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by drillmaster
#25978 Chapter 20: No Need to Mourn

Imagine, if you will, a candle.

This candle burns bright when first lit. The flame takes its own shape and contorts to its own will. It is the passion of burning that keeps it going on.

But in time, the wick will reach its end and the flame must cease to be.

What does that say for the candle?


Neville Longbottom could not be any happier with his life. After being reaffirmed with the knowledge that his parents are there for him in some capacity, nothing could hold him back. He felt confident in his studies for the first time since he entered the school. He was not even afraid of Professor Snape, the person he feared the most.

In the D.A., Neville was excelling faster than any of the other students. He had taken Tenchi's grandfather's advice seriously and worked day in and day out trying to better himself both physically and mentally. It was a big help having access to Washu's subspace house. She had created his own little training room for him to practice to his heart's content.

He entered the Great Hall with not a care in the world. Though the following day he was worried that Ryoko and Washu left in a flash, he was not concerned about it. Odds are that some kind of alien or something tried to take the power of the Juraian tree that took root there.

He was a bit surprised, then, to notice that the two still had not returned. The others were still here, but there was no Ryoko or Washu to be found. He sat down next to Sasami and Ron at the Gryffindor table and started to tuck into some turkey.

"Morning Neville! Try the tarts when you can, they are bloody tasty!" Ron spoke, enjoying one of the aforementioned tarts.

"Will do mate! Sasami, have you heard from Washu or Ryoko yet?" Neville asked.

Sasami shook her head. "No, I don't know where they are! I'm getting worried."

"Don't worry Sasami. You know those two, they can handle themselves," Tenchi replied, sitting close enough to listen to their conversation.

"Well I think it's a good thing," Ayeka started before sipping on some tea. "We could use a break from that monster woman."

"You don't mean that Ayeka!" Sasami cried. "You and Ryoko fight, true, but you know that you really care for each other!"

Ayeka laughed off the comment but chose not to respond.

"Oy mate," Ron asked Harry, poking him with his fork. "What are you staring at?"

"Professor McGonagall and Professor Dumbledore haven't been here all day. It's not like them to miss any given feast..." Harry started.

Ron shrugged. "There is probably some kind of meeting going on. Don't fret Harry."

The door to the Great Hall opened up and Minerva McGonagall walked down the isle. She had what appeared to be red eyes and a wet face. She made her way to the Gryffindor table.

"Professor, is everything alright?" Hermione asked, picking up that she was clearly crying.

"I am quite fine Miss Granger," she replied, adopting her most stern look. "Mr. Longbottom, the Headmaster wishes to see you right away."

Neville looked to his teacher and then to his friends. "Am I in trouble?"

"No, Mr. Longbottom. You are not being accused of any wrongdoing."

"Can they come?" he asked, pointing to the group.

"I think...I think it might be best for them to stay here. The Headmaster requested you and you alone," McGonagall replied. "Potter, Weasley, Jurai...I hope you all can live without Longbottom for a short while."

"I mean, sure Professor," Harry nodded, starting to wonder what was going on.

Neville got up, shrugged, and started off towards the Headmaster's office. "Lead the way Professor!"


This is how it feels to be Neville Longbottom in this moment.

You stare into Professor Dumbledore's eyes, but you cannot hear anything he says.

You feel McGonagall's hand on your back, but your body is numb to the touch.

You see the friends you were so excited to see, but the excitement is clouded in a haze of darkness.

You remember the joy you felt earlier today and watch it crumble away as the realization sets in:

Neville Longbottom is alone. His grandmother is dead.

"How did she die?" was all Neville managed to get out, once the realization set in.

"According to Minagi, who was badly wounded herself, Lord Voldemort killed her trying to break into the shrine," Washu explained, her words full of sympathy and emotion. However, Neville was not open for such affections.

"Why was Voledmort in Japan, Albus?" Minerva asked, holding back tears.

Dumbledore's eyes were cold and regretful. "I...I cannot be sure. Mr. Longbottom, I am so utterly sorry for your loss. there anything I can do for you?"

Neville started out into space. "No," he said in a hollow voice. "Do you mind if I take the rest of the day for myself?"

"Not at all, my boy," Dumbledore said quietly. "Minerva, why don't you escort young Longbottom to his chambers? I have some things to discuss with the Hakubis."

"Of course Headmaster."


"What did you do?!" Washu yelled at Albus Dumbledore.

"What do you mean? Minagi said it was Voldemort, not Obi-Wan here," Ryoko said, trying to calm her already raging temper.

"Albus here had the bright idea to tell Severus Snape where our house was in order to deliver that message over the break. It cannot be a coincidence that Voldemort just so happens to come to our house barely a month later!"

Ryoko got up and grabbed Dumbledore's robes. "What?! Spill it old man! Neville's grandma is dead and our friend is in critical condition!"

"Please let me go," the Headmaster defeatedly pleaded. "I'll tell you everything."

"Do it Ryoko," Washu ordered. The teal haired woman released the old man, who slumped into his seat.

Rising back up, he went to an ornate device that resembled a bin. "Do you recall what a pensive is?"

"You mean the poltergeist with the clown hat?" Ryoko asked. "What does he have to do with this?!"

Washu hit her on the head. "No you dolt! Remember when we went into his memories last summer? It's that thing!"

"Precisely. I would rather show you my relevant memories. That way you will see everything that happened in my discussion with Severus," Albus motioned to the pensive. The two ladies stuck their head in and saw the entire conversation between the two men.

When they returned to the present day, their expressions were not happy to say the least. "What were you thinking?!" Ryoko yelled. "We LIVE there! You told your Dark Lord where we are from! What was to stop him from trying to attack us when we were finished with this crappy school?!"

"Albus, do you realize what you have done?" Washu asked with increasing fury. "I understand where your heart was when you made that request, but if you had merely asked me to search the cave I could have made sure nothing was in there! I have no idea what he could have taken from there and I doubt we will until it is too late!"

Albus returned to his chair, utterly defeated and broken. "I have made a grave error that has cost a boy his only sane family and has allowed Voldemort to possess something that might give him great power."

"Do you two have any idea what he could have found down there? There was literally nothing down there when I was there!" asked Ryoko.

Washu thought about it for a moment. "Nobody else entered your cave besides you or Tenchi?"

"Nobody in the 700 years I was in there...except Yosho I suppose."

Dumbledore coughed. "Could it have been Kagato?"

"It's possible, but I doubt it. He didn't know the cave's location for 700 years, why would he know where to find it now?" Washu pondered.

"Well he did find us after all!" Ryoko yelled.

"Yes, but that signal was from Funaho the tree reacting to your gems dear. I'm at a loss."

"I think that I shall..." Dumbledore started, but was cut off by Washu and Ryoko getting up.

"I think you have done enough Albus. We will attend to Neville and will clean up your mess," Washu curtly told him. The two walked out leaving the old man alone in the office with only his phoenix to comfort him and a lingering issue: how to explain the death of a prominent witch to the public...


"Simulation complete."

"Run it again," Neville told the computer. Unwilling to sit down and think of the implications of what Dumbledore told him, Neville's gut instinct was to get him anger out on the new training program.

"Affirmative. Defensive simulation number fifteen commencing," the disembodied voice spoke out.

Neville started to block back several blows from Washu's corporeal constructs. This was causing him to get a lot of his aggression out before he had to face any of his friends. He wanted to stay alone as long as possible for he knew that they would manage to convince him to "get out" or do something that he had no intention on doing.

"Neville? Are you in there?" the all too familiar voice of Hermione called out. 'Joy,' he thought. 'If I stay in here, she might just leave me alone.'

"Neville, I know you are in there. Why don't you come out?"

'She's not going to leave me alone is she? Why can't she just see that I don't want to talk to people!'

He continued to block and parry in an attempt to ignore his friend's cries. He was surprised, however, to discover Ryoko joining his sparring. 'Actually,' he thought. 'I really shouldn't be.' "Go away."

"What? Can't a teacher train with her student?"

"I want to be alone."

"Yeah, and we've let you be alone for six hours. I may not need to eat...on your left," Ryoko started. Neville quickly dodged a roundhouse kick and threw the machine to the floor, shattering it. "...but you do. The girls want to make you whatever you'd like."

"I want my gran back," Neville replied. 'That sounded childish, but it gets the message across.'

Ryoko sighed and broke off a robot's arm. "Kid, I've been there. We've all had bad days...some worse than others. But I'm not gonna be like Dumbledore or Tenchi or anyone else. I know what you really want, and I want it too."

For the first time since leaving his carefree life behind, Neville was interested. "What do you think I want?"

"The same as me," Ryoko smiled sadistically. "To kill Voldemort."

Neville picked up the discarded robot arm and beat the final robot down with it. "Tell me more."


The mood of the subspace room was rather somber. It seemed that nobody quite knew how to handle the situation. At the Great Hall feast, Dumbledore informed the school what happened and asked the students to give Neville the appropriate space he needed, but that was not going to do for his close friends. If anything at all, they needed to get the boy to eat something before the night was over.

"Okay, we gave Lee the polyjuice potion so he could pretend to be Neville sleeping. That should at least stop Minerva from questioning our whereabouts," Washu informed everyone present.

Sasami gazed worryingly into the simulation chamber. "I hope Ryoko is able to get him to come out...this is so terrible."

"I can't believe it," Ron said, slumping into his chair. "How could this have even happened? I mean, we just MET her!"

"Voldemort makes a habit of disrupting families," Harry said bitterly. "We shouldn't be here in school, we should be doing something...something to stop him!"

"What would you do?" Washu asked. "Where would you go? Would you sacrifice yourself right now, because that is what rushing into things leads to."

"Miss Washu, that line of questioning is far too inappropriate!" Ayeka shrieked.

" thank you Washu. I'm just so...angry. He killed my parents, Cedric, and now Neville's gran! How can we just sit by?"

"We won't sit by, young Harry. We will wait until opportunity strikes. We will avenge your parents, but there are other methods besides death."

"Like what?" Ron asked, interested to hear the response.

Washu shrugged. "I dunno, I'm sure it will come to me in time."

She looked at the various students, who were giving her a death glare. She scratched the back of her head and nervously chuckled. "Tough crowd...come on, I'm just trying to diffuse the tension!"

As this was going on, the door to the training room opened and the sweating, panting forms of Neville and Ryoko emerged. The group immediately began to get up, clearly to swarm Neville and pelt him with affection, but Ryoko shot a glance to them and they backed off.

"Neville, how''d the workout go?" Hermione asked innocently.

"Meh," Neville shrugged. "Ryoko tells me I have to eat something or else she's going to tear my limbs off like a disgruntled Wookiee."

Sasami jumped up. "Sure Neville! I'll cook you anything you are in the mood for!"

"I...I guess a pizza. Gran used to take me to a place down the ways from our mansion for special occasions..." Neville trailed off, clearly withdrawing into himself.

The blue haired girl rushed into the kitchen. "One pizza coming up!"

Neville sat down on the couch and looked at his friends. On one hand, he was happy to see them all here, but on the other hand he'd rather continue to sulk. "So...what's going on?"

At once the group immediately began to speak, not knowing what to say. The replies were a varied mix of "Oh nothing," or "You know, same old." Neville sighed and just decided to power through it. "Okay, let's try this: I know you all have found out about...gran. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy you all are here...but I'm going to need space at times."

Tenchi put his hand on Neville's back. "We won't pester you Neville. Just remember we are here for you. Come on guys, let's let him be."

The crew all got up, showing sympathetic glances to the boy as they prepared to return to their common rooms. Neville fought with himself, but finally relented. "If Sasami is going to cook that pizza, I reckon I won't be able to finish it all myself. Why don't we play a game or something to pass the time?"

Smiling, everybody returned to the living room and started to do their best to keep Neville in good spirits.

"Well do you guys want to help me look at these movies that I kept getting while we play? I need some good advice!" Mihoshi told the group.

"That's not all you need Mihoshi. You need some common sense!" Ryoko jeered.

"Now that was rude!" Ayeka scolded.

Fred poked Neville in the ribs. "See buddy? This is what life is all about."

"Cat fights Neville. Good old fashioned alien cat fights," George laughed.

Neville faked a smile and a laugh. 'This isn't a good long term fix,' he thought to himself. 'But this will do for now...until I kill Voldemort...'


Neville strolled down the corridor the next day, ready to return to his classes. He debated with himself whether to take another day off to train, but he figured it was better to keep himself busy and active as opposed to training in anger. 'There is plenty of time for that.'

He generally kept his head down, trying to avoid the groups of people trying to offer their condolences. 'The last thing I need right now is fake charity.' However, he was stopped by someone who would just not quit following him.

"Are you deaf Longbottom?" the voice of Hannah Abbott asked from behind him. "I've been trying to get your attention for the past five minutes!"

"Hello Hannah. Sorry, I've been lost in thought."

"I can see that. are you holding up?" she asked, trying to pry anything out of him.

"My gran was murdered, how do you expect me to hold up?" he replied, frustrated at the questions.

"Fair point. You know, I don't know how I would react if that were to happen to me...but you know what I would do?"

"I can't imagine."

"I'd train. I have to say, the D.A. has really showed me just how much I like sparring. It gets a lot out, you know? If you wanted a sparring partner or something, all you have to do is ask," Hannah said nonchalantly.

Neville stopped and regarded the girl. Was it possible that there was somebody in this school who could see where Neville was coming from who wasn't a 700 year old alien? This completely caught the boy off-guard, but resolved not to show it.

"Thank you Hannah, that...that sounds nice....I guess," was all he allowed himself to say.

"Aww look! Longbottom has a girlfriend!" came a mocking voice. A group of Slytherins, including Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zambini.

"Go away. Now," Neville threatened. He did not want to deal with these assholes now. He wanted to go on with his day in peace.

Zambini laughed. "Or what Longbottom? You'll fight us? If you are anything like your parents or your grandmother, you'll end up dead in a second. Don't you agree..." he started before he was cut off by a powerful punch to the face.

Neville lost all self-control in that moment and started pounding the Slytherin's face in. When a few other boys from the year tried to attack him while he was distracted, Hannah disarmed them and Neville threw the unconscious form of Zambini into them. The Slytherin's fell onto the floor. They stared into Neville's eyes, which showcased a fearful sight. They were burning red with anger and were fully prepared to continue to take out his aggression.

"Hem hem! What ARE you doing Longbottom?!" came the voice of the last person Neville wanted to hear from.

Dolores Umbridge rushed up to the Slytherin boys and examined them. "You savage, how could you act so rashly to your fellow students?! Parkinson, fetch Madame Pomfrey. These boys will have to go to the Hospital Wing. Miss Abbott, I think your services here are no longer required while I tend to Mr. Longbottom's punishment."

"I'd rather not," she said, defiantly.

"Excuse me?"

"You are just going to try to expel Neville or something for starting this when Zambini started insulting Neville's grandmother!"

"You have no proof of that, little Abbott. I think the Minister would trust my judgement in these matters than the word of a fifteen year old girl. Now move along!"

Hannah turned to Neville, who motioned her to leave. She ran away quickly, leaving the two people alone in the corridor.

"Well Mr. Longbottom, I think a month's worth of detentions is an appropriate punishment, wouldn't you?" Umbridge smiled.

Neville just stared at her. "You're joking, right?"

"Are you being smart with me?"

"Yes, I think I am."

The comment got Umbridge flustered. "Mr. Longbottom, I do not care what might of happened to you or your family! In this school, we care about our actions!"

"May I ask you something?"

"That depends on the question my dear."

"What do you care for? You don't care about the students, that much is clear. You could care less about the school. You only care about your precious Minister, who was not there to help one of his citizens when she was murdered by Voldemort," Neville flatly told her, his anger rising.

"How dare you..."

"How dare I? How dare YOU?! You venomous, pompous toad!" Neville said, getting in her face. "I'm going to any of your detentions, I'm not going to any of your fact nothing would please me more than not having anything to do with you again!" Neville roared.

Umbridge smiled at the comment. "Well then, I can arrange that. Mr. Longbottom, I have no choice but to expel you from Hogwarts!"

"You will do no such thing," the voice of Albus Dumbledore called from behind. He was followed by Professor Sprout and Hannah Abbott.

"You have no authority to stop me Albus! I have the right of Cornelius Fudge to..." Dolores Umbridge wailed.

"I am aware of whatever perceived authority you possess, but know this: you do not have the right to throw out one of my students in this manner. The boy was provoked about an unspeakable tragedy and you have the audacity to expel him!" Dumbledore told her, his voice rising unexpectedly.

Umbridge got in his face. "You did not hear what this boy just told me! He..."

"Just lost his grandmother and is clearly not thinking rationally!" Professor Sprout cut in, defending the boy.

"You stay out of this Pomona!"

"I'll do no such thing!"

"Look, all of you, thank you for your concern but I'm gonna go back to the common room. I'd rather be alone," Neville said nonchalantly.

Umbridge cut him off. "Yes you will! You will pack your things or you will come straight to detention! What will it be Longbottom?!"

"I'll choose the option where you stay the hell away from me. Hannah, it was a pleasure. Professor Dumbledore, I'm sorry about the mess," he said, walking away.

Dolores started to run after him but was stopped by Albus Dumbledore. "I will not permit you to injure any of my students Dolores. Neville Longbottom is off limits to you until further notice. If you have any complaints, bring it up with the Minister. I'm sure Cornelius will be thrilled to hear that you are harassing the new bearer of the title of Lord Longbottom. "

Umbridge looked furiously at the Slytherins on the ground and the people all around her. She stormed off and went straight to her office.


Albus Dumbledore was furious with himself.

He knew that he was as fallible as the next person, but he truly wished he was not. His decisions had cost an old friend her life and caused the loss of trust of his peers. He regretted his choice terribly and could not stand to think of the pain the Longbottom child was undergoing.

Severus stood before him, similarly broken. Though he had often tormented the boy, he still felt responsible for signing the boy's family away. "How is Longbottom holding up?" Severus asked curiously.

"He has anger and hatred. I have never seen him act in such a manner. He directly stood up to Dolores Umbridge two days ago."

"So I have heard," Snape replied. "From what I have also heard, you were not so calm and collected yourself."

Dumbledore rubbed his temples. "I acted rashly, but I would not allow one of my students to be treated so disrespectfully. There is a line of action which I cannot ignore. Think of how you would react if it were the Malfoy boy."

"Funny you should mention that, I have news from Lucius Malfoy."

"Indeed? This is quite a surprise," Dumbledore said, legitimately surprised about the news.

Snape sat down and pondered to himself how to continue. "Lucius is concerned that the Dark Lord is acting...rashly. He has not been entirely himself lately."

"Really now? In what way?"

"He has all but abandoned his plan to break into the Department of Mysteries. Apparently the prophecy is not as important as it once was. In addition, his plan to break into Azkaban has been put on hold for the time being," Severus stated. "That concerns me, as he wished to break Bellatrix and the others out as a priority only mere weeks ago."

"Do we know what he found in the cave?"

Snape shook his head. "I'm afraid not Headmaster. He has been very quiet about it...Lucius believes that whatever he has found was dangerous and unstable. He worries for his family."

"Interesting. Perhaps we can use that to our advantage. I am open to speaking with Mr. Malfoy if he feels that his family is threatened," Dumbledore said, stroking his beard in uffish thought.

It was then that the pair heard angry voices come from the stairs. Dumbledore turned to Severus, who was clueless as to the identity of the voices. At once, the office was filled with Dolores Umbridge, Cornelius Fudge, and a team of Aurors. Minerva trailed behind them, trying to keep order.

"Headmaster, they forced themselves in demanding to speak with you!" she cried.

The Headmaster put up a hand to calm her down. "It is okay Minerva. Cornelius, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?"

The short man pointed his finger right at his face. "Do not try to play games with me Dumbledore! I know everything about your talk with Madame Umbridge here! I know you are now actively trying to undermine my authority as Minister!"

"You are delusional Cornelius. You are blinded for the love of the position you hold and it is shielding you from the dark truths that befall you. Augusta Longottom is dead! She was killed by Voldemort!" Albus told the man as calmly as he could.

"Lies Minister! This school is run on lies! Between the Potter boy and the Hakubi girl and that idiot of a teacher, this school lacks order! The Longbottom boy threatened me and nothing came of it! There is no discipline here!" Umbridge shrilled.

"No discipline!" Minerva gasped. "I am sorry that we do not condone disfigurement Dolores, but hasn't the boy suffered enough?! He lost his last normal family member! Isn't that guilt enough to appease your sadistic nature?!"

"Do you hear them?! Sadistic, me?! Perpetual lies Minister!"

Albus regarded the Minister. "Cornelius, clearly you did not come here to sit and chat about things. What are you here for?"

"Your job, Albus. As of this moment, I am forcing you to resign as Headmaster and I will instate Dolores Umbridge immediately," he grinned.

"You cannot be serious!" Minerva yelled. "That woman will destroy our school!"

Fudge turned to Snape. "What do you have to say about this Severus?"

The greasy haired man turned to the Headmaster who made the smallest of nods. "Personally, I have no say of the matter as long as I can continue my work in peace."

"You shall, my friend. See here Dumbledore and don't make this difficult!"

Dumbledore sighed and adopted a very serious look. "I will comply with you Minister only if two requests are met. The first is that the transfer students and teacher may continue their stay until the end of the term. I am aware that Madame Umbridge is not the biggest fan of them, despite their role as international peacekeepers."

The Minister nodded his head. "That sounds very reasonable Dumbledore. Your second request is...?"

"That no harm or consequence come to the Longbottom boy this year. He is very clearly emotionally damaged and punishing him will do no good to anyone. I would try for other requests, but I know you would deny them just to spite me. I know you would in this case too. However, just remember he is the new Lord Longbottom and has the right to take a seat on the Wizengamont if he were to claim it."

The notion of discrediting the Lord of one of the oldest and most prestigious Pure Blooded families of Great Britain was not something Fudge wished to do, despite having the mind to do so when he arrived today.

"Very well. As of this moment, Albus Dumbledore, you are to relinquish your title as the Headmaster of this school. You have the next hour to pack your belongings and have them flooed to the residence of your choice. Do you wish to say anything else?" Fudge asked.

Dumbledore looked to Severus and Minerva. "Guard the children. Keep them safe. Minerva, keep your temper. Severus, remember your place."

The two professors tried to hide their shock at the events while Umbridge relished the moment with glee. This unexpected event would no doubt cause shockwaves throughout the entire school. A new era was controlled by Dolores Umbridge.


Let us return to the candle that exhausted the wick.

The darkness that comes without a candle can seem frightening and dangerous for some. It represents the unknown void that cannot be comprehended.

But if a new candle were to replace with a stronger wick...

The flame can burn passionately again. All it needs is a light to start it off...
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by drillmaster
#26744 I had finished this story awhile ago, but I never bothered posting it. Oh well, here is the last round of chapters, and some commentary on my end as to why I made certain choices.

Chapter 21: Ne Need for a Headmistress

Chapter 21: No Need for a Headmistress

Ayeka rose from her bed and yawned. "If I were on the Planet Jurai, I wouldn't have to be woken up so early," she muttered.

Looking at Ryoko's slumbering form in the bed next to hers, Ayeka debated on waking her up. 'I'm not even that cruel.'

The princess moved to the ladies room and started her rigorous morning routine, which involved brushing her hair and making herself manageable. "Look at my beautiful, purple hair! I swear, Lord Tenchi must look at me and fawn over it. I just know it!"

The other girls who were up ignored her self-praise. They were used to her egotistical nature and, as such, let her be. For the most part, the only Slytherin who actually spoke to her was Draco Malfoy (and, technically, Ryoko).

"Hey Jurai," came the voice of Daphne Greengrass. "Draco asked me to get you."

"Hmm?" Ayeka replied, startled by the intrusion. "What does Draco want with me this early in the morning?"

The other girl shrugged her shoulders. "How should I know? I was just asked because I was the first girl he saw. Go figure."

Ayeka finished collecting her belongings and went out of the bathroom. She looked around and found Draco Malfoy, dressed in his robes and waiting around.

"There you are Jurai! I have been waiting all morning for you!"

"I am confused," Ayeka started. "What are we doing? Did we have something planned that I forgot about?"

The blonde haired boy shook his head. "No you fool, you and I have been summoned by Professor Umbridge. If the rumors are true, we had some excitement here last night."

"What kind of excitement?" Ayeka pried.

"You'll see. Oh well, come on," Draco began. "We don't want to keep her waiting."



"Ah, just the two students I wanted to see. Come in, come in!" Dolores Umbridge told Draco and Ayeka.

"Good morning to you Madame Umbridge. I must admit, you have me at a loss. What can I help you with?"

The woman smiled very evilly. "Why, to put your idea into practice Miss Jurai. I finally have the power I needed to form my own 'Inquisitorial Squad.'"

Ayeka blinked. "I thought that Professor Dumbledore would not allow you to pursue that idea."

"My, somebody has not heard of last night's news. I managed to secure a copy of today's Daily Prophet. Why don't the two of you read the headline of the front page story?"

The two Slytherins grabbed the newspaper and examined it. On the first page was a picture of Dolores Umbridge and a headline that made Ayeka do a triple take.

"You mean to tell me YOU are the new Headmast...Headmistress of Hogwarts?!" Ayeka shrieked.

Umbridge blinked. "Don't act so surprised dear. We all knew that Dumbledore would have to screw up somewhere. All it took was a little push and I now have complete control."

Ayeka dug deep inside of her in order to find the most superficial smile she could muster. "That...that is fantastic news! May I congratulate you on your new position Madame Headmistress!"

"Yeah! You go Professor!" Malfoy agreed.

Umbridge smiled and patted the two on the shoulders. "I am counting on the two of you to lead the charge in this bold new initiative. You have authority second only to me. I'll open it up to the Slytherins...but not that Hakubi girl. She is too much of a pest to trust with such power."

"Professor," Draco started. "I must again point out that she has been as close to a model student as we can find. True she might be a bit rowdy, but I blame hormones or whatever it is that runs girls."

"Your opinions have been noted Mr. Malfoy. Regardless, she will not become part of the team. Spread the word. We have work to do my friends...the Ministry's work."


"She did WHAT?!" Harry yelled.

"She took over as Headmistress. That foul woman is going to announce it at breakfast. She already has that Filch person posting signs around the castle with the newest Educational Decree," Ayeka explained.

"What about Professor Dumbledore?" Hermione asked.

Ayeka shrugged. "She wouldn't tell me anything else. Something happened yesterday that forced Dumbledore to resign."

"It was me," Neville grunted. The crew looked at him in confusion. "You asked, didn't you? Umbridge tried to expel me for defending myself against some Slytherins, Dumbledore intervened. I guess it came to bite him in the arse."

"This is terrible!" Tenchi exclaimed. "Without Dumbledore, we won't have anyone to back us up if Kagato or Voldemort attacks the school!"

"Don't look at it that way Masaki," George cut in.

"Consider opportunity," Fred added.

Lee regarded the two. "You don't mean..."

The twins adopted a sinister grin. "We have always agreed that our education had run its course years ago. We've really only been staying to support Dumbledore," Fred told everyone.

"That we have. Now that he's gone, I think I can safely say that we could care less about rules or punishments."

"Mom's going to kill you if she finds out," Ginny warned the pair.

Fred laughed. "I'd rather mom kill us for bringing down Umbridge than Umbridge kill us for being Weasleys."

"He has a point," Hermione conceded. "None of us are on Umbridge's favorites list...except you Ayeka."

Ryoko, full of passion and energy, smashed a table in the subspace house. "Well then, what's the plan?! I want to make her suffer for what she has done!"

Luna shrugged. "Let chaos reign?"

"Hey now!" Tenchi interrupted. "We can't just go and start trouble! We have to think this over!"

"Lord Tenchi has a point," Washu nodded. "Let's wait it out and see where all of this leads. For all we know, Umbridge might screw this up on her own...wishful thinking I know, but we must observe our enemy before we strike!" Washu punctuated this with her fist striking her hand.


The classes of Hogwarts were rather gloomy now that Umbridge was supervising every one of them. Nearly all the Slytherins had joined up for the Inquisitorial Squad and every one of them were going about making life miserable for the rest of the school. Points were docked for the smallest infractions while Slytherin house prospered.

The students had collectively decided to hold off on future D.A. meetings until they could figure out a foolproof plan to meet without attracting the attention of Dolores Umbridge. Washu had debated on attempting another subspace link up, but again she held off on it on the chance that it merged with her lab.

However, the biggest change to the school was that Mihoshi's influence was now severely limited. Though she would not be fired, it did not mean that she could continue her method of teaching.

"So students, we are now going to look at how a magical girl like Sailor Moon can be seen in..." Mihoshi began telling her class before being cut off by Umbridge's cough.

"Professor Kuramitsu, did we not discuss this? There will be no more Muggle pop culture in my school. Do you know ANYTHING else about Muggles besides their petty entertainment?" Umbridge goaded.

Mihoshi started to panic. "Um...well...I can show everyone how Muggles live day to day?"

Umbridge smiled. "Proceed."

"Well when a Muggle wakes up, they have chores to do...but they can't use magic so they have to do it by hand!"

"Really?" asked Dolores sarcastically. "I did not know that. Please continue."


"Probation?! I can't be on probation?!" Mihoshi cried in Umbridge's office.

"Ah but you are, my dear Professor. I can simply not allow your curriculum to continue. Do you even have any lesson plans that showcase any educational merit?"

Mihoshi blinked a few times. "What are lesson plans?"

"My point exactly," the Headmistress sighed. "Simply put, you are not capable of being a teacher here. However, as the Minister has expressed interest in keeping you around for the rest of the term, you will be allowed to keep your job."

"Really?!" the blonde haired woman exclaimed. "I thought you said..."

"Oh, you misunderstand me. You ARE on probation, don't get me wrong, but you will still be teaching. I will write your lesson plans and you will implement them word for word."

"That will be easy! Thank you Professor!"


"She wants you to read this rubbish?! I'm not even in your class and I'm insulted!" Hermione cried, reading the scripted plans that Umbridge wrote.

"I don't have a choice Hermione! It's either this or I get fired!" Mihoshi wept.

"But she wants you to teach Wizarding superiority! She is trying to make Muggle science seem like a dull, idiotic waste of time!"

"What?!" Washu roared. "That crosses the line! It's one thing to mess with my friends, but to criticize science?! Unforgivable! Fred! George! Lee!"

The trio immediately rushed to her side. "What is thy bidding, my mistress?" George asked at bended knee.

"You claim to be the pranking kings around here? Prove it! Tell me what you need and it is yours!"

Fred smiled and tears trickled down his face. "I have been waiting for this day my whole life."

"Mine too, oh brother of mine."

Ron, looking at the commotion, looked to Hermione. "Aren't you going to stop them?!"

Hermione adopted a devilish smile. "If you just read what I read Ronald, you wouldn't blame your brothers for doing what they are about to do. Umbridge is going to have a lot on her plate; trust me."

Ron backed away in fear. "Bloody hell Hermione, what has gotten into this year?!"

She pointed at Washu, who was listening to the trio's ideas with serious intent. "I was right. Washu and her lot really are a bad influence on us."


The next few weeks were hell for Dolores Umbridge.

It had seemed like Hogwarts itself was rejecting its own Headmistress. No matter where she went in the school, bad things kept happening to her. From walking into her office and discovering her kitten tea sets and been replaced with common Muggle china to having a cauldron containing a wart producing liquid spray her when observing Professor Snape, it seemed like the torture would not stop.

"I ask you again, are you sure we have NO lead on who is behind all of these acts of insubordination?!" Umbridge growled to her Inquisitorial Squad (and Mr. Filch).

"None whatsoever," Ayeka reported. "It cannot be the Weasley twins, for you have seen them in their classes as the acts of insubordination took place. I believe that it is a network of students testing your patience."

Blaise Zambini laughed. "Please Jurai, we all know it was them. Regardless if they enlisted aid or not, they are the masterminds behind it all. We all know it."

"I'm inclined to believe Mr. Zambini here. We will monitor them closely this week. If they slip up once, I will send them to you Filch."

Filch smiled and licked his lips. "Does that mean I can whip them, ma'am?"

"Yes Argus; yes it does," the toad grinned.

Ayeka looked at these cruel people and used all of her royal training to hold back her disgust. This was simply wrong on every conceivable level. Whipping students...was this what happened if Dumbledore was taken out of the picture?


As Ayeka relegated her eyewitness account of the Inquisitorial Squad meeting, the members of the group reacted in outrage. Surely Ayeka had to be embellishing SOMETHING.

"She has turned detention into pure blown torture!" Tenchi bemoaned. "Does anyone care about how you kids are treated?!"

"It appears not," Hermione said grimly. "We are on our own here."

"What we need is Professor Dumbledore back," Harry admitted. "What would he do in this situation?"

Neville scoffed. "Clearly he would abandon his post and let Umbridge take control."

"Oy, you don't know how it went down! Umbridge might say one thing, but for all we know, Fudge might have forced him to leave!" Ron defended.

Washu considered everything. "If whipping is going to be the acceptable standard of student reprimand of this school, Professor Dumbledore needs to know. I won't stand for something like this to be covered up."

"How do we get in contact with Dumbledore?" Harry asked. "Unless we break into his office and talk to the portrait of Phineas Nigellus, I don't see how that can happen. She has control of the Floo Network and breaks open written mail..."

"Wait, go back. What portrait?" Washu pried.

"Phineas Nigellus was a former Headmaster of Hogwarts. He also happens to be Sirius' great-great grandfather..." Hermione started to explain.

"...which means we can contact Mr. Black and Mr. Lupin!" Ayeka finished.

"But the room is no doubt heavily guarded!" Harry pointed out. "How can we break in?"

Ryoko waved her hand. "Why can't I just phase in? It shouldn't be difficult!"

Washu tapped her finger to her jaw and considered it. "It's risky but it just might work. What we need is a distraction..."

"Leave it to us!" Fred chimed in.

"We've got it taken care of," George laughed.

Fred turned to Lee and put his hand on the lad's shoulder. "Lee, the school will look to you for pranks. Do what you have to do, but keep them laughing...for us."

Nodding, Lee hugged his best friends. "Anything for a Weasley!"

"How are you going to distract Umbridge?" Sasami asked.

George laughed. "I think I can speak for both of us when I say we have some ideas."


The twins knew they were being followed by Mrs. Norris the cat all morning. Even though Ayeka had warned them to be on their best behavior, the Prankster Duo could not be bothered to hide their dislike of the school. It was too easy to show the school that they should not be let down by their new Headmistress, but rather should embrace the situation.

"Are you ready for this Fred?"

"I am George. I must say, your rhyme scheme has improved since the last time we tried something like this."

George beamed. "What can I say, I've got talent!"

The pair had stopped to admire a set of armor that was propped up in the hallway. They looked quickly at each other and nodded. "Perfect!"

They looked at Mrs. Norris and studied her. "Well George, how should we attract old Dolores' attention?"

"Do we need to really go and have an invitation? It's almost lunchtime. I think we should go and eat...don't you?"

Fred looked from the cat to his twin and nodded. "Yes, lunch really is a great idea! We do all of our best thinking during...lunch," he winked. The cat scurried away, presumably to Filch and the two red haired twins regarded their situation.

"Mum's gonna kill us," George laughed.

"Right she is. Is that a problem, Gred?"

"Not if it isn't for you Feorge!"


Umbridge was on the lookout.

She knew there was mischief afoot in her school, but had no idea of knowing what was going to happen. She spied Jurai's sister walking into the Great Hall with the Potter boy and their gang of degenerates. 'Those Japanese students have been an issue since day one...I will be certain to never allow foreigners in our school again.' She looked to see where Ryoko Hakubi was, but was distracted by a most peculiar sight.

"What in the world...?" she muttered.

As everybody sat down to eat, a procession of armor marched into the Great Hall and lined up down the rows. The students started to laugh, poking the metal men with their wands. Umbridge got up at once to investigate. She could not see the Weasley twins anywhere, so she assumed this was their move.

"Mr. Filch, fetch me the Weasley twins! They are no doubt behind this! Suits of armor, reveal your purpose to me now!" she roared striking one with her wand.

Filch ran to leave the Great Hall, but the doors slammed shut on him. He tried pulling them open, but they would not budge. Umbridge was far too distracted to notice Washu fiddling with something under the table.

At once, the armor began to tap their feet in perfect unison. It sounded like they were keeping some kind of rhythm. Suddenly, one of the pieces of armor began to emit music. It was an unfamiliar tune to nearly all of the crowd, but the armor was keeping the beat regardless. Then, all together, they began to speak:

"The Ministry was having trouble, what a sad, sad story. Needed a headmistress to restore their former glory. Where oh where was she? Where could that toad be? Fudge looked around, and then he found the witch for you and me! And now it's..."

Upon saying those words, the doors flew open and the Weasley twins rode in on their broomsticks. The flew around the room and let off a firework. The flames surrounded the doors, leaving a sparkling path in its wake. The teachers and students were watching the spectacle intently, with only the Slytherins and Umbridge attempting to do anything about it.

"Springtime for Umbridge and the Ministry! Hogwarts is happy and gay!" Fred sang.

"We're marching to a faster pace! Purebloods, we know, are the master race!" George agreed.

The two flew around, continuing to send spell after spell at Umbridge, who was presently being chased by an assortment of light that took the form of a hissing cat.

"Springtime for Umbridge and the Ministry!" the two shouted.

"Winter for Muggles and elves!" the armor replied.

"Springtime for Umbridge and the Ministry...we don't like it, we'll annoy her ourselves!" Fred, George, and the armor joined together.

The music continued as the Inquisitorial Squad, including Ayeka, were hit by each individual ball of light. Upon being stricken, their faces blew up and started to get covered in cat hair. The students started to scream and ran away from the Weasley twins. Umbridge, however, stood her ground.

"You will cease flying this instant or you will regret it!" she yelled.

"I don't think we will you old toad!" Fred scoffed at her.

"We've decided if you are this school's future we'd rather go out into the world uneducated..."


"And far happier people!" they both agreed.

"Students of Hogwarts, write to Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes and we will do our best to supply all of your pranking needs!" George yelled.

"Half off our entire stock if you pledge yourself to getting rid of this old bitch!"

Umbridge turned a new shade of red and started sending curses in their direction. "HOW DARE YOU!"

"How dare us? Like this! Hit it Fred!" George wailed as they raced toward the door.

The twin doors to the Great Hall opened in an instant and the twin boys flew out of the building. The stopped only for a moment to regard Peeves the poltergeist. He stared at the pair and looked at the mayhem occurring all around him. "Whatcha doing Weasels?"

"Causing anarchy and chaos Peeves!"

"Give her hell from us!"

Peeves removed his hat and bowed to the pair as they left Hogwarts school, their friends, and their education behind.


The twins flew their brooms all the way to 12 Grimmuald Place. After finding the Burrow empty, they expected to find their mother, and their expected punishment for dropping out, here. They entered the doors and braced themselves for the worst.

"Mum? You here?" Fred asked nervously.

"It's us, your favorite sons!" George weakly chuckled.

Suddenly, the form of Molly Weasley appeared from the other room. "What are you boys doing here?! Shouldn't you be in school?!"

Fred loosened his necktie and laughed. "Well…you see…"

Molly put her finger to his lips. "Hush now! We heard all about it! We will discuss this when your father returns. Right now, we have very important business to attend to."

"Wait, what?! How did you know…?!" Fred was floored.

"What are you talking about mum?" George asked his mother.

Mrs. Weasley motioned to the dining room door. The two could make out voices in the dining room and made their way over to it. They thought they heard Sirius and Remus talking, but there were a few unfamiliar voices in there too. They opened the door to the dining room and were blown away by what they saw.

"Professor Dumbledore?!" the two said in unison, both just as surprised to see their Headmaster.

The bespectacled man's grimace turned into a weak smile and regarded the pair. "Ah, Fred and George. I was just informed of your daring escapades by Phineas Nigellus. It seems as if I left my school in worse shape than I was expecting."

Fred snapped out of his amazement and rushed over to him. "Professor, it's terrible! Umbridge is..."

"The least of our worries I am afraid. I fear that the worst is just about to occur, as we were all discovering before you arrived. Now why don't you both join us before Molly here has a chat with you? Mr. Malfoy here was just in the process of telling us about Voldemort's plan to attack Hogwarts," Dumbledore gravely told the pair.

The twins looked at the blonde haired man who escaped their notice earlier. They stared at him and then at each other.

"Hold on...what?!"
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by drillmaster
#26745 Chapter 22: No Need for a Revolution

The loss of Fred and George was felt around the school. The morale was initially low but it seemed like their flight had sparked something: a desire to rebel. By defying Dolores Umbridge and escaping her, the pair had showed their peers that she can be brought down a few pegs.

To combat potential uprisings, Umbridge cancelled every future Hogsmeade trip and forced the students to be subjected to random questioning. She was becoming rather paranoid. Seeing the half-giant teacher Hagrid a threat, she had him fired, resulting in him fleeing into the Dark Forest.

To young Harry Potter, this was the last straw. Umbridge had taken away nearly everything that made Hogwarts enjoyable...but to sack Hagrid? Hagrid, who was his first wizarding could she do that?!

"That bigoted...two faced...wretched..." Harry fumed upon hearing the latest news. He was pacing the library, doing his best to keep calm before the librarian Madame Pince descended upon him.

"Any other adjectives you want to throw in there?" Washu mused.

Harry turned to her and scowled. "This isn't funny Washu! Hagrid means a lot to us all!"

"I never met him," Ryoko said behind her glass that she hid behind a Quidditch magazine.

"You all have been cooped up in here too long then."

"Harry, are we going to finish this project or not?" Ron asked, pointing to the scrolls they needed to fill for potions. "Snape will kill us if we don't give him something!"

"I don't care about Snape...we need to get everybody together. We need to do something!" Harry started to shout before he locked eyes with Madame Pince. He made an apologetic gesture and sat back down.

"Kid, you should join Neville in that fighting simulator. It does wonders for pent up aggression," Ryoko offered.

"Really Ryoko? Don't you want to see justice done just as much as I do?" Harry asked.

Ryoko was taken aback by this remark. Harry, though testy as times, had never shown this level of aggression before. "Well of course I..."

"And don't you want to do something about her constant mocking of Professor Kuramitsu or forcing you to stay away from Tenchi?" he interrupted.

"What are you...?"

"What about the fact that she thinks of you so lowly while she recognizes Ayeka to be superior to you?!" Harry brought out his big gun.

"Hey!" Ayeka cried, who was nearby, looking for a spell book to get the last bit of cat hair off of her back. "That's not fair!"

"No, he's right!" Ryoko slammed down her fist. "Harry, what do you want to do? I'm out for blood!"

"Now hold it Ryoko!" Washu warned. "We can't KILL her! That's morally unjustifiable!"

"I agree," Harry said. "We need to show her that Hogwarts will not tolerate her behavior! After all..." he raised his hand, that, incredibly faintly, to remind Washu of his former scar. "...I must not tell lies."

Ron started at his friend and sighed. "We aren't finishing this project today, are we?"


Inside the subspace house, the young wizards, aliens, and witches had turned the living room into a war room. On the table were various documents, each containing a failed idea that each member had contributed to try to return the school to the students.

"Okay, so how about this: we grab her, drag her into the Dark Forest, and leave her to the beasts that roam there?" Ron offered.

Hermione shook her head. "That wouldn't work unless we used an Unforgivable Curse on her. There is no way she would be so stupid that she would go into the forest on her own..."

Ron thought about it. "Well why don't we tempt the offer; I dunno, we can say that we have a secret weapon in the forest or something!"

"That vile woman might be blinded enough by envy to fall for that," Ayeka pointed out. "She is very self-absorbed and paranoid."

"Hmm...let's hold off on that one in case we are forced in a tight situation..."

"Miss Washu," Sasami asked. "Why can't we try to create a new subspace room for the D.A. to meet in again?

Washu, who was tinkering with some kind of small device, looked at her. "I told you guys, if I were to do that, the odds of it linking here would be very high! That could expose..."

"But they already know about the Room of Requirement! A room appearing out of nowhere isn't that farfetched! We can lock the lab!"

"I'm warning you Sasami, if the students here found out about us, I am not sure how they would react!" Washu warned.

"Little Washu, I think that we can trust the D.A." Tenchi added. "Since everybody is determined to rebel against her, it would be better to get everyone here and involved."

The pink haired scientist raised an eyebrow. "You called me Little Washu just to get me to agree, didn't you?"

Tenchi nodded, smiling.

She sighed. "Fine, if only for your enthusiasm and persistence Lord Tenchi. I'll link up another door in an unoccupied area. I'll try to map out the DNA of every person who signed that enchanted parchment of yours Hermione to force Umbridge to stay out."

"Oh Little Washu, you are so great!" Sasami cheered.

"Aw schucks you guys!" Washu blushed.

"What are we going to do about Voldemort?" Neville surprisingly asked, sitting away from the crowd.

This attracted looks from everybody. "What about him?" Ginny asked.

"When are we going after him? Don't you all have that prophecy to fulfill? Why don't we go and bring the fight to him?"

"Er...Neville, we have no idea where You-Know-Who is. Why would we risk life and limb to go find him?!" Ron asked, bewildered by his friend's odd question.

"Besides, we still have classes to attend!" Hermione pointed out.

"No offense Hermione, but I couldn't care less about class. I care about vengeance for all the people he's hurt..." Neville crashed his fist into his palms.

"Woah, slow down skippy! Why don't we deal with one crazy, evil person at a time!" Washu tried to calm him down.

Neville scoffed. "Meh, fine, let's croak the toad and then move on."

"Are you okay mate?" Ron asked. "You don't look well at all?"

"I'm fine Ron."

"Are you sure? You..."

"I'm FINE."

Ron backed off. He shot a glance at Tenchi, who shook his head. Clearly Neville was still confronting his own demons. This was not the time to discuss it with him.

"Er...okay, so why don't we get back on track for what we have to do now?" Harry said, temporarily frazzled by Neville's behavior.

"I'll stay here and get the doorway linked up. I'll let you guys know the coordinates for a new meeting place when I figure it out. Ayeka, why don't you go and distract your little Squad buddies for awhile?" Washu suggested trying to bring everybody back to focus. "Harry, the rest is on you."


In no time at all, Washu had finished the modifications to the subspace room. At once, the students piled in, eager to do something about the increasingly threatening Umbridge. Sasami got everyone a drink and they all found a seat on either the couch or the floor.

Hermione rolled in a giant piece of parchment and left it in front of the T.V. She coughed to get everybody's attention and waited for the commotion to die down.

"Hello everyone, I am glad we all managed to find the place. It took us awhile but we found a new, unlisted room to undergo D.A. meetings," Hermione exclaimed, trying to bring order to everyone.

"As long as Hakubi there doesn't screw up, maybe we can actually use this room for awhile!" Michael Corner mocked. Ryoko shot him the finger, but ignored the comment.

"Where is Ayeka?" Cho Chang asked, looking around. "I don't see her around here."

Hermione smiled. "She is out distracting the Inquisitorial Squad. She is our own little spy in Umbridge's inner circle. This should give us enough time to devise a plan."

"What kind of plan?" Dean Thomas inquired. "Are we finally going to rebel against Umbridge?"

"That's the idea," Harry said, rising up and joining Hermione in the front of the room. "Between losing Fred, George, Hagrid, and Dumbledore, the school has hit a new low that we need to address. We have found out that Filch wants to start whipping us! That toad is treating us less like students and more like animals!"

"What can we possibly do? She has the might of the ministry on her side!" Cho worried.

"Feh," Ryoko mocked. "Look around you girlie. We have over two dozen kids here, plus us. Umbridge has, what, ten people in her little club? We can bring her down with force easily."

"What Ryoko means is not to hurt her!" Tenchi cut in, trying to clarify everything. "How are we any better if we resort to violence? No, we need to think this through!"

"Well why don't we hurt her?!" Goldstein stood up. "Look at my bloody hand! She started using those blood quills of hers again!"

Ginny got up and looked him in the eyes. "It's not what Dumbledore would have wanted!"

"But he would want this!?" he threw his hand into her face to make his point.

Harry had heard enough. "Everyone, settle down!" The room grew quiet and the students waited for Harry to speak. "All of you are people I trust dearly. Now is the time to let our voices be heard, don't get me wrong, but we can't resort to violence! No matter what happens, we will be the better people here!"

"How can talking to her stop her?" Lee asked. "I've been thinking about it and how will a group of students force a teacher to resign?"

Harry blinked. He did not think this part through. If he went in and forced her to leave, there would no doubt be repercussions from the Ministry. If he did nothing, the school would become a literal torture chamber with Umbridge in control.

"I...I don't know. What I do know is the alternative: if we do nothing, Hogwarts will fall. I'm more willing to stand up for our rights than to sit back and do nothing. Who is with me?" Harry yelled, trying to rile them up.

It succeeded. In a single voice, the students began to chant "Dumbledore's Army!" over and over. In the kitchen, Sasami looked at all of this with uncertainty, all while petting Ryo-Ohki. Luna, who was near her, moved over to see what was going on.

"Are you okay Sasami?" Luna asked. "You look like you have just fallen into a nest of gundarks."

Sasami shook her head. "I just have a really bad feeling about today Luna. Something is going to happen...I don't know what but I know it."

"Ah," Luna smiled. "Must be the nargles. Nasty little things I must say."

The comment softened Sasami's concerns and the two rejoined the group, who were on their way to the Great Hall to settle the matter once and for all.


Umbridge was roaming the rows of the Great Hall for their dinner feast. Several students were missing and she was mentally creating a list of all of the students who had missed dinner. According to Educational Decree Eighty-Eight, "No students are allowed to skip any meal of the day under penalty of detention." 'As eager as I am to finally have an excuse to give Potter and his hooligan friends what they deserve, the fact that so many students are missing has me concerned...Ah!'

As she was thinking, the members of the Inquisitorial Squad came running into the room. She had dispatched them earlier to track down the students and Dolores was a bit disappointed that they did not appear to be bringing any students with them.

"Miss Hakubi, Mr Malfoy, I see that you have failed in your assignment. Where are the missing children?"

Ayeka bowed. "We have no idea, Madame Umbridge. It is as if they have vanished completely!"

The comment caused Umbridge's blood to boil. "That is not a good enough excuse! Find them or else I will see all of you in detention as well!"

"Dolores!" Minerva McGonagall sharply yelled. "You Inquisitorial Squad is merely doing their job! It is not their fault if they cannot find our students!"

"Hold your tongue Minerva! You will not speak to me like that! I should have you fired!" Umbridge roared.

"Fired?!" Professor McGonagall asked incredulously. "For what purpose? It is not our fault that the students are missing!"

Umbridge pointed a stubby finger in her face. "Why don't YOU go make yourself useful and find them on your own! After-all, they are YOUR students!"

The witch gave a dry laugh. "Honestly Dolores, do I even have the authority to leave the Great Hall? I'm afraid I will be put on probation."

It was at that moment when the doors flew open. The missing students had finally arrived in full force. With Harry Potter leading them, the giant group of witches and wizards surrounded all of the tables in the Hall. Harry moved to the center of the room and addressed everyone.

"Professor Umbridge, if we can even call you that, my friends and I have a problem: you! You are ruining this school and have caused what was once a place of learning to become a pathetic reflection of what it once was! My colleagues and I cannot stand it any longer! We come here, peacefully, to request that you stand down as Headmistress and relinquish the school back to Professor Dumbledore!"

Umbridge looked at the display of courage that the Potter boy was showing and laughed. It was one of the first true laughs that the woman had ever uttered. "This...this is quite the joke Potter, but it won't stop you all from getting detention. According to Educational Decree..."

"Enough with the decrees!" the voice of Ryoko Hakubi yelled. "We don't want you here, you old cow!"

"How dare..."

"How dare you!" Neville Longbottom moved up to be with Harry. "I told you once Umbridge that you weren't wanted. Consider this open rebellion."

Umbridge snapped her fingers. "Nobody move or you will risk being fired or being placed into detention! Inquisitorial Squad, apprehend Potter and his friends! 300 points for every person captured! I'll even let you give out their detentions!"

"Stop it!" came the cries of Mihoshi, who stood up and walked over to her peer. "Come now Professor Umbridge, they are just riled up! There is no need to hurt anyone or to get crazy about it!"

With that, Umbridge rose up her hand and slapped Mihoshi in the face, sending her down to the floor. "Consider that your pink slip."

"Professor!" Neville yelled. He whipped out his wand and ran to the blonde haired woman. She was fine, but startled never the less. Neville's eyes locked with Umbridge's. "I will make you suffer for what you have just done"

Suddenly, Tenchi and Dean grabbed Neville and forced him out of the Great Hall. "Come on Neville, we need to get you out of here before you do something you will regret!" Tenchi told him. Close behind was Hannah Abbot, who helped Mihoshi off of the floor and escorted her to a safer place too.

"I'll deal with Longbottom and that foolish Tenchi boy myself!" Umbridge declared. She started to run after them but was stopped almost immediately.

Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, and Pomona Sprout, who all instantly rose to their feet when Mihoshi was struck, pointed their wands at her. The students did the same. Ryoko cracked her knuckles menacingly.

"You want to hurt my Tenchi?! Oh, you will regret that!" she roared as she flew to attack her. Umbridge formed a shield charm instantly, which sent her rebounding back.

Washu knelt beside her. "Ryoko, what have you done!? We weren't going to attack her, remember?!"

Rubbing the back of her head, she growled. "She hit Mihoshi!"

Umbridge moved to deal with the rebelious students herself. However, one person blocked her path to plead with her.

"No Professors, don't attack her! It's what she wants! Ryoko, calm down! Madame Umbridge, I must protest!" Ayeka demanded. "This has gone too far! You need to stop this now and just listen to them! We can settle this peacefully!"

"So it has come to this Jurai," Umbridge pushed her aside. "I thought you were different from your sister but I can see that I was wrong. Malfoy, capture Jurai. As for the rest of you, I will be telling the Minister about this! I'll see you all fired!"

Draco Malfoy looked to Ayeka, who was standing next to the fallen princess, grabbed her and brought her back to her feet. " I won't!"

"Excuse me?!"

"I owe her and Hakubi...they are better people than you give them credit for! So what if they associate themselves with the wrong sort of people?! Professor, I respect you but right now you are acting worse than any Mudblood or Muggle lover out there!" Malfoy stood his ground.

It was at that moment when Umbridge realized how alone she truly was. She whipped out her wand and pointed it at the crowd. "I really hate you all know that?! The things I do for the Ministry! I guess I'll have to deal with you all...starting with you Minerva. I'll have you fired and tried for treason!"

"You've gone mad Dolores! I'll...good gracious!" Minerva started before she was blown away by a horrifying sound.

The entire Great Hall grew silent as the sound of a window breaking filled the air. Everybody listened with darkened intent as a loud humming noise grew more and more intense. Suddenly, the doors to the Great Hall opened one last time and a giant green glow filled the room.

Sasami clutched her chest. "It's happening!"

And then there was silence.
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by drillmaster
#26746 Chapter 23: No Need for a Dark Lord

The Great Hall was quiet as the green ball of light left the doorway. It set itself down and revealed the form of the person every wizard feared the most: Lord Voldemort. Several children started to scream in fear while the adults and the D.A. directed their wands from Umbridge to Voldemort.

With a flick of his wand, Voldemort seemed to immobilize every person in the room. Ryoko struggled to move, but found that even she was susceptible to the magic. The one person who seemed to be able to free themselves was Dolores Umbridge. She made her way to the bald man and stared into his eyes.

Voldemort regarded her. "Are you the one who runs my school? Are you the one who scared Dumbledore away?"

Umbridge paused for a moment before she realized the opportunity this presented. "I am."

"And are you the one who has been telling Fudge that I have not returned?"

"I am."

Voldemort smiled. "You have aided me much Dolores Umbridge. Lord Voldemort rewards his followers. However, you are not my follower. In fact, you're mere presence disgusts me. Avada Kedavra."

A burst of green light filled the room and engulfed the Headmistress. She gave out a mighty croak and was suddenly silenced. Her limp form fell to the floor and Voldemort kicked it out of the way.

"Well that was pleasant, I must say."

"How did you get in here?" cried the frozen form of Minerva McGonagall. "Hogwarts has enchantments preventing intruders to penetrate its walls!"

Voldemort flashed her a smile. "Ah, the crone. Still around I see. How did I get here, you ask? I have recently undergone a...transformation of sorts. I now know power beyond what any mere wizard knows, even that fool Dumbledore."

"That doesn't answer the question!"

"I know that you imbecile! Did you really think I would tell you all of my secrets? I LET you speak because it amuses me. All you need to know is that my loyal Death Eaters are outside the grounds, waiting for Dumbledore's Order of the Phoenix to inevitably come. You see, I know that Lucius Malfoy betrayed me. He feared my new powers and questioned my new outlook on life. They will lose, of course, but it will give me the time I need in here."

"New outlook, my lord?" Snape asked, trying desperately to move.

Voldemort noticed the man and laughed. "Why Severus, I did not see you there. You, who are directly responsible for my ascension to god hood, are present for what is sure to be by masterstroke!" Voldemort cackled. "The time for petty conversation has passed. Where is he?"

Voldemort peered around the Hall. The children were either terrified of the man or struggling defiantly. Their cries were silenced with a flick of a wand. Finally, his eyes fell on Harry Potter.

"Ah, the Boy Who Lived. I must say you were the object of my fury for so long that I almost missed the bigger picture."

Harry looked confused. "What do you mean Tom? Are you going to kill me like a coward? Is that it?"

The Dark Lord approached him and got in his face. "You dare speak to me like that Potter?! Oh yes, I will kill you, but there is a bigger threat here. Now then, where is Masaki Tenchi?"

The room grew silent. Suddenly a roar was heard from the Slytherin side of the hall. Ryoko Hakubi was struggling with all of her might to get free from the curse. "What do you want with Tenchi you bastard!"

Voldemort laughed at her pitiful attempts. "My, my. The demon of Okayama has quite the tongue, eh Ryoko?"

"How do you know my name?!"

"The answer is quite fascinating. Ever since my little visit to the Masaki shrine, I have learned so many truths of the universe; specifically that we are not alone," he sneered.

The Dark Lord turned to his crowd in a flamboyant gesture. "Yes, students and staff of Hogwarts; you have been deceived! There is no Jurai school for magic! There isn't even a Jurai on this planet! No, it IS a planet! The Masaki boy and his friends are aliens you fools!"

It seemed that Voldemort was expecting to use the crowd as his audience. He allowed the students and teachers the ability to move their heads to regard the Japanese students.

"You MUST be mistaken, my Lord," Snape spoke.

"That's preposterous! Dumbledore would never have allowed beings from another planet to come to this school!" Professor McGonagall marveled.

Voldemort laughed. "From what I gathered, that Muggle loving fool thought they might be the best line of defense against me. Muggles at Hogwarts. Muggles TEACHING at Hogwarts. What have we become? Well my wizarding brothers and sisters, your Lord will not stand for it any longer. Again I must ask, where is Masaki Tenchi?"

A laugh was heard from the back of the room. It was Washu, who had managed to free herself from the spell. "He's not here at the moment, but I can relay a message. I have to say Voldemort, I expected someone a little taller."

"Miss Hakubi! What are you doing?! How did you get free?!" Professor Flitwick asked.

Washu shrugged. "The cabbit's out of the bag. What can I say; I'm not from around here. Neither are they. It doesn't change anything because this 'alien' is going to put a stop to all of this nonsense."

The students and teachers were floored to discover that Voldemort's revelation was true after all. Harry, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Lee, and Ron, however, were petrified at the ramifications of the statement. As for the girls, they were too concerned for Tenchi to think about how the others would act.

"Ah, the scientist. I must admit, I was expecting someone of your reputation to be older. Then again, for a being who is over 20,000 years old you do look rather well."

"20,000 years old!" Minerva McGonagall cried out.

"I'm flattered. But tell me old snake eyes, how did you come to know our little secrets? I know I certainly didn't leave them lying around."

Voldemort flashed his teeth triumphantly. "Your little friend was not very good at occulemency. That is what you fools get for trying to mix science with magic. You are ill prepared."

Washu nodded, striding up to the wizard. "I see now; you read Minagi's mind before you almost killed her...and when you did kill Mrs. Longbottom."

"A pity to spill blood so pure, but it was necessary. She got in between me and my prize."

"So we've come to that. For the life of me I have no idea what could have possibly been in Ryoko's cave, though Dumbledore had his own ideas. I checked it thoroughly and found no trace of anything trackable."

"You think you can distract me with such questions, Professor? No, I am beyond your teachings and I am beyond your comprehension. I grow weary of your existence. If you cannot produce the boy and his Master Key, I have no use for you," he told her.

Washu looked down and realized that she had fallen into his trap. She was turning to stone. Struggling to move, the greatest scientific mind in the universe had an epiphany. "Oh my god. You...I was basta..." she started before becoming completely encased in stone.

Voldemort walked over and inspected his handiwork. "Truly magnificent, do you not agree Severus? I should just push her over and be done with it, but I want her to see it all. I want her to see the pain she has caused by interfering with this world. She and everyone here will see the penalty for mixing two worlds that do not belong...starting with you Princess Sasami."


"It's him!" Neville fumed. He was still outside the Great Hall when Voldemort invaded the school. They had managed to keep themselves hidden as the ball entered the school. He stood alone with Tenchi, Hannah, and Dean. Professor Kuramitsu was pacing in the corner, preparing herself to enter the fray despite her new injury.

"Do I have jurisdiction to arrest an Earth citizen?! Oh I wish Yukinojo were here; he'd tell me if I could do that!"

"Pull yourself together Mihoshi! We can do this!" Tenchi pleaded.

"Wait you guys actually are aliens?!" Dean asked. "Awesome!"

Tenchi started to sweat. "'s really not the time..."

"It's out in the open Masaki. I really don't think anybody cares. Honestly, it explains a lot," Hannah pointed out.

"You don't have to worry about arresting him," Neville told the panicking form of Mihoshi, clutching his wand tightly. "I'll kill him myself."

"Cripes mate, you can't think like that! What can you do against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?!" exclaimed Dean. "Listen to reason buddy!"

"You are blinded by rage Neville! Don't you remember in 'Return of the Jedi?'" Hannah said, trying to appeal to his interests. "If Luke went into his battle with Darth Vader angry, he'd turn to the Dark Side! Do you want to turn to the Dark Side Neville?"

Neville stared out into space and thought about it for a moment. The group was presently unnoticed by Voldemort, so they had the element of surprise. If they went charging in, there might only be a single moment to catch him off guard. The flaw with this plan was that they would be sitting ducks at this point.

The other issue was his inner conflict to kill Voldemort. Everybody was expecting Harry to vanquish him, but he was trapped in there now. It is possible that the prophecy might have been misread, but if Neville was given the perfect moment to save the Wizarding World, should he take it?The words of the imposter Moody from the previous year echoed through his head: "Constant Vigilance!"

"I know Hannah, but if I was given the opportunity to save the world, why shouldn't I take it?" Neville pondered out loud.

Tenchi turned to the boy. "Neville, you are right about that, but Hannah is right too. You can't go in there with the intent to kill. I have killed before, and it still haunts me to this day. Taking a life is never necessary, but there are other ways to approach this. Right now, we need to focus on breaking that spell and freeing everybody."

"But isn't Harry destined to kill Voldemort?" Neville shot back. "After all he has done, after all the people he has killed or maimed, isn't it a good thing to see him dead?!"

"Maybe," Hannah paused. "Maybe Harry is supposed to bring about his death, but not do it himself."

Neville raised an eyebrow. "You mean he kills himself trying to kill Harry?"

Hannah shrugged. "I don't have those answers Neville. Remember, I'm only 15. I don't even think Dumbledore would know at this point what to do."

Tenchi took out the plantlike hilt of the Tenchi-Ken. He examined it and suddenly was engulfed in a light. At once his appearance changed into a battle armor of some kind. It looked alien so Neville supposed it was Jurain

"Voldemort wants this sword. If it means that people will not get hurt, I'll meet him."

The children looked shocked. "That's just what he wants Tenchi! Don't be a fool!" Dean told him.

The Crown Prince smiled. "Hey, I've done this kind of thing before. Don't worry about it. You three should go hide and be observant. Don't do anything rash." He looked at Mihoshi. "Mihoshi, make sure they stay safe."

Mihoshi nodded. "Right Tenchi! As a Galaxy Policewoman it is my duty to protect the civilians from harm's way!"

Tenchi opened the doors of the Great Hall and entered it to face his destiny. Neville thought about everything Tenchi and Hannah had told him. There was truth in their words, but he knew deep down in his heart that he could not just sit by and wait for something to happen.

"Professor, you know that I'm not going to sit around here right?" he asked Mihoshi.

"But...but Tenchi said to watch you all and keep you safe!"

"I know, but in order to do that you need to help me out. I think I have a plan!"

Hannah rolled her eyes. "You are such a Gryffindor, Longbottom."

"That's just part of my charm."


Sasami was struggling as hard as she could to escape the binding spell placed on her. This Dark Wizard was scaring her, though she did not want to admit it. However, there was a part of her that wanted to give him a piece of her mind. He was the one responsible for hurting her "Big Sister" Minagi and leaving so many of her friends orphans.

"What...what do you want from me you big creep?"

Voldemort gave a chilling laugh. "My dear Princess, I want your friend Masaki but I have need for you as well. You are the key to unlocking the greatest power in all of the universe: Tsunami, the protector of Jurai. I do not know what it is, but I know it is power unlike any known to this planet and Voldemort craves power."

Sasami could not hide her shocked expression. "Tsunami?! How..."

"Your friend, the Ryoko clone. She told me everything...and I was able to deduce the rest. I am nothing if not clever. My mind has experienced so much clarity recently."

"What does that even mean?" Ayeka yelled. "Why do you even care?!"

"It means that I know if I go through you and your sister, I will achieve the power of Tsunami and the gems that power both Ryoko and the Master Key," he chuckled. "Now then, before I show you what Lord Voldemort can do, where is Masaki?!"

The door to the Great Hall opened triumphantly. Strolling down the rows of tables was Tenchi in full Juraian combat regalia clutching the object of Voldemort's desire: the Master Key. In an instant, he charged the weapon, revealing a blade of pure energy. Several of the immobile students started talking in awe, making an internal connection to the lightsabers of "Star Wars."

"Tenchi, what are you doing?! Get out of here!" Ryoko yelled as she continued to exert all of her power.

"We are bound here by his Magic Lord Tenchi! It is not safe! Get help!" Ayeka agreed.

With a wave of his wand, Voldemort silenced everyone in the Great Hall, including Tenchi's girls. He moved away from Sasami, patting her head and making his way to the center of the Great Hall to meet his foe.

"That is enough from the masses I think. So you are the one named Masaki," Voldemort jeered.

"I am. I hear you want this sword. What does it mean to you? Why do you need to endanger my friends?" Tenchi boldly asked.

Voldemort was taken back to hear a Muggle speak so boldly to his face. "I do not NEED to do anything, nor do I have to justify myself to you boy. I do what I wish because it pleases me. Give me the sword and I will leave you in peace. Give me the sword and I shall let you live."

"Funny, I don't believe you Voldemort. I met a man very similar to you once. I did not want to fight him nor do I want to fight you. So I ask you this: please. Please stop. Leave my friends alone. Leave everyone alone," Tenchi implored.

"Why throw away your life so needlessly for people you barely know? I offer you your old life boy. No wizards, no witches, no magic. Just you returning to Japan a happy man."

Tenchi stared intensely at him and gripped his sword even tighter. "I would rather die than let any of my friends get hurt."

Voldemort smiled. "I was hoping you would say that, but before we begin, I think I'd like something to set the mood. Imperio!"

Pointing his wand at Professor Flitwick, he forced the man to go to the ceremonial piano that was used only for special concerts. Mindlessly, he sat down and started to play an unfamiliar piece of music. Voldemort smiled.

"I have found recently I do all my best work to music. A fitting way to die Masaki." Voldemort taunted, clutching his wand and a large green beam of light extended out from the tip. The light formed a blade of its own, enough to counter the blue blade of the Master Key. Tenchi could see the mouths of his peers, teachers, and friends moving, but could not hear them thanks to Voldemort's spell.

"I created this spell just for this occasion. I want you to think about that when death overcomes you," Voldemort mocked.

He rushed over to Tenchi and made a swipe, but Tenchi managed to counter the blow with his own speed. It was clear to Tenchi that Voldemort was not an expert in sword play, but had power to back up his strikes. He wished to fight defensively (well technically he did not want to fight at all), but knew deep down that if he had to he would take Voldemort's life.

Blow after blow was struck and the entire Great Hall were witnesses to the master swordsman and his dark opponent. Though they could not express it verbally, the students who were either taught by Tenchi or watched his morning routine were amazed at the power he displayed. Where did the teenager who had to fight for any alone time he could go? Is this the same boy who sat in class with them? Even Harry and the gang were shocked at his skills. Though they had witnessed the hidden powers of Ayeka and Ryoko, this was something completely different.

The battle raged on for what seemed like hours. Each combatant was fighting with everything they had. Tenchi started to feel frustrated. He was hoping he could activate the Light Hawk Wings by now, but it looked like he was just running on his skills alone.

"You fight well Muggle. Lord Voldemort is not easily impressed by such things. I offer you one last chance to walk away."

Tenchi glared at the man. "Stop stalling Voldemort. You can't intimidate me!"

Tenchi rushed toward him and struck. He landed the sword directly into his chest. Voldemort clutched the sword and yelled. Tenchi allowed a tear to leave his eyes before it turned to shock. The body of Voldemort disappeared and left a trail of dust. Without warning, Tenchi was stunned from behind. Voldemort, seemingly from nowhere, stepped out of the shadows.

"Did you like my shadow, Masaki? It seems to have stopped your smug, Muggle mouth. The great power of Jurai. I must say, it does not live up to the hype. I am generous though, fret not. I will end your life and offer you a quick death. You will not live to see everything you hold dear crumble around me in the ashes of my triumphs! Good bye Masaki Tenchi."

Suddenly, the candles were blown out and the room was engulfed in darkness. The music stopped as Professor Flitwick stopped playing the piece. "What trickery is this?!" Voldemort cried. "Lumos." He pointed his wand around the room, momentarily ignoring the form of Tenchi lying on the floor.

"Hello Voldemort," a gravely voice echoed through the hall.

"Who dares utter my name?! What fool, so weary of life, addresses me so?!"

"You killed my gran Voldemort. Your followers caused my mum and dad to be driven to insanity. You nearly killed my friends! Now you are dealing with me. I will make sure you will never hurt anyone again," the voice replied, seemingly from everywhere.

Voldemort laughed a cold laugh. "Ah, you must be the Longbottom boy. You show bravery and valor for facing me so. Come and bow to death like a good pure blood. Why hide in the shadows when you can face me like a man?"

"Why taunt me when I am only a boy? Do you fear me Voldemort?"

"I fear NOTHING!" he roared. The Dark Lord whirled his wand around looking for where the sound came from.

A shot was fired and the wand flew from Voldemort's hand. Clutching his hand tightly, Voldemort began to growl in pain. He could not see in the darkened room but knew his hand was wounded.

"I know pain Voldemort. Sometimes I share it with my friends. Are you my friend?" whispered the disembodied voice of Neville, seemingly from behind Voldemort.

He twirled around, reaching out for his foe. He felt a foot land into his back and the Dark Lord fell. His body grew numb and his pain increased.

"He also shows his friends how to inflict pain," a young female voice called out. "It tends to hurt."

Voldemort struggled to rise from the floor and suddenly lost all feeling in his legs. A powerful kick had broken his legs. 'Is this how I am to fall?! Not in a duel with that Muggle lover or the Potter boy...but a fist fight with teenagers?!'

Weakly, he raised his hand, blasting bolts of green light out of them. It was a dangerous trick, one he had only recently devised, but it was worth the shot. The bolts were absorbed by what sounded like shield spells constructed by yet a third male voice. He charged up his shot one final time but felt cold steel bind his wrists.

"Mr. Voldemort, you are under arrest for attempted murder of a Juraian dignitary in a classified sector! Do not struggle or attempt to resist as it will affect you in the court of law," came an unfamiliar feminine voice. It was the Muggle teacher!

The lights returned and Voldemort could see his attackers through his pain soaked eyes. The children of Hogwarts, it seemed, were highly prepared for these situations. He had heard that that toad woman had been teaching only theoretical spells! Where had he gone wrong?!

" all think you have won?! You think I will stop now?" he raved to his audience, who were no longer bound by his magic. "Kill me Longbottom, or I will never stop! Save the world from me or know that every death I cause from this moment on is on your head!"

A final kick was felt momentarily before his world went black. The last thing he heard was that Ryoko woman growling "That is for my Tenchi you scumbag asshole! And this one is for Minagi!"


Tenchi got up off the floor. He had felt this worn out before, but he had not expected to be taken down so easily. It worried him that there was somebody out there so powerful, but upon realizing the situation around him, he was at peace.

Neville and the others had done it. He had stopped Voldemort from killing more students and had found a way to incapacitate him without resorting to the killing blow. Tenchi did not wish to have the young man share the sadness he sometimes felt when he remembered his fight with Kagato.

He also remembered that the group had been outed as aliens. He got up, frantically looking everywhere to see if the students and teachers of Hogwarts had turned against them or incited some kind of panic.

"Tenchi Masaki! Don't you dare move!" the sharp tones of Luna Lovegood rang out. She looked at his arms and then stared into his eyes.

"Err...everything okay Luna?"

"I think so. The mome raths got the best of you during the fight, but I think you are better now," she replied.

"I...thank you Luna," Tenchi laughed. He hobbled to rejoin his friends, who had started to crowd around him and Neville. "Has know..."

"Freaked out that you lot are aliens?" Luna asked as if it were a typical thing to say. "Nope. In fact, it seems to have made you all rather popular."

The two finally reached the crowd and were instantly bombarded with students exclaiming their amazement with Tenchi's skills and asking questions about space. He could hear similar questions being asked all around him to the girls.

"You were bloody brilliant mate!" Ron exclaimed to Neville, who was standing nearby.

"Tenchi, I didn't know you could do crap like that! That was wicked!" Lee cried out.

"Professor, you were so brave!" Colin Creevey told Mihoshi. "Can I get a picture?!"

The blonde haired woman jumped up and down and put on a giant smile. "Yay! We did it! We stopped Voldemort!"

The crowd stepped aside for the professors to make their way to the center. Minerva, Severus, Pomona, and Filius rushed to the sides of their students.

"Longbottom, that was a very gallant thing you have done for us all! Foolish...but gallant never the less," Professor McGonagall told her student. "Your grandmother would be very proud of you."

Neville looked at her and sighed. "Thank you Professor."

Professor Flitwick was busy examining the Master Key. "Interesting weapon...and this is alien in origin? Most curious! I say Tenchi, your fight sounded like me during my old dueling days. I wish I was able to see it in person and not just providing instrumentals..."

Tenchi laughed. "Well I suppose it added to it...I guess."

Snaps started to examine the stone form of Washu. "Flitwick, your student has been encapsulated in a manner which is unknown to me."

Flitwick rushed over and started to shed some tears. "Hakubi...between Voldemort and the curse I completely forgot...there has to be some way to bring her back..."

"Stand aside Earthlings. I'll take it from here!" came an unknown female voice.

The Great Hall was now flooded by the members of the Order of the Phoenix. Amongst the crowd of wizards were Tonks, Moody, the twins, Molly, Arthur, Lupin and Sirius. Leading the charge, however, were the familiar faces of Albus Dumbledore, Yume, Hishima, Yosho, and Minagi. Trailing close behind them all was Lucius Malfoy.

"Big sister Minagi!" Sasami yelled in excitement, running to the teal haired woman and giving her a hug.

"Albus!" Minerva said in an astonished voice.

"Sirius!" Harry laughed! "Professor Lupin!"

"Grandpa?!" Tenchi asked astonished.

"Miss Yume!" Ayeka added.

"Father!" the voice of Draco Malfoy exclaimed from the crowd, pushing his way forward.

The various members of the Order of the Phoenix began to reunite with their loved ones and relate to them the story of the battle that had occurred during the fight with Voldemort.

"Upon my departure from Hogwarts, I began to mobilize the members of the Order of the Phoenix. I knew that Voldemort would make a move shortly, but I could not know where he was striking from. Thankfully we had an unforeseen advantage..." Dumbledore began telling his teachers.

At the same time, Lucius was talking to his son, explaining why he was here. "Though you know I was...sorely tempted into returning to the Dark Lord, I began to realize that his newfound powers had driven him off the deep end. I began to share my objections and concerns with Severus, who brought me to the Muggle lovin...I mean, to Professor Dumbledore."

"So you turned into a double agent?" Draco asked.

"Precisely son."

"Did you know that Masaki and his lot were aliens?"

Lucius shook his head. "No, but it fits considering what happened to the Dark Lord. Still...this means they cannot be recognized as part of Wizarding Law..."

Draco gave his father a stern look. "Father, regardless if you consider them a threat or not, I will have you know I consider Ryoko Hakubi and Ayeka Jurai to be trusted allies."

" you have Lucius said dejectedly, realizing his own place in the Great Hall. "...would you like me to continue Draco or would you like to debate the legalities of extra terrestrials?"

"...once we had Malfoy on our side, we managed to get enough information to put together a battle plan," Sirius was explaining to Harry and the group in their own conversation.

"All we needed to do was find out when he would be striking Hogwarts," Remus added.

"So let me get this straight Grandpa, Professor Dumbledore asked for your assistance almost immediately?" a bewildered Tenchi was asking Yosho.

"Indeed Tenchi. It was a smart idea to bring someone like me along, given my own history in combat. Though I believe there was a secondary purpose as well..." Yosho explained.

As Yume examined the stone form of Washu, she continued her own explanation to Ryoko and Ayeka. "When we got the call from Albus and the former Prince, we figured that it couldn't hurt to come back to finish what we started. Besides, Hishima gets bored easily without a good fight now and then, don't you big guy?"

Hishima nodded. "The Death Eaters were good. We were better."

While all of the other conversations were going on, Sasami, Mihoshi, and Luna were making sure Minagi was all right. "Don't worry Sasami! Washu knew what she was doing when she stabilized me. Lord Katsuhito checked in on me regularly to make sure I was okay. Nobody got hurt here, did they?"

Mihoshi pointed to Yume and started to cry. "Washu got turned to stone! I don't know what we are going to do!"

"I wouldn't worry Professor," Luna chimed in. "I think that Yume is going to get her back to normal in no time."

Minagi looked around and saw the one person she really wanted to talk to. "Hey guys, I'll be right back. I...I just have to do something," she told the trio, looking rather gloomy.

She teleported herself to the area where Neville was being bombarded with cheers from his peers. The students jumped back in shock when they saw a second Ryoko and started to whisper amongst themselves.

"Hi Neville..." Minagi began.

The wounded boy looked at the woman and nodded. "Minagi, I'm happy to see that you are better!" Neville smiled, seemingly legitimately.

Suddenly, Minagi bowed deeply and started to cry. "Oh Neville, I'm so sorry! I failed you! I couldn't protect her! It's my fault she died! If I didn't suggest looking in the cave she..."

Minagi's tearful apology was cut short by the simplest of actions: a hug. Neville had wrapped his arms around the woman and squeezed. "It's alright. Don't blame yourself; you did everything you could mate. We got him...that's what matters."

At the same time, Yume continued to use her computer to try to revive Washu. Professor Flitwick came over and looked at the unfamiliar woman.

"So, are you from outer space too?" Flitwick asked curiously.

"Yep, are you going to be like Moody and claim I'm a menace to society?" Yume replied, focusing on her task

"Brat!" Moody, who was not too far away, barked back at her

The tiny professor shook his head. "No, I'm not as paranoid as Alastair Moody. I'm merely intrigued. I gather you were very close to my student Washu?"

Yume laughed. "Student...I still can't get over that. Yeah, her and I go way back. She was my rival in the Galactic Academy...ah good times."

"Galactic Academy, you say?" Flitwick asked with earnest interest.

The girl nodded. "Yeah, afterwards the two of us taught there, before she got herself kidnapped by Kagato for 700 years," she began before her computer began to blink. "Aha! I think I have it! Give me a moment and our pink haired pest will be back to her typical, pompous self!"

This was the general scene of the Great Hall. Tenchi, Neville, Dean, Mihoshi and Hannah were hailed as heroes, while the members of Tenchi's menagerie were prodded with questions about space. It was so joyous that not a single soul was noticing the terror that was rising off of the floor.

The form of Lord Voldemort had managed to regain consciousness and was making his way back to his feet. Though he was now wandless, he knew other ways of inflicting pain.

" will suffer dearly for that insult," Voldemort said, building green energy out of his hands. He had formed an energy ball of sorts and was pointing his hands at Neville. "Die!"

However, one person was alert enough to recognize the danger of the situation. Harry, who had not locked eyes off of his sworn enemy, jumped in front of the now moving energy projectile. "No! Expelliarmus!" Harry roared.

The spell rebounded the projectile back at the now revived Voldemort. The Great Hall watched in awe as the tyrant fell once more right after the back hit him right in the chest.

"The prophecy..." Albus muttered to himself. "Could it be?"

He rushed over to the now dormant form of Voldemort and checked his pulse. "Harry...he is dead!"
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by drillmaster
#26747 Chapter 24: No Need for Revelations

A cheer erupted throughout the Great Hall. The portraits started to clap, the ghosts began to dance, and the students were hollering out in joy.

"I...I killed him?" Harry said, breathless and full of amazement.

"Though you might have technically brought about his death, one might say Voldemort killed himself," Dumbledore exclaimed. "You merely sent his own attack back at him."

Tenchi came over and nodded. "You didn't kill him in cold blood Harry. If Voldemort had conceded the battle, he would still be alive."

Harry locked eyes with Neville who was watching the whole thing. The two boys nodded at each other, both happy to know their family had now been avenged without either having succumbed to bloodlust.

"Got it!" Yume called out. The room was filled with a blinding light. A few moments later, the form of Washu Hakubi had returned to normal.

"Ugh, my head...Yume?! The hell are you doing here?" the scientist groaned.

Yume patted her rival on the back. "Saving your sorry ass. Your 'dark lord' was just killed by the former horcrux kid."

"What?! No!" Washu cried, trying to get to the body.

Dumbledore met her halfway there. "Washu, I am thrilled to see you rev..."

He was abruptly cut off by the pink haired girl grabbing his robes. "Get the kids out of here, now! I was wrong, Albus! You had to have been right! I was too damn stubborn..."

The old man blinked. "What are you...?"

"I know what Voldemort found! Ryoko, prepare yourself to fight! Professors, get this Hall cleared!" she screamed.

Washu ran over to the body of Voldemort and started to type at her computer. All around her the students of Hogwarts were running away with their lives, being directed away by their professors and Mr. Filch. In no time at all, the only remaining people left in the Great Hall were the Order of the Phoenix, the various members of the D.A., and the visitors from the stars.

"This body needs to be dumped in a subspace wormhole and destroyed before it happens! Why didn't I listen to you Albus?" Washu frantically spoke. She spun around when she noticed several of the students were still here. "Harry, Neville, Luna! This is no joke! You need to get out of here!"

Neville stood his ground. "This is our school. You taught us how to fight, we are here to defend it from whatever you are worried about!"

Without warning, the body of Voldemort began to jerk around. The gems from the hilt of the Master Key began to glow brightly and directed a beam of light at the corpse. A burst of energy surrounded the room, knocking everyone on their feet.

"What in the name of Merlin is going on here girlie?!" Alastair Moody yelled.

Ryoko and Ryo-Ohki started to scream in pain and collapsed to the ground. Tenchi tried to reach the pair but was stuck by yet another burst of energy.

"He's back! Dumbledore was right all along. I don't know how he found out about it, but he was right...he used the black flame projection..." Washu groaned, reaching her feet once more.

"Black flame what?!" Severus asked. "What are you blabbering on about?!"

Dumbledore drew his wand. "She means that Voldemort's newfound power was derived from the being who started all of this mess...the one directly responsible for causing Mr. Masaki to meet all of his friends...the one responsible for me learning about them to begin with."

"And the one who will murder you all," a new voice spoke out. Voldemort had picked himself up off the ground. His eyes were no longer blood red, but were a shade of yellow. He started to laugh maniacally. "What gave me away?"

"You knew about my teachings as a professor you monster! Voldemort would not know that...but you would, wouldn't you Kagato?"

"Kagato?!" several voices cried at once. The Great Hall was now completely still once more. All of the members of the Order of the Phoenix had their wands pointed at the reanimated body of Lord Voldemort.

"What's a Kagato?" Severus Snape asked.

"Kagato is a wanted intergalactic mass murderer. He kidnapped me for over 1000 years and brainwashed Ryoko into doing his dirty work. He was killed by Lord Tenchi about five years ago, but you found a way to come back somehow, didn't you?!" Washu yelled at the man.

The corpse laughed. "Please Professor, you know me too well. You should have guessed that I would have devised a back up in case the Crown Prince would best me. Of course, I assumed that person would have been Yosho and not the boy, but it is of little concern."

"But how?" Ayeka asked. "Miss Washu told us that she combed the galaxy in every well known place that you have ever visited! How did you end up in the Masaki shrine?!"

"My dear Princess, like you I too was alerted to Ryoko's resurrection. Remember, I had her in my possession for over 700 years. Did you all honestly believe that I would not have more advanced ways of tracking her?" Voldemort-Kagato scoffed.

"But if that was the case, why did you not come straight to Earth after Ryoko's failed attempt to capture Tsunami?" Yosho tried to find out.

"Her energy was...blocked somehow. No doubt by your tree, Yosho. Upon her revival, I entered the cave and discovered it was sealed enough to suit my purposes. Once I discovered that you, Ryoko, the gems, and the princesses were all in one place it was simple enough to seal a portion of my soul away."

"Hold on," Hermione asked. "Weren't you trying to destroy the Earth? Wouldn't the soul flame be destroyed with it?"

Kagato laughed. "Clever girl! However, your logic is flawed. As long as my body was intact, nothing would happen to me. Of course, Mr. Masaki saw to my untimely demise. I was rather fortunate that dear Washu did not check Ryoko's cave more thoroughly or else I would have completely ceased to be."

Ayeka turned and started to yell. "Miss Washu! You mean to say this is all your fault?!"

"Hey, I never said I was perfect!" Washu tried to defend herself.

"Yes you have," Fred pointed out.

"Several times, I believe," George added.

"Enough!" Alastair Moody cried out. "We are all wasting time here! If this man is a vicious killer then we better do something about it besides twiddle our thumbs together and make small talk!"

"Oh I quite agree. Avada Kedavra!" Kagato said, pointing his finger at Moody, who was pushed out of the way by Hishima at the last second.

"HISHIMA!" Yume cried out angrily.

"Avada Kedavra can't be used as wandless magic..." Moody muttered, barely comprehending what just happened. "How did you do that?!"

Yume was on the ground, cradling her friend. "Who cares how he did it...Hishima is dead!"

"I have all the powers of this body and all of the powers of my old one. Every time Voldemort tapped into my abilities, he allowed me to take more and more control over him. He did not realize this, of course. He still believed he was immortal due to some foolish anchors he had installed," Kagato laughed as he started shooting energy blasts at the wizards, who had formed a shield to counter it.

"He has more power than anyone we have ever dealt with," Remus Lupin expressed. He was looking quite worried

"Snap out of it Mooney! We are Marauders! We don't take this kind of challenge sitting down!" Sirius growled. "I'm going to duel him one on one."

"And kill yourself in the process?!" Harry cried. "You're mental if you do that Sirius! We need a plan!"

Sirius looked at his godson and realized how terrible it would be if he left him an orphan...again. "Damn it Harry. Okay, what is out plan here? Albus? Snivellus? Granger? ANY ONE?!"

"He has too much power!" Albus told the group. "I do not know how long I can hold up against him, but I will have to try!"

"You can't Albus! If you die, who will protect our school?!" Minerva cried.

"She's right Albus," Washu added. "He's too strong. We need a miracle...and time to think of something!"

Kagato kept pounding at the magical barrier around them. "My, my. Your magic is strong...very strong indeed. It seems like this will get us nowhere, so how about this...I will start killing the children of this school one by one until you drop your shield and fight me face to face."

Suddenly, Kagato was blasted from behind. He spun around and saw the form of Ryoko rising back from the floor.

"Ah, you surprised me there Ryoko! I had almost forgotten about you. I'm surprised you have any energy left."

"Stay...away...from my Tenchi!" Ryoko roared. She mustered up all of her energy and started attacking Kagato with every energy blast she could aim. When the smoke cleared, Kagato remained standing, unharmed and undamaged.

The yellow eyed man teleported over to her and grabbed her by the throat. "Your time with the Masaki boy has made you weak Ryoko. What happened to my undisputed killing machine? No matter, you have made this even easier for me."

Kagato raised the form of Ryoko in the air and started to choke her. "I am going to kill Ryoko here unless you drop your shield and face me Masaki!"

The shield dropped almost immediately and Kagato was met with a punch by a blur of purple. Ayeka had adopted her own battle uniform and rushed out to attack the man. "You will not harm any of us again!"

"Princess Ayeka, you have grown more powerful in the past few years. A pity that it won't be enough to stop me," Kagato laughed. He slapped her in the face and she went flying back. "I grow weary of these constant distractions so this will be my last offer: give me the sword or die."

Tenchi stepped forward. "Tenchi, don't!" Ron called out. "It's a trap!"

"I have to Ron. He'll kill them...I won't let anyone die on my behalf."

"Good boy! Come now, the sooner I receive the sword the sooner you all will be on your way," Kagato plainly told him. He reached out to grab the sword and Tenchi motioned to hand it over.

"Expelliarmus!" a voice called out. The sword flew from Tenchi's hand and was caught by Harry Potter. In that moment, Ryoko managed to kick herself free from Kagato's grip, grabbed Tenchi, and flew back to the still form of Ayeka. Harry gripped the hilt with all his might and pointed his wand at Kagato. "Step away. Now."

"This is quite a surprise. The Boy Who Lived...I have learned so much about you since coming back from the dead. Voldemort feared you, did you know that?" Kagato asked. "He thought you would be dangerous as a symbol...a cause to rally behind. He was not that stupid I must say."

"I don't care about Voldemort. I care about my family," Harry coolly told him. "Do you fear me?"

"No. No I don't." Kagato produced an energy sword and went to strike Harry down. A flurry of blasts were aimed at the sword: the members of the Order of the Phoenix were trying to stop Kagato's sword with no luck. As Kagato stuck down on the form of Harry, a light filled the room.

Tenchi had managed to produce three blades of light seemingly from nowhere. He transformed his battle armor into something even more ornate: the outfit of the Light Hawk Wings. Tenchi ran at Kagato and managed to stab him through the chest. The body of Voldemort which Kagato inhabited began to cough up green bile. "The damn Light Hawk Wings...they won't help you now..." he stumbled toward Tenchi.

"Kagato, you can't win! Just stand down!" Tenchi tried to reason with him.

"Please boy, you think you have won this time?! I am a beautiful animal! I am a destroyer of worlds!" Kagato boasted. He moved away from Harry, who held onto the hilt of the Tenchi-Ken tightly. He looked to Yume, still mourning over Hishima. Suddenly he had an idea.

"Accio Hizen Blade!" Harry yelled. The blade Yume borrowed left her possession and flew to Harry. He caught it and slipped the other hilt into his pocket. As Kagato was boasting, Harry swung the sword high in the air and stabbed down as hard as he could.

The cool metal of the blade cut through Kagato's body like butter. The yellow eyes of Kagato faded back into its unnatural red. " yield..." was the last thing he managed to say before finally succumbing to his wounds. The form of Voldemort collapsed to the floor, dead.

Mad Eye Moody moved to the corpse and prodded it with his wand. "I think Potter and Masaki did the deed."

"You mean...?" asked Lucius Malfoy.

Moody nodded. "It means your old boss is dead dead."

"Let the joyous news be spread, Voldemort at last is dead!" Mihoshi yelled in joy. The remaining teachers and students in the Great Hall erupted in a jubilant cheer.

Washu went over to the corpse and opened up her computer. "There are no vitals at all, but I do not wish to take any chances. If possible, I'd like to confiscate the corpse to make sure it does not reanimate itself again."

Albus nodded. "I suppose that is fair. I do think we need to show the body to Fudge. No doubt he is going to want answers about why Dolores Umbridge is dead."

"Fair enough."

Mad Eye Moody, looking over to Yume, felt he had to do something that he had at one point found incredulous. He walked over to the sullen scientist and put his hand on her shoulder.

"He was a good warrior," Moody struggled to find the proper words.


"Girlie...Yume, I don't say this to a great many people so don't ask me to repeat it: I was wrong. You and both earned my trust. I'm sorry it had to end this way," Moody told her.

Yume blinked and stared at the man. He extended his hand out to shake and she met it. "Paranoid wizard."

"Alien pest."

At the same time, Harry and Tenchi's friends surrounded the pair. "Tenchi, you did it! I was so scared!" Sasami told him, hugging her friend.

"You did pretty good back there Tenchi. It just shows me that I have a long way to go in my own training," Neville nodded.

Tenchi thanked the two but tried to get up. "Where are Ryoko and Ayeka? Are they okay?"

"We are okay Lord Tenchi!" came the wheezing voice of Ayeka, blood running down her forehead. She looked injured but was instantly aided by a woman in a nurses outfit.

"Oh Madame Pomfrey, it's just a scratch. I really don't think..."

"Hush you! Alien princess or not, you are still technically my charge so sit still while I help you with that," the witch told her. "Miss Hakubi was just as resistant, but as you can see, she is doing rather fine!"

Madame Pomfrey pointed to a heavily bandaged woman who Ayeka could barely make out to be Ryoko. Ayeka started to laugh at how ridiculous she looked before it dawned on her that she would be undergoing a similar treatment.

"Harry, you were so brave out there!" Ginny told the shaking form of Harry. She put her arm over his back and started to rub it. "Are you okay?"

" just hurts a bit on the inside."

Sirius came over, motioned for Ginny to step aside, and slapped Harry hard on the back. "Harry, you did it! You saved both the world and the galaxy!"

Groaning in pain, Harry shot a look to his godfather. "Was that slap really necessary?"

"No, but it looked like you two were getting too close. I have a duty as your godfather to uphold!"

Ron looked to Sirius. "What does he mean by that?" He looked to his now blushing sister. "What does he mean by that?!"

Hermione sighed and patted him on the back. "I'll explain when you are older Ronald."

"So what happens now?" Luna asked innocently. The various remaining people in the Great Hall turned to her. "I mean, you all did what you set out to do. You saved us all and stopped Kagato from returning. But what are you going to do Washu?"

"That's a good question Luna!" Lee agreed. "What's going to happen to us? Are we going to get our minds erased or something?

Washu blushed. "I...err...well to be honest that was the original plan..."

"WHAT?!" the girls cried.

"You can't do that Miss Washu! I still have a month left on my contract!" Mihoshi protested.

Sasami started to tear up. "Everybody here is our friend Miss Washu! Please don't do that!"

"I know! I know! I've grown rather fond of you all too...but what can we do? The Earth is not ready to know about the existence of us could be disastrous..."

Yume, stopping her conversation with Mad Eye, walked over. "Don't these people thrive on secrecy? If you all didn't know magic existed, I think they can do a bang up job on keeping you all under wraps."

Washu sighed. "I...err..."

Albus smiled. "Miss Washu, I think we can do our best to keep the identity of your origins a secret. I do believe Mr. Malfoy here has enough pull in the Daily Prophet to keep that detail mum, wouldn't you say so?"

Lucius blinked and stared at the crowd of people who looked like they wished to kill him. He looked to his son, who shared that same, piecing gaze. "Very well. I will do what I a gift for saving me from the sway of the Dark Lord yet again."

The Great Hall started to trickle in with the students of the school. Friends rejoined friends and everybody seemed a bit brighter than when they woke up this morning. The storm had passed and the candle was relit. Hogwarts finally regained peace and all was well.
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#26748 Chapter 25: No Need for an Ending

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name Killed Once More!

by Rita Skeeter

It seems that the Ministry of Magic has a lot to answer for! After months of denying the return of You-Know-Who, eyewitnesses report that he and several of his suspected Death Eaters marched right up to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and led a full scale assault. Thankfully, the Boy Who Lived was on the scene and managed to take care of the Dark Wizard once and for all.

"He was so brave!" fourth year Sasami Jurai shared with us in an exclusive interview.

Jurai is one of several students who joined Hogwarts this past year to attempt a foreign exchange program to further pursue magical global unity. These new students had quite a year from what the reporter has learned. Throughout the course of their term, they were placed in the supervision of Dolores Umbridge, former Ministry of Magic employee who took over the role of Headmistress for a brief period of time this past year. She was sadly a causality in the struggle with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

"She was a terrible, heartless teacher who cared little for her students...but she did not deserve to die," Jurai conceded, tears streaming down out of her bright pink eyes.

After reinstating Albus Dumbledore as Headmaster of Hogwarts, Minister Fudge had this to say: "We at the Ministry owe Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter our deepest apologies. We were too blind to see that You-Know-Who had returned. The Wizarding World is in all of your debt."

In addition to the Boy-Who-Lived and his peers, a key player in all of this was the now recently pardoned criminal Sirius Black. Black, who was believed to have betrayed the Potter family fifteen years ago, was cleared of all charges upon the capture of the once thought to be deceased Peter Pettigrew, who was captured with the Death Eaters attacking Hogwarts. Sirius did not have the time to comment with us at the time of this story's publication, but he assured us we would get an exclusive interview soon!

Insiders tell us that it was partly thanks to Lucius Malfoy that the attack was a success. Lucius managed to risk life and limb to report to Dumbledore as a double agent. We at the Daily Prophet applaud your bravery Mr. Malfoy!


Aliens at Hogwarts?!

by Xenophilius Lovegood

In a shocking turn of events, it seems as if Headmaster Albus Dumbledore has admitted several aliens to the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Earlier this year, it was reported that Hogwarts had received a slew of new students from another country, but we here at The Quibbler are shocked to discover that the country isn't a country at all: it's outer space!

"We all heard the Dark Lord announce it!" fifth year Pansy Parkinson told various reporters. "They are really weird!"

"That is simply preposterous," Washu Hakubi, a fourth year Ravenclaw and an accused alien, defended. "How can we be aliens? Is it my pink hair?"

This reporter can see right through her confession and say without a doubt that this was a plan to throw us off the trail. This is an interesting turn for the Headmaster. After being forced to leave Hogwarts due to leaking the Rotfang Conspiracy files, this is proving to be a rather trying year for the wizened man. Representatives for The Quibbler reached out to Professor Dumbledore but he was unavailable for comments at this time.


"What did you do Luna?!" Washu yelled when she finished reading The Quibbler. "You can't print this stuff!"

Luna adopted an offended look. "Miss Hakubi, I'll have you know that The Quibbler is a newspaper dedicated to reporting the news to its readers. We will not ignore a story just because you ask us not to print it."

Washu hung her mouth open to say something, stopped herself, and shook her head. "Journalistic integrity...who knew?"

"It's okay," whispered Hermione. "Most people don't believe The Quibbler anyway."


The school had returned to a state of normalcy, minus the fact that the students began to pay more attention to the Tenchi gang. The crew had become Hogwarts legends almost overnight. Ryoko and Ayeka were pestered by people wishing to learn fighting moves from them (including former members of the Inquisitorial Squad surprisingly), while Tenchi used every given opportunity to get away from it all. The two people who were enjoying the spotlight were Mihoshi, who loved the idea of reaching more students, and Washu, who was quite simply a narcissist.

On the flip side, Harry and Neville were also relieving quite a following. Neville, who had never had that many people admiring him, enjoyed it to a point. With his grandmother avenged, Neville seemed to be adjusting better than the brooding boy he was just weeks earlier.

Harry, however, wished to follow Tenchi's footsteps and enjoy some peace. Though he was thrilled that the fighting was all over and was happy to no longer be mocked by the Ministry's smear campaign, he hoped that he could begin to have a normal life. He looked forward to living with Sirius and to enjoy a carefree summer with his friends.

Opening the door to the subspace room, Harry found himself relieved that its only occupant was Tenchi. The two regarded each other with a nod. Harry plopped himself down on the couch and sighed.

"Tenchi, I have to ask you something."

"Yeah Harry?"

"How do you do it? How do you put up with all of the craziness of your life?" Harry inquired.

Tenchi thought about it for a moment and then laughed. "Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm a simple guy who enjoys my peace...and yet I can't imagine going back to the way things were without the girls and the excitement. I guess that I just transposed the idea of peacefulness to the girls being around."

"Hmmm...I guess that makes sense. So, now that it's all over, what do you think you lot are going to do?"

"Well," Tenchi started before he paused. It was clear to Harry that Tenchi was contemplating that exact same question. "I really don't know Harry. It's not like we belong here. This has no place for us. We came here because we needed to. We needed to save lives."

"You're saying that we will never see each other again?" Harry asked dejectedly.

Tenchi shook his head. "Hey now, that's not what I said! The shrine and our house will be open for you guys to visit, but we can't stay here for another year to finish up a magical education! We aren't wizards Harry; remember that. Think of this as a carnival. It has to end at some point, but it comes back again next year better than ever! We may not come back to Hogwarts, but our friends are always welcome!"

Harry sat and took everything in. Of course Tenchi was right. This school had no real magical purpose for this lot. They were not witches or wizards, nor could Ryo-Ohki be classified as a magical creature. Still, it comforted Harry to know that Tenchi still considered him a friend.

The future seemed bright for Harry, and that made him happy.


"Class, this is it! My last...last...oh I don't want to go!" Mihoshi wailed as she addressed her class one final time. This was the final Muggle Studies class and she clearly did not wish to end her year.

"Don't cry Professor Kuramitsu!" Ginny cried, offering the teacher a hug, which she gladly accepted.

"Oh Ginny, what am I going to do?! I loved being a teacher!"

"...aren't you a cop?" Lee asked. Ayeka hit him in the arm. "Ow! What was that for!"

"You aren't helping Lee!" Ayeka scolded.

Mihoshi looked at all of her students. "Um...I really have no idea what to even do for a final class. The whole play thing was my last big idea and you guys did that already! I..."

Hannah Abbot stood up. "Professor, why don't we just talk about what our favorite things we learned this year was. I mean, I thought this class was going to be boring, but I've honestly grew to like it."

This unexpected burst of perceived passion from the one student who seemed to be bored and confused by the entire class just caused Mihoshi to cry even harder.


"Well students," Albus Dumbledore spoke at the End of the Year Feast. "Another year has passed and much has changed in all of our lives. I would like to congratulate each and every seventh year for completing the magical education! We look forward to the great things you will all accomplish in your life beyond Hogwarts!"

The Great Hall was drowning in the echoing sound of clapping and cheering. All around, the various seventh years were being honored by their peers one last time before they would depart on the Hogwarts Express.

When the noise died down, Professor Dumbledore began to speak again. "Furthermore, I would like to extend a hearty farewell and a thank you to our Japanese visitors. Each of you have touched our lives in ways we cannot begin to describe, but you have also helped us restore our land to a state of peace. We here at Hogwarts owe you all a debt. You will always be welcomed at Hogwarts. Thank you."

The noise continued again. Ryoko drunkenly reveled in the cheering by raising her glass of sake and starting a toast. "To Tenchi, the most handsome swordsman in the world!"

She was pushed out of the way by Ayeka, clearly tipsy herself, raised her own glass. "Please demon, let a real woman do it! To Lord Tenchi, who stopped Voldemort and Kagato all to selflessly save us all!"

The two women began to brawl over who gave the better toast. Mr. Filch went to stop the fighting, but Dumbledore motioned for him to let it continue. It seemed like everyone was looking on the fight and etching it into their memories. These moments would be missed in the following year.

"Er, thank you for that lovely attempted toast ladies!" Dumbledore chuckled over their struggles. "Now, before we tuck in to this lovely meal prepared for us with help by our very own Sasami Jurai, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty this year. You proved that each of you are committed to our school in your own special ways. For that, I am dissolving the House Cup this year, for each of the houses proved that you are all champions in your own way! Thank you all for keeping our school alive and for believing in an old man like me."

With that, the food appeared. Various foreign dishes mixed their way into the old Hogwarts classics. Ron eagerly grabbed a bit of everything and began to stuff his face in.

When he noticed Sasami and Ginny laughing at him, he got very defensive. "What? This is my last Sasami meal of the school year! I want to make it count!"

"Funny, I always thought that you just ate like that," Luna mused.

Washu smiled at grabbed her friend close. "Never change Luna! Hogwarts needs somebody like you!"

"What about you?" Hermione slyly asked. "What are we going to do without someone like you?"

"Gasp!" Washu mockingly exclaimed. "Granger, I'm amazed! This is coming from the same girl who thought we were all here for some dark and sinister purpose!"

Hermione blushed. "Oh please, I was right wasn't I? You lot were hiding something!"

"Yeah," Ginny agreed. "Technically Hermione was in the right with that one."

"Details, details!" Washu laughed.

From his seat at the high table, Albus took the moment to observe his students. At the Hufflepuff table, Neville was talking with Hannah Abbot. The two were laughing about something trivial no doubt. Dumbledore knew that the boy still had a ways to go coping with the loss of his grandmother, but Sirius had requested to let the boy stay with him and Harry. Dumbledore, speaking on Sirius' behalf, managed to get the request approved and the trio would no doubt enjoy a fun summer together.

The Slytherins were engaging in some kind of memorial party for Ayeka and Ryoko. It seemed that they were finally accepted as true Slytherins for their combat skills in the fight with Dumbledore, an irony that was not lost on the Headmaster. He had hoped that by separating the Masaki household into different houses that the school would develop an inter-school loyalty and he was pleased to see those seeds planted at long last.

The Ravenclaws and Gryffindor tables seemed to be just as merry. The various members of the D.A. who stood their ground against Dolores Umbridge were treated like heroes. They would no doubt be incorporated into future Hogwarts lore. None of those heroes would be as fondly remembered as Tenchi and his friends, whose antics and odd behavior turned the school upside and brought stability to a crumbling Wizarding World.

Finally, he regarded his fellow teachers, who were having their own good time. Mihoshi seemed to be simultaneously over excited to be seeing her colleagues in such a good mood and yet depressed to the point of tears that the school year was ending. He was thinking of contacting her over the summer to see if she would be interested in teaching a Muggle Pop Culture course part time so she could come back and continue her fun, but he did not want to invade in their lives too much. Dumbledore chuckled to see even Severus Snape hide a smile directed toward the blonde haired detective, which quickly disappeared before anyone else could catch it.

Did Dumbledore do the right thing by allowing these people to join the school? He hoped so. Albus knew he had made many mistakes this past year, but he hoped that his actions were justified enough to allow himself to be forgiven. All he knew was his students were happy, and that made the Headmaster smile all the same.
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#26749 No Need for an Epilogue

Tenchi Masaki woke up to the sun shining in his eyes. He yawned and sprawled himself out on the bed. "Ugh, just a few more minutes..." Tenchi muttered to himself, still getting acclimated to the world.

Life had returned to its state of normalcy upon returning to Japan. Though the Wizarding press tried to get another interview with them before they left, the group managed to successful dodge that bullet thanks to Lucius Malfoy bribing them to stop. It seemed like he was doing everything he could to make amends for his misdeeds under Voldemort.

A few weeks had passed since their Hogwarts adventure and Tenchi was still unsure how to feel. On one hand, it felt good to see his dad again and to go back to his daily, crazy routines with the girls. On the other hand, it felt odd training without various students providing their own commentary or listening to Luna give one of her crazy tidbits of information. Still, Tenchi had to admit that all felt right with the world.

"Tenchi..." the familiar voice of Ryoko seductively called to him. In an instant, he felt her warm hand wrap around his shoulders. "Got room for one more in there?"

Tenchi tried to knock her away. "Cut it out Ryoko! Don't you ever knock anymore?"

"Oh Tenchi, why are you so mean? Trying to shoo me away just hurts me so! I hated sleeping soooo far away from you for all those months. We have so much to catch up on!" Ryoko cooed.

Suddenly, Tenchi's door slid open incredibly fast. Ayeka's body filled the door frame, her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. "Miss Ryoko, what do you think you are doing?! You cannot be in Lord Tenchi's bed; I won't allow it!"

"Hello to you too Princess. Can we help you with anything? Tenchi and I were just sharing an intimate moment and we were kind of hoping for some alone time..."

"What?!" Tenchi asked lividly. "What have you that idea?!"

"Miss Ryoko you will leave Tenchi alone this instant!" Ayeka yelled. She ran over and threw Ryoko out of the bed. "Stand your ground monster woman!"

Tenchi stared at the two women about to fight in his bedroom and sighed. "Another typical morning."


"Oh Tenchi, you're up! I made pancakes and eggs! The scrambled kind, just like you like it!" Sasami cheerfully told him as he sat down for breakfast.

"Meow!" Ryo-Ohki cried.

"That's right, Ryo-Ohki helped too!"

Tenchi smiled. "That sounds great Sasami! I don't know how long Ayeka and Ryoko are going to be though..."

Sasami angrily walked out of the kitchen and called upstairs. "Ayeka, Ryoko, breakfast is ready! We are going to start without you so hurry up or I'll give your food to Mihoshi!"

In a flash the two women ran downstairs, wiping away dirt marks and fixing their hair. "Hey, that was a low blow Sasami!" Ryoko pouted.

"Sasami, you wouldn't really give our breakfast away, would you?" Ayeka asked, dread in her voice.

"If it means you two will stop fighting for just one morning I'll do what I must! We have to keep this place clean for when Mummy and Auntie Funaho get here today!" Sasami sternly told them.

Ryoko looked around. "Where's Washu and Mihoshi anyway?"

"Oh, I sent Mihoshi to get Washu in her lab! They should be back any..."

"NOOO! MIHOSHI WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" came a defeated yell from the closet.

Sasami sighed in defeat. "...second."

Smoke started rising from the staircase and in an instant Mihoshi and Washu appeared. Washu was covered in a thick layer of soot. Mihoshi was sobbing.

"I'm sorry Miss Washu, I didn't mean to blow it up!"

"Ugh, I know Mihoshi, I know. Come on, let's make it all go away with some fresh cooking," Washu groaned. "I can start back up and work into the night...again..."

"You can't Miss Washu, you can't! We are having company today! You mustn't be rude!" Sasami said.

Washu snapped her fingers. "Wait, you know about that?! I thought it was going to be a surprise!"

"Washu, we knew about Sasami's mom and aunt coming for awhile now," Tenchi explained. "When was it ever a surprise?"

Washu started to nervously laugh. "Oh, right! That's what I meant!"

"There's something you aren't telling us," Ayeka said suspiciously.

"What, me? Haven't I always told you the truth?" Washu asked.


A short time after breakfast, Tenchi was out at the shrine, sweeping the dirt off of the ground to make it seem more presentable for his, though he did not like to think about them that way, his great-grandmother and his great-aunt. He was out for about a half hour when he noticed a small blonde haired girl praying at the shrine. This surprised Tenchi, since the shrine was supposed to be closed to the public today. 'Still, I can't be rude to her. I just hope Misaki and Funaho don't show up yet.'

"Hello there! Come to pay your respects to the shrine?"

"Oh yes. I never got around to doing that the last time I was here. It felt appropriate to do so," she responded, not turning around.

"Wait...that voice sounds familiar..." Tenchi said, trying to remember where he heard her voice before.

"Having trouble remembering? I blame the Cribbages. Summer is their mating time you know Tenchi," she said.

Upon that sentence, Tenchi realized who it was. "Luna?! What are you doing here?!"

"Didn't Washu tell you that we were visiting? I guess she forgot too. Those pesky Cribbages are at it again, right Dinah?" Luna Lovegood asked her small pet.

Tenchi looked around, trying to see where everyone could have gone. "Wait, where are everybody? Are they all at the house?"

Luna nodded. "Yes I suppose they would be. I just wished to pay my respects to your ancestors before Lady Funaho and Lady Misaki arrived."

"You knew about that too?! What are we waiting for? Let's go back to the house!" Tenchi stated, putting his broom back and rushing down the winding stairs with Luna close behind.

"Tenchi, where are you going?! The shrine isn't fully swept yet!" the voice of Yosho yelled from his house. Coming outside and seeing Luna run down the stairs, he chuckled, realizing what was going on. "Ah, mother will no doubt be pleased..."


When they arrived to the house, Tenchi was surprised and thrilled to see everybody there. Hermione was chatting with Washu; Mihoshi was catching up with Ginny; Ryoko was laughing with the Weasley twins, Lee Jordan, and Sirius; Sasami was conversing with Harry and Ron; while Neville and Remus were talking to Ayeka. When everyone saw Tenchi they all came over to greet him.

"Look Tenchi, Washu surprised us all! Isn't this great?" Sasami cheered happily.

"Really Washu, you didn't even tell Tenchi? That is so sneaky!" Hermione chided her.

"What? Haven't you all heard of dramatic effect before? Geez!" Washu laughed.

"Same old Hakubi," Fred pointed out.

"Always being so secretive!" George finished.

Tenchi moved to the Weasley twins. "So, how are you two doing? Are you going back to Hogwarts to finish your last bit of education?"

The twins laughed. "No way, we already started up our business! Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, located in Diagon Alley!"

Bowing, Lee handed him a card. "I'm the head of marketing. It's been going great. Business has been booming and even Zonko's is debating on coming in as a partner!"

Fred pointed over to Washu. "The pink haired one told us she is even going to try to branch out some of our goods in outer space. Think of it, we will be the first ever intergalactic joke shop owners on the planet Earth!"

"Wow," Tenchi said, impressed. "Good for you both!"

Making the rounds, Tenchi made it over to Neville and Remus. "Neville, how's life with Sirius? You holding up okay?"

"Honestly, I'm having a blast. Every day with Sirius is an adventure," Neville grinned.

The head of the Black household made his way over and hugged the younger teenager. "Damn straight it is! I refuse to ever allow a dull moment in my life! Isn't that right Mooney old boy?"

Remus chuckled. "Sirius here is grooming Harry and Neville to be the next generation of Marauders. I think he is succeeding."

Sirius looked offended. "I better be! With Fred and George gone, Harry and Neville here have to uphold our beliefs at the school. A Hogwarts without Marauders is simply a school I would never send my children!"

Up next was stopping by Harry and Ron. "Tenchi! Sasami was telling us that you haven't been torn apart yet by Ryoko and Ayeka. Good for you!" Ron laughed.

Tenchi sighed. "Not that they haven't tried. What's new with both of you?"

Harry shrugged. "It's odd when you think about it. After worrying all year about Voldemort, the idea that he is gone and we are at peace is rather...disconcerting."

"I think Harry liked playing the hero!" Sasami teased. Harry shot her a look.

"Come on mate," Ron agreed. "You know you did."

Harry hung his head in defeat.

"...and I really missed you all! I'm so happy to hear that you guys are having a great summer! I hope that we can all have a great time while you are here!" Tenchi overheard Mihoshi wail. She was hugging Ginny with all of her might.

"We will...but I...can't...breath!" Ginny tried to call out weakly, to no avail.

A loud booming sound filled the room. The house started to shake a little bit, much to the confusion of the wizards and witches.

"What is that?" Hermione asked. "An earthquake?"

"No, that would be mother's ship," Ayeka defeatedly sighed. "Let's get this over with."

The crowd went outside to the lake and witnessed a giant ship land slightly above the water. A beam of light appeared and down floated the familiar forms of Queen Misaki and Queen Funaho. Misaki, it seems, had a giant horde of gifts to bring down with her.

"EVERYBODY IS HERE! I AM SO HAPPY!" Misaki screamed at the top of her lungs.

Sirius adopted a grin on his face. "Ah, Lady Misaki! It has been too...ooof!" he started before being suffocated by a hug.

"It is so good to see everyone again! I heard you all had quite an exciting year," Funaho bowed.

As the crowd started to tell the queens with tales from the previous months, Harry nudged Tenchi in the side. "Feel's like we never left, don't you agree?"

Tenchi nodded. "Yeah Harry, it's like I told you: the carnival comes back every year."

The two dark haired gentlemen gazed out at the chaos that was forming and smiled. They both knew that everything would be okay and that their friendship would last. Just because they are from other worlds does not mean that they cannot have a laugh together. The Masaki household would always be around for wizards and witches to enjoy time together with the visitors from the stars.

The End (For now!)
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by drillmaster
#26750 Extra: No Need for Commentary

So I'd like to personally extend my thanks to each and every one of you who favorited, followed, reviewed, or even read my story. This is the first time I have ever written pure fanfiction before and it was not something that I ever intended on doing. Still, I think a good way to cap this long winded project is to offer my own reflections on what I have written!

Chapter 1:

Ah, good old fashioned exposition! The idea for this story grew out of my desire to see more Tenchi related material out there. It was Tenchi's anniversary and AI Tenchi Muyo was on the horizon. I had rewatched all of the OAV and Universe for the first time in years. I also reread the manga in its entirety, something I had never done before. I had read the first run of it but I never had the chance to read the second series (All-New Tenchi Muyo!).

I had a second motive too: I wished to hone my writing style for writing actual characters. I am fairly good at writing research papers and short stories, but I had never attempted something this big before. I've always believed that Tenchi's story might sometimes get a bit convoluted at times, but what makes the show so enduring is the characterization. A mad scientist, a genius ditz, the uppity princess, the ever layered Ryoko...they make for interesting characters. I don't even consider myself to be an anime guy but I love these characters!

The idea to combine Tenchi with Harry Potter stemmed from the fact that of all the fanfiction I have ever read, Harry Potter fanfiction is typically the most interesting for me. Stuff like Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality or Oh God Not Again! are great reads. I never liked the idea of Dumbledore being played as the bad guy, which several stories liked to do, so I wanted him to be the Big Good again, though I couldn't make him perfect. I'll touch more on that later.

I knew that I wanted this in the OAV. The OAV Kagato, despite being a tad cliche, is one of my favorite villains ever. The man has class and plays an organ, yet uses women as shields and is ruthless. It's such a contradiction...I love it. Though I am sad that I could not use Kiyone Makibi, I rationalized it by utilizing Misaki and Funaho later on, probably my favorite side characters in all of Tenchi. By using Kagato, I knew that I would need to set him up somehow. I figured it would be a good idea to utilize Kagato's arrival as the catalyst to bring the Harry Potter world into the fold.

I've been told the exposition chapters work far better than a good deal of the story. Whelp, at least that means I managed to hook you guys at some point.

Looking back on this, it seems as if I stopped writing out the chapter number after Chapter 5. Huh. Guess I'm gonna have to edit that when I do my next round of proofreading on the whole story, since I have since realized several minor errors.

Chapter 2:

Ah, a prophecy. I knew I needed one to justify Tenchi and the crew coming to Hogwarts, but I really wasn't sure what it would say until I went about writing it. I knew that my story was going to hit the following plot points early on:

Tenchi and the gang goes to Hogwarts

They meet Harry

Hermione is suspicious

Washu discovers horcruxes

Kagato gets revived somehow by Voldemort

He merges with Voldemort

Harry and Tenchi do something to win

This was not enough to write a story about (a good story anyway), but it was enough to let the creative juices flowing. This is why the prophecy sounds like Kagato and Voldemort are going to team up together. I realized early on how stupid that would be, given Voldemort's views on Muggles and Kagato's views on everyone. However, I ran with it and reworked it as I went along.

I am not sure at what point I realized Mihoshi would be the Muggle Studies teacher. I blame Tenchi Muyo in Love, which had her as a teacher.

As a side note, this is the first mention of manga only events. The Bizen incident can be found in Volumes 4-6 of No Need For Tenchi! and Minagi's introduction can be found in Volumes 1-2 of the same series. One of my English students read my story (as the only student I know who actually knew what Tenchi was when I used "I'm a Pioneer" in a lesson about Tom Sawyer) and told me that she had no idea who Minagi or Yume were, but it didn't really matter. If this story accomplished anything, it at least made another person aware of the great Tenchi manga out there.

Chapter 3:

So this was my big sorting chapter. I knew I wanted the girls split up in different houses, but I was not sure where to put them exactly. I knew Washu had to be Ravenclaw, but the rest were up in the air until I sat down and thought about it. Looking back, I think I chose the right houses.

Though there are a few other Tenchi/ Harry crossovers out there, not a single one that I have read had Tenchi and the gang go to Hogwarts. This was another reason why I knew I wanted to write THIS story. There is so much potential for hi-jinx that I'm surprised it was never done before. If Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne can go to Hogwarts (Point That Wand At Me and See What Happens is a great story by the way), why can't the Tenchi crew?

Chapter 4:

This chapter took awhile to write as I had no idea how I really wanted to approach the characters. It was my first time writing the Harry Potter characters and I did not want to mess them up. I'm not sure how well I succeeded. I think I did Hermione and Luna justice, but I'm not sure about the rest. I think Ron was the hardest to write...I didn't really know what to do with him besides have him eat.

We have our first introduction to the friendship of Luna and Washu. Both of these characters were my favorite to write. They are just so...quirky. When I inserted the lines from "The Walrus and The Carpenter" I did not know how many times I would reference the works of Lewis Caroll. I feel its prominent presence later on was due to the fact I was teaching the book to my class, but early on I used it mainly as a bonding point for these two characters. The idea that Luna was a hidden genius that Washu is fascinated by was characterization that I really could get behind.

Ryuten is, of course, the planet that was the central focus of the Bizen storyline from the manga. The planet was known for its woodcarvings, so I figured this kind of animal would fit right at home there.

I am not sure why, but the idea of Severus Snape drinking sake might have been my best idea in the entire story.

Chapter 5:

AKA The chapter I probably lost people.

I took a gamble here, making Mihoshi a Muggle Studies teacher. I knew that if she were a teacher, she would probably make it the most pointless class in all of Hogwarts, so naturally it would have to be the best possible class in the world. It is a well known fact that Mihoshi loves cartoons so I didn't think it would be that much of a stretch that she liked American comics too. This was set in the early 90's, and Batman fever was still high from the likes of Tim Burton and Bruce Timm.

I did like the idea that Mihoshi would try to pass out manga but forget that nobody read Japanese.

I chose the class list based on the idea that I needed some Hufflepuffs as I did not place anyone in their house and the fact that I wanted Dean Thomas to have some moments to shine. Of course he would be into superheroes! I think that stemmed from on of the most memorable moments from Methods of Rationality, where Dean's call sign was "Red Five" and it mentioned how he had waited his entire life to say that. On the flip side, I initially decided to make Hannah Abbot so bored out of her mind that she would question why she was even taking this class. I couldn't have Hermione there questioning everything, so I felt this was a fair compromise.

We also have our first inkling that Hermione is suspicious of Washu. Really, it is an incredibly unlikely situation and the idea that everybody was instantly okay with a bunch of people appearing out of nowhere from a magical school that nobody ever heard about is definitely something Hermione would take issue with. I loved the fact that the two smartest people would butt heads while Luna, the person you would not expect Washu to enjoy, was her best friend.

Fun fact: This was the first chapter I wrote trying to keep the story focused on one character's point of view. Yes, the initial chapters focused on Dumbledore, but I tried to make every subsequent chapter only follow one main character at a time. That lost wind eventually, but it was a noble effort.

Chapter 6:

Interestingly, I did not intentionally plan on having Yume in this story. I knew something had to be done with the horcruxes, but bringing in Yume allowed me to branch out a bit and incorporate more of the manga. I thought about using Gohegi the monk too, but he really didn't have a place that fit. That's probably why he never appeared again in the manga too.

The black flame projection was one of the only things I actually created from scratch for this story. The idea of it drew from the scene in OAV Episode 4 where Kagato was searching Ryoko's cave and illuminated it by his green flame. He left the flame down there in the cave, so I figured that could be used as a means of bringing him back. I debated about how this would happen, be it by sending someone like Lucius down into the cave and having him turn into Kagato or by Voldemort doing it himself. I'll go into this a bit more later on.

I knew that I needed Washu's mama bear instincts to kick in when she saw Harry's hand. The one Washu moment that sticks out for everyone is her backstory with her baby being taken away from her. This was my nod to that, even though it probably can be written off as Washu's maternal instincts from Ryoko.

Chapter 7:

Aka the OTHER part where I probably lost people.

I hinted at this early on in Chapter 4, but I was not sure how I would play it out. I wanted this to be a way for all of the houses to join together and find something enjoyable. Did I really need to make movie night such a big deal? No, but I thought it would be a fun little idea. My references might be lost on people, and if they are I apologize. I wanted the references to add to the story in many ways, not just be there as fluff. In this case, Neville will later on be affected by these movies and grow as a hero in his own right.

This was my first REAL chance at writing evil Umbridge. She is so easy to write due to the absurdity of her character. This character is evil for the sake of being evil...what's not to like about it? I think she is the perfect foil to a character like Mihoshi, the eternal optimist who is loves everyone and everything.

The ending of this chapter was originally going to be the beginning of the next chapter, but I figured I would add it on as a bit of a cliffhanger.

Chapter 8:

Let's talk about Lee Jordan.

So I love the idea of Lee Jordan. He's the Weasley twin's best friend and fellow pranker. He doesn't really do much in the books except commentate Quidditch, start Potterwatch, exist as someone who the twins can talk to. I don't know why, but I love his character. Thus I really wanted him to join the ranks of people who knew the Masaki family's origins.

I think my biggest problem was the execution of it.

He just kinda appeared, having followed them wearing Harry's invisibility cloak. Now, the students of Hogwarts know about his cloak. Malfoy knew in Book 6 that he was hiding in it and I'm sure word got out about Harry using it to scare Draco in Hogsmeade. I saw nothing wrong with it. As HaywireEagle pointed out, it was bad form for him to have nicked the cloak, so I have only just recently changed it to make Lee less in the wrong (Harry Potter and the Visitors from the Stars: The Special Edition! Watch as I edit in a new musical number in Filch's office with Mrs. Norris!). Plus I really did need to address why Washu didn't necessarily wipe the mind of every student: she didn't want Harry and Hermione to not trust her. Here is the original version of the scene:

"Speak for yourself Fred, I think I'm going to meet him there," said Lee Jordan.

All eyes were on Ron as he ate his food, but then they all turned back to Lee, who was not there a moment ago.

Washu grabbed him. "Mr. Jordan, how did you manage to get in my subspace house?!"

Lee grabbed another one of Luna's and Sasami's offerings. "I nicked Harry's cloak to prank you back for the great one you pulled on me in Flitwick's this morning, saw something was happening and followed you all. Pretty wicked I have to say."

Harry looked offended. "You took my cloak without asking?"

Lee shrugged. "It's all for the greater good. You know, like Dumbledore always says!"

Looking back on Lee, though, he really did not need to be there. Short of commentating on the D.A. tournament, he adds nothing to the story. But that's just the thing: I like him. I want him there! I like the idea that he's Fred and George's best friend. He's just a satellite character, but I like him just the same.

This was the turning point in Hermione's journey of acceptance. She had been leery of Washu from the start, but now she had to swallow a tale of aliens and prophecies. Obviously, she would find issues with this story. It is very implausible, but yet she has to accept the fact that the gang is here to help. I liked that about her character.

Chapter 9:

I love this chapter.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are probably my favorite Harry Potter characters (Fred and George are either tied or a close runner up. Either way, top five would have them all) and I loved writing them. I wrote them with Remus as the eternal straight man while Sirius was the wild and zany one. In addition, I previously stated how much I love Funaho and Misaki. Of course, this meant that I was writing all of my favorite characters in one place.

There really isn't much to say about this chapter except I loved my handwaving of the contrived coincidence that Sirius and Lupin just HAPPENED to overhear the word Jurai being uttered in the same place as they were. Hey, I had to advance the plot. These things happen. Might as well have some fun with it.

Chapter 10:

I'm not sure at what point I decided to make Ayeka this story's punching bag. I feel bad for her: always being forced to deal with Dolores Umbridge. However, I felt that she was the only person up to the task. It was critical to have a person inside the Inquisitorial Squad to mess things up. What better person than Ayeka, suffering to make her beloved Tenchi happy.

Of course, she also had to deal with her mother. Poor, poor Ayeka.

I never saw anything wrong with Funaho helping spark the idea of the D.A. I am sure somebody out there was not too happy, but I was just trying to make the worlds' coexist better.

Chapter 11:

aka I'm sure I lost people on this one.

As I've stated before, there are times that I tend to get a little reference happy. This is one of those times. I wrote it while I was in full Halloween mode and it can be construed as probably one of the most out there things I wrote.

However, there are a few things that can be taken away from all of this: Mihoshi standing up to Fudge is a big moment for her. She has never raised her voice to anyone in this story yet and, as such it stands out. She truly believes in her work and truly wants to make her students happy. Regardless of how unconventional it might be, Mihoshi has the heart of a teacher. In addition, Ryoko gets some character development here. While nearly everyone is against the idea of dancing, Ryoko does not want to see Mihoshi upset. It humanizes her. This comes up again later on when she snaps at Umbridge for mocking Mihoshi.

Though I'm going to be honest, the entire song was done purely to have Fred, George, and Lee in Ghostbusters costumes (another nod to Methods of Rationality).

Chapter 12:

I'm aware of several grammatical mistakes that I am in the process of fixing, but the one that I always noticed but never fixed with the misspelling of Kreacher's name. At one point I added a "t" to it. Hopefully writing this down will force me to finally fix it.

Fun fact: Alasitair Moody was not intended to be in this story. When I realized I was doing a horcrux hunt, I decided on having Yume, Hishima, Sirius, and Lupin go out to search. Simple enough, right? Well I realized that Molly Weasley would not be so foolish as to leave the house without having somebody there to keep an eye on the two of them. Hence, this is why I realized I needed Moody and Tonks. I had literally written the chapter up to that point and decided it would make more sense to have them there. Plus, it's Moody. The man's a badass. I liked his animosity with Yume. Of course Moody would be instantly suspicious is a pair of odd people appeared, literally, out of the sky and were trying to kill Voldemort. Hell, I would too!

Another late addition to the chapter was realizing that Yume didn't have any Wizarding currency. Thankfully, it already tied in to Lupin being at the bar, so it was a simple addition.

Chapter 13:

This chapter was kinda just written on the fly. I knew I had to do it, but I really had no idea WHAT to do. In the end, I think I did the D.A. right. Originally, this chapter was going to be the next chapter, but I felt it needed to go here. It allowed me to have the Nagini cliffhanger. I also was not intending on showing when Washu left school to talk to Yume, but it kind of worked itself in there.

It was nice to have Dobby in the story, even for a short time. Come on, who didn't hate him when he first appeared but actually started to like him come Goblet of Fire? I liked that they gave his character parts to Neville in the movies. It allowed him to grow as a character.

Speaking of Neville, I think it was about this time that I realized Neville was going to be one of the main characters of this story, if not THE main character. I had the idea for the longest time that Tsunami would allow him to see his parents but I had yet to fully commit to the idea of killing Augusta. I loved watching this kid grow from a curious fanboy to a powerhouse under the teachings of Ryoko.

Another character that grew was Hannah Abbot. I am not sure at what point I realized I wanted her to have an increased presence in the story, but it happened. I knew that she was Neville's canonical wife, but they barely shared any time together in the novels. I figured this would be a good way for the two to grow. I had no intentions of writing any romantic elements in the story, but this seemed like a decent addition to it all.

I knew I wanted Tenchi to be a teacher of the D.A., but it wasn't until I started thinking about it that I realized it would be perfect to have Ayeka and Ryoko teach fighting. The two would obviously jump to make Tenchi happy by teaching alongside him. They would no doubt compete to see who would make the better teacher. It worked out okay I think.

Finally, I had this idea to make Malfoy slowly trust Ryoko more and more. I'm not sure where it stemmed from, but it appealed to me. This is why Ryoko gave him sake early on. (Remember kids, underage drinking is bad for you!) I knew that it would have to pay off eventually, but I figured I would add a bit more interactions as the story went on.

PS: The Christmas movie Mihoshi played was "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol."

Chapter 14:

When I first wrote this chapter, I forgot the Gaunt shack had been destroyed. Thankfully, I did my research and realized my error and changed it before I published it to the site. It did not really change the story at all, so I didn't have an issue with it.

I wrote this chapter while sitting next to a hospital bed for 24 hours. Just a fun little tidbit.

I realized that I had been making this whole journey a bit too easy for the heroes, so I added the scene where Yume almost dies. I tried hard not to make my characterizations too "Mary Sue" like, so hopefully this made her a bit more grounded. She made a mistake and it nearly cost her.

It was stupid as hell for Moody to steal the sword away in the beginning of the chapter and it was stupid for Yume to give him the sword later on. However, I don't regret it. Characters are allowed to have lapses in judgment. Thankfully, this time it did not affect anyone negatively. As we see later on, a lapse in judgment can be deadly.

Chapter 15:

I wrote this chapter very early on. I am not sure why (probably to get into the Christmas spirit in October) but it allowed me to focus on what I needed to do in the story. I wrote this one probably at the same time I wrote the Sirius chapter. I edited it to reflect later additions I made to the story, but for the most part it stayed the same.

One thing I noticed about several notable Tenchi Muyo/ Harry Potter crossovers out there was that they all had a scene of Ryoko blasting Sirius' mother's painting. Consider that my nod to the others.

I knew early on I wanted Tsunami to extract the horcrux from Harry. I wrote the chapter around that idea, hence the title.

I love the idea of Nobuyuiki nearly starving without Sasami to cook good food for him. I love Jay Hooper's Nobuyuki voice. He makes him sound like Ernie from Sesame Street. In fact, I love all of the original English voices for Tenchi. If I could not hear Matt Miller's or Sherry Lynn's or Jennifer Darling's voice speak the dialogue in my head, I knew I had a problem.

Of course Mr. Weasley is having the time of his life with these new Muggle ideas. A sliding door: outstanding!

Chapter 16:

I love Christmas. I love the Grinch. I loved the idea that Hermione loved the Grinch. Sue me.

This was my most blatant shout out to Wizard People, Dear Reader yet. I have called Malfoy "Malfoil" before and I described Ron as a "bear" at one point, but the sake jug is my nod to the "wine-out-of-nowhere" spell. Im not sure if people caught onto that or not. Brad Neeley is a genius.

I wrote up a whole spreadsheet writing down which gifts were given and by whom. The only two gifts I knew I wanted to give was Sasami's gift to Neville and Dinah. The name Dinah was too good for me not to use. On one level, you have the fact that Dinah is the cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. On the other level, you have that damn song "Dinah won't you blow your horn!" If that isn't a perfect name I don't know what is.

Misaki and Mihoshi totally rock ugly Christmas sweaters. I know it wasn't mentioned in the story, but I just know it. I even drew a picture of the kids and Misaki on the couch watching the TV (though I left out Mrs. Weasley, Funaho, Sirius, Lupin, Yosho, Nobuyuki, and Ryo-Ohki). Basically it was what Sasami saw when she and Mr. Weasley returned from St. Mungo's.

Speaking of Ryo-Ohki, I feel that I did not do her enough justice. I always forgot to write her in. It's hard to cut back to a character that only meows!

The Neville subplot was something that I knew I wanted, but as I was writing it I realized the ethical dilemma it would put the characters in. I resolved it by having Sasami state those same ethical concerns in the story. I left it to Augusta and Neville to decide what they wanted to do. Honestly, if you were given that chance, would you take it?

Chapter 17:

This is my favorite chapter and probably the easiest one I wrote.

Writing a story from Snape's perspective was so fun. I knew that Dumbledore still wanted Harry to take occumulency lessons (which, surprisingly, I never actually wrote about), so I needed to send Snape out to Japan. It was too perfect of a set up not to use.

The idea of Snape being hugged by Misaki makes me laugh.

So Ryoko's cave had been hinted at before with Moody, but here we have it at its most blatant. Something is in there. Why hasn't Washu examined it yet? It was her hubris. She ASSUMED that it was residual energy from Ryoko. Had she taken the time to look, she would have finally gotten rid of Kagato. In addition, Dumbledore drops the ball as well. By trusting Washu blindly, he inadvertently led to Augusta Longbottom's death and the resurrection of Kagato. Dumbledore is human; he has to make mistakes. This was one of them and it cost him dearly.

Voldemort, ladies and gentlemen! The series' main villain has finally shown up! Poor Wormtail does nothing in this story. Oh well.

I really wish I had more things to say about this chapter. It is so good.

Chapter 18:

aka BLAM the chapter.

So by this point, I had finally started to teach Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I was in full Alice mode. So why did I do an entire freakin chapter about this?

Simple: the calm before the storm.

I knew what was coming up in the next chapter. I knew how much of a turning point it had to be. This was the gang's last chance at "innocence" before shit got real. I balanced it out by making the characters say how random the entire chapter really is, but then again, wasn't that the purpose of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

Still, I love the mental image of Washu, Hermione, and Luna having a tea party while Snape is all like "I'm out." I've only drawn two images from this story (the one that is the cover for the story and the one at Christmas time) but when I get the chance, I want to attempt this scene. I don't profess myself to be a good artist, but I'd love to draw it.

Chapter 19:

This is my "Worf effect" and "stuffing into the fridge" chapter.

So to this day I am still not sure if it was wrong for me to kill Augusta off. I liked the idea that it made Neville grow up, but I am not sure if it really was an example of "women in refrigerators" or not. Augusta had served her purpose in the story and I felt that by giving Neville the happy moment with is parents, something needed to happen to him in return.

As for Minagi, I had nothing to do with her either. In fact, she was in the story mainly as a tie to the manga. I figured this would be a good use for her: to give Tenchi's cast an emotional stake in this. I didn't want to kill her, though, since I thought that was implausible. I did want to use her as a red herring as to why Voldemort suddenly knew about aliens and not because he unknowingly merged with Kagato. This also established Voldemort to be a credible threat to the gang. If Minagi is Ryoko's twin, then that means Voldemort can do some damage to Ryoko.

Chapter 20:

This might not be my favorite chapter, but I think it's the chapter that I'm most proud of.

The stuff with a candle is, of course representative of Neville. He goes through a lot this chapter, but in the end he will pull through. The part where we see how it feels to be Neville in that moment is my nod to the Matt Stover's Revenge of the Sith novelization, which utilized a similar technique of writing to get us to care about Anakin's character.

Ryoko, of course, wants to kill Voldemort. In fact, nearly everyone wants Voldemort dead. I felt it was important as time went on to emphasize that killing him outright was not necessarily the way to go. Killing IS wrong.

The bit at the end was my way of making everything worse for our heroes. Voldemort has obtained new powers, Augusta is dead, Minagi is wounded, Umbridge wins, and Dumbledore leaves the school a broken man.

Chapter 21:

This chapter sucks.

Well, I don't know if sucks is the right word but this is hands down my least favorite chapter in the story. I just couldn't think of anything more to do. I knew I needed to establish Umbridge's reign as Headmistress and I knew that I needed the Weasley twins to retaliate.

I knew early on I wanted one final reference from Fred and George before the final battle with Voldemort. The tune the armor is playing is from "The Producers," which I set up back in Chapter 16. I originally planned on the twins leaving in their own chapter, "No Need for Twins," but I did not have enough material to stretch it out. So I combined these two chapters into one.

Lucius Malfoy is an interesting character. I wanted him to betray Voldemort, but I did not want to give Voldemort anymore spotlight until the final fight. I figured Lucius is smart enough to know when things get a little too crazy. Voldemort has now given up all of his previous missions and is focusing on a full scale assault without even trying to spring Bellatrix out of Azkaban. It is stupid and it shows Lucius that something is going wrong.

Chapter 22:

This was the last chapter I finished (minus the epilogue). I even started writing this commentary section before I finished the chapter. I knew what needed to happen and, unlike the previous chapter, I wasn't really out of ideas. I knew how the chapter needed to play out, but I had a desire to finish the ending first for some reason.

I made Harry very whiny in this chapter, mainly to give him some much deserved spotlight. I had not been focusing on him for some time and wanted to give him something to rally behind. This is why I removed Hagrid almost immediately. I have read other stories that did not do justice to Hagrid's dialect and I honestly did not want to try to butcher it, hence his lack of appearances in this story.

I finally decided to say, screw it, let's just link the D.A. to the subspace room. I felt they were in the 11th hour and needed some kind of unknown gambit. Thanks to Ryoko, Umbridge knew of the Room of Requirement. I needed an in-universe reason for why Washu would actually do this after being so against it. I figured that Washu truly is a narcissist and would put aside her reservations if she was called "Little Washu" again.

I don't know if I like Harry's rousing D.A. speech, but I knew I wanted all of the students to rise up against Umbridge. That sort of thing would never work, hence why it was interrupted by Voldemort before the legal ramifications could be considered and why I lampshaded those thoughts in Harry's head.

I set up Draco turning on Umbridge early on with Ryoko offering (again, don't drink until you are 21 kids!) sake to him. She knew that he would repay her for it someday, and this was the payoff, despite how small of an action it actually was.

One does not just hit Mihoshi. The second I thought of that, I knew I had a credible reason for the teachers to turn against Umbridge openly.

Chapter 23:

Like Chapter 15, I wrote this chapter early on: right after I wrote Chapter 17. As such, I knew what had to happen by the end of Chapter 22 and I wrote by way around that. I wanted Neville, Mihoshi, Tenchi, Hannah, Dean, and Harry to play their own parts in defeating Voldemort.

Unlike Augusta, I took great joy in killing Umbridge.

I did not want Voldemort to monologue too much, but I knew he had to deliver some exposition. It was a bold move, to invade Hogwarts, and as such I needed to justify it somehow. Voldemort's fighting style incorporated some of Kagato's moves, specifically the shadow technique, but I didn't want to bring out Kagato's signature blasts until it was too late.

Flitwick playing music is yet another subtle clue that Voldemort is slowly becoming Kagato. I'd like to think that he is forcing him to play his organ recital song (my favorite piece of Tenchi music).

The Order of the Phoenix arriving was a last minute addition. When I decided upon it, I was not sure if I should include Yosho or Minagi, but I felt it brought everything full circle to include them. I was also not planning on Yume returning, but again I wanted to bring it all together. Yume was there for the killing of the horcruxes, she should be there for the death of Voldemort.

Chapter 24:

The introduction, right up until Washu reveals that she knew it was Kagato, was originally part of the previous chapter, but I added it to this one to let everybody think it was over.

We have yet another blatant shout out to Wizard People, Dear Reader with Kagato's boastings.

I'm not really good at writing fighting scenes, so I hope with was a satisfying payoff for all of my loyal readers. I killed Hishima to raise the stakes of the situation. I figured it would be poetic if he sacrificed his life to save Moody's. It's a small character moment for Moody. I felt it fitting.

Chapter 25:

I think the newspaper articles came out alright. These were created out of the idea that The Quibbler would obviously be the only paper to take the girls' heritage seriously. Who would believe The Quibbler? Besides, the Lovegoods are too dedicated to the journaling cause to sit on a case. Luna would feel it is her father's responsibility to report the truth, no matter what happened.

I wanted Harry and Tenchi to have a quiet moment together. The two are the respective heroes of their own franchises so it seemed to make sense to have that scene. I knew that there was no way Tenchi would not let Harry and the Hogwarts crew visit them again, but I needed to establish that there really was no purpose for Tenchi's crew to return as students the following year.

Was the carnival line too forced? Just my little nod to Tenchi Universe.

Neville staying with Sirius was there to show that he would be alright. After-all, if you live with Sirius Black you know you are in for a great life.

I am not sure how well the final chapter came out. On one hand it was simple to write, but I'm unsure if I went too cliched or tacky with it. I thought about doing another full blown Mihoshi madness play or movie event, but I felt like I had overdone that by this point. I also did not want the final chapter to drag on. I debated heavily about showing everyone meeting up at summer time or something like that as a legitimate chapter, but the story started with Dumbledore and I felt it needed to end with Dumbledore. Hence the epilogue.

One possible ending I had was having Mihoshi come back and teach a Muggle Pop Culture course (which I alluded to briefly), for Ryoko to teach a Muggle Self Defense course, and for Washu to teach a Science course, but I figured that would be too invasive on the Tenchi characters' lives. They need to be allowed to live their own lives damn it!


I had finished the story and I had a thought: did I rush things? I didn't want to stretch things out at Hogwarts but I didn't want to end the last chapter outside the school. This is where the epilogue came from. I just wanted one final spin in this world; a way for me to show that the adventures will never end.

The beginning Tenchi scenes were probably my favorite thing I wrote outside of trying my hand at Snape. I feel like I hit all the right familiar Tenchi images with proper respect. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

II wanted everyone to have at least one last line, even though I decided to have the chapter revolve around Tenchi.

When writing the epilogue, I intended on the ending being open ended with Funaho receiving an emergency call from Ryuten and bringing everybody on a space adventure. However, when I wrote that last little moment with Tenchi and Harry, I knew that it was better to end it there then to let it drag on.