh?"

This caused the room to go silent. All eyes were now on Ryoko. Harry was one of those people. He looked around at the small gathering. The Weasley Twins and Lee Jordan looked like they just found the reincarnation of the Messiah, the pink haired girl looked like she was going to kill someone, Luna looked around dreamily, and Ayeka looked like she was going to throw up. Everybody else was just speechless.

"Did...did my ears just fail me brother or did I just hear what I thought I heard?" George asked his brother.

Fred could not contain his joy. "A Slytherin pulling a fast on on old man Snape?"

"What do you mean by hungover?" Ernie asked.

The pink haired girl facepalmed. "Ryoko, you idiot! You brought liquor into a school?! That's a new low for you dear!"

"Aw cram it Ma..." Ryoko started when she was cut off by two new voices.

"Oh Miss Washu, Ayeka, Ryoko! You are all here!" the voice of Tenchi Masaki called out. He entered the room followed by Sasami, who carried Ryo-Ohki with her.

"Ayeka, I missed you so much! How is Slytherin?" Sasami asked cheerfully.

Ayeka looked at her sister and groaned. Sasami shook her head in disapproval. "Really Ayeka? Drinking sake in a school?"

Tenchi looked shocked. " did you bring sake into school?! Are you out of your mind?!"

"Out of her mind..." George began.

"And into our hearts," Fred finished.

Ryoko ran over and gave Tenchi a big hug. "Oh Tenchi, I have missed you so much! We got so depressed last night. I wanted to come find you this morning but that dunghead Snape stopped us and forced us to pick classes! Can you believe it?"

Tenchi just stared at her. "Why Ryoko, I never would have thought that you would have to take classes at a school. Besides that, don't drink in front of minors again! Jeez, take some responsibility! You too Miss Ayeka!" Tenchi deadpanned then scolded.

The two women hung their heads in shame. Luna Lovegood just started to laugh.

"Today is a good day I think. It is as if a swarm of warkspurts entered the school and turned everything on its head. Do they have warkspurts where you come from Mr. Masaki?" the blonde haired girl asked.

Before the young man could answer, the pink haired girl whose name Harry forgot cut right in. "Tenchi, meet Luna Lovegood. She is probably the most fascinating Ravenclaw I have met! This girl is great, I swear it!"

Sasami moved over to hug her. "If Washu says you are great it must be true!"

Luna returned the hug. "Thank you noble Sasami. Likewise to you all too. I hope your hangover goes away Miss Ayeka. I'll see if I have anything in my trunk. Perhaps froagin essence will do. Its quite rare but I may have some."

If anyone knew what Luna was talking about, they did not share it.

Harry looked around. "So if we are all that is coming, where is the professor?"

Ryoko laughed. "Kid, I'd just kick back and relax. This is gonna be good, trust me. By now she'll be running down the hallway and will only just get here on time."

"Now Ryoko, don't say that. Mihoshi is going to be a great teacher! This will end up being one of our most memorable classes" Sasami protested.

Washu sighed. "If there is one constant in the multiverse, it is that Mihoshi will always be memorable. In what way, I could not tell you."

Hannah Abbot, who had not spoken since the room started to fill, finally found the courage to speak. "You guys are all mental."

"I'd say charming," Luna countered.

"I'd say I have no idea what is going on," Neville whispered to Ron, Dean, and Harry.

Dean agreed. "Me neither, mate. I'm just happy that this isn't going as bad as Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Washu snuck into the huddle. "I haven't taken said class yet, but I assure you this will be a treat. How do you all do, my name is Washu!"

The quartet of boys blinked in unison. "Er hello, I'm Neville, that's Harry, Ron, and Dean."

Washu's eyes lit up. "Ah so you are Harry Potter...and you must be Ginny's other brother. I've been talking to her for some time. Her and Luna are good friends. Good kid. We must talk some time Harry about things!" she said in a way that made Harry very uncomfortable.

At that moment a cry could be heard coming down the hallway. The class hushed and looked to see a figure running down the corridor and into the classroom. A blonde haired woman in black robes carrying what looked to be a giant bag fell to the floor.

"I made it! I made it! Yay! I thought I wouldn't get back in time but I made it!" she panted.

Ginny moved over to her side. "Do you need help Professor?"

The blonde haired woman looked at the young red head and started crying. "Oh you are so nice! Everyone in this school is so kind to me! Oh dear listen to me crying when I haven't even introduced myself yet. Silly me!"

She got up and looked around the room. The students made it to their seats and everyone waited for the professor to speak. The room fell quiet.

" name is Professor Mihoshi Kuramitsu, but you can just call me Mihoshi! I want to be all of your friends!" Mihoshi cried. She looked around and her eyes fell on her old housemates.

"Oh wow, Washu, Tenchi, Sasami! Even Ryoko and Ayeka! You all made it into my class! I'm so excited! Look at all the students! There are so many of you and so few of me! I hope everything will go okay this year! I'm so nervous!" she stammered.

Harry looked to Ron. This was already unlike any class he had ever taken before, and the class had not even actually started.

Mihoshi took roll and gushed over every single person in her class. The Hogwarts students did not know what to make of her and the transfer students looked nervous, except Sasami who seemed thrilled.

"Well now that I know you and know me, I think we should get started! Um, you all will get to know certain things about Ear...Muggles that I personally enjoy! So I'm going to hand out a book and we are going to read it together!" the teacher cheerfully said.

She handed out several books to the class. Harry received his book and saw a cartoon drawing of a blonde haired girl who wore her hair in pigtails. However a problem soon popped up...

"Professor, you do know we can't read Japanese right?" Harry asked.

Ryoko stifled even more laughter as Mihoshi stared at her books. "But...I...oh no! Washu, can you help me get English versions of Sailor Moon before the year is done?!" she pleaded to her student.

Washu did not expect to get put on the spot. "Er...sure professor. I'll see what I can do. Do you have ANYTHING else for us to do?"

Mihoshi clapped her hands together. "Oh yes! I did remember that you guys are indeed English, so I got my favorite English fiction and brought it with us! We are going to take sometime to learn about my favorite English hero!"

She quickly collected the other books and passed out a grey book. Harry looked at the hardcover of this new collection and was just floored by what he saw.

Dean Thomas let out an excited cry. "Are you kidding me Miss Mihoshi? Are we seriously doing this?!"

Mihoshi gave a nod. "Yup! You know who that is Dean?"

"It's only one of the greatest American superheroes ever. It's flipping Batman! We are seriously taking a BATMAN course at Hogwarts!" Dean shouted enthusiastically.

Ron rose his hand and looked to his friend. "Dean, why are you so bloody excited over some Muggle flip book?" he asked.

Harry thought for a moment and gave his own answer. "Muggles like superheroes Ron. Since they don't have the thrill of magic, they escape into these books and latch onto the characters. Batman is one of the more popular ones, probably because he doesn't have any powers of his own."

Mihoshi nodded yet again. "Very good Harry! 20 points to Gryffindor! How do you both know about Batman?"

Dean shrugged." I'm a Muggle born, I was raised on the Caped Crusader. I'd get reprints of the American comics."

"My cousin flaunted his own toy and comic collection over me every chance he could get," Harry responded.

Mihoshi was confused. "Reprints? I thought Batman was English?"

Harry shook his head. "Nope, he's American. But we both SPEAK English, so it's okay Professor Mihoshi."

Suddenly, the professor started to cry. "Oh thank goodness! I was afraid I messed up again! You guys are all so sweet! 50 points to each and every one of you!"

A cheer rose out over the students. Harry thought that the professor was going to cry again.

Harry saw Ayeka lean into Ryoko's ear. He could barely make it out but he though she said "I can't believe we are taking a class all about Mihoshi's childish interests. I should have expected this."

"Hey, this just means we get to spend more time with Tenchi, and any time with Tenchi is worth it to me," he heard Ryoko respond.

Ayeka nodded. He returned to his desk and looked at what might actually be a book he would enjoy reading this year. He flipped though the book and saw that it was called "Batman: Year One."

Sasami rose her hand and stood up. "Professor, why did we start with this book? What about Batman can you tell us?"

"Good question Sasami! Well..." Mihoshi began as she started a long explanation about how Batman fought crime and about some of his enemies. Though these were familiar to Harry, and clearly Dean, it looked like the rest of the class was lost.

The lecture ended when a beep came from what Harry believed to be a watch. Suddenly, a voice came from behind the teacher.

"Mihoshi, you have a priority alert!" the voice said. Harry searched for where it came from. It appeared to come from a small robotic head! Harry was shocked. From what Hermione told him, Muggle electronics could not work at Hogwarts.

Ron rose his hand. "Oi Professor, what was that?"

Mihoshi stopped dead in her tracks and started to sweat profusely. "Uh...what was what, Ron?"

Dean noticed the robot and lit up again. "Wow, you enchanted a ROB the Robot! I love playing video games! Please tell me we are playing games in this class too!"

Mihoshi thought for a second and then started nervously laughing. "Heh heh yes, Dean! I was hoping to...uh...make it a surprise! But Professor Dumbledore and I did figure out a way to play video games. Yup, that we did! But as the robot said I am late for...a meeting! Yes I am! Class dissmissed and I will see you all next week! Read your books for homework!" she said, waving as she ran out of the room.

The classroom was silent for about the fourth time in the span of two hours. Finally it was Fred Weasley who broke it.

"Whelp, that was officially the best class I have taken here in seven years."

"Indeed brother. Anyone up for Exploding Snap?" his twin responded.


"Dumbledore found a way to make Muggle technology work but limited it to Muggle Studies? That doesn't make sense!" Hermione cried when she was told about the Muggle Studies class.

Harry shrugged. "It's what she said Hermione."

Ron, who was reading his book, finally looked up. "Wow, this Muggle book is awesome! It has everything that Dad told me about Muggle crime! Crime lords, girls, fighting! Hermione, McGonagall switching me in this class might have been the single greatest thing that has happened to me at this school since meeting you!"

Neville looked up from his own book. "Did you get to the part where he punched the cop through that wall?!"

"Really? That's fantastic! I just got to the dinner scene!" Ron replied excitedly.

From down the table, Fred called to the lot. "Wait till the 4th book! It gets even better!"

Hermione stood up, frustrated. "You boys enjoy your comics, I'm going to the library to do some research! Somebody has got to do something productive!"

She stormed out of the Great Hall, passing by Ginny who was also enjoying her own copy of the book. Harry thought about following her, but decided against it so he could read his own book. Knowing that he had a rough week of detentions ahead, it was nice to escape into another world for even just the rest of lunch.

Unbeknownst to Harry, Albus Dumbledore smiled.
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by drillmaster
#24987 Chapter 6: No Need for a Diary

'What am I gonna do about this mess?' Washu Hakubi thought to herself as she left Charms class.

It had been about a week since the Masaki family infiltrated Hogwarts. By now the teachers had some inkling as to who these new students were and what they could do. In some cases, the teachers approved of the new students. In this regard, Sasami and Tenchi came to mind.

But then there was Ryoko and Ayeka.

Washu had to run interference with those two on what seemed to be a daily basis. While she had quietly altered a few memories of some of the students who might have seen something out of the ordinary, such as Ryoko flying, word had gotten around that there was something off about the lot. Rumors were spreading about their weird customs and it got to the point that Tenchi would practice his swordplay with a crown of spectators.

Leading the investigation was the young Gryffindor witch named Hermione Granger. Washu had to give it to the girl: she was smart. Though she wondered why Hermione was not in Ravenclaw, she was secretly glad for it. There is little doubt that had they shared a house together she would go to any lengths to get the proof that she needed. The greatest scientific mind in the galaxy got a rush out of the game, linking it back to Earth novelist Victor Hugo's light read Les Miserables and to the characters of ValJean and Javert.

On the downside, being in Ravenclaw did have the disadvantage of not being in the same house as Harry. Though the spirit of Tsunami was no doubt watching over them, Washu would have loved to get the opportunity to pick apart the poor boy. She needed to know what made him so damn special.

But Ravenclaw did offer one bonus: Luna Lovegood.

Washu could not figure out why, but somehow this one girl could see through anything that she threw out at her. Though she did not tell anyone, she randomly informed Washu that her "toy wand" was very impressive and continued on with reading the Quibbler. It was positively unheard of for a teenage girl to notice technology like that in only a few days, let alone technology that would fool even the Earth's greatest scientists.

The two girls walked down the hallway to the Great Hall. Though Washu missed Sasami's homemade meals, even she had to admit the food was pretty good. As they entered the Hall, they were overtaken by the various aromas permeating from the tables.

"Oh, there appears to be pudding and steaks. An odd combination for lunch, but still appropriately appetizing," Luna spoke.

"Luna, please don't change. Seriously, I don't know what it is about you, but you just make my day so much brighter," Washu grinned.

Suddenly, Luna stopped walking and looked at the Gryffindor table. "If that is the case, young Washu, then we should go make Harry's day brighter. It looks like something is going on over there."

The pair made their way to Harry, who only had Sasami by his side. Washu could not see Tenchi around so she assumed the 7th years were still in a class but she was surprised not to see the Granger girl or any of the Weasleys. They sat down next to them and Washu noticed immediately that Harry's hand was covered.

"Oh Washu, it's you! It's terrible! Harry scar is hurting and there is something going on with is hand! He won't let anyone help him," Sasami cried.

Harry turned away bitterly. "It's fine. Really. I don't want to make a big deal of it."

Washu was faster than Harry would probably give her credit for. She examined his hand. A sense of disgust rose in her. His hand was carved into somehow and was covered in dry blood. The carvings spelled out "I must not tell lies." Directed by a sense of blind rage, Washu produced her little computer and started typing furiously. In an instant, Harry's hand healed, though there was a little light scarring that remained.

Harry was confused. "What...what did you just do?"

The pink haired girl turned to Luna and Sasami. "Sasami, can you find Hermione and Ron? I assume that they left here due to their own concern about Harry. Luna, stay with Harry and make sure he is okay. Harry, I am sorry that I don't have the time to give you proper answers but I promise you, you will find out soon enough. I'm going to see Albus Dumbledore and then giving Dolores Umbridge a piece of my mind!"

Washu got up and walked away without addressing the fact that she broke her own rules of secrecy. The notion of taking a child and torturing him in such a manner repulsed her. As a mother herself, she felt the need to take on the role of Harry's surrogate maternal figure and do as any mother would in this case: complain to the highest person on the chain. In this case, that would be Albus Dumbledore.

She made her way to a pair of gargoyles. Her energy readings told her that this was where Dumbledore lived. She pressed a few buttons on her computer screen and made the guardian gargoyles vanish. This revealed the entrance to the office of the man Washu corresponded with for a little over four years.

As she stormed her way up the stairs, she could make out the voice of Minerva McGonagall yelling her head off. Washu paused to listen in. 'If she is here for what I think she is here for, I will have hope for the wizarding world' Washu thought to herself.'

"That vile woman has been forcing Potter to CARVE her words into his own skin! Professor, how can this be allowed at the school? If Granger and Weasley didn't bring this to my attention earlier today, how many students do you think she might have disfigured?!" the elderly witch cried out.

"Minerva, do you not think I understand the seriousness of the situation. I will not stand for my students to be injured in any way, but read between the lines. Dolores is using this opportunity to gain Ministry approved power at the school. It will be hard to interfere when that begins," the voice of Albus echoed down to Washu.

"Her mere presence is an interference, Albus! If you will not do something about this, I will! I need to make sure Potter is not injured to the point that he is unable to move his hand," Minerva McGonagall threatened.

Washu decided that now was the perfect time to intervene. "His hand is fine, dear Professor McGonagall. I managed to heal him rather nicely, but I'm sure he can use some help. He didn't seem particularly happy that people were drawing attention to it."

Albus and Minerva were not expecting what appeared to be a Fourth Year student enter in Dumbledore's office.

"My word...Miss Hakubi! You musn't barge into the headmaster's office! And what are you talking about? How could a Fourth Year student know enough about magic to heal what was no doubt a Dark Magical object!" the senior witch questioned.

Washu waved her finger at the woman. "Ah but I am no ordinary Fourth Year magical student. I am Washu Hakubi, the greatest scientific mind in the galaxy! I have learned a lot about healing in my own studies and it was easy to find a way to make the pain go away. Now Professor McGonagall, I really must speak to Professor Dumbledore about this Umbridge problem. Harry needs you now more than Albus does."

Again, Minerva McGonagall was shocked. No student had ever spoken to her that way. "Excuse me young lady?!"

Albus interrupted her immediately. "Minerva, I know that Miss Hakubi was not acting in the most proper of ways, but she raises a point. You must go help Harry right now. Miss Hakubi will apologize to you for her tone later, but I am sure we all can agree that it was the concern for the boy that was driving her anger."

Minerva gave a curt nod, shot Washu a dirty look, and left the premises to attend to her charge. This left an open seat for Washu to sit in, something she did gladly.

"Miss Washu, I must really ask you to not speak to my staff like that," Albus began as he offered her tea. Washu swatted aside the cup and looked him in the eye.

"And I must ask you to show more concern for your students! The boy is only fifteen years old! It is bad enough there is a smear campaign out to discredit and isolate the kid but he is having issues every night dealing with nightmares and memories from his graveyard duel with Voldemort! Tenchi has been filling me in about it and I think there is something going on here that either you have yet to reveal or that you do not know about."

Albus stared out of his spectacles and waited for the pink haired woman to continue. Washu obliged. "All right it seems that I will be the one dictating the terms of this visit. For starters, in addition to his hand Sasami mentioned that Harry's head was hurting. I assume this has its link to the lightning scar on his forehead. Is there any reason why you have not confronted the boy about it?"

Washu gave the man a moment to collect his thoughts. The old man rose up and began walking to a compartment behind his desk. "I have a theory, but I am unsure of how true it could possibly be. However, as a woman of science I assume you will be more open to it than others. A little under three years ago, Ginny Weasley was possessed by a diary, this diary," he said, pulling out an older book. The center was ripped open, like it was torn apart.

Examining the book, Washu motioned for her colleague to continue. "This led me to believe that Voldemort somehow managed to use Dark Magic to place a bit of himself into the book as a safeguard to ensure his survival."

Washu shot him a look. "You are referring to a horcurx, dear Dumbledore. I have came across it in my studies of your culture. It splits your soul apart at the cost of another life. There are similar techniques developed in the galactic community, but they are all banned and considered dangerous."

This got Dumbledore's attention. "Really? How does it work?"

She cleared her throat and projected an image from her computer. "It is commonly referred to as the black flame projection. One must extract the flame of life from their body and hide it in an area of their choosing. If the flame were to go out, the soul itself would instantly die. However, if the flame remained lit after the body was destroyed, the flame could be used to warp a soul into a twisted copy of the original."

Dumbledore processed this information. "So what you are telling me is that the flame of the older soul must be placed into another host. This would then cause the host to become the original person? I must profess that such knowledge is lost on me. Could it be possible..."

Washu cut him off. "For Kagato to have done so? Perhaps. However, the soul flame as it were would have to be manually placed into the host, killing him. No fool in the galaxy would do that. Besides, I searched all of Kagato's old haunts in the time after his death. There was nothing from Ryoko's memories or from the places that suggested that he would attempt such things. He was too cocky."

The old man sighed. "Regardless, this is all speculation. Even if this were a horcrux, how could we know how many Tom created or where they were?"

Washu examined the book. "Hmm, I wonder." She put the computer over the book and began typing. After several minutes, lights began to flash. Dumbledore did not dare to move an inch or interrupt her. This may have been the chance he was looking for.

"Bingo! This is it! There are remnants of a soul fragment hidden in the book! This data can allow us to track the remaining areas to find it! can we do it? I don't have access to my real subspace lab or most of my equipment. I still need to create a small dimension within the school to link the dormitories so we can meet in private," Washu trailed on.

"If you can just create dimensional rifts in order to create subspace, why can you not link to your lab from here?" Albus pondered.

"It is just too far away. We would need to be approximately 100 miles away to link up to the same dimensional frequencies. So my options here are limited...except..." Washu stopped. An idea just popped in her head. It would be risky and she was not sure if she would agree to it, but she had to try.

Washu began typing on her screen again. Suddenly a large picture of a crap holding a telephone appeared above Dumbledore's desk. After a moment, a woman answered the phone. She had brown skin, brunette hair, and what appeared to be rabbit like ears. Dumbledore surmised it was an alien.

"Washu, why are you calling me so early...and what the hell are you wearing?" the woman asked.

Washu smiled. "Hey Yume, nice to hear from you too. This is my formal school robes. I'm studying to be a witch!"

The girl rose an eyebrow. "A witch? What kind of sake have you been drinking lately and where can I get some?"

Suddenly the woman, or Yume, noticed the odd looking man. "Holy crap, who the hell are you rolling with now? You traded Tenchi for an old man?"

Dumbledore bowed respectfully. "My dear Miss Yume, my name is Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. I am happy to make your acquaintance. I am the headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... on the planet Earth. I have no idea as to why Washu has reached out for you but I believe that it must be important."

"You really aren't kidding with the witch crap then? Okay, I'll bite. What's going on?"

"Listen Yume, we are undercover at this school. Something is going to happen in the next year that may or may not result in Kagato getting revived. We have just obtained specific data to back this up but I do not have proper access to my lab equipment. As I can't break cover at the present moment, I was hoping as both my friend and rival that you could create a tracking device for me and go on what can be called a 'Horcrux Hunt.'" Washu explained.

Yume thought about it for a bit. "So let me get this straight, you are asking Hishima and myself to come to Earth, build a machine, do your dirty work for you and find these objects that give off a specific energy signature? What the hell Washu? Do you want me to come over there and wipe your ass while I'm at it?"

Washu adopted a serious look on her face. "This is not a time to joke Yume. I will give you anything you ask, but please help me."

The girl sighed. "Well seeing as I still owe the galaxy for the whole Ryuten incident with Bizen, I suppose I can help you out. Send me the data and I'll contact you when I get to Earth. Yume out."

The transmission ended and the two people in Dumbledore's office looked at each other.

"Miss Washu, you might have just been responsible for saving the wizarding world," Dumbledore said.

Washu was going to laugh the comment off, but a thought suddenly struck her. "Wait a moment, this conversation started about Harry and turned into horcruxes. You aren't suggesting that..."

"...that Harry may have been turned into an accidental horcrux? I am afraid that is my theory. I do not know how it might have been, but it would make sense. I have been avoiding Harry thus far as I am afraid that Voldemort will make use of the connection the two share to try to possess Harry."

Washu blinked. " mean the scar? So the headaches are connected to Voldemort's god. We need more than just Yume; we need Tsunami. If there is a soul fragment in his head, only she could have the power to remove it..." she trailed off.

Dumbledore grabbed her arms. "Listen to me; it is imperative that you do not go prodding around just yet! If Voldemort were to find out about this through Harry, he would surely use it against us by either making more horcruxes or strengthening the defenses of the current ones he has made. It pains me but it seems to be the only way."

Washu thought about it. "You know you are asking me to let the boy live with this abomination inside him? I...I see your point. But I don't like it. I'm going to try to figure out a way around your little theory."

Albus nodded. "I would expect nothing less from the greatest scientific mind in the universe. However, I think it would be appropriate to move on to our other matter at hand: Dolores Umbridge."

The headmaster watched as the pink haired scientist curled up a fist. "That woman is the devil incarnated...and I have a devil for a daughter! How can your Ministry tolerate that woman?"

Albus sighed. "She is a means to an end; namely to take over the school and add to the smear campaign started by our Minister. As I was alluding to Minerva McGonagall earlier, my friends in the Ministry have passed word on that she will be adopting a new role soon: Hogwarts High Inquisitor."

The title caused Washu to go pink. "You don't mean she's going to be running the school? What about the children?"

The headmaster slumped in his chair. "Cornelius does not care about the children as long as they do not rebel against him. That is his greatest fear. However, I do have an idea for how to add a bit of chaos to the mix to spice things up. While I cannot condone a student doing harm to a teacher, such as giving Fred and George Weasley the run of the school, I do believe that a teacher in a peculiar position might make things entertaining for the children and staff."

Washu rose an eyebrow. "You mean Mihoshi?"

"Oh yes. You see, I have heard from the grapevine that Mihoshi's class is slowly becoming the most talked about thing in the school. As such, I believe that we can use this to our advantage. Dolores still believes that the Minister is the one behind getting Mihoshi placed here, so she will be protected from what is to come. I think I will be allowing our dear Professor Kuramitsu to indulge a few of the requests she asked about when we told her about the job."

"You don't mean..."

"I do. I will be making an announcement at dinner tonight. I do love Muggle cinema. I think it is time to share that love with the school."

Washu could only imagine the terror that was letting Mihoshi host a movie night at Hogwarts. Teaching comic books and manga was one thing, but this had the potential to get out of control fast.

"It's genius!"
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by wwwwhhhhoooo
#25060 It's unfortunate that since I haven't seen Harry Potter (yes, it's true) I can't truly appreciate your work, drillmaster! tenchiahhhhhh

But I did want to say keep up your writing! The more you write, the more attuned to your own styles and processes you become!
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by drillmaster
#25119 Thank you for the kind words of encouragement wwwwhhhhoooo blush1 It definitely has inspired me to keep it up, including three more chapters (which involves even more stuff you probably only are aware of due to cultural osmosis). I've got to say, I am finding that it it's easiest to write Washu and Sasami and harder to write Tenchi and especially Ayeka. The trouble is making her likeable but bitchy.

But without further adeu, here is more of this long winding fanfiction!

Chapter 7: No Need for a Movie Night

After Washu left the table, Harry found himself confused. He barely knew this girl and yet she acted in a way that nobody outside of maybe Mrs .Weasley had acted for him before. He was grateful to be sure, but it raised a lot of questions.

Specifically, what was up with that glowing computer and how did she heal him?

Harry admittedly did not know everything about magic, but that seemed a bit more advanced than the quills and parchment that wizards commonly use. On one hand, he wanted to learn more about it. On the other hand, if he brought it up to Hermione, she would begin her crusade against the poor girl. He can understand why she would be worried, but all of the Japanese visitors have been rather nice to him.

Typically, this sort of thing would bother Harry. They were sent here by the Ministry and were taking an obvious interest in his life. With everything going on with the Daily Prophet, it would be easy to think that they were here to keep him in check. But the sincerity of Sasami and Tenchi won him over. Even the two Slytherin girls seem to only be depressed because they weren't living with their friend ('or potential boyfriend?' Harry thought to himself) and were at least somewhat friendly to the teenager.

"Harry, you look like you are in deep thought. Usually I would let you continue, but given that your head was just hurting, I'd rather not leave that to chance," came the voice of Luna Lovegood.

Harry looked at the girl. "Thank you Luna for staying with me. I just..."

Luna cut him off. "You just wanted to keep everything to yourself and to not draw attention to everything. I know the feeling. But you forget, when you have friends they have a tricky way of worming themselves into the last places you would expect. I'd get used to it Harry Potter."

Harry thought about it for a moment and realized that he had been taking so much of his anger out on his friends that it was hurting the sole support system he had at the school.

"Hey, Luna. You have been hanging around Washu for a while. What do you make of her? I'm still trying to make sense of what she just did."

Luna shot him an odd look. "Honestly, I think she is just dandy. Especially for an alien scientist who has infiltrated the school to make our year more interesting."

Before Harry could react to that ludicrous idea, Sasami came running to him with Ron and Hermione following behind.

"Harry, what happened? We know that you aren't happy about us going to McGonagall but now your scar is hurting again? You need to see Dumbledore!" Hermione cried.

Harry shrugged it off. "It's okay. Washu just stormed off to Dumbledore's office. I couldn't stop her. I still say that he's too busy with Voldemort to deal with the small stuff right now."

"Blimey Harry, you think torture is small stuff! You've gone positively mental!" Ron interjected worriedly.

Hermione rose her trademarked eyebrow. "Wait...Washu? Why is she so concerned all of a sudden? What's in it for her?"

"Hey, that's not fair! Washu is a good person! Yes she can be crazy sometimes but her heart is always in the right place! I know there is some kind of thing going on between you two, but it's about Harry now, not Washu!" Sasami defended her housemate.

Hermione stopped and thought about it. "You are right about one thing Sasami, it is indeed about Harry now, but I know there is something you lot are not telling us and rest assured I'll figure it out!"

Ron put his hand on her back. "Calm down Hermione, you are starting to sound a bit nutter. Why would Sasami and Washu go out of their way to help if they were here to hurt us or something?"

"You know gang; in times like this you really shouldn't throw your own accusations in front of the suspected party. Not that I believe that our friends from Japan are out to get us, but that's just how I was raised," Luna added in.

It was at this point that Dolores Umbridge walked into the Great Hall. She looked over to Harry and had a giant grin on her face. Seeing the congregation, Harry could tell that she was going to come over and gloat. He braced himself for the worst.

"Well good afternoon Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger, Miss Lovegood, and Miss Jurai. I trust you are all doing well today," she laughed in a falsely cheerful voice.

Sasami gave her a terrible look. "We were doing well until you got here! How could you be so heartless and mean!"

Umbridge projected a grin on her face. "Tut, tut Miss Jurai, you musn't talk to a teacher like that. Oh no. It will not do. You must know that my methods are a bit rough, yes, but they get the message across. Right Mr. Potter?"

Her eyes gazed toward Harry's hand, which had been healed by Washu earlier. Harry took pleasure in watching the grin get wiped off of her face.

"How did this...what did you do Mr. Potter? Tell me or I will subject you to another night of detentions!" she threatened.

Sasami got between her teacher and her housemate. "On what grounds? Maybe the message did 'sink in!'"

"Sasami, don't provoke her!" Ron hissed.

"Sasami, what are you doing?" came a voice from down the hall. It was Ayeka, Ryoko and Tenchi. They appeared to be coming from class.

"Ah the sister. Young Miss Jurai here was in the middle of taking a rather rude tone with me. What do you suggest I should do about such things?" Umbridge sneered.

Ayeka looked at Sasami in the eyes. "Reall Sasami? I expected better from you. Professor Umbridge needs to be talked to with proper respect! You should apologize to her immediately!"

"But Ayeka..."

"Now Sasami!"

Sasami gave her sister a terrible look. She then turned to her teacher and bowed. "I am sorry for my behavior Professor Umbridge."

Dolores looked pleased. "My my, ten points from Gryffindor and ten points TO Slytherin. Keep up the good work Miss Jurai. Mr. Potter, enjoy your afternoon."

The group watched as she slinked away and out of the hall. Sasami hit Ayeka. She recoiled, but it looked like she expected this.

"What did you just do Ayeka?! How can you be so uncaring?!" Sasami cried.

Ryoko stopped her from running away. "Listen Sasami, Washu told us everything that happened. We will give that old crone her comeuppance in time, but I'll give it to Washu; she actually had a good idea."

Ayeka went over to her sister and gave her a hug. "Oh my sister, this is going to be terrible and I hope you forgive me, but Miss Washu thinks it is a good idea to get one of us in Umbridge's inner circle. And given that I can play the part a bit better than that monster woman over there, we think that I would be the best candidate for the job!"

Harry was confused. "Wait a second, I thought Washu is with Dumbledore? How did she even tell you that?"

"And what do you mean by 'inner circle?' This does not make any sense?!" Hermione added.

Tenchi started to laugh nervously. "Well we caught Washu on the way to his office! She let us know what was going on and gave us her own theories that she wanted to ask the headmaster."

Ron had a confused look on his face. "So Washu just went and had a meeting with Dumbledore? I figured McGonagall was going to be there doing that same thing."

"You thought correctly Mr. Weasley, but Miss Hakubi is now undergoing her own meeting with the headmaster. You should consider yourself both foolish and lucky Mr. Potter," came the voice of Minerva McGonagall who herself had entered the Great Hall.

"Professor!" Hermionie cried.

The professor looked at Harry's hand and examined the remnants of the scarring. "It is just as she said. Miss Lovegood, how on Earth did Miss Hakubi heal Harry here?"

Luna shrugged. "Advanced alien techniques that she picked up in Japan?"

Hermione noted that Tenchi looked like he was about to have a heart attack. However, Minerva was in no mood for jokes. "This is a serious matter Miss Lovegood."

"Professor, all she did was wave her want and said a spell. She might have taken some healing courses in Japan. It isn't a big deal," Harry interjected.

Now it was Professor McGonagall's turn to raise an eyebrow. "I think your definition of 'a big deal' is up for debate. You will do well to let me know if Professor Umbridge attempts something like this again. Now scatter off you lot! Don't you have class now?"

The younger students groaned and left, leaving only Ryoko, Ayeka, and Tenchi to sit and eat lunch. Harry knew that there would be tension later on tonight and was not looking forward to it. Yet, Harry took comfort in Professor McGonagall's words. While half of the wizarding community thought of him as crazy, clearly he had a good group of people backing him up here. And that was not even counting the members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Harry felt a pang of shame. He had yet to contact Sirius since coming back to school. He resolved himself to go down to the owlry after Potions to write to his Godfather. Maybe he could shed some much needed light on half of the odd things going on at the school now.

The Great Hall was bustling with life for dinner. As Harry expected, Hermione was a tirade about the visitors. However, this time proved to be interesting as Washu and Luna came to sit at the Gryffindor table and the surrounding people listened in to the verbal sparring match.

"So you are telling me that you figured out how to make Muggle electronics by bewitching the circuit board to believe that it is plugged into an outlet? How did you develop that out so easily?" Hermione posited.

Washu ate a chicken leg. "It's actually quite simple. Most wizards fail to truly learn the art of Muggle physics. As a woman of science, I have been trying now for the past four years to merge the two together. Magic is merely a conduit for a certain energy that can only be achieved if certain variables are met, at least that is how I look at it."

"While I agree that most wizards do indeed lack the desire to take Muggle science seriously, it is doubtful that there hasn't been a single wizard who thought to do such a thing," Hermionie countered.

"Perhaps there has been but they just did not have the means to do the task."

"I...I never looked at it that way," Hermione conceded.

"That's because you've been too busy accusing us of trying to kill you or some crap," Ryoko said, sitting between Tenchi and Hermione.

Ayeka took the spot on the other side of Tenchi. "Now, now Ryoko, that's not fair. Hermione here is just concerned. I'm sure she will get over that in time."

Ryoko laughed. "That's what I thought about you and Tenchi and yet here you are!"

Tenchi buried his face in his hands. "Why do you two always bring me into this?"

Hermione sighed. "Well...I do want to say thank you for helping out Harry earlier today. Perhaps you all are not bad per say, but I still say there is something that you all are not telling us."

"Geez Hermione give it a break! Relax a bit!" Ron stated right before stuffing his face with more food.

"Actually there is something I am withholding from you Hermione," Washu said with a smile on her face.

The section of the table grew silent. Harry was surprised; was Hermione about to win the battle of wits?

Fred, who was eavesdropping, turned to George and Lee. "Blimey, was Hermione right this whole time?"

Lee Jordan shrugged. "Who knows? All I know is that this is gonna get good."

The twins nodded and focused on Hermione, who looked like Christmas came early.

"Oh and that would be?" Hermione asked eagerly.

"Attention students, I have a great announcement to make!" rang the voice of Albus Dumbledore. The Great Hall quieted down upon hearing their headmaster's voice.

"Oh you'll see shortly Hermione. Trust me, this is going to be one night that nobody will ever forget," Washu laughed.

"As your first week of school has concluded, Professor Kuramitsu has asked me if she could try something different this year to make the weeks more fun. I have agreed. Professor would you like to take it from here?" the professor asked.

Harry watched as the professor got up. Already, he looked around and saw the members of his Muggle Studies class looking excited, except for Ayeka, who looked like she was undergoing torture, and Tenchi, who looked afraid of whatever Mihoshi was going to do.

"Hello Hogwarts students and staff! So in the Muggle World, they don't have magic to um get them through their day!" Mihoshi began.

"Tell us something we don't know!" Draco Malfoy shouted.

Mihoshi got flustered. "Well um gosh I don't know what you know and don't know! You aren't in my class so I don't know anything about..."

"Mihoshi; beginning, middle, and end! Get on with it!" Ryoko interjected.

"Oh, okay Ryoko! Well, while Muggles don't posses magic per say, there is an old expression about where all the real magic is made: the movies!" the blonde haired teacher explained.

Suddenly all of the Muggle Born students started clapping as loud as they could. Dolores Umbridge got up to try to silence the crowd.

"Settle down! Settle down! Professor Kuramitsu, where is this line of thought going?" Umbridge asked, fearing the next words to come out of her mouth.

"We are gonna watch three movies for the next three days at dinner time!" Mihoshi exclaimed.

Snape's lip curled. "And how, pray tell, can you get Muggle technology to work within the confines of a magical school?"

"Science!" she responded.

"That is the first and probably only time Mihoshi could say 'science' and have it make sense," Ayeka whispered to Ryoko.

"Cut it out you guys!" Tenchi scolded.

"Now these movies are some of the best movies in the English languages! I think that you are all going to love them! I do ask that if you have seen these movies to not tell anyone the ending!" the professor continued on.

"Hem hem!" Professor Umbridge croaked.

Mihoshi turned to her colleague. "Yes Professor?"

"May I ask why you are doing this and why Professor Dumbledore believes that it is a good idea?" she asked sinisterly.

"Professor Kuramitsu wishes to start a movie club, dear Madame Umbridge, and asked to show these movies to get a wide range of audience members. You see, this sort of thing is rather unheard of in our culture and as such the turn out would probably be on the low end. So I allowed her to play these movies, which I confess that I have never seen either, so all of the houses can experience this historic event together," Professor Dumbledore cut in.

Dolores shot him a look and Harry could tell that her hands were tied...for now. He was curious to see which movies the professor would pick. This could be exciting. The Dursleys never let him watch any movies, so he would have to listen in and pretend to see what was going on in the confines of his room.

The lights dimmed and popcorn magically appeared on the tables. The students started to eat happily. Professor Mihoshi produced what Harry recognized as a laserdisc player.

"You knew this was happening?" Hermione asked Washu.

Washu laughed again. "Who do you think told Dumbledore it was a good idea?"

The preparations were set and the movie began. After some fanfare under the 20th Century Fox logo, the words "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." appeared. Already there were some cheers amongst the crowd.

As the "Star Wars" opening scroll appeared, there was a mixture of applause and confusion. The wizarding students had absolutely no idea what was going on and what to expect. In fact, most of them had no idea what a movie was.

"Blimey Hermione, what's going on? What is this thing?" Ron asked his best female friend.

Hermione was too floored by the fact that they were watching a "Star Wars" movie in a magical school to respond.

"Hey, it's that movie with the Master Key and the robots that your grandfather likes Tenchi!" Sasami cheered.

"Gotta hand it to Mihoshi, she picked a good Earth movie to show these guys. This stuff will blow their little minds," Ryoko said as she took a swig of what most certainly not pumpkin juice.

Tenchi sighed. Harry could tell that this was all stressing him out, but decided to focus on the movie and the reactions of the staff.

As the scroll concluded, the students began to gasp. Even though Harry was aware that movies like this were made using models and other effects, the magical students probably thought this was real. He looked around and saw the Weasley twins on the edge of their seats, Professor Flitwick waving his wand in time to the film score, and even Draco Malfoy looking mildly interested.

This was how the entire night progressed. The audience cheered at moments of heroism, gasped at scenes that frightened them, and stayed silent during the scenes that they could not understand. In particular, the Cantina scene proved to be a source of much confusion and awe for those who were not Muggle Born.

"Hey Dean, did you feel this way when you entered Diagon Alley for the first time?" Seamus asked his best friend.

"Oh totally. Just watch, you are about to meet the best bloody character in this whole movie," Dean teased.

Harry found himself enjoying this experience. If Professor Kuramitsu wanted to find a way to legitimize the art of Muggle Studies, she found a way. He was curious how Professor Umbridge was feeling. She did not show that much emotion on her face, but Harry thought he saw her smile as the room filled with cries when Alderaan exploded.

By the movies end, the entire Great Hall was filled with great activity. Even the Slytherins, who were predisposed to hate anything Muggle related, looked like they had a great time. The Hall grew quiet when Professor Kuramitsu tried to get everybody's attention.

"All right, settle down guys! Guys! Please! Oh! So, how did we like 'Star Wars?'" she asked.

Her question was met with thunderous applause. It seemed like the movie was a hit.

"So I would like then to ask one person from each house to tell me what they took away from the movie. Let's start with Ravenclaw!"

Luna stood up before anyone else. She cleared her throat. "I thought that it was one of the best uses of time that I have experienced in our school. The characters were so...alive. I do hope that other Muggle movies live up to these standards."

There were murmurs of agreement. Hannah Abbot decided to take the plunge for Hufflepuff. "My favorite characters were the droids. I thought they were cute. I cried, though, when that Governor guy blew up the planet. That was just so cruel."

Again, a lot of people agreed with her words. Up next was Gryffindor, who was represented by Neville. "This movie has changed my life. Please tell me there is more to the movie. I mean, the subtitle said it was Episode IV right? What about I-III?"

Mihoshi thought about it. "Well there isn't a Prequel Trilogy yet, but maybe there will be! But what about Slytherin? Mr. Malfoy, did you like it?"

All eyes were on Draco Malfoy. He shrugged and said. "It was okay I guess. I liked that Vader fellow, but for something made by Muggles it was alright."

The Hall burst with conversation. Most people were amazed that a Slytherin had anything positive to say while others were insulted that he wasn't saying better things. Professor Dumbledore rose up to speak. The crowd grew silent.

"I must admit, that was not what I was expecting. However, I found this movie to be enjoyable and quite a spectacle. I must confess that I expect quite a few students to start referring to me as 'Ob-Wan.' I hope that the next two live up to this movie," the Headmaster said.

The school held their breath and suddenly erupted with a cheer. But through the cheers a familiar "Hem hem" rang through. Professor Umbridge stood up and pointed to the screen.

"Why was this necessary to show the students? There was violence and murder! Miss Kuramitsu, this is unacceptable!" Umbridge cried.

"Unacceptable?! Dolores, the Muggles are acting. They weren't actually injured. This is a typical fantasy story. There was even murder in some of the stories in The Beetle and the Bard, and those are considered night time stories," Minerva McGonagall shot off.

The two teachers stared at each other and, knowing that nothing could be done about it, Umbridge stood down. Professor Kuramitsu stood up and tried to calm down the teachers.

"Now, now everything will be okay! I mean yeah nobody actually got hurt and it has a good lesson! Follow your dreams and they can come true! Now tomorrow we will pick up with Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back!" Mihoshi cheered.


The Gryffindor dormitory was full of life. The wizarding students were pestering Muggleborns like Dean, Hermione, and Colin Creevey to spoil the next movie. However, nobody budged and the secret seemed to be preserved. Harry liked that the attention was not on him for once, as even though he was raised in the Muggle world, they knew he never saw the movies.

"Enjoyed the movie night?" came a voice. It was Tenchi Masaki. He took a seat next to the boy.

"Yeah, I mean I had heard it before, but I never saw it. It was better than I could have hoped," Harry replied. "Hey Tenchi, I just have to ask: why?"

Tenchi was caught off guard. "Why what, Harry?"

Harry looked him in the eye. "Why are you really here? I didn't tell anyone but Washu used some kind of weird computer thing to heal me and I know that there was no way for Washu to talk to you guys. Luna thinks you are aliens and honestly, I'm torn about it. I can say that I have met a lot of bad people in my life and I really think you guys are on the level."

Tenchi laughed and then sighed. "Well...uh...Harry, I have to say, it is complicated. I mean I don't even understand a lot of it, but all I know is that there is bad things going on out there and you have got a lot of stuff going on here. It'll get better in time, but only if you stay true to yourself."

"You didn't answer the question."

Tenchi shifted his eyes away from Harry. Harry started to piece together everything in his head.

"Wait...are you REALLY an alien?!"

Tenchi started hyperventilating. "I...well that is to say....uh I'm not an alien! Haha that would be silly!"

Harry tried to read between the lines. "What about the rest of you?"

"I...err...welll...the funny thing about that is..." Tenchi stuttered.

"I think young Harry has some explanations owed to him. I mean, we were going to tell him eventually, but it might as well be now," came the voice of Washu Hakubi, who appeared out of the closet.

"How did you...wait what?!" Harry asked incredibly.

"Collect your friends Harry and meet in the closet. We've got some 'splaining to do!" Washu laughed.

Harry wanted to faint on the spot, but figured between watching "Star Wars" and having his hand healed, what was another surprise for him.
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#25120 Chapter 8: No Need for Secrets

Hermione Granger was pleased.

Harry had come and told her, Ginny, Ron, Fred, George, Neville, and Sasami to follow him over to a Gryffindor Closet. This had struck her as odd but when she saw Washu Hakubi, her opinion of the situation completely revised itself.

"Harry, how did she get in here?" Hermione asked her friend.

Washu waved to her. "Hello to you too Granger!"

Harry tried to form words but it proved to be difficult for him. "I...err...Tenchi..."

Tenchi also seemed to be lost for words. Sasami looked from Harry to Tenchi to Washu. "Washu, does Harry know? It hasn't even been a month!" The blue haired girl told her friend.

Warning flags shot up in Hermione's head. "Does Harry know what?"

"The secret of why we are here silly girl! Isn't that what you have been after since we got sorted here?" Washu teased. "Now if you all wouldn't mind, would you please enter the closet. Single file if you could."

The Gryffindors gave looks to each other. "Um Washu, we all won't fit in that closet at once," protested Ginny.

Tenchi gave one of his trademarked sighs. "Oh trust me, if it involves Miss Washu and a door, you will fit," he groaned.

The students entered the room one at a time. As Hermione entered the closet, she heard Ron curse so loudly all of London probably heard. Somehow, their closet had transformed into a large living room. There were other doors that no doubt led to other rooms but Hermione was too flabbergasted to consider looking around yet.

"Wicked!" Neville cheered.

"Brother of mine, me thinks Washu is playing a prank on us," said a wide eyed Fred.

"Nope! It's a subspace house!" Sasami cheered.

"Blimey, we are in space? How did we get in space?" Ron asked nervously

"Not space, good Weasley. Tis subspace," came the voice of Luna Lovegood, walking out of another room sipping on a cup of tea. "I just made some, would anyone like any?"

Sasami clapped her hands. "A kitchen! Oh Washu, thank you! I've missed getting my hands dirty in the kitchen! Come on Ryo-Ohki, let's get you some carrots!"

"Meow!" cried the small cabbit on Sasami's shoulder.

"Wait, so you have somehow added an entirely separate house inside of Hogwarts that can be accessed through a closet. What if somebody were to open it?" Hermione asked.

Washu took some of Luna's tea. "Good question. When you all walked in you were scanned for your DNA. The only way the door will open to here is if one of you use it. It will recognize only your touch. So please, do not use this closet for anything other than coming in our little subspace club. I don't want to have to wipe any memories from your classmates."

"Hold on a bloody moment, how is all of this possible? You are only a fourth year! You can't possibly know magic like this!" Ron cried.

Suddenly, the image of Ryoko walked through a wall, carrying a bottle of sake. "The hell Washu; you invited everybody? I thought we were keeping the kids out of this?"

Washu smiled. "How uncharacteristically considerate of you Ryoko dear."

Ryoko shifted her gaze. "Well this just means I can't get drunk. I'm pissed you bastard!"

"Well I am most certainly not complaining! Now we finally have a way to be with Tenchi every night!" Ayeka added as she entered the room, dragging a sleeping Professor Mihoshi along with her. "Of course, this one still hasn't woken up."

"Ok, I need to evaluate the situation so back it all up and answer me this: Where are we? What is going on? Why are you really here? And why is Luna here?" Hermione demanded.

"Oh, so I'm playing the exposition game again? Fine by me, it's a role I fill quite nicely if you don't mind me saying. Let's see....well we are all aliens from outer space except Tenchi who was born on Earth but is actually Ayeka and Sasami's nephew. Ryoko is my daughter and I'm over 20,000 years old. We are presently in another dimension that I accessed in order to place a house for us to converge and lounge in secret away from prying eyes and ears. We are here to save lives from Voldemort and another alien who may or may or come back from the dead. Oh and Harry is involved. We good? Comprende'?" Washu rushed.

"Wait...can you repeat that?" Harry asked.

"Sure Harry. What do you need repeated?" Washu asked.

Harry paused. "Um...all of it."

"Yeah, I completely missed all of that," admitted Ron.

"Long story short kids, all of us except my Tenchi are actually from outer space. There, happy now?" grunted Ryoko.

Ayeka shot her a look. "'Your' Tenchi?"

Neville sat down on the couch. "Outer are aliens!"

Wash shrugged. "Didn't I just say that Longbottom?"

Hermione tried to process this piece of information. Since joining the magical community, she had often wonders what other things might be out there, but never did she expect to actually MEET an alien. This did explain odd things like the cabbit Ryo Ohki and Ryoko's ears, but it was still a lot to take in. Still...

"Okay, I'm willing to accept that possibility but did you say you were over 20,000 years old and that Ryoko was your daughter...and that..." Hermione began.

"Yup, I'm sure if you created some kind of crappy family tree it'd look weird as hell, but try not to think about it," Ryoko admitted.

"So your aunt is trying to get in your pants?" George asked Tenchi.

Ginny hit her brother. "Really George? Of all the things to ask you ask that? Grow up you prat!"

"Well Ginny, it is a fair question. But tell me this then: why are you lot even on Earth?" asked Fred.

"Well Mr. Weasley, Sasami and I are princesses of the planet Jurai, the rude demon there is a space pirate, Miss Washu was a professor at the academy, and Mihoshi here is a Galaxy Police officer," Ayeka explained.

"That didn't answer the question. Actually it raised even more!" Harry asked, clearly confused.

Tenchi stood up. "All right, let's try this. Ryoko," he said pointing to her. "Was brainwashed by a bad guy named Kagato to attack their," pointing to Ayeka and the kitchen. "Planet. My grandfather, their half-brother, chased Ryoko to Earth and imprisoned her in our shrine. This happened over 100 years ago. About four years ago, I broke into the shrine and awoke Ryoko. That caused Ayeka to come to Earth and Kagato as well. Mihoshi," he said pointing to the sleeping woman on the ground. "Was chasing him. We all ended up fighting him. We stopped him and saved Washu, who was his captive. Now they all live with me."

"Oy, I get it now! But isn't it a bit much? I mean living with all these girls?" Ron asked.

Ginny shot him a look. "Have you ever counted how many people we love with?"

Ron shrugged. "Yeah, but they are all girls!"

The comment caused Hermione to roll her eyes. "Oh Ronald, you are unbelievable. Now this begs the question: how did you get into Hogwarts? Why did you pretend to be wizards?"

"Oh, that'd be because of Professor Dumbledore," Sasami said as she brought in some quick treats that she and Luna whipped up. The group all congregated around the food and sat back down on the couch.

"Sasami, I don't know what this is but this might be heaven," George said while devouring a dessert treat.

"I concur, brother of mine. It is fantastic! In fact, it looks like Ickle Ron has ac ended beyond the mortal plane of treatdom," concluded Fred.

"Speak for yourself Fred, I think I'm going to meet him there," said Lee Jordan.

All eyes were on Ron as he ate his food, but then they all turned back to Lee, who was not there a moment ago.

Washu grabbed him. "Mr. Jordan, how did you manage to get in my subspace house?!"

Lee grabbed another one of Luna's and Sasami's offerings. "I nicked Harry's cloak to prank you back for the great one you pulled on me in Flitwick's this morning, saw something was happening and followed you all. Pretty wicked I have to say."

Harry looked offended. "You took my cloak without asking?"

Lee shrugged. "It's all for the greater good. You know, like Dumbledore always says!"

Ron started to say something, but because his mouth was full it came out garbled. He swallowed and tried again. "Speaking of Dumbledore, you said you were here because of him. I thought you all were here because of Fudge!"

Washu beamed at him. "An excellent observation Ronald. That was called 'reverse psychology.' We convinced Fudge to let us come to the school and view how the other half lives. Fudge greedily agreed so he could show the world at large how 'peaceful' Wizarding Britain is now."

Neville nodded. "That's...rather clever I have to say. But now explain how you even met Dumbledore to begin with."

"Well about four years ago we came into contact with Kagato, the bad guy I mentioned earlier. Dumbledore's phoenix sensed the battle and led Dumbledore to my Grandfather's shrine. We talked and realized that it may be good to keep in touch," Tenchi began.

"Yeah, but then Professor Dumbledore came back a few months ago after you fought in the graveyard Harry! He was told that a teacher made a prophecy that Voldemort would seek out Kagato and it is up to you and Tenchi to stop that from happening!" Sasami interjected.

There was silence from the group. Hermione could not believe her ears.

"So you are saying that, while I have been right in thinking that there was more to your story than you were letting on, you are all actually here to help Harry stop Voldemort? But why does it have to be Harry and Tenchi? Why can't it be Dumbledore or one of the other teachers?" Hermione asked.

Washu adopted a serious look on her face. "From what Albus told me, that is just how a prophecy works. Despite you being only fifteen, Harry you are the chosen one. What you will have to do to stop him, I know not. I am working with Dumbledore and a colleague right now to assist in that fight, but you will have to be the one to do it."

"But wait...what about me?" Tenchi asked. Hermione noted that Washu did not apparently fill everybody in on all that she knew.

"Fate will find a place for you too Lord Tenchi, but I believe that the fate of the world rests on Harry's shoulders. That being said, let's kick back and play some games or something! There is too much serious talk going on here for my liking!" Washu said, completely killing the somber mood.

"No, no, no, no. We are not at that point yet Hakubi! You still haven't told us where we are!" Hermione angrily demanded.


"Which is...?"

The pink haired scientist sighed. "You are presently in another dimension. I accessed it and created a portal in the closet. Happy? Any final questions?"

Ginny rose her hand. "Why us? I understand Harry, but why are we involved now? And what is Professor Umbridge finds out?"

Washu patted her on the back. "If there is one thing in the universe that can be valued above all else, it is the trust of a friend. You are all Harry's good friends and, as such, are now our friends. We trust you; even you Granger!" she added to her brunette rival. "Harry can't do it alone. As for Umbridge..."

"May I, Miss Washu?" Ayeka interjected. "Professor Umbridge is by all means one of the worst people I have ever met. However, Professor Dumbledore discovered and told Miss Washu that she would be gaining power in the school as of Monday. As such, we needed to prepare a plan. That is where I come in. I will gain her trust and try to figure out what she is up to at all times."

"Why don't we just take her out?" Lee Jordan asked.

Ayeka became flustered. "Take her out? We can't do something like that! It would cause an intercontinental upset!"

Washu nodded. "The princess has a point. As long as Dumbledore is still here our hands are tied."

Fred and George smiled. "We understand Washu."

"We can bide our time."

The female Gryffindor prefect narrowed her eyes. "You had better, you two. Don't force me to write your mother."

All of the Weasley shuddered in horror.

"Whelp, anything else before I force you all to have a party to celebrate getting all of this out in the open?" Washu posited to the group.

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" asked Luna.

"Never change Luna," grinned Washu.

Harry poked the sleeping form of his Muggle Studies teacher. "Hey, what about her? Is she all right?"

Ryoko laughed. "Please, she's probably exhausted from watching a movie in school. All we have to do is say the magic word and she'll get up. Hey Mihoshi, ready for karaoke?"

The slumbering professor shot up half dazed. "Wha...karaoke? Oh! Harry, Lee, Ron...all of you! I didn't know it was time for class! I overslept! Oh no, what am I going to do?"

Sasami handed her a microphone. "Sing silly! You get first song!"

Hermione could not help but smile at the chaos that unfolded that night. There was much singing and laughing. Ryoko and Ayeka got into one of their famous fights. However, this time the students saw their full powers since they were not technically in school. Hermione could not get over the simple facts of matter construction and flying, but yet here they were.

"Lost in thought, eh? I have to ask; how does it feel to know you were right?" Washu asked the girl later on in the party, as Ron was butchering some kind of song her had only just heard moments ago.

Hermione shrugged. "I suppose bittersweet. I was so convinced you were here to hurt Harry that I never allowed myself to openly trust you."

The greatest scientific mind in the galaxy offered her hand to the greatest witch of her generation. "The question is do you have it now?"

Quickly taking the hand, Hermione shook it and smiled once more. "Yes. Yes I do."
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#25121 Chapter 9: No Need to Be So Sirius

"Remus, I'm bored," said the voice of Sirius Black, wanted mass murderer, member of the Order of the Phoenix, and Harry Potter's Godfather.

Given his wanted status, Sirius could not leave his house, which was being used as a headquarters for Dumbledore's army. At the present moment, only Remus Lupin, his best friend, was home to keep him company. Typically the Weasley family would be with them, but Molly left to visit a cousin and Arthur was at work.

"Oh Sirius, you've been bored since you moved back here. It was bad enough to let you go out to Platform 9 3/4's to see Harry off last week. We can't risk anyone knowing your whereabouts," said the werewolf.

"But Remus, I need to stretch my legs! Dogs weren't meant to be cooped up in a house. You know what I am talking about, don't you?" he asked his friend.

Remus sighed. "No Sirius, I don't understand. I wouldn't risk everything we have been working for just because I am 'bored.'"

It was at that moment when an owl dropped a letter off at 12 Grimmauld Place. It was addressed to Sirius and signed from Harry. Sirius scanned the letter and a smile grew on his place.

"Mooney, pack your bags. We are going to Japan!" Sirius laughed. He ran to his room and started looking for a decent shirt.

Lupin looked appalled. He read the letter Sirius dropped and ran off after him. "Sirius you can't be...well serious. Yes Harry has concerns but you can't just up and leave the house! What would Dumbledore say?"

Sirius Black shrugged. "Listen, I'm going to Japan. There isn't going to be any Ministry wizards looking for me there nor would there be any issues. Now are you going to join me to keep me in line or are you going to waste away here?"

"Damn it Sirius, why do you keep roping me into these situations?" Lupin asked, defeated.

Black smiled. "Admit it, you love me. Tell me you love me."


"You will by the time I'm done with you Mooney old boy. Come on, let's apparate to Japan. I'll buy you one of those sakes that are all the rage apparently," Sirius half joked.

And that is how Remus Lupin got convinced to let Sirius Black go to Japan.


"So any bright ideas Sirius? This was your great plan, wasn't it?" Lupin sighed while sitting down at a table.

It had been about two weeks since the pair had travelled off the grid to make it to Japan. The Marauders had no luck finding any hint of a "Jurai" school anywhere in the region. They had stopped by a restaurant and sat down for lunch.

"Look, Harry asked us if we knew anything, we are looking for answers. If the answer is that there is no Jurai School, then that is an answer, isn't it?" Sirius responded, eating some rice.

Remus shot him a look. "You are just enjoying this vacation aren't you?"


As they were about to pay for their meal, Lupin noticed something. A woman with dark hair was being led out of the restaurant by an older gentleman. He thought he heard her say the word "Jurai."

"Sirius, by the most remarkable coincidence I think we just found a lead," Lupin said, motioning toward the pair.

Black perked up. "Wow, it's a good thing we chose this restaurant to eat in! What amazing luck!"

Lupin eyed him suspiciously. "Did you take Felix Felicis or something or was this just an incredibly contrived coincidence?"

"Does it matter Mooney? We got a lead!" Sirius laughed. "Come on, let's trail 'em!"

Lupin gave yet another sigh. "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Sirius ran into an alley and turned himself into a dog. The dog version of Sirius ran after the two targets and got a whiff of their scent. Meanwhile, Lupin ran behind, trying to catch up to his canine companion.

For a brief moment, the two people stopped. The woman noticed the dog, gave it an odd look, and smiled at it. Sirius was taken back by the gesture. Did she know who he was?

The moment quickly passed and the two went on their way. Sirius went back over to Lupin, who was now out of breath and smiled.

"Got their trace old sport. Now we wait a few hours and track 'em back to Jurai, wherever that is," Sirius grinned.

Lupin gave him a look. "Oh, is that all? Well this is going to be easy!"


The pair managed to pick up the scent a short while later. They traveled by foot for hours and made it to a wooded area near a lake. Lupin and Sirius stopped at the lake to catch their breath.

"Say Sirius, look at this tree. It is one of the largest I have ever seen," Remus told his friend, who was grabbing a drink in the lake.

Sirius stopped drinking and looked at it. It was indeed a very large tree, and there was something about it that didn't sit right with him. He examined it, and after a short while realized there was nothing malicious that he could find.

"Seems just like an overgrown tree Mooney. I wonder if it is natural. There is something off about this, I know it. I just cant put my finger on it," he spoke to his companion.

Suddenly a voice interrupted their talk. "It seems you like many others have come to admire Funaho, the tree of the Masaki Shrine."

The off handed mention of the last name of one of the people mentioned in Harry's letter caused Sirius and Lupin to jump. They turned around and were met with the older gentleman whom they were stalking earlier, who was surprisingly speaking fluent English.

" wouldn't happen to be related to a Tenchi, would you?" Lupin asked.

The older gentleman adopted a stern face. "Tenchi... now why would you go about asking about him? I see you are not just here to look at Funaho. Would you kindly state your purpose for visiting today?"

"Well...I..." Lupin stammered, so Sirius stepped in with his wand at the ready.

"Good sir, we have travelled from England to find any hint of the magical school called Jurai. We believe that we overheard you discussing it with the woman who you were with earlier," Black told him bluntly.

The old man laughed. "Ah, and why would we know anything Jurai? Maybe you misheard us. But that is a lovely tool in your hand. I knew a man who had a similar tool. He was a much older gentleman with moon shaped glasses."

Sirius put away his wand. "Dumbledore? You know Albus Dumbledore?"

"Yes, young man. May I ask how you know him?"

"I...err...I was once employed at his school as a teacher. In fact, it is the school that brings about our visit," Lupin responded for Sirius.

"Go on."

Sirius pulled out the letter. He handed it to the gentleman who read it. " you mean Harry Potter?"

Sirius pulled out his wand again. "How do you know about my godson?"

Lupin noticed that the old man's eyebrow was now raised.

"Godson...interesting development. Come to the house and I will tell you everything you need to know."

The two Marauders looked at each other warily. Sirius gave a look to Remus, making sure that he was willing to go along. Lupin gave a determined slight nod. After all, what was the point of being a Marauder without a little risk involved.


The pair sat down on the couch. Once inside they were joined by two other women. One of them had light blue hair and the other was the woman who they encountered earlier in the day. Both of them had odd markings on their forehead and were dressed in odd robes. There was a period of silence between the five people; both groups waiting for the other to initiate conversation.

"Perhaps we should introduce ourselves to cut this tension, don't you agree? My name is Remus Lupin, former Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry," Lupin started. He motioned to his friend. "This is Sirius Black, my best friend and, as you now know, the godfather of Harry Potter."

"Charmed. And who might you lovely ladies be?" Sirius asked, eyeing the two gorgeous women.

The dark haired woman got up and bowed. "It is an honor to meet you both. My name is Funaho and this is my sister Misaki. You have already met my son Yosho," she said, motioning to each of the other people.

Remus looked from Funaho to the man known as Yosho. "Did...did you just say son?"

Yosho nodded.

" both look so..." Lupin stammered.

"Beautiful," Sirius finished, taking Misaki's hand and kissing it. She responded by giving Sirius a big hug.

"Oh, you aren't you just the sweetest thing! We've heard all about young Harry from Washu and Yosho and it is just so terrible what your government is doing to that poor boy!" she squealed as she squeezed the air out of him.

Sirius looked stunned when she let the vice grip hug finish. "Mooney, that was the strongest hug I have ever received...and the most warm one at that."

"And here I thought I was the sentimental Marauder," Lupin joked. Sirius punched his arm.

"Now that we are introduced, let us get to the point. Why are you looking for Jurai, Mr. Lupin and Mr. Black?" Funaho asked. Sirius noted she seemed to be as calm as Misaki was energetic.

The letter was produced and read to the crowd. Yosho started to laugh. "How long have you been in Japan for any way? When was that letter written?"

"I dunno, give or take two weeks? Why?" Sirius asked.

"I am sure Harry must have written back to you by now. You see, by now Harry has discovered the truth about Jurai and about his new classmates," he told the pair. They exchanged glances.

"And what, pray tell, would that truth be?" Lupin asked, curious about the response.

Lady Misaki jumped in. "Silly, Jurai isn't a magical school. It's another planet!"

The two men blinked. "Come again?"

Funaho gave her own small laugh. "Misaki and I are the queens of the planet Jurai. Our daughters, Yosho's grandson, and a few others are now presently enrolled in your school at the request of one Professor Dumbledore in order to make sure your godson does not get injured."

There was silence between the groups as they processed this new information. "Wait...what?"

Yosho sighed. "The three of us are aliens dear boy."

Lupin put his hands to his head. "I think I need a drink."


"So aliens are real, Harry and your grandson have to kill Voldemort and a mass murdering alien or else we all will die, and sake is supposed to be warm when you drink it?! Everything that I thought I knew is a lie!" Sirius said, drinking back another now warm sake.

"Well, technically sake can be consumed at any temperature but we prefer it warm," Yosho corrected.

Funaho sipped on her tea. "It does seem like quite the predicament, does it not? So what will you both do about it? From what we know Dumbledore requested that this information not get out and those would be our wishes as well. It is one thing if a small group of people knew but if the secret of Jurai were to reach the might prove chaotic for everybody on the planet."

Misaki clapped her hands. "Say Sirius dear, do it again!"

Sirius, ever the ladies man, turned into a dog. Misaki, herself a bit tipsy, cried out and cuddled him to her heart's content. "Aww he's so cute and fluffy!"

As the queen of Jurai played with her new friend, the conversation resumed with the three remaining members of the congregation. "The big question is what can we do to help out Harry and Tenchi to stop this prophecy from coming true?" Lupin asked, trying not to laugh at his friend.

Yosho considered the question. "It is too difficult to say at the moment, but Washu did mention that she requested aid from her associate Yume to look for something called horcruxes."

Lupin nearly choked. "Horcruxes?! Are you telling me Voldemort created Horcruxes?!"

"Indeed. However, Washu has claimed to crack the code on where these items are. When Yume does arrive, I am sure it would be beneficial to have a pair of capable wizards such as yourself assist her with any protections the Dark Lord might have created," the old man suggested.

"Hmm...I think we can arrange that. It might be harder for Sirius than me, but we can work a way around that so that way 'Snuffles' over there can get to experience some of that action he craves so much," Lupin considered.

Funaho nodded. "A wonderful idea Yosho. I believe you will have the support of Jurai. I would like to ask one thing of you if I may Mr. Lupin."

Lupin looked right in her eyes. "Of course Queen Funaho. What may I do for you?"

"Please, just Funaho."

"Then, just call me Remus, Funaho," Lupin countered.

She smiled. "Very well, Remus. We would like to see our family at Hogwarts. I believe weekends at a village were mentioned. I was hoping you could escort Misaki and myself on one of the trips before we have to return to Jurai."

"Of course! I would be honored!" he replied. "I think there is one next week."

"Splendid! You hear that Misaki? We are going to see Ayeka, Sasami, and Tenchi!" Funaho called to her sister.

Misaki pushed aside Sirius, who turned back into a human when he hit the wall. "SASAMI! I MISS HER SO MUCH!" she started to bawl.

As for Sirius, he whimpered in pain as he tried extracting himself from the freshly created hole in the wall.

"Don't...don't mind me Remus...really..." Sirius moaned